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The Libertarian Party & the Tea Party were both started by the Koch Brothers to fracture the right

Did you know that David Koch, of the Koch Brothers, was the Libertarian Party's VP candidate in 1980?

Did you know that the original Tea Party was launched in 1984 by the Koch Brothers and that Ron Paul, Libertarian, was the first Chairman?

In other words, the Libertarian Party & the Tea Party were launched and are funded by the EXACT same people. The Koch Brothers! It's all a divide & conquer scam! The Koch Brothers hate President Trump! The Koch Brothers are Never Trumpers who want to fracture the conservative base and hand the White House back to the open borders Democrats!

The Koch Brothers Libertarians are nothing more than socially liberal Globalists who lobby for open borders, low corporate taxes and cheap labor. Once you understand that, it all makes sense.

Most of the good people I know have been conned by the Ds to believe they are Libertarian. They are NOT. When you study their platform, and their actions, you find there is NOTHING conservative about Libertarians other than their support for 2A.

The actual Libertarian official platform is pro-abortion, anti-American sovereignty, pro-multiple gender ideology, pro-gay marriage, anti-death penalty, pro-open borders, anti-flag, anti-anthem, anti-Constitution, anti-religion, pro-prostitution, pro-legalized street drugs, pro-censorship by Google & Facebook, anti-police, anti-law & order, anti-military, pro-Chamber of Commerce cheap labor (Koch Brothers.) They even support the right of Sharia Law to exist in America because of LIBERTY.

Here's what the HEAD of the current Libertarian Party Platform just wrote. He says: "Forget the wall. It's time for America to have open borders!"


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