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Tierney's Real News (9/9/21)

A Florida restaurant owner - who posted a sign that Biden supporters were NOT welcome - ran out of food due to overwhelming demand! This is how it's done.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We got them by surprise in 2016 and they said we’re never gonna let that happen again and they cheated, and it’s a shame that they’re allowed to get away with it... and let’s see whether or not they do get away cause I don’t think they will get away with it.” The diamonds must be returned!

BTW, Ron DeSantis says talk of him running for President against Trump is a lie.

HUGE voter fraud findings out of Arizona! A grassroots canvass (they called registered voters directly) identified nearly 300,000 lost, ghost, and inaccurate votes -- Major Fraud! That's just in ONE county! Remember, Biden allegedly "won" Arizona by some 10,000 votes. This one study alone should be enough to decertify the state.

Lost votes = votes where people voted but their votes were never tabulated.

Ghost votes = votes cast by someone other than the assigned voter.

Other abnormalities include "vacant lot" addresses and "dead" voters voting. Lumped together, these other issues accounted for 5.18% of the total votes reported. Races impacted include ALL down-ballot races, not just the Presidential election. Imagine the implications at every level if over 5% of the ballots recorded in swing states were fraudulent. That's MILLIONS and MILLIONS of votes.

Remember that President Trump said many votes were simply dumped. Time to investigate the Post Office!

SUNDANCE: "The official Arizona ballot audit group did not perform a canvass of the voters in Maricopa County. The Arizona audit did not include a canvass because Biden's DOJ was prepared to launch federal “voter intimidation” charges against the auditing firm if they contacted any voters in person. This is one of the problems when attempting to verify voting authenticity to votes counted.

If a single Arizona voter contacted was to file a complaint about the contact – the auditors would be subject to a federal investigation; and that investigation itself throws a bag over the entire audit. It is a legal catch-22 deployed by the Lawfare group inside the DOJ civil rights division. What was conducted was an independent canvass of Maricopa County voters by an independent citizen group - led by Liz Harris - not affiliated with the Arizona audit."

Harris canvassed all registered voters - a sample the size of a small city. She found:

1) 34.23% of those who said they voted were NOT recorded as voting. Those are "lost" votes. Where did those votes go?

2) An estimated 96,389 mail-in ballots came out of addresses where they could not have possibly been cast by the voter that the vote was registered to. People were also voting from empty parking lots.

LINDELL: "Actual numbers in Arizona are 1,801,000 for Trump and Biden 1,531,000." This is tracking with what Harris found.


BANNON: "42% believe that Biden did not win the election. This is why he's imploding. This regime is over."

President Trump gave several interviews to Rob Schmitt, Greg Gutfeld, Dan Bongino & Mark Levin.






Message from Kathy McCollum, Mother of Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, USMC:

“Thank you. Just want the family to know I support them. We need the corrupt pseudo president gone. President Trump has to run. My son should not be gone. President Trump would never allowed this to happen. We need him back in office to save this country. Just like he said years ago on Oprah. He would run when our country needed him. We need him. I can't live with knowing my son’s life was taken for nothing. So Biden could repay his debt to China.

They will now have full control of Afghanistan and my son will be a sacrificial lamb. My son was murdered for Biden optics. I will become more vocal soon. Grieving and not sure I can control my mouth. But watched Biden disrespect my son while I was standing across from him and he was checking his watch, and then Pelosi denying my son recognition and turning her back. Just as she tore up Donald’s speech. We cannot give up our country. So even if no one gets back with me. I will always fight for the Trump administration just as my son did.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Thank you, Kathy. America feels your loss and fully understands your pain. Rylee will never be forgotten."

Shana Chappell, the mother of Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, also responded to President Trump and invited him to her son's funeral. Apparently several parents have asked President Trump to attend services for their children and he is considering them all:

The Taliban's new leaders are LITERALLY former prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. They were exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. Army deserter, by the Obama administration in 2014. You can't make this stuff up. All part of the plan.

The fact that the Biden administration has to turn to the Taliban, including the Bergdahl Four, to save Americans to get out of Afghanistan is appalling. The only thing Joe Biden has proven to “build back better” is the Taliban.

GIULIANI: "We let in 50,000 Afghans and not the ones who were on the list to come in who helped us. Very little vetting was done on the ones let in. The Taliban who controlled the airport likely put their operatives on planes." I'm sure they were hand-picked by Obama's Taliban leaders. They're here to perpetrate another 9/11 in America.

During baseball season, several fans launched "Trump Won" flags in the stands. Now students at several campuses, during football games, are breaking out in chants of "F*** Joe Biden." Watch:


Biden's support is cratering not only in the suburbs but in the urban core. 20% of Biden's voters already regret their votes. More to follow.

