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Tierney's Real News (June 30, 2021)

Good humor. Democrats finally have to admit that elections are rampant with mistakes (fraud) after 135,000 votes were mysteriously added to a New York Democrat primary AFTER election day! This Mayoral candidate was not happy when he noticed that they were trying to steal 135,000 votes from his win column! He apparently was NOT the chosen one!

New York election officials said it was an "accident" and they'll have to do it over! Wait! I thought Democrats said ALL elections were perfect and we never need forensic audits! I thought Democrats said that anyone who questions an election is a conspiracy nut!

When Trump heard, he mocked the Democrats for cheating:

Remember I said I thought there were 25,000 plus at Trump's Ohio rally last weekend? Looks like 35-45,000. HUGE. Let's see how many show up in Sarasota on July 3rd. More than that I bet!

Mike Lindell said his IT symposium will be August 11-13th and Bannon said Lindell has the "smoking gun." Write it down. Bannon also said he's going after Romney & his ties to Communist China. Good!

Some counties in California & Illinois are threatening lockdowns and already have reinstated mask mandates for vaccinated & unvaccinated people due to the so-called DELTA mutant variant. I told you they would do this. All about control. The vaccine covers ALL variants! What do you want to bet they're doing it to stop future Trump rallies?

A former Trump adviser warns: "Will the Left use “variants” to impose new lockdowns? Don’t think they won’t try. Be educated and be ready to act, especially if you’re a Deplorable who lives in a blue jurisdiction."

Charlie Kirk said: "More lockdowns and mask mandates are coming over the “Delta Variant." Be ready. Learn from last time. Don't comply with tyrants."

That means either prepare to resist or prepare to move to a FREE state. Forewarned is forearmed.

These are the 15 states that have so far passed, or are considering, legislation to stop the Communist health TYRANTS from controlling our lives. More to follow.

After Gwen Berry received a huge backlash for turning her back on the US flag while she received a bronze medal for the US Olympic team - she went on BNC to do damage control. She said: "I never said I hated THE country. I love MY people." She called America THE country. Not MY county. I thought HER people were AMERICANS. I guess not.

Berry pulled the same POLITICAL stunt in 2019 when she raised a fist for HER people at the Pan-Am games. This wasn't her first rodeo. She admits she went to "social justice" school. Another Kaepernick.

Pride has turned into another militant arm of the Communist DNC - just like BLM-ANTIFA-BLACK BLOC-NFAC - now they are beating people who refuse to fly the rainbow flag. PRIDE parade activists beat up this Egyptian immigrant because he refused to remove the American flag from his food cart and replace it with the LGBTQ rainbow flag. Still think PRIDE is all about love?

He thought he was going to die at the hands of PRIDE.

By the way, the man who reported this horrific violence is Andy Ngo, an openly gay journalist and one of the best reporters around. Andy believes PRIDE is political & divisive & NOT about love. Just like me! I love Andy. So should you!

A former Police Chief said that Biden's strange comments about attacking Americans with F-15s and nuclear bombs shouldn't be ignored. He said Biden likely overheard something that our enemies are planning and his dementia didn't stop him from saying it out loud. That's why they keep him away from the cameras as often as possible.

President Trump confirmed that other countries are emptying their prisons and sending the worst to America. We assumed. Now we know for sure.

“Other countries are emptying their prisons into the United States: 'Let’s send them to the United States and they’ll get in.' Nobody even checks who is coming into our country anymore. It's insanity. It’s destroying our country."

Tucker Carlson of Fox News said on the air that the NSA was spying on him. The NSA issued a misleading statement claiming that Tucker was never the "target" of an NSA investigation. Word salad.

Biden's White House also tap-danced around the issue and said the NSA was a "foreign" intelligence agency. Right. They hire contractors to spy on us domestically!

After he received the statement, Tucker responded: "But the question remains, did the Biden administration read my personal emails? That’s the question that we asked directly to NSA officials when we spoke to them about 20 minutes ago in a very heated conversation. Did you read my emails? And again, they refuse to say, again and again. And then they refused even to explain why they couldn't answer that simple question. 'We can't tell you and we won’t tell you why we can't tell you.'

And the message is clear, we can do whatever we want. We can read your personal texts, we can read your personal emails, we can send veiled threats your way to brush you back if we don't like your politics, we can do anything. We are our own country. And there’s literally nothing you can do about it. We're in charge, you're not."

Well, duh. We all KNOW the intelligence community spies on US citizens & news operations. They even use social media like Facebook to do so! Amazon literally runs the NSA database and keeps copies of every single one of our texts, emails, phone calls, purchases, and posts. They have for years. The bigger question here is why is Fox News suddenly pointing this out? For ratings? To portray themselves as a victim? To cover their ass in Arizona? Trump has been bashing Fox News & Paul Ryan left and right lately. So, let's review why Fox News suddenly wants to make themselves a victim.

First, Fox News helped rig the election for Biden by calling Arizona early and pushing fake polls to hurt Trump. Fox is scared to death of the Arizona audit - because they were complicit in the steal!

Second, Fox News refused to cover hydroxychloroquine & early COVID treatments to save lives and vindicate Trump. They pandered to Big Pharma and took money from the CDC. The latest undercover videos prove that. Remember when Tucker told the world that Trump messed up on COVID and deserved to lose the election? Then he flip flopped? I remember it well.

