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Tierney's REAL News (7/23/22)

Steve Bannon was subpoenaed by the Pelosi/Cheney illegal J6 committee last October and asked to testify about private conversations with President Trump and turn over confidential documents. So was Mark Meadows (Trump's Chief of Staff) and Dan Scavino (Trump's top adviser) along with Kash Patel (Chief of Staff of the DoD.)

The J6 committee doesn't care about what happened on January 6th - because THEY engineered it to take down Trump - they already know exactly what happened and are doing everything to keep the truth from YOU - but what they really want is confidential information about Trump that they can use to stop him from running for President in 2024. They want to intimidate all of Trump's closest advisers into spilling their guts before mid-terms. It's NOT going to happen!

Meadows, Scavino & Bannon all refused to comply - using the defense that those conversations and documents were protected by executive privilege. WHICH THEY ARE. So, the J6 Committee decided to indict Bannon (not the other two) and he was convicted by a DC jury of two counts of "criminal contempt of Congress" for:

1) refusing to testify and 2) refusing to turn over documents.

He was rightly convicted based on the jury instruction. He can be sentenced to 30 days to 1 year in prison for each count. Sentencing is in late October and his attorneys believe he will win on appeal because Bannon was NOT allowed to present a defense and his legal defense is valid.

Here's the interesting part. Bannon did NOT present a legal defense because the Judge (a Trump judge actually) would not allow it! The Judge would not allow him to present evidence that he believed, on advice of legal counsel, that he was unable to testify about private conversations with President Trump - due to executive privilege. Which is the ONLY legal defense he had.

In fact, just a few days before trial - Trump offered to WAIVE EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE and let Bannon testify - which basically proved it was in force - but Team Biden at the DOJ refused that offer - they wanted the trial - they wanted the headlines - they wanted to force Bannon to testify.

In the end - it backfired. Bannon's ratings only went up. Bannon was NOT forced to testify - and will be able to present evidence upon appeal that Trump DID INDEED have executive privilege which prevented Bannon, Meadows & Scavino from complying with the J6 subpoenas.

The reporters at MSNBC and CNN were really upset about that once they figured out they had been played! Bannon can also present evidence at appeal that no one else - other than Bannon - is being held to this standard. This contempt charge has not been used for years - it's another witch hunt!

In addition - Bannon is now using the conviction and possible prison sentence to red pill more people! He went on Tucker last night and told Tucker that he will GO TO JAIL before he turns against Trump and the Constitution! You should have seen Tucker's face! Tucker hates Trump. His eyes got wide and filled with fear with the thought of having to go to prison as a martyr for the cause - which tells me that Tucker has no plans to stand up for America or MAGA. He'd run and hide if faced with what Bannon or Trump is faced with! He'd cave in a New York minute!

BANNON: "I will never back off, I support Trump and the Constitution. If go to jail, so be it.”

BTW - the guy who stabbed Republican Lee Zeldin in the neck yesterday was released by the Socialists in New York on his own recognizance - while Bannon is being persecuted and threatened with prison time for refusing to turn over privileged documents. These are the kind of stories that wake up people fast!

Tucker's eyes got real wide when Bannon said he will go to prison if he has to. Tucker looked scared to death and said I never imagined they would do this. I guarantee you that Tucker has NO fight in him - he would never stand on principle.

Bannon is very smart. He is going on Tucker & having Alex Jones on his show - he wants to make sure EVERYBODY on the right knows about his trial and his persecution and knows that he stands with Trump & the Constitution! That he's willing to go to prison as a martyr for the cause! Bringing the fractured party together!

Bannon thanked both the jury and the Judge and said his only regret was that Pelosi's J6 committee refused to come to the trial so he could face his accusers!

Bannon knows that he needs to feed big egos like Tucker & Alex so that they will tell his story - and he is a master at it! I'm hoping he hits Rogan's show next!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

HUBLEY: "All of these actions being taken and used by the Democrats are setting precedents that can be used against them in the future. Everything from impeaching an ex-President, subpoenaing active members of Congress on and on. I would love to see some of these people testify in live hearings under oath. And have all networks cover it!"

BANNON TO JONES: “This is a Fourth Turning. The Republic is in play right now. We’re either gonna win or we’ll lose.”