For those of you who plan to send me emails telling me I shouldn't use "swear language" in my newsletter - because it offends your sensitivities - save it. I report the truth. Not some politically correct Communist BS.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "If we don't straighten out our elections, we're not going to have a Country...nobody thought our elections could be so dirty." Correct.

Wisconsin has two Election audit tracks currently moving forward while we await results from Arizona:

1) Rep Janel Brandtjen’s audit, which appears to follow the AZ model and,

2) Speaker Robin Vos’ “cyber forensic” investigation led by former Justice Mike Gableman.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Why is it that nobody talks about the horrible job being done by the Biden Administration on COVID-19, often referred to as the China Virus? Are they using the same coverup methods that they are using on the greatest embarrassment in the history of our Country, the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan—leaving dead warriors, hostages, and $85 billion worth of the highest-grade Military equipment behind? No Military event in our Country has ever been so poorly handled. We could’ve left with dignity, honor, success, nobody killed, and our equipment. But we didn’t!"

President Trump will hold rallies in Perry, Georgia in late September and Des Moines, Iowa in early October. Register below:



DONALD TRUMP JR: "OK fight fans you’re gonna like this - on Saturday night (September 11) DJT and I are going to be announcing the Evander Holyfield vs UFC legend Vitor Belfort fight as well as the Tito Ortiz vs Anderson Silva fight on PPV by Triller.

Triller is one of the only social platforms if not the only social platform that didn’t remove my father’s page so we want to support them. Should be awesome with hours of Trump commentary. In talking to my dad about it earlier in the week I couldn’t believe how much fight knowledge and history from the good old days he had and still remembered it was really incredible. Check it out Saturday Night."


Interesting dynamic. America FIGHTS BACK on September 11th.

Newly uncovered documents prove that Fauci, the NIH and other US agencies funded 65 research projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology - and were behind the weaponization of COVID - but the "intelligence community" couldn't find this information? I posted about this in March 2020! Why did it take them 18 months to find this data - which was public record!


Bombshell report proves that U.S. funding DID go to the Wuhan Institute & that Anthony Fauci lied to Congress & Americans. Newly released U.S. government documents show that Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) provided funding for the gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) that created novel coronaviruses with the ability to infect humans and be more pathogenic to humans than the virus from which it was originally constructed.

The 900 pages of documents – obtained by The Intercept through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit – prove that Fauci’s NIAID provided funding to EcoHealth Alliance, which in turn funded the controversial gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab that created novel coronaviruses that could infect humans.

The materials show that the 2014 and 2019 NIH grants to EcoHealth with subcontracts to WIV funded gain-of-function research that combined a spike gene from one coronavirus with genetic information from another coronavirus.

They knew this was going to come out so they paid the National Geographic to do a documentary on Fauci - to paint him as a savior. LIES. LIES. LIES. The people will NOT be fooled!

Study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times. Same goes for Ivermectin & Quercetin.

The really sick thing is that they KNEW these cheap drugs worked to STOP viruses - not just COVID, but other viruses including influenza! I bet they even work against cancer - that's why they don't want you to know that!

CATES: "The COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, virus was created in a lab. The vaccine was created to address that virus. However, the vaccine created variants. The variants require boosters…. which generate variants…. which require boosters…. which generate variants. It seems like one long ronacoaster that you get locked into once you take the vaccine, and you ain’t getting off until the strain of the variant gets so weak that it no longer requires a booster to chase it.

If you accept the virus was created in a lab, then this quest to chase its variants does actually make sense. The man-made nature of the virus (it was not naturally occurring, combined with a man-made mRNA approach to a vaccine as a solution, has resulted in a process that is dangerously undermining the human bodies’ natural immunity process.

Again, bottom line. The vaccines are likely creating more danger, through mutations, than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus itself."

If that's true for COVID - the same thing is true for influenza. The original shot is effective - subsequent shots simply negate natural immunity. It's a ponzi scheme! Like any reputable doctor will say you can't vaccinate yourself out of a respiratory virus with animal reservoirs. It needs to be prevented and/or treated early.

New emails prove that the CDC forced children to wear masks because of the Teacher Unions - it had nothing to do with science! Liberal teachers like to mask children because it keeps them quiet & submissive!

"The teacher's unions appear to care more about the masks than about children. The CDC apparently cares more about political decision-making than about the 'science.'

Biden is supposed to address the nation today at 5pm ET on new mandates. Predictions are Biden will require all of the roughly 2.1 million federal workers & contractors to be vaccinated within 75 days (and accept all future booster shots) or they'll be fired. They can NOT choose to be regularly tested instead to opt out of the vaccine mandate or prove they have natural immunity - which is 20X better than vaccinated immunity. The orders will apply to workers in the executive branch but not the congressional or judicial.

