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This is the best speech I've heard all year!

There have been lots of good interviews, rallies and speeches given in the past week - but Bannon's speech at CPAC is the best work I've seen lately and I want you to hear every word. He started by applauding Kari Lake - then began with this:

BANNON AT CPAC: "We are at war. We are in a political and ideological war. You can say whatever you want about it, but we are at war. Think about after high noon on January 20, 2021, an illegitimate imposter took over the White House and the administration. There is no doubt in anyone's mind who looks at the facts or information from Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald J. Trump!

It is only controlled opposition that say [we should forget 2020 because] it is about the future. Elections are about now. We can't forget. This isn't about President Trump. This is an issue far deeper than President Trump. It is about the Republic and what was bequeathed to us and what we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren...

Please watch the rest of his speech. It is well worth your time. He covers all the bases, tells us what's at stake and gives us hope for the future!

Here is the video that played before President Trump took the stage at CPAC 22 in Texas. It was titled “A Nation in Decline."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We have to throw off the shackles of globalism, and reassert two very important words. You know what the words are? America First. It’s a very simple thing. We have to put our country first."

"You know we fight and spend billions and billions and even trillions of dollars defending the borders of countries that are 7,000 miles away, but they don’t want to spend any money to defend our border. Makes no sense."

Trump now has a 99% approval rating amongst CPAC Republicans - up from 86% in 2017.

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93% would support him for the GOP nomination - even higher than 6 months ago.

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