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Did China unleash Virus to distract US & enable the Communist takeover of the world?

It's looking more and more like the virus was a distraction by the Communists so they could attempt an invasion or attack in the Caribbean & South China Sea. Another Cuban missile crisis. The virus ITSELF is an invasion that Trump called the "invisible enemy."

For years, Communist China has built military bases in and off the coast of Venezuela, owns US ports, controls the Panama Canal, is partnered with the drug cartels, launders their money, funds their terrorism and uses their drug & human trafficking network to routinely invade America.

China sent planes into Venezuela two days ago under the guise of "helping" with the virus and threatened the US to stay away. They've been quietly seeding military personnel in Venezuela for years and building military bases in the Bahamas.

China already regularly floods our country with fentanyl, heroin, poisoned food, poisoned vape cartridges, fake IDs, defective medical supplies & one flu virus after the other. Death by a thousand cuts.

That close, the Communists could easily invade our country by land, sea or air, and use a biological weapon, sarin gas or a bomb on a huge public gathering and kill tens of thousands.

China is targeting our navy ships in the South China Sea with EMP weapons - just like they did at our Cuban embassies - to make American soldiers sick. Not only that, they are sabotaging our soldiers with Wuhan virus on Navy ships carrying nuclear weapons!

I think that's the real reason why President Trump has us sheltering at home and why he, along with 22 countries, sent warships down to Venezuela. Not to mention prepared two fully stocked medical ships.

Venezuela's Communist leader, President Maduro, is controlled by Communist China, Cuba, Russia & Iran. Even Colombia wants China to recognize the US-backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president instead of backing Communist President Maduro, who was just indicted by Barr for narco-terrorism. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and Maduro ships FREE oil to Cuba & his Communist partners while he lets his own people starve.

Now you know why Pelosi was so upset that Trump introduced Juan Guaido at the SOTU that she ripped up his speech. Now you know why Trump cut off US travel to Cuba and DeSantis locked down Florida.

Now you know why Saudi Arabia flooded the world with oil to drive down prices & force Russia to cry "uncle." Now you know why Trump & Saudi Arabia "convinced" Russia to withdraw their assets from Venezuela. Now you know why Maduro is "rounding up" Venezuela's freedom fighters under the guise of the virus - just like Xi did in China.

60 MILLION Americans were infected with SWINE FLU under Obama & the fake news never said a word. Yet, WHO & the CDC say we must shut down America for 10 months and vote by mail for a virus no more dangerous the the common flu? Makes no sense.

Fear not! All will be well. We are finally going to get the Communist menace out of America's back yard, bring America's critical manufacturing back home and take down their henchmen in the cartels!

For sources, click HERE.

For our complete report on Wuhan Virus, click HERE.

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