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Tierney's Real News (9/7/21)

The fake news says the "Delta" mutant variant is fading and the experts now say the summer two-month "Delta" surge is over. Hmm. But don't get too comfortable because, wait for it, the scary "Mu" variant is rising in its place! This is all BULL****.

Look at Drudge's PANIC headline. Just another excuse to give us more BOOSTER SHOTS and justify endless VACCINE PASSPORTS. They will do this for the rest of our lives until we say ENOUGH.

The "globalists" and their partners in the fake news are trying to shame America into funding "climate change" and reducing emissions - when, in reality, China, Russia, Iran and the 3rd world is responsible for 95% of the planet's pollution! The real reason they want America's money is so they can launder it back to themselves!

23 of the cities that contribute to over HALF of the world's emissions are in Communist China. People literally can NOT breathe the air in Communist China. That's why they wear masks. Not for COVID! Masks do NOT filter viruses. They are too small!

Meanwhile, Biden wants America to fund a $5 TRILLION green new deal so that the Communists can build another DIRTY COAL plant every week, mine the globe's natural resources for themselves - while they spew garbage into the rivers, oceans & skies and use America as their perpetual garbage can! Do you think Communist regimes care about their people? If they did, they wouldn't force them to live in filth like this.

90% of the rivers that dump plastic & pollution into our oceans are in 3rd world countries - mostly Africa, India & China. The smog & waste flows to California & America's west coast. 35% of the pollution in California comes from China & India across the Pacific.

Stop buying the "globalist" con that America is the big bad guy. America is one of the CLEANEST and MOST FREE countries on earth and we have worked hard to keep it that way. Why do you think 3 BILLION people want to move here and bring their GARBAGE with them!

These ten rivers dump 95% of the pollution in our oceans! NONE of them are in America!

The most contaminated ground sites in the world are in Mexico, Russia, Africa, South America, India & China. NONE of them are in America! No matter what BS they tell you. The water & soil is contaminated!

The worst air pollution in the world is in China, Russia & India. They literally can NOT breathe the air in many places.

Now do you see why the Communists want to invade and control the United States of America? Because the Communists have POISONED their own soil, water & air and they can NOT live in the mess they made! They can NOT grow food. They can NOT breathe the air. They can NOT drink the water.

They want what we have. They want America to pay to get them out of the HELL ON EARTH that they created - and they will SHAME US & BULLY US into compliance. Social justice is just another word for REVENGE & JEALOUSY. I say NO. Fix it yourself! Like my mother said - you made your bed - you lie in it!

'The Wire' actor Michael K. Williams, 54, was found dead in his apartment in New York from a likely heroin overdose. There was heroin on the kitchen table and drug paraphernalia in the apartment. He did NOT die of COVID - no matter what they tell you. Another beautiful life lost to addiction & despair. RIP.

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