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UPDATES Wuhan Virus (3/20/20)

Microsoft says Bill Gates is stepping down from the company's board. Did he get caught for helping the Communists engineer the Wuhan virus panic? Gates & President Xi appear pretty chummy.

JERRY FALWELL: "Could the virus be the "Christmas gift" that Communist leader Kim Jong-un promised to America?" Very likely!

President Trump closed America's borders to Communist China on January 31. 7 weeks LATER, Europe is FINALLY doing the same. What took so long? Merkel is a research chemist & quantum physicist & knows virus. She either knew it wasn't a threat or didn't care.

Trump's task force announced a new vaccine for Wuhan virus is ready for testing in clinical trial. The fastest rollout in history. 13 others are working on treatments or vaccines.

The FDA approved the Roche Wuhan virus test that is 10 times faster than the current test. Trump cutting all unnecessary regulations.

The CDC is recommending that public gatherings of 10 or more people over the next 8 weeks be POSTPONED or CANCELLED. Why? To stop "foreign" contamination by carriers.

Biden tweeted it's safe for healthy people to vote on Tuesday but older people should vote by absentee ballot! So it's OK for young people to go out & spread virus to others before they are tested? That's not what Biden said last week! As I mentioned, this is the Democrats' "absentee ballot rigging" plan.

House testimony reveals Democrats & scientific "experts" told Trump NOT to stop travel from China in January. He did it anyway!

We were told CPAC had an "infected" attendee in close contact with dozens - yet nobody else tested positive. Was it even real?

Text message rumors of a national quarantine are FAKE. There is NO national lockdown. Another Communist disinformation campaign.

Are Democrats ALSO hyping fear to STOP Census takers going door to door to validate 2020 Census responses so we use Obama's rigged numbers? Replies to the Census are due by the end of March. If you don't reply, a Census taker will come to your door. What if this is another scheme to STOP that?

Market fell 3000 points on 3/16 after dozens of nations close their borders and Trump declares this could last for months. TRUMP: "Best thing I can do for stock market is get through this crisis. Once virus is gone, market will go up like never before."

Experts say Wuhan virus carriers spread infection for 2 months before Communist China informed WHO & CDC of problem.

Modeling shows that if Communist China had alerted the CDC of their first virus case in November, instead of two months later, they would have reduced global transmission & death by 80%.

BIRX: Many tests used in other countries to report the # of Wuhan virus cases have high rates of FALSE POSITIVES. We don't trust their numbers. The fatality rate OUTSIDE of Wuhan is .7% - significantly LESS than what the Communist Party reported for Hubei province.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Our goal is to get RID of the Wuhan virus in America & limit deaths. Markets will take care of themselves.

MNUCHIN: We intend to keep the markets open. Americans need access to their money. They will NOT be shut down like after 9/11. We want ALL states to make sure they keep the drive through options at banks, markets, restaurants & pharmacies OPEN.

HUGE! Mike Pompeo trashed the leadership of Iran and called them Communist China's "accomplices" in spreading the Wuhan virus!

China is kicking American reporters out of the country due to Wuhan virus. Further proof that Communist China has a lot to hide!

Models show that 86% of Wuhan virus carriers NEVER get sick or have symptoms, yet they easily transmit the HIDDEN virus to others! That's why the virus is so insidious and contagious because people don't know they have it and transmit it to others. That's why we need to isolate.

While they distracted us with impeachment, they unleashed the virus and created a narrative to destroy Trump's economy. The only tactic they had left. Just like they unleashed the SWINE FLU virus in 2009 to infect 61 million & kill 12,469 to convince the US to pass OBAMACARE!

Communist China quietly bought up the world's supply of respirators & masks in 24 hours, on the cheap, to price gouge the planet!

Staff at Seattle nursing home, in Gates' backyard, where half the US deaths are from, SPREAD virus to other facilities in Washington!

