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UPDATES Wuhan Virus (3/22/20)

When liberals freak out over the stock market, tell them it's only back to the level it was when their hero Obama left office!

GUESS WHAT? Italy has been including deaths from OTHER diseases in their death count from Wuhan virus. That’s why their fatality rates for the virus are so high. They’re fake.

In Italy, if ONE patient dies of Wuhan virus in a hospital, they code all OTHER deaths in the facility as caused by Wuhan virus!

JOHN BOLTON: "China silenced coronavirus whistleblowers, expelled journalists, destroyed samples, refused CDC help, and concealed counts of deaths and infections. It is fact there was a massive coverup. China is responsible. The world must act to hold them accountable."

Communist China threatened to cut off pharmaceuticals & medical supplies to countries who refused to deploy Huawei’s 5G network.

China's Huawei wrote 91 5G contracts & shipped over 300,000 5G Massive Antenna Units into Europe & beyond, before February 2020.

Trump called Communist China's Huawei the MAFIA & advised the world AGAINST deploying ANY of their technology.

Wuhan was wired with Huawei's 5G right before the “outbreak” and the Communist Party used it to “remotely” monitor the situation. Hmm. What did they really use it for?

My point is NOT that 5G is bad. My point is that Huawei's 5G network, sold by Communist China, IS dangerous & can be used to do BAD things. Trump called it the MAFIA for a reason and begged the EU & Canada NOT to buy it.

While the Communists locked millions of Chinese people in their homes for 6 weeks, they installed NEW surveillance cameras & screeners on streets, offices & elevators that can detect faces THROUGH masks AND now require every Chinese citizen to use an app on their phone that tells them when they can come and go.

VP Mike Pence & his wife have tested NEGATIVE for the Wuhan virus. One of his “staff” was infected. I'm sure the fake news is in mourning.

If you're anxious and filled with the VIRUS of FEAR, please let this powerful message – PEACE IN A TIME OF PANIC – from one of my favorite Pastors, calm you and heal you. I promise you, you'll be glad you did.

Trump said the US State Department is the "Deep State" Department. Meaning it's been infected by former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton & John Kerry. Pompeo is working hard to clean it up.

Mullahs deliberately spread the Wuhan virus in Iran to suppress protesters and put pressure on the US to lift sanctions.

Iran's Mullahs are working with a group backed by Bernie, Ilhan & team Obama that's lobbying to LIFT Iran's sanctions due to the virus. All part of the plan. NO WAY.

TRUMP: Private companies have re-engineered their US manufacturing processes to quickly produce new masks & hand sanitizer, in record time.

Ohio AG ordered abortion clinics to STOP performing non-essential & elective surgical abortions during Wuhan virus panic.

FDA approved a Wuhan virus test that can be done at a clinic or hospital & deliver results in 45 minutes. Out by end of month.

Ilhan Omar & AOC called for America to immediately stop ALL deportations in the age of Wuhan Virus and started spewing Tucker Carlson’s talking points. Tucker is a Koch Brothers’ Libertarian, who undermines Trump behind the scenes, in case you didn’t know.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.”

Hydroxychloroquine battles inflammation & viral replication due to our immune response to the virus and the antibiotic wards off secondary infections from bacterial pneumonia or bronchitis.

In 2005, a US NIH Study found that Hydroxychloroquine was effective in treating Coronavirus in primates and several countries have put it into trial with great success. Did Fauci ignore the findings? Yes. That’s likely why he’s so defensive.

Wuhan virus has exposed BIG STAFFING problems in nursing homes & surgical care facilities. 75% have hired uneducated, poorly trained workers who don’t follow protocols.

Russia raided, arrested & DEPORTED over 79 Chinese nationals who flew in from China & violated the 14-day quarantine period. Putin shut down his borders from China in January.

Communist China is thanking Hillary for her support. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

What if the shutdown isn't about the Wuhan Virus at all?

IMHO, Wuhan was a trial run & test market for what the Communists want to do to the world.


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