Then Fox News refused to cover the stolen election and banned Mike Lindell, Joe DiGenova, Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani from appearing on the air. Then they repeatedly featured Never Trump GOP establishment pundits to bash Trump. Then they removed pro-Trump anchors & hired Democrats like Donna Brazile. Now they won't run Trump's rallies.

But Tucker says the NSA is suddenly spying on Fox News? For what? Fox & Tucker have basically been doing Biden's bidding. This sounds to me like Fox News and Paul Ryan working with the NSA on a ploy to increase Fox ratings and make people believe they are on OUR side. They are NOT. They can paint themselves as a victim and the subject of a Witch Hunt. I know many people love Tucker - but no matter what Tucker does or says, remember he hates Trump. He hates him with the heat of a thousand suns and he has for 20 years. And, remember, Tucker is the guy who repeatedly shilled for Communist Tulsi Gabbard!

MORAL? Do NOT trust Tucker and Fox News!

There's a reason why the US media ranks LAST in trust. They LIE. They ALL lie.

President Trump said Herschel Walker plans to run for the US Senate seat in Georgia, against Communist Satanist Ralphael Warlock, and will win. They've been friends for years.

President Trump said Jon Karl's story in the Atlantic about Bill Barr is fake news:

TRUMP: "I lost confidence in Bill Barr long before the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. It was when he dismissed and didn’t act on the very powerful Horowitz Report, and instead gave everything over to John Durham, who has seemingly disappeared from the planet."

TRUMP: "AG Barr wouldn’t go against his friends in Washington, D.C. Barr was a “swamp creature” who was devastated when the Radical Left wanted to impeach him. RINOs always fold. It takes a very strong and special person to go against the “mob”. Bill Barr was not that person. Despite evidence of tremendous Election Fraud, he just didn’t want to go there. He was afraid, weak, and pathetic."

Then Trump went after Barr's RINO buddy, Mitch McConnell:

"Had Mitch McConnell fought for the Presidency like he should have, there would right now be Presidential Vetoes on all of the phased Legislation that he has proven to be incapable of stopping. Not to mention, he lost two Senatorial seats in Georgia, making the Republicans the Minority in the Senate. He never fought for the White House and blew it for the Country. Too bad I backed him in Kentucky, he would have been primaried and lost! Based on press reports, he convinced his buddy, Bill Barr, to get the corrupt (based on massive amounts of evidence that the Fake News refuses to mention!) election done, over with, and sealed for Biden, ASAP!"

People say that President Trump made bad hiring choices. Well, if he hadn't hired the swamp and exposed them they'd still be out there doing bad things. Think about that. Think about all the people we NOW know are not on America's side - thanks to Trump!

Black Lives Matter surrounded and blocked Minneapolis City Council member "Andrea" Jenkins' car in the street and forced him to stop and sign a statement of their demands. The signing was captured on video. Still think Omar, Ellison & their militant soldiers in BLM-ANTIFA don't control our elected officials? Still think the Floyd jury wasn't intimidated? This is Minneapolis. A fricking mess! EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

"We ain't asking no more. We're demanding at this point. We're not asking. We're done asking. F—ing sh*t. We're demanding it now. So why don't you just sit back in your little seat and do your job?" Andrea is openly transgender. Andrea is a man who thinks he's a woman. Andrea caved in 5 minutes!

Rumors are that Derek Chauvin is now taking a plea deal for less jail time, to avoid Federal civil rights charges, and to be housed in a Federal prison instead of a Minnesota state prison. All he has to do is say WHY he did what he did.

I'm confused. One week after Floyd's death, Chauvin agreed to the EXACT same plea deal with the Hennepin County District Attorney, Mike Freeman, and the US Attorney, but Ellison got involved and tossed it, altered the autopsy and charged Chauvin with murder. This ENTIRE event stinks for anyone who has been paying attention. Let's see what's next.

For those of you who are still confused about Hillary, Mueller & Russia Russia Russia - here's a quick few paragraphs to sum it up:

"In July of 2016 Hillary Clinton okayed a plan to smear the Trump campaign with a fake Russian scandal to distract from her own email server scandal, and by August Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele of Fusion GPS are simultaneously selling the fake dossier to the FBI and the news media - using McCain as front man.

While making no effort to validate the dossier claims, the FBI used them to justify spy warrants on the Trump campaign while the news media launched a fake Russia scandal targeting the Trump campaign, which only intensified when Trump shocked everyone by winning the 2016 election.

That led to the creation of the Mueller Special counsel, which entered into a criminal conspiracy with the FBI to go after General Flynn and others based on evidence they knew was 100% fake. After that failed, they went with Stormy Daniels, UkraineGate and Impeachment followed by numerous false flags & fake scandals. When that failed they went with COVID to push lockdowns and cheat-by-mail to rig the election.

Then they sickened 19 Republicans in the White House and sent Trump to the hospital one month before the election. Was it COVID or something worse. I'm guessing something worse.

They they threatened judges to not review fraud cases and orchestrated a fake "insurrection" on January 6th to bypass the State Legislatures and a 2nd impeachment to try to make sure Trump could never hold office again. Got it? Now they're going after the Trump Organization's CFO who is expected to be indicted on Thursday for getting bonuses for doing a good job. Meanwhile, Biden got a free pass for taking MILLIONS from Communist China.

BTW, where's Durham?

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