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Tierney's Real News (9/6/21)

Meanwhile, a man ran across the field with a Trump flag during a game in Orlando, 108,000 people turned out to see Trump in Alabama and boats lined up to honor America's REAL President in Florida. I can't wait for the audits to be released when the nation is READY and AWAKE to receive the truth. Timing is everything.


Almost nine million people across the U.S. will lose their unemployment benefits beginning today, Labor Day, as the pandemic "safety net" expired. Notice how Biden suddenly stopped paying people NOT to work around the same time he told businesses to FORCE vaccinations or fire employees. Coincidence? I think not.

Biden left 20 foot gaps in the border wall, and shut down construction, so that terrorists & illegals could pour across our Southern border - past overworked & over burdened Border Patrol. Thousands of drug traffickers, cartel gangsters & human traffickers know how to navigate these routes. Border Patrol agents have taken it upon themselves to plug the holes — with old truck tires and pieces of stray construction materials.

Meanwhile, while Biden has allowed over ONE MILLION to enter our country ILLEGALLY - and he's now airlifting people into small towns all over America - he is forcing Border Patrol to FOCUS their attention on PC nonsense - like DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND EQUITY - instead of protecting Americans from harm!

At least six private charter planes that were set to evacuate over 1,000 people, including 150 Americans, from Afghanistan have been grounded by the Taliban.

6 flights were chartered by Mercury One, a charity founded by Glenn Beck and cost $750,000 each. Beck has raised over $30 million to help rescue Christians, religious minorities, Americans, Afghans, and anyone else he can get out of Afghanistan. Biden allegedly failed to tell Taliban leaders it had approved the departures of the chartered flights - or that's the official story. It's been days and the evacuees have allegedly gone into hiding - fearing for their lives.

Biden's Secretary of State flew to Qatar to discuss the issue with the Taliban's leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood. No Americans have been evacuated since Biden pulled out all troops. Republicans are saying the Taliban is holding hostages and making demands. I smell another Iran hostage crisis. Jimmy Carter on steroids. All part of the plan.

A pregnant police officer was executed by the Taliban in front of her children and her husband. She was working at the local prison and was eight months pregnant at the time of the execution. Three armed Taliban militants were going "door-to-door" executing people. They shot her and then stuck screwdrivers in her brain. They ADMIT they executed her. Did they use the guns, tools and ammunition that Biden left behind?

Even Team George W. Bush, the globalists that helped Biden steal the election, is now backing away from Biden and saying he should stop acting like a Gold Star father. His son didn't die in combat.

The Communist Pope Francis agreed to install a Communist-friendly Bishop in Wuhan, China - where the virus was released from the Wuhan lab. The seat has been vacant for 14 years. This is a joke & a slap in the face to the free and the faithful.

Father Giuseppe Cui Qingqi will be the new bishop of Wuhan. He has stated his loyalty is FIRST to the Communist party & Xi Jinping - as the party demands. Then to Jesus. Xi is an atheist & so is the Communist party.

Led by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, all members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee must take an oath of total allegiance in front of the Party flag.

There's an interesting dynamic going on among the globalist money changers. Firms like Black Rock, which was born out of Kuhn Loeb (Rockefeller's banksters) - is pushing investors toward Communist China - while Soros & Goldman are backing away from Communist China. If anyone knows what's really going on - tell me - I remember what Bannon said a couple of months ago:

STEVE BANNON: We can take down the Chinese Communist Party in about 90 days if you cut them off from the capital markets, finance from the U.S., and global corporations. We’re at war with the Chinese Communist Party - in an information and a cyber war. We’re in a hot war economically across the globe and sliding into a kinetic war. The world is on fire. It was not on fire when Donald Trump was in office.

The Biden Administration and the Geniuses over at the Federal Reserve and the treasury are printing money like crazy and have no plan. They're destroying the dollar before our eyes. They can't cover the deficit and all their plans. They can't raise taxes enough. They can't sell enough Treasury bonds. Other countries will have no choice but to invest in Communist China and other nations if we continue to erode the value of the dollar.

This short summary below, from the Epoch Times, of the origins of Communism is well done. Grab a cup of coffee and take 10 minutes. You'll learn a lot - I did. After I watched this I spent some time studying the actual written works of Karl Marx, the so-called father of Communism, and came away with a different take of his mindset and motivations from what I've been told for decades.


Karl Marx's grandfather was a Rabbi, his father converted to Christianity & was a student of the French Enlightenment - and Marx HATED all religion because of that. He was embarrassed about being the son & grandson of Jews & Christians. He wanted to burn down the entire world - murder all people of faith - destroy every symbol of faith - and start over with his OWN ideas of HUMANITY and philosophy.

Marx's Communist doctrine, over time, was proven flawed in ACTION but nonetheless he kept pushing it and making it up as he went along. He tried living in a Commune but gave up because it was too lowly and not everybody pulled their weight. Marx actually started the GERMAN SOCIALIST WORKER'S PARTY - which evolved into the NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKER'S PARTY (NAZI) - so he was actually behind the philosophy which drove the Holocaust and the extermination of the Jewish people - his OWN people!

