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What's going on in Australia and why should it matter to the US?

Communist China formed BRICS in 2009 - under the Obama administration & with the help of the globalist banksters - an alliance of "developing nations" on 5 different continents. BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA.

Their real goal was to use these nation states to install Communism & DEBT slavery on every continent. They've been entering into trade & economic agreements with these countries under the guise of a relationship. BS. The real goal is to invade and overthrow the world.

Now Communist China also has their eyes on invading & controlling Australia. Why? My guess is it provides another geopolitical anchor to give them a base to control the Indian Ocean & South China Sea. Not to mention a wealth of mineral resources.

The Governments of India, South Africa, Australia and Brazil have resisted the Communists up until now - with the help of President Trump. Now, all hell is breaking loose - due to Covid & Biden - which was the plan. Covid was used to distract and weaken countries that Communist China & the globalist banksters wish to break, invade and overthrow - that's happening right now in India, South Africa, Australia & Brazil. In the 1960's, the Communists used the Cuba Missile Crisis as a distraction for China to invade India as well. Same playbook!

Right now, Australia is locking down MILLIONS of people based on a handful of Covid deaths, they have sent in the military & helicopters to patrol the streets and are beating people who do not comply. They are forcing vaccination passports. They even shut down Sky News Australia so they couldn't report the truth! Same thing is happening in Germany and Italy and Pakistan. They are even taking away people's phones if they refuse the vaccine!

Why does this matter to Americans? Because this is their plan for the US. Remember, we have TWO porous borders on the north & the south. We are ALREADY being invaded by illegal aliens. Imagine if those were Communist military forces & Biden was at the helm? We'd have NO chance without an armed citizenry. This is why 39% of Americans now own guns & ammunition is selling out.

This is why Communist China is training forces in Canada, off the coast of Venezuela, in Cuba, in the Arctic & in Mexico. WAKE UP. To SURROUND America. Covid was the invisible enemy used to distract us from the LIVE enemy which is coming.

BANNON: "China wants Australia. The are like the MOB. They are brutal and will do anything to take it. China even sends MILLIONS of dollars to the Vatican & Communist Pope Francis to do their bidding!"

BTW - I posted all these warnings on Facebook & Twitter three years ago - that's why I was censored & banished!

BANNON: "The Chinese Communist Party has also turned forced organ harvesting into a way of bribing Western politicians. Rich Arabs pay a high price to come to Xinjiang to have Halal organs. They can guarantee you an organ in 4 hours!"

They not only do it to Uyghurs - they have expanded the program into EVERY country they can control! Imagine, that could include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar - even Australia & India if they get their wish! There is no other regime on the face of the earth that has diabolically slaughtered millions of innocent people like this for profit. What do you think all those INCINERATORS were built for in Wuhan? Why do you think Communist China floods their country so often? To hide the evidence! "If you need a heart, China will guarantee you a heart in two weeks time because "somebody will have a heart attack."

In other words, they are GATHERING YOUR DNA, taken from Covid testing & injections, in a database for typing and then if YOU match, you'll be abducted under the guise of Covid, or suffer a fatal accident, or be arrested for bogus charges - your organs harvested (while you are alive) and sold to the highest bidder!

BANNON: "Since Francis became Pope in 2013, during the Obama administration, the Vatican has been embroiled in major financial scandal. We call it the Money Changers. It's not the teachings of the church - it's the administration that has infiltrated and destroyed the church on behalf of the Communist One World Order. The Communist Chinese Party are shipping millions of dollars of cash to the administration of the Vatican in exchange for the Pope and his minions doing their bidding. For example, $200 Million of YOUR donations were used to buy a high-end speculative property in London in 2014 - from the Pope's charity organization for the poor. A Cardinal out of Australia uncovered the fraud & cancelled the deal and then the Pope tried to take him down. The Italian Government calls the corruption at the Vatican "Broken Bad" - has conducted several raids - and the Pope keeps covering it up and elevating the crooks behind the scandal to positions of power. The Catholic Church makes 90% of its money from the US faithful. That's why they need to flip us against Christianity and support their new WOKE religion. Pope Francis is a Communist who is using the Vatican as the launching pad for One World Order and the One World Religion. Lynn Rothschild & Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci & Carlos Slim (owner of the New York Times) are instructing Pope Francis on how to "turn" Americans against Christianity. Their goal is a One World Religion called Scientism based on transhumanism (combining robots & humans) & environmentalism (climate change) & population control (abortion & eugenics.) In order for that to work they need to remove nation states and borders. They need to put multi-national corporations in control and use them to do their bidding. Their goal is to make the world COMMUNIST CHINA. Why? Because tyrants don't like democracy - it's too hard to control people - they like command and control collectivism - Communism & Fascism. The virus gave them a mechanism to demand vaccine passports - and social credit scores - which will allow them to track & trace & REMOVE ANY DISSENT. That's why vaccine passports are tied to Apple Pay and Google wallet. To tie your financial health to your body. The Trilateral Commission has been working on this for decades. They want One World Order, One World Currency, One World Government & One World Religion for total control. Pope Francis & the Vatican even organized a summit on Mind, Body & Soul featuring Fauci, Hollywood and many pro-abortion members from Bill Gates Foundation - proof they are working together. Peter Navarro says we are dancing on the deck of the Titanic. A nation of sheep run by a pack of wolves."

Are you awake? You really need to be aware and awake!

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