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When did Fox News begin their move to the left? With the departure & death of Roger Ailes.

When did Fox News turn left? With the departure & death of Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes was the real conservative mastermind behind Fox News. Roger Ailes was a media consultant for Ronald Reagan and ran Rudy Guiliani's first mayoral campaign. He was hired as the President of Fox News in 1996 and built it into a conservative powerhouse. Ailes was a legend in media circles -- even left-wing anchors like Rachel Maddow called him a genius & a mentor. He was also a loyal friend & supporter of Donald Trump.

Ailes despised Rupert Murdoch’s sons' goal to make Fox News/Sky News the next globalist left-wing news king - a rival to the BBC. That's why the Murdochs fired him, and framed him as a sexual harasser, with the help of Gretchen Carlson.

In 2015, Rupert Murdoch promoted his son, James Murdoch, to CEO of his company, Fox News. Ailes regarded James as an impetuous, grandiose, self-satisfied rich kid. Wryly, he admitted bringing the feud on himself: “I made the money those kids spent. So, no, I wasn’t going to suck up to them.”

Not long before his ouster, Ailes had enraged James Murdoch by going behind his back and helping to convince his father, Rupert Murdoch, to squelch a plan for a new, temple-like 21st Century Fox headquarters that James wanted to build.

Rupert Murdoch was conflicted between his leftist sons, their progressive wives and his respect for Rogers Ailes. Rupert felt Ailes got too much credit for Fox News' success and resented having to pay him such a high salary for his expertise.

In 2016, shortly before the election, Gretchen Carlson met with Hillary & Bill Clinton on Broadway. The next day, Gretchen filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News & Roger Ailes. Fox paid Gretchen $20 million to go away. Ailes, 76, was ousted by the Murdochs without ANY opportunity to defend himself or confront his accuser.

Fox hired Never Trump Paul Ryan to their Board and the rest is history. They used the MeToo fraudsters to get rid of Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling & Kimberly Guilfoyle & replaced them with Never Trump Libertarian Tucker Carlson & DNC mouthpieces like Juan Williams & Donna Brazile.

After he left Fox, Roger Ailes and Peter Thiel planned to develop a new conservative network to rival Fox News. Then Roger died. Peter Thiel is the brilliant Silicon Valley entrepreneur who hired Trump's & Aile's lawyer, Charles Harder, to take down Gawker for defamation. Charles Harder is also the same lawyer who just filed suit against CNN on behalf of President Trump.

Maybe Roger Ailes will have the last laugh after all. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

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