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What if the shutdown isn't about the Wuhan Virus at all?

What if the REAL reason that President Trump shut down the country for several weeks HAS nothing to do with the SPREAD of the Wuhan virus. What if it has to do with something else entirely?

President Trump shut down travel from Communist China on January 31 even though the Democrats & the world's medical experts mocked him. In February, he shut down travel from China's One Belt One Road partner countries of Iran, South Korea & Italy. Why? Because I think he KNEW they were intentionally helping to seed America with virus.

The last Trump rally was held on March 2, 2020. On March 4th, the Communist Party published a warning in their State Newspaper that if America DID NOT open her borders and let the Chinese people in, they would CUT OFF OUR PHARMACEUTICALS and plunge us "into a sea of Coronavirus." Up until now, China has provided America with over 30% of our pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. We know that they bought up all available masks ON THE PLANET in January to try to hold us hostage.

Immediately after that warning, President Trump appeared to shift gears. He began meeting with America's pharmaceutical companies to bring back production to America and kept saying that his closing of the border BOUGHT US TIME. Immediately after that warning, President Trump began discussions of a temporary shutdown and met with all of America's CEOs and top manufacturers. They were surprisingly compliant - even at the risk of significant loss to their own bottom lines.

What if he meant it BOUGHT US TIME to ramp up domestic manufacturing facilities so that we can produce ALL our own medicines & medical supplies? What if the entire shutdown is designed to allow US pharmaceutical companies the time to REPLACE Communist China's supply chain and REDUCE DEMAND from Americans for hospitalizations and the critical drugs we need? To save lives. That makes the most sense to me.

Remember, the flu outbreak this year has been extremely virulent and taxing on our healthcare system. There have been tens of thousands of hospitalizations and over 80,000 deaths from the flu so far.

Although data has shown us that the Wuhan virus IS NOT really that virulent and is NOT really taxing our system to the degree that the fake news claims it is, it IS NECESSARY to keep ALL infection down to a minimum, at hospitals & clinics, during this critical time to allow American manufacturers to REPLACE ALL pharmaceutical imports from China. We can't have people demanding the critical drugs they need to live, and run out, while China is threatening to CUT US OFF.

Think how many people are not getting sick during the shutdown due to contagious diseases and are not having accidents because they're not commuting to work - and the number of elective surgeries that have been stopped (and the drugs and medical supplies they require) - that's a HUGE savings to the industry while we ramp up production at home.

If I were President, that's what I'd do. I'd NEVER buy another DAMN drug from China and I'd move all manufacturing back home NOW. I'd buy time IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE - and protect the American people - even if it meant the stock market would plummet and people would be out of work for a month. It's the ONLY explanation I can come up with that justifies his actions against the threat of the Wuhan virus.


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