In other words, Marx was the original grifter and self-saboteur! He HATED himself! He was also born into privilege, was a raging alcoholic, a opium addict & afflicted with HUGE BOILS his entire life. I'll write something more in-depth on him shortly. It explains EVERYTHING we are going through. INSANITY.

This sign is popping up everywhere - Communist propaganda to get you to shut up and accept a lack of water, energy and mass starvation as somehow normal. Sorry, I don't intend to BE KIND as my country is invaded by those who wish to execute us and enslave us. We are NOT all in this together.

Pfizer just announced that it is currently in the trial stages of a anti-viral pill designed to combat COVID - that they want you to take twice per day - IN ADDITION to booster shots every 5 months. Oh, and they still want you to wear masks at all times. See the problem? You're a medical slave & they make a fortune off your compliance.

INVENTOR OF mRNA VACCINES: "We can't vaccinate COVID away. We really don't have to fear COVID in the way we're being told. It can be treated early with existing therapeutics."

Studies show that Dr. Stella Immanuel was correct about early treatment with HCQ. She demanded an apology from the fake news & her colleagues for lying about existing and early COVID treatments. She also demanded an apology from Joe Biden who called her crazy and said he caused thousands of unnecessary deaths by banning access to life-saving drugs! I love Stella! A true warrior & a true healer.


Joe Rogan (unvaccinated) caught COVID - took Ivermectin - felt better in three days and TESTED NEGATIVE in four days. So the fake news decided to go after him and the drug - just like they did with Dr. Stella & HCQ.

Meanwhile, Oscar De La Hoya, went 18 months without catching COVID, got TWO shots, then got sick with COVID while VACCINATED & had to pull out of his upcoming fight!

“I'm fully vaccinated. What are the chances of me getting COVID? I’ve been taking care of myself. This really, really kicked my ass.”

Ivermectin is cheap, readily available, highly effective, and has been known as one of the safest drugs in history. It has been administered 4 billion times over the last 40 years and is listed by the WHO as an essential medicine safe for pregnant women and children.

Ivermectin was previously approved for other parasitic diseases as the worldwide standard of care with positive results from 10-trials of 852 patients.

Right now, there are 31-randomized controlled trials with 6,561 patients showing Ivermectin is a highly effective treatment for SARS-CoV-2 and even more effective when taken as a prophylactic or early treatment. Not only that, but Ivermectin has shown great promise as a cheap, effective CANCER TREATMENT. Maybe that's the real reason Big Pharma is bashing it!


The FDA, NIH, and CDC are ignoring the science on Ivermectin. Big Tech is censoring doctors and scientist for discussing the science supporting Ivermectin as part of a multi-drug therapy that is cheap, effective, low-risk, life-saving treatment for COVID-19.

Rolling Stone even wrote a fake article on Ivermectin - and made up some BS about gunshot victims not getting treatment due to overdoses of Ivermectin - and then Rachel Maddow of MSNBC (literally the biggest LIAR on TV) pushed the LIES even harder. So did Newsweek, the Daily KOS & Media Matters. It's all been debunked. They literally made it all up! Just like they made up the BS that Trump wanted people to inject themselves with bleach. Turn off the fake news!

The real reason they won't promote alternate treatments like HCQ, Ivermectin & Regeneron is because the ONLY way they could give an EUA for the vaccines is if NOTHING else worked!

So, after the fake news & the fake doctors & the Communists maligned and shut down access to other effective treatments - President Trump's ONLY recourse was to get the FDA to approve an EUA for the vaccines! They only agreed to do that for the MONEY and then delayed the release until after they stole the election for Biden!

Yet, even though it's now been proven that COVID vaccines do not stop spread or infection - they lose effectiveness - and those with NATURAL IMMUNITY have 20 times the protection of the vaccinated - and drugs like Ivermectin & HCQ do work - the CHI-NAZI-Australian Government hopes to DENY MEDICAL TREATMENT to all those who refuse to vaccinate.

Satanists have announced they are making "child sacrifice through abortion" an official ritual of the Satanic Temple. Making sense now?

Biden has dropped over over 9,000 Afghan refugees (who have not be tested or fully vetted) at a military base in Wisconsin - and they are allowed to roam free. Many of them are elderly men who brought along their child brides. Not kidding. We are importing polygamy & pedophilia and it's being done on purpose.

Also, most people don't know that Keith Ellison wrote several editorials - under the pen name Hakim Mohammed X - where he espoused the need for a Muslim-only Caliphate in America. That's his plan for Minnesota. Actually, the plan is for the Caliphate to occupy ALL the Great Lakes States - making it easier for the Communist/Taliban/Chi-NAZI invasion on our northern border.

Think I'm kidding? Look where refugee flows came from in Obama's last year in office. Somalia & Iraq. This is PLANNED. Now Afghanistan will occupy Wisconsin.

I heard a very inspiring message this weekend at my church about one of my favorite passages in the Bible - Ephesians 6:10-20. Stay until the end!


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