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There is NO 5D's GOD

Rudy Giuliani just appeared on Bannon’s show and said some very important things that I think you need to hear.

People forget that Rudy was a prosecutor who basically invented RICO and took down the New York mob with a racketeering case that he took 3 years to put together. Comey used to work for Rudy!

People forget that Rudy was the FIRST guy who first reviewed Hunter’s laptop and researched its veracity all over the world BEFORE he presented it as evidence to the FBI in 2019. Then, they did nothing, and it was covered up by the swamp, social media & the fake news.

People forget that Rudy was Trump’s lawyer who basically told Trump to walk away from the White House in early 2021 - even as people like Flynn & Powell & Byrne wanted Trump to call in the military and seize the machines to prove fraud. Rudy told Trump that the people weren’t ready for the truth - that he would go to prison if he dared to defy the swamp back then in this way.

Why did Rudy do that? Because, he said, the American people were too brainwashed to believe that the Deep State really existed. The American people were too brainwashed to stand up and fight back. The American people were too brainwashed to believe that their nation could be that corrupt. The American people were too brainwashed to believe that their beloved institutions like the FBI and the DHS could be that bad. The American people were too brainwashed to believe that Trump was truly innocent. Many are still brainwashed - but the tide is turning.

In fact, Rudy said that even he was shocked at the filth and corruption that he uncovered about the Biden family on Hunter’s laptop. He said that even he was surprised at the web of money laundering and deceit he uncovered about the Globalist uniparty as he traveled the world talking to witnesses and reviewing files. I remember back then that Rudy said he expected to be murdered for uncovering all this - so he created a dead man’s switch just in case.

Donald Trump Jr. admitted in 2021, in the movie the Plot Against the President, that he and the Trump family didn’t actually believe that General Michael Flynn was innocent at first. They believed that he may have colluded with Russia.

DID YOU KNOW THAT? Why? Because the FBI told them so and the Trump family believed in the FBI - their ancestors worked for the FBI - they couldn’t believe the FBI could lie like that! So, if the Trump family believed the FBI - why wouldn’t we?

REMEMBER that even Trump associates like Steve Bannon didn’t believe in voter fraud at first. Neither did influencers like Larry Elder and Dennis Prager. Bannon called it a conspiracy. Remember when Bannon mocked Mike Lindell who was saying that voting machines were manipulating the vote behind the scenes so that mules could stuff the ballot boxes?

Then Dinesh D’Souza, TrueTheVote and 2000 Mules came out with proof positive of fraud and suddenly Charlie Kirk & Steve Bannon were awake and on board. But it took years. Fox News has denied voter fraud from the beginning because they were part of it - calling Arizona early for both Biden & Hobbs while McCain’s minions rigged the machines! That’s another reason that people aren’t awake. Some key influencers like those on Fox are still saying voter fraud doesn’t exist! They still fear retribution from the voting machine companies who are rigging our elections!

We have all been fooled. Remember when we all loved the snake Attorney General Bill Barr who lied about everything? I do.

I grow weary of all the talk on some “conservative” websites of 5D chess and 7D chess - as if somehow the Trump family knew all this before they got into the White House and were magically going to fix it. They were going to pick all the right people in the swamp and make it all better - even though they never lived in the swamp and everybody they hired came from the swamp! NOT POSSIBLE.

Frankly, I bought into some of that 5D chess nonsense myself. The truth is - the corruption is so wide and so deep and well-funded and driven by OVERWHELMINGLY demonic forces that wish to destroy us all - it’s hard to comprehend.

President Trump wisely knows that NOTHING WILL CHANGE until the people are awake, aware and willing to stand up and fight back.

The good news is - I believe the tide is turning. The average person is waking up to the fact that we live in a corrupt world that is literally run by demons. The average person is waking up to the fact that our leaders are selected, not elected.

Globalism is failing and 36% of the world believes they will be worse off in 5 years - and most now realize that the Satanic elites gathering right now in Davos, plotting the GREAT RESET, do NOT speak for them and do NOT have their best interests at heart. Every scheme they concoct is to line their own pockets, increase their own power and preserve their own blood lines.

Here’s Rudy on Bannon’s show:

Here’s what I wrote in 2019 based on what Rudy found back then. Once you read this - in hindsight - you’ll understand why the Uni-Party needs to get rid of people like Trump and cover up their crimes. The Globalists need to put people in place who won’t rock the boat and will allow them to continue with their schemes. It’s been three years since I wrote this and we’re still unpeeling the onion! In conclusion, all the garbage that has happened over the past 7 years has actually strengthened and deepened my faith. People ask me - how can that be? Well, if it weren’t for courageous guys like Rudy & Trump & Lindell - who stood up and fought back against enormous odds - we wouldn’t know how evil and demonic the Globalists really are.

If it weren’t for COVID and the mandates - we wouldn’t know how much our “masters” REALLY REALLY want to control us.

If it weren’t for the Twitter files - we wouldn’t know how the intelligence agencies have infiltrated EVERY facet of our life to control what we see and what we say.

If it weren’t for the fake news - we wouldn’t have seen the rise of independent journalists - like me and thousands of others - to know how much we have been lied to.

If it weren’t for the raids & malicious prosecutions & fake impeachments & mysterious deaths - we wouldn’t know how biased and weaponized our justice system really is.

I could NOT have come up with this plan to awaken the world to the evil that lives among us - could you have? NO. ONLY GOD COULD. That’s the REALLY REALLY GOOD NEWS!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

-Proverbs 3:5-6

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