Unions say they were kept OUT of negotiations on new mandate and their workers 'deserve a voice.'

Biden to sign an executive order today requiring all federal workers and contractors in the U.S. to be continually vaccinated against COVID-19, with no option to opt-out via testing, and mandating employers with over 100 employees mandate vaccines and testing or face $14,000 fines. ILLEGAL. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. INSANE.

The full Biden plan here:

1. Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly

2. Requiring Vaccinations for all Federal Workers and for Millions of Contractors.

3. Requiring Vaccinations for over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings

4. Calling on Large Entertainment Venues to Require Proof of Vaccination or Testing for Entry

5. Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Time Off to Get Vaccinated

6. Requiring Staff in Head Start Programs, DOD Schools, and Bureau of Indian Education-Operated Schools to be Vaccinated

7. Calling on All States to Adopt Vaccine Requirements for All School Employees

8. Providing Additional Funding to School Districts for Safe School Reopening, Including Backfilling Salaries and other funding withheld by states for implementing COVID Safety Measures

9. Using the Dpt of Education’s Full Legal Authority to increase access to in-person instruction

10. Getting Students and Staff Tested Regularly

11. Making At-Home Tests More Affordable

12. Sending Free Rapid, At-Home Tests to Food Banks and Community Health Centers

Expanding Free, Pharmacy Testing

PS: But the Post Office's 700,000 Federal employees don't need to vaccinate? Is this payback for rigging the election?

Will the airlines force vaccination? So far, only United has mandated vaccination for all its employees. The others are resisting. Before the Biden White House can restrict air travel only to the vaccinated, they have to force American, Delta and Southwest to vaccinate all their employees. This could take months, assuming they manage to do it. They said employees who don’t get the COVID vaccinations & boosters must pay an additional $200 for healthcare.

People in blue states are literally moving to Florida and Texas in droves as we speak.

Desperate plea from a nurse at a Maryland hospital who is at risk of losing her job due to the mandatory vaccine.


DR. HART: "There is a test that is very sensitive in showing if you are immune to COVID, even if it has been quite some time since you have had it. It is NOT an antibody test and the science of it is a little bit complex to explain. I would take this test and send the results registered mail to your employer (assuming they are positive) if your job is at stake. I would also send a religious exemption registered mail if your employer says they won't accept them.

The point of sending these documents registered mail is to be able to legally prove that you exhausted all measures available for you to legally opt out of the vaccine. If you do not take these steps, I forsee your employers lawyers arguing later that if you REALLY wanted to keep your job, you COULD have done these things (submitted an exemption or proof of immunity) in order to opt out."


Remember - T-Cell immunity is long-term. It comes from natural immunity and is 20 times better than vaccine immunity - no matter HOW many boosters they give you.

THIS IS HUGE. A press conference from Australia is trending worldwide after New South Wales’ Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant remarked: “We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order." She admitted they are doing the bidding of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The comments were made during the same presser where they said that unvaccinated people could remain under lock-down indefinitely.


The fact checkers came out in droves to dispute she said that. SHE SAID IT.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates' international Foundation has helped the Chinese Communist government in various ways, according to a newly-released batch of emails from the NIAID under Dr. Fauci. WE KNOW. Is this why Melissa divorced him?

Senator Rand Paul says newly public documents revealing the extent of U.S. funding of coronavirus research in Wuhan, China, show that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) head Dr. Anthony Fauci lied during his previous testimony to Congress!

A great awakening is happening all over the world. Billions of people are rising up against the GREAT RESET, vaccine passport & the atheist New World Order.

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Arden basically said people should give up sex - regardless of vaccination status.

Meanwhile, Commie AOC continues to push crazy.

North Korea celebrated its 73rd anniversary with a night-time military parade that featured marching rows of personnel parading in gas masks and orange hazmat suits – a marked departure from their usual display of major weapon systems.

Meanwhile, leaked documents reveal that the Chinese Communist Party is developing biological weapons that can attack DNA strands targeting specific racial or ethnic groups. Do you think these soldiers know what China has planned?

US Space Force is warning that Communist China has built & ready to use SATELLITE-KILLING TECHNOLOGY. General John Raymond says the free world faces a “full spectrum of threats” from China - which need to be addressed by the US and allies.

The Chinese are building and have completed "everything from reversible jammers of our GPS system which provides navigation and timing with precision to jamming of communications satellites" which would be used in the event of an invasion or war.

Now do you get why President Trump started Space Force!

