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Hyperinflation: What does it mean and how will it impact YOU and YOUR family?

Pundits are talking about hyperinflation but what does that really mean? It means prices get so high that your money is worthless. It means it costs $10,000 for a loaf of bread. How does that happen?

By reducing production and increasing the money supply. For example, if all businesses are only allowed to operate at 25% capacity but the Government floods our country with money - and pent up demand makes people WANT TO BUY instead of save - they will have LESS to choose from.

If America cuts its own manufacturing production by 70% and exports more overseas, Americans will have less to choose from. If America cuts its own energy supply by 25% and imports from overseas, Americans will have less energy to count on.

If America relies on other countries for essential items like pharmaceuticals & medical supplies, America will have less control over its own destiny. Prices will go up because those people who can will start paying more to get what they want. Prices will go up because foreign manufacturers and providers will hold us HOSTAGE and force us to pay more.

It means rates on your car loans, home mortgages & credit cards get so high that you can't afford to buy anything. It means the cost to fill your tank, cool & heat your home get so high you can't afford to drive and keep your family sheltered.

Pretty soon only wealthy asset & debt holders will be able to afford to live behind armed & gated communities and the poor & middle class will starve to death, freeze to death and be willing to do anything to survive. The elite will take YOUR weapons to "protect" you and leave you defenseless. Multinational corporations will still make more money in the US by opening our borders wide & importing cheap foreign labor to then send our goods overseas and ramp up inflation at home!

They don't care. Big Tech will still make money online as you'll be forced to use their services and listen to THEIR fake news spin because you're hungry for companionship and afraid to leave your home!

Pretty soon only wealthy asset & debt holders will have the ability to MIGRATE to other places, on private jets & boats, to save themselves. Not you. You'll need a GLOBALIST passport & they're NOT going to give YOU one. They'll give you a low social credit score for being "disobedient" and cut you off from ALL opportunity. You're stuck in a Communist hellhole created from your own naivete. Wake up!

That's what happened in Germany before the NAZIs took over. That's what's happening in Venezuela right now. It only took two years after the Communists stole elections in Venezuela, using cheat-by-mail and rigged machines, to turn one of the wealthiest nations in the world into one of the poorest nations on earth. Ask any Venezuelan who managed to escape! They know. That's their plan for America.

That's how small businesses LOSE & companies like Amazon win. It's also how the Globalist bankers & hedge fund operators destroy nations - break the bank - render a currency worthless - and then introduce a NEW one to "save" us and control us. Once they have ALL of YOUR money - they'll change the game & start over with a new digital currency and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. See how that works?

ZERO HEDGE: "Is Powell incompetent or is he just executing a strategy that will foment a crisis which completes the central bank takeover of the monetary system in the West?"

He's both. He's following the Venezuela model. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro plans to move to a fully digital economy this year, following three years of hyperinflation that have prompted the nation’s mint to issue higher-denomination notes that are quickly rendered all but useless. Inflation soared 3,000% in the last 12 months. Coming to America.

Now do you see that the release of COVID was planned from the start by the GLOBAL ATHEISTS to destroy the free world? EVIL. EVIL. EVIL. Now you know why Bill Gates & Communist China are buying up America's land and food production! Now you know why they're pushing global "vaccine" passports for us all!

BLOOMBERG: "A Communist Chinese government-backed hacking group has compromised at least 60,000 known [companies & Government servers] globally since March 2020 - using Microsoft's business email software - including banks, electricity providers, and government computer networks." But the Communists would NEVER compromise & rig our elections? Right!

Do you think the atheist Communists were hacking into our Government systems just for fun? No, they were in our systems to steal the White House and wreak havoc on the West to make it easier to overthrow the free world! And Big Tech helped by opening the back door! Only 20% of the world lives in freedom and the Globalists want to take it all away!

Now that you know what their game plan is - share it with a friend. You could save a life. Forewarned is forearmed.

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