Democrats are calling on Trump to SUSPEND sanctions & tariffs on nations like Communist China, Russia & Iran to help our enemies!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "This virus is very contagious. It spreads violently. It spreads very fast. Nobody's seen anything like this."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "There will be a comeback very quickly as soon as this is solved. It will be solved. We will win."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "The virus came from China. I want to be accurate. Some people could say it was somebody's fault."

Bill Gates' father is a "depopulation" advocate who sat on boards of Costco, Pacific Health, Planned Parenthood & World Justice!

Chinese labs discovered the new virus in late December but were ordered by the Communist Party to destroy samples & cover it up.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The virus came from China. China said it came from the US Army! I'm not going to let them get away with that lie.

President Trump announced we are "at WAR against the Chinese Virus" implying it was an intentional ACT of WAR against the US & invoked the DEFENSE POWERS ACT.

Why did the Commies unleash SWINE FLU in 2009 to infect 61 million & kill 12,469? To convince the US to pass OBAMACARE! It worked!

REPORTER: Tom Cotton is saying China should be punished for inflicting this virus on the American people. Do you agree?

TRUMP: I have a lot of respect for Tom Cotton. I know exactly what he's been saying. We'll see.

REPORTER: The Wall Street Journal reports that you are writing an Executive Order calling for an investigation into how this virus started. Is that true?

TRUMP: I have not seen that article.


Communist China ORDERED its scientists to "win the race" to develop a vaccine. I'm guessing they already have one! Will use it as leverage. SCAMMERS.

Communist China announced they have NO new cases in Wuhan. What do you bet they killed off dissidents & vaccinated the rest?

I suggest EVERYONE turn off the news & watch the President's daily press conferences. There's NO BETTER source for truth.

Rick Wilson, a Never Trump "GOP strategist" who used to work for Jeb Bush & Carly Fiorina, tweeted he hopes Melania is infected.

President Trump is hand-selecting the most venomous reporters for his Wuhan virus press conferences to show Americans how much the media hates us!

Muhammad Masood, 28, a Pakistani doctor here on a Work Visa at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was planning ISIS terror attacks! What else is our enemy planning as we are distracted with Wuhan virus?

Bloomberg spent $500 Million attacking Trump, but laid off hundreds of staffers due to Wuhan virus that he promised to pay through November. Hypocrite!

New polls show 55-60% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job on the Wuhan virus.

Due to the media's fear mongering, 79% fear catching it.

China's Communist Party is now calling Wuhan virus a TRUMPANDEMIC! Who do think the American people will side with, Trump or Xi?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: “China knew that this virus was not only epidemic but infectious and could be deadly to older people. They didn’t tell anybody. They didn’t tell us. In fact, they did something far worse -- they accused us of causing it and then they threatened to cut off supplies of medical needs and pharmaceuticals."

Can we freeze the US assets/properties of Chinese Communist Party officials who did this & wipe their TRILLION $ debt from the books?

President Trump says he's OK with forbidding corporate buybacks as a condition of bailing out airlines, cruise & hotel industries.

HUGE: 90% of those in US with symptoms have a FLU or COLD virus OTHER than Wuhan. 50% of Wuhan cases are in 3 states & 10 counties.

Obama's REGULATIONS only allowed 3M to distribute 15% of their mask production to hospitals! No wonder there were shortages.

PENCE: 3M in Minnesota has the capability to produce 35 MILLION masks per month but FORMER regulations only allowed them to distribute 5 MILLION of the 35 MILLION masks to hospitals. We got RID of those obstacles last night with new legislation.

IMHO, the Communist Party of China used what, we in marketing, call the hub/spoke concept of transmission. They barricaded the landlocked city of Wuhan to keep their PEOPLE IN and protect the rest of China, while allowing virus carriers to FLY OUT and infect the world. PURE EVIL.

How many members of Congress knew of the Communist's Wuhan virus scheme and sold off stocks before the market started crashing? So far, there are accusations against Feinstein, Burr & Loeffler. None proven.

Former FEMA chief walked off MSNBC when they starting spinning for China: "I don’t have to sit & listen to these bull***t people.”

A mob of teenagers in Kenya surrounded a man and beat him to death because he was suspected of having Wuhan Virus.