Twitter is now not only censoring & banning people - they are removing verified status - just because they can.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Acapulco and caused blue "earthquake" lights to flash across the sky - a natural phenomenon. Many Mexicans were terrified & posted it was the "apocalypse." Sorry - only God knows when the end time is here and he'll do it at HIS choosing. Scholars have predicted the end is here over 50 times in the past 2000 years. I say live your life as if every day could be your last! Trust in God! He's in charge!


Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is reportedly one of the investors in new startup Altos Labs, a project that is researching the reprogramming of human genes to reverse aging. That's what all this gene therapy & mRNA is about - research so that global elites can live forever and the rest of us can be selectively removed.

Why can't refugees in Afghanistan stay in Qatar or Kuwait? They have trillions of dollars of wealth. And plenty of room. They also share the same religion. Why are we bringing them to America - unvetted? That makes no sense at all. You know why. I heard that the Taliban selected the refugees who were sent to America! Do you think they sent their best?

Meanwhile, the Fort Hood gunman who calls himself a "soldier of Allah" congratulated the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan. Remember when the fake news told us this guy was no terrorist & just depressed and didn't mean to kill all those people? Right.

Writing from death row at Fort Leavenworth, Nidal Hasan boasted “WE HAVE WON” and congratulated the Taliban. Hasan gunned down 14 people and wounded 43 more.

Pelosi & Soros hanging out while Soros bashes Communist China. Odd. That basically proves its a money ploy.

Klobuchar said she had cancer treatment. Hmm. I bet she knew she had cancer when she ran for President.

China ordered the release of the national crude oil reserve to stabilize their domestic market for the first time in history. Why? They say its “to ease the pressure of rising raw material prices.”

China threatened to send warships inside US territorial waters! The Global Times called on People's Liberation Army Navy warships to travel to "U.S. military bases in the Asia-Pacific and the U.S. allies' coastlines to conduct close-in reconnaissance operations and declare freedom of navigation."

The editorial added that "the U.S. will definitely see the PLA show up at its doorstep in the not-too-distant future."

The Taliban has invited 6 countries to take part in the formal announcement of their new government: Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Qatar. Cozy.

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt canceled his upcoming tour dates in Florida and Salt Lake City because the venues would not comply with his request that attendees either be vaccinated or tested. Good! Nobody thinks you're funny anyway!

Ben Carson says, “You can not be the land of the free if you’re not the home of the brave.” and "CRT creates victims."

A new survey of 3,000 union members shows that labor unions were viewed more positively by upper and middle-class Democrats than by working class people.

“The labor movement isn’t really for workers anymore. When we start to convert all of life into a market and say ‘it would be more efficient and cheaper for workers to be on call and on demand’ - it shows that unions care little about relationships and parenting - you can’t be a little league coach if you don’t know what your hours are.”

Joe Biden wants to spend $6.4 BILLION to resettle his unvetted Afghans across America. If we have 95,000 “refugees” that’s about $67,000 each. Then he wants to give them lifetime welfare & citizenship.

A white liberal woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at Larry Elder, who is seeking to become the first black governor of California. Doesn’t seem very tolerant and inclusive.

More gibberish from the Commie AOC.

This is a great example of how secular atheist Communists operate - blackmail & bribe people into submission.

Chris Wallace on Blinken. Even liberals like Wallace are turning against Biden & his cronies.

Remember when Kamala Harris bailed out ANTIFA rioters? This one came back and murdered someone. The best laid plans!

I bet Fauci is covering up research that shows Ivermectin is an effective treatment for cancer. How many others are there they are keeping from us?

Rogan said he might sue CNN for bashing Ivermectin after it cured him of COVID. He should. He'd win!

The CDC literally downgraded the definition of a "vaccine" from a product that "produces immunity" to a preparation that "stimulates an immune response for protection." They're literally REWRITING SCIENCE to CYA.

The Georgia Guidestones is a Globalist Plan to reduce humanity by 6.5 BILLION people (that's 90%.) In the age of the GREAT RESET, it is time to have another look at another globalist project: the Georgia Guidestones, a set of commandments whose hour, it seems, has come.

On a high hill in Elbert County, Georgia, stands a huge granite monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones are 10 Guides, or commandments in eight different languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

The Club of Rome, founded in 1968, is one of a number of organizations founded or funded by David Rockefeller to further the cause of global "one world" government, including the United Nations. Members of the Club of Rome have included some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world - CNN founder Ted Turner, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Prince Philip.

There is no direct evidence to show who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones. But it looks like a Club of Rome/United Nations project. BUILD BACK BETTER means "after they get rid of 6.5 BILLION of us."

Read about it here. It explains everything. They literally rewrote their own Ten Commandments & consider themselves GOD: https://stovouno.org/2020/12/13/the-georgia-guidestones-and-the-globalist-plan-to-reduce-humanity-to-half-a-billion/

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