If I'm missing any important elements of this story - send me an email and I will add them!

British pedophiles have been traveling to Poland claiming they are providing “humanitarian assistance” to refugees fleeing Ukraine, who include thousands of unaccompanied children. The same thing happens in America! Where do you think all those missing children go? They are either being sold for sex, to traffic drugs - or to harvest their blood or organs for global elites. Wake up! Open borders are NOT harmless!

POSOBIEC: "Why is it that we have so many pedophiles taking jobs as educators? It's simple. That's where their targets are."

The New York Times is finally admitting that the phony Russia collusion narrative they pushed was a HOAX - paid for by Hillary to take down Trump. Only took 5 years. How many MILLIONS of sheep and haters were conned by the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox & CBS and the headlines in the New York Times & Washington Post!

Trump and Pence both had rallies last night in Arizona. Pence's aide announced he is running for President against Trump in 2024. Pence had a few hundred people - mostly lobbyists & swamp creatures. Trump had thousands.

This is the Pence rally.

WENDY ROGERS: "Those 250 people from the Pence rally are all campaign staffers, lobbyists and government employees."

This is the Trump rally.

Here is how the Pence rally compared to the Trump rally:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "If I renounced my beliefs and I agreed to stay silent - if I stayed home and took it easy - if I announced I was not going to run any longer for a political office - the persecution of Donald Trump would immediately stop. I've been harassed so much - I don't care about being harassed. Look at what has happened to our country in less than two years; our country is like a different place. The United States is now a BEGGAR for ENERGY. Where we are going now could be a very bad place. Not recession. Depression."

"I ran twice. I won twice. And did much better the second time than I did the first, getting millions more votes in 2020 than we got in 2016. And likewise, getting more votes than ANY SITTING PRESIDENT in the history of our country by far. And now, we may have to do it again."

KARI LAKE: "For the record, I do believe that Superman is coming back and hopefully he’s coming back soon.”

Lindell spoke at the Arizona rally with President Trump, Wendy Rogers & Kari Lake - in case you wonder how important he is to the Trump family. VERY IMPORTANT. President Trump was unusually ANGRY last night - his tone was hostile - I'm guessing it has to do with the "unexpected fall" and death of Ivana Trump!

DESANTIS: "The [George Floyd] 2020 riots aren't happening in Florida. If you're rioting — if you're looting — if you're engaged in mob violence, you are not getting a slap on the wrist. You are getting the inside of a jail cell."

Meanwhile, in the Socialist utopia of Detroit...

In the Socialist utopia of Baltimore, if you are a girl who doesn't want to undress or shower with a boy with a penis at school - they send you to counseling and call you mentally ill.

Big things are happening in Wisconsin. Decertification of 2020 is on deck....

The moral? NEVER GIVE UP before the miracle happens!

This is a text from Hunter Biden referring to the possibility that all those CIA agents in China were murdered because the Communist Chinese government investigated all those who were involved with Hunter.

I hear the DOJ is going to let Hunter off easy on the money launder charges. We shall see.

30 agents were executed because of Hunter Biden & Joe Biden. The fake news never told you that.

Joe Biden knew all about Hunter's money laundering schemes with Communist China in Ukraine - he took a cut - there's proof of that - in text, email and voice - and Joe lied about it and the fake news refuses to report it. That's why the Communists can blackmail him so easily to destroy America.

This is a must read by Victor Davis Hanson:

John Rich just released his new song “Progress" and it's already a HUGE hit and number ONE on iTunes.

There's a hole in this country where its heart used to be And Old Glory's divided on the fire in the street They say building back better makes America great If that's the wave of the future, all I've got to say...

Stick your progress where the sun don't shine Keep your big mess away from me and mine If you leave us alone, well we'd all be just fine Stick your progress where the sun don't shine

They invite the whole world to come live in our land And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan They say to let go of Jesus, and let government save You can have back your freedoms, if you do what we say

They shut down our pipelines and they shut down our voices They shut down our Main Streets and they shut down our choices They bent us all over, but it's all over now 'Cause we figured it out, we ain't backing down!

"There are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everybody go along to get along, but that's not going to be very helpful for us in the long run, in terms of solving our problems.

Somebody has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to the bullies."

Dr. Ben Carson

Kidding. Not kidding. Two can play at this game.

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