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Libertarian Party admits they sabotaged Kentucky Republican Bevin to elect a Democrat Governor!

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky ADMITS they purposefully split the conservative vote to help elect a DEMOCRAT Governor and DEFEAT Republican Matt Bevin, Trump's endorsed candidate. THEY ARE PROUD OF IT.

Bevin lost by 4,500 votes. He's contesting the election. The Libertarian candidate garnered 28,000 votes and flipped the race to the Democrat!

Read this post from the Kentucky Libertarian Party, the Party of Rand Paul. It will shock you awake. Proof these people are devious infiltrators who cannot be trusted:

"In an ideal world, we elect Libertarian candidates and advance liberty. Failing that, we push mainstream candidates towards liberty to advance the cause.

But if we can’t do those things, we are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears. Tonight there are plenty of delicious tears from Bevin supporters.

Had Matt Bevin not ditched his liberty Lt Governor for a Mitch McConnell picked anti liberty, corrupt running mate who has tried to eliminate Kentuckians jury trial rights, had Matt Bevin not presided over a huge sales tax increase, had Matt Bevin supported any of our key issues on criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization, expanded gaming, cutting taxes, or acted with the least bit of civility, we probably would not have run a candidate. Of course, he did the opposite. And here we are.

We split the vote. And we could not be more thrilled. If our friends in the major parties do not want this to happen again, they should think about passing ranked choice voting. And supporting our issues.

In the meantime, thank you to John Hicks, Ann Cormican, Kyle Hugenberg, Josh Gilpin and Kyle Sweeney for running. Your effort was appreciated. For the Bevin supporters, your tears are delicious."

This is what the Libertarians do to fracture the conservative vote all over the country. This is what the Libertarian Party has done to turn Minnesota BLUE for years! Rand Paul & the Kentucky Libertarian Party PLAYED President Trump. Rand Paul stood on that stage in Lexington, Kentucky, the night before the election, pretending to be on Trump & Bevin's side, while his Libertarian Party was plotting against Trump, Bevin & Republicans to elect a Democrat!

The Libertarian Rand Paul spent his time on the stump at Trump's rally in Lexington talking about fake news & the whistleblower & Schiffy Schiff (he didn't even mention his name so he could LOOK like a Constitutionalist) to make himself look good aligning himself with President Trump - he even trashed Republicans for not supporting the President enough! Notice that Rand Paul DID NOT MENTION BEVIN or encourage Kentucky to vote Republican. NOT ONCE. No wonder President Trump kept looking strangely at Rand Paul for not endorsing Bevin - the whole point of the rally!

I'm guessing the Libertarians were even going door to door to harvest votes! Explains the huge vote discrepancies in the Governor's race compared to the others. The GOP won every race in Kentucky except this one!

In the end, the Republican Governor Matt Bevin was down by 4,500 votes. The Libertarian STOLE 28,000 votes from the right in the Governor's race and, as usual, helped to elect a Democrat! Kentucky elected a Republican Attorney General, a Republican Auditor & Republican SoS. Why? There were NO ringer Libertarians in those races. What does that tell you? Aren't you tired of being conned by the Libertarian vote splitters in the name of "liberty!"?

Republican Matt Bevin is refusing to concede Kentucky's gubernatorial race, after the GOP won all other races in the state, citing "irregularities." There is no automatic recount process in Kentucky. A challenger must file a petition by November 13 and pay for the recount. Kentucky's Republican State Senate President says it's "appropriate" Bevin didn't concede because the Libertarians took his votes and the election may end up being decided in the legislature!

BEVIN: "We know there have been thousands of absentee ballots that have been illegally counted. We know there are reports of people being turned away - things that need to be corroborated and looked into. We know that in Jefferson County, there were a number of machines that did not work properly and ballots were left in open boxes. Also, the Democrat Secretary of State called the election early on CNN. Her office is under investigation for voter fraud."

Below is the actual vote count for the top 3 state-wide races in Kentucky. What do you see, folks? So, they're telling us that 107,000 more Democrats voted for Governor than voted for Attorney General on the same ballot? How does that happen? See how the Libertarians flipped the Governor's race to the Democrat? They even admitted that was their plan!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We won 5 out of 6 elections in Kentucky. Matt Bevin picked up at least 15 points in the last few days, and the Fake News is blaming Trump for the only loss! [Matt is contesting his election due to numerous voter discrepancies!] We had 13 BIG wins in Kentucky and Mississippi for the Republican Party!

KELLYANNE CONWAY: The Libertarians were the spoilers in Bevin's race. They ran Hicks. They like to do that [to Republicans] where ever they go. People forget that Beshear's father, the Democrat, was the former Governor of Kentucky!

The Libertarians pretend to be friends of Republicans, then run Libertarian candidates to split the conservative vote, and go door to door to harvest Republican ballots, and give Democrats wins. Then, to add insult to injury, they help create the narrative that the race was close and the Republicans failed! They have the scheme down. Democrats fund Libertarian spoilers.

"The Democrats and their financiers know their investments in Libertarian candidates will reduce the Republican tally by luring voters to Libertarian candidates who can’t win. Therefore, a vote for a Libertarian is a vote for a Democrat who is more than likely also a crook."

Remember, President Trump lost Minnesota in 2016 by only 44,000 votes to Hillary because the Libertarian Gary Johnson took 112,000 votes while local Libertarian groups pretended to be "friends of the GOP." Colorado Libertarians went door to door, pretending to be friends of Trump, & harvested straight ticket GOP ballots to DUMP them! The Republicans did a major audit in Maricopa County, Arizona and documented this scheme. Using absentee ballots, ballot harvesting and emergency voting centers to flip the vote blue.

President Trump once said that the Democrats PAY the Libertarians to sabotage GOP races. The only question is how long are the Republicans going to allow them to keep conning us all?

Most of the good people I know have been conned by the Democrats to believe they are Libertarian. They are NOT. When you study their platform, and their actions, you find there is NOTHING conservative about them other than their support for 2A:

They are pro-abortion, anti-American sovereignty, pro-multiple gender ideology, pro-gay marriage, anti-death penalty, pro-open borders, anti-flag, anti-anthem, anti-Constitution, anti-religion, pro-prostitution, pro-legalized street drugs, pro-censorship by Google & Facebook, anti-police, anti-law & order, anti-military, pro-Chamber of Commerce cheap labor (Koch Brothers.) They even support the right of Sharia Law to exist in America because of LIBERTY. 

The mouthpiece of the Libertarian Party, at the CATO institute, just wrote an op-ed entitled:

"Forget the Wall Already, It’s Time for the U.S. to Have Open Borders."

If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about the modern Libertarian Party, I don't know what does.

UPDATE: A troll farm spreading the message "OK Boomer" on conservative pages just outed themselves as Communists pushing Justin Amash to run against President Trump. Why? To split the conservative vote and elect a Democrat to the White House.












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