TRUMP: The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines contacted me and offered the use of his ships for medical purposes should we need them.

Jie Li, a Chinese national who worked for Biogen, spread Wuhan virus at a Boston conference, hid her fever at the LA airport & FLED to China.

40% of the 256 cases of Wuhan virus in Massachusetts are tied to ONE Chinese national who infected Biogen’s meeting at a Boston Marriott.

Wuhan virus cases in Indiana, Tennessee & North Carolina ALL came from exposure at this ONE Biogen Conference in Boston.

Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, Northern Italy & New York were ALL infected by 30-ish Chinese virus carriers who flew in directly from Wuhan or Iran!

TRUMP: We're asking leaders to join us & save lives. We can bring our finances back quickly. We can't bring the people back.

PENCE: The risk of complications from the Wuhan virus is very low but it spreads fast & is about 3 times as contagious as the flu.

It appears most transmission comes from INFECTED HARD SURFACES and thankfully the virus dies on most SURFACES within days.

Experts say the global 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million also started in China. Most flu viruses originate there.

Maybe the Wuhan flu is the wake up call that America needs. Imagine the money, time and human life we would save by closing our borders and rethinking our immigration policies.

Each year up to 20% of the US population is infected with flu imported from China, resulting in 31.4 million outpatient visits, 200,000 hospitalizations and up to 80,000 deaths. That translates to $55 BILLION each year in medical costs, lost earnings and lost productivity.

Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers, Kroger is hiring 200,000 & Walmart is hiring 150,000, at higher wage, as shoppers surge.

It's been 2 weeks since California voted & 458,000 ballots STILL haven't been counted. Takes a long time to rig votes in the 3rd world during a pandemic.

Trump administration announced Tax Day will be moved from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties. If you are owned a refund, file now to get your money.

The Communist Party of China says THEIR stock market is doing fine so invest in China instead of the US. Send money NOW! LIES. The Communist Party is on the verge of collapse. China's economy is down 76% & ready to implode. They will DO & SAY ANYTHING.

Communists provided WHO with the DNA sequence of Wuhan virus the DAY BEFORE the 1st person died in China. MORE PROOF THEY MADE IT and likely have a vaccine!

Communist China is saying it's WRONG for Trump to want to start moving prescription drug manufacturing back to the US from China. They want to be able to strangle our medical supply again in the future. NO FREAKING WAY.

POMPEO: All non-essential travel will stop between the US, Canada & Mexico & all Americans should avoid international travel.

Hillary, Biden, Klobuchar & Wyden have all called for TOTAL VOTE BY MAIL. Told ya. THIS IS THEIR PLAN TO RIG ABSENTEE BALLOTS in the general.

Washington State is TOTAL vote-by-mail & Bill Gates' home. That's why they're choking BLUE, flooded with Antifa & GROUND ZERO for Wuhan virus.

TRUMP: The CDC has given Border Patrol the AUTHORITY & TOOLS to STOP all transmission across our northern & southern borders!

TRUMP: Infected foreigners are flying to Mexico & Canada, and then trying to sneak into America. That must stop to protect our continent.

DHS: Asylum seekers with NO documents, from over 120 infected countries, are arriving at both US borders. THEY WILL NOT BE LET IN.

POMPEO: Disinformation is being spread on social media by Communist actors saying the virus came from the US Army. Russia, Communist China & Iran are coordinating efforts to disparage & blame the American people & create widespread panic.

POMPEO: I have seen the media report my statements WILDLY INACCURATELY many times. They have a responsibility to TELL THE TRUTH.

How can China calculate a fatality rate for the Wuhan virus in the 80+ age group when people were simply left to die with no food? They can't.

The Bank of China was caught laundering money in Italy so the Communists created a social media campaign called "Hug a Chinese" to shame Italians as "racist." It worked to spread the virus fast!

Why was Italy heavily infected with virus? Because they lie about their death rate. Because they partnered with Communist China on 5G and their One Belt One Road scheme.

What if the shutdown isn't about the Wuhan Virus at all?


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