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Che Guevara, Fidel Castro & the murderous gun grab in Communist Cuba

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Big demonstrations are breaking out in Cuba and Miami in protest of the Communist Cuban Government (although, today there are zero protesters in Cuba—you know what that means!).

Don’t forget that Biden and the Democrats campaigned on reversing my very tough stance on Cuba. Remember that Obama attended baseball games with the Castros while they imprisoned, beat, and killed the Cuban people.

I stand with the Cuban people 100% in their fight for freedom. The Government must let them speak and be free! Joe Biden MUST stand up to the Communist regime or — history will remember. The Cuban people deserve freedom and human rights!  THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!"

The fake news is saying the Cuban people are angry because of US sanctions and lack of COVID vaccines. LIES. The Cuban people are tired of being starved, beaten, enslaved and oppressed under Communism. The regime enriches themselves, builds hotels & pushes tourism while letting the people starve to death.

That's the way it always is under Communism. The elites drink champagne in gated communities with armed guards while the people starve and are left unarmed and defenseless against tyranny.

As Cuban citizens rise up against their Communist masters, and they are quickly "disappeared" the next day, I thought it would be a good time to review what happens when tyrants take over a country, remove legal guns & fair elections & good people are no longer able to defend themselves or vote OUT bad leaders. History is rewritten & evil masquerades as good. If America is not careful, we're next.

Che Guevara is a great example of a murderous Communist tyrant who has been "reimagined" by the fake news as a saint. It is a sad reflection of our time that Che Guevara, the squalid Communist killer, terrorist and totalitarian tyrant, who was chief jailer and executioner for Fidel Castro's Cuban dictatorship, remains an iconic emblem of ignorant idealists the world over. His 1960 beret-and-curls photograph still stares swooningly from thousands of dorm room walls and millions of T-shirts.

The liberal re-engineering of the Che Guevara story is an excellent example of how Communist propaganda infiltrates organizations and brainwashes nations to unwittingly accept Communist rule.

Che Guevara was born Ernesto Guevara de la Serna on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina to a middle class family. He had severe asthma which kept him out of the military.

After graduating from medical school in Argentina, Guevara toured South America on a motorcycle. Finally, he was stuck in Mexico with no money and not much of a purpose. While living in Mexico City, Guevara was supporting himself, his wife & daughter and working as a nurse and a physician.

Through some friends, he met first Raúl Castro, then Fidel. After talking with them, Guevara decided the Cuban cause was the one he had been searching for. This would be his claim to fame. He was certain Communism would take over the world. He left his wife and daughter in Mexico.

Guevara became part of Fidel Castro’s efforts to overthrow the Batista government in Cuba and install Communism. He served as a military advisor to Castro and led guerrilla troops in battles against Batista forces. When Castro took power in 1959, Guevara became in charge of the La Cabaña Fortress prison.

One week after Castro took over Cuba, and installed Communism, he called for the people to turn over their weapons. He said the new "revolutionary Government" was a FRIEND to the people and they needed no protection. The people cheered and complied. Then they were executed.

As boss of the notorious La Cabaña prison in Havana, at just 31 years old, Che Guevara personally supervised the detention, interrogation, summary trials and execution of hundreds. It is estimated that 550 people, opposed to Communist rule, were executed on Guevara’s orders during this time.

Ernest Hemingway – then a Cuban resident – documented the horrors of the Castro regime & Che Guevara's reign.

Hemingway invited his friend George Plimpton, editor of the Paris Review, to witness the shootings of prisoners condemned by the tribunals under Guevara's control. They watched as the men were trucked in, unloaded, shot, and taken away.

As a result, Plimpton later refused to publish Guevara's memoir, The Motorcycle Diaries, which has been used to rewrite history and paint Guevara as a romantic, revolutionary Socialist hero.

There have over 200,000 such executions since the Castro brothers, Guevara and their merry men swept into Havana, Cuba in January 1959 and called for the people to disarm.

About 100,000 Cubans who have fallen foul of the regime have been jailed. Two million others have succeeded in escaping Castro's Communist nightmare, and lost everything, while an estimated 30,000 have died in the attempt. Che Guevara made no secret of his bloodlust: "It is hatred that makes our soldiers into violent and cold-blooded killing machines," he wrote.

Later, Guevara became president of the Cuban National Bank and helped to shift the country’s trade relations from the United States to the Communist Soviet Union. Then Castro appointed Guevara minister of industry. After helping to ruin Cuba's economy as the minister of industry and president of the Cuban National Bank, Guevara left his post in 1965 to export the ideas of Cuba’s Communist revolution to other parts of the world.

In 1966, he began to try to incite the people of Bolivia to rebel against their government and install Communism too, but he had little success. Not impressed, Bolivia's peasantry turned him over to the army. With only a small guerrilla force to support his efforts, Guevara was captured and executed by machine gun by the Bolivian army on October 9, 1967.

After his execution, Guevara's body was lashed to the landing skids of a helicopter and flown to a nearby city where photographs were taken of him lying on a concrete slab in a laundry room. Later, they cut off his hands and buried him in an unmarked grave.

This is the kind of murderous tyrant that American millennials glorify and choose to adorn their T-shirts. Why? They've been lied to and brainwashed by Communist propaganda. Shows you the power of Communist mainstream media indoctrination. The power of Hollywood social engineering. The power of an academic elite hell bent on teaching revisionist history. The power of fake news.

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