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Tierney's Real News (9/3/21)

BANNON: “All hell is going to break loose. Video proof (from TrueTheVote & others) is coming out of Georgia that will show that there were 240 “ballot traffickers” - with gloves on and with backpacks filled with ballots - dumping tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes all over the state in the middle of the night. This is totally illegal."

Remember, Biden allegedly "won" Georgia by some 10,000 votes after they SHUT DOWN counting in the middle of the night due to a bogus "plumbing leak." It's NOT only in Georgia. They have this evidence in all swing states.

Did you know that Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium sent out copies of Dominion Voting System’s proprietary Election Management System to every state - which caused a group of election security experts to call for a rigorous audit of the upcoming recall election for California governor. Thanks Mike!

All those "cheat by email" votes in California will now be exposed! It looks like to me that all 50 states are awake! Wisconsin is also about to start their audit as we await results from Arizona.

The fake news has a new hoax. That "white supremacists" in America are so inspired by the Taliban that they're going to start attacking America. That tells me they have some nasty false flags planned they intend to pin on white folks. Heads up and NEVER EVER give up your weapons. That's what they want to you to do. They will engineer horrific mass shootings and try to convince you that if you simply turn in your guns everything will be fine!

Emerson College did a poll. They are a liberal pollster who predicted Clinton would win in a landslide - so the results skew left. Interestingly, though, if the election were rerun today, Trump beats everybody. But if Trump didn't run - Biden would beat Romney and DeSantis. I find it odd that they polled Romney against Biden - that tells me that Romney is arrogant and deluded enough to think he could run again.

BTW - I don't believe polls but I look for trends between the lines. There's always a little truth in every lie.

President Trump announced his endorsement of his old friend Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate and Sean Parnell for Congress in Pennsylvania.

"Sean is a great candidate, who got robbed in his congressional run in the Crime of the Century-the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. He will make Pennsylvania very proud and will fight for Election Integrity, Strong Borders, our Second Amendment, Energy Jobs, and so much more. Sean Parnell will always put America First. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!"

God is moving in the U.S. Army! A number of soldiers needed to be baptized but here was no formal chapel or baptistry on the base. So a group of chaplains decided to improvise and used a makeshift tub. Praise the Lord! Welcome to seven new brothers and sisters in Christ! I was baptized as a child but decided recently to be baptized as an adult!

Chi-NAZI Australia continues its assault on freedoms. Australia plans to force all residents to submit '100 points of identification' to be eligible to use social media and dating sites and will allow police and federal agencies access to all their personal data.

South Australia is also testing a new quarantine track and trace app. Users will be messaged at random times requiring people to take a picture of themselves and submit it along with their location. If they don’t reply within 15 minutes, police will be sent out to find them. Not kidding. This is their plan for America.

Even the liberal rag known as the Atlantic is so freaked out about the evil lockdowns in Australia - they are railing against the tyranny!

The fake news is trying to spin that Biden left the Taliban military equipment & ammunition that didn't work. LIES. There is endless video of it working just fine! Even worse, it's being sent to Iran!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: There is nothing disabled about the equipment that the United States gave to the Taliban. Just more made up lies!

USA Today tried to say that Biden did NOT check his watch while the 13 dead soldiers were honored. Then they were caught & had to retract their "fact check." FACT CHECKERS are all phony - paid to make sure you believe the LIES. An old KGB trick. Sad. At one point, USA Today was one of the LEAST biased sources out there. Now they are just PURE COMMIE PROPAGANDA.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid: “China is our most important partner & represents a fundamental & extraordinary opportunity for us, because it is ready to invest & rebuild our country. In addition, China is our pass to markets all over the world.” So the Taliban admitted they are being funded by the Chi-Comms and Nikki Haley confirmed that the Chinese will use Afghanistan and the Taliban to invade India.

HALEY: “We need to watch China because I think you are going to see China make a move for Bagram Air Force base, I think they are also making a move in Afghanistan and trying to use Pakistan to get stronger to go against India.”

Nikki Haley, an Indian-American, confirmed my suspicions about the real purpose of Bagram Air Force Base. Biden gave it to the Taliban and Communist China. They will use it to launch attacks against India. As I've reported many times, the Communists used the Cuban Missile Crisis as a distraction to invade India in the 60s. They're using Covid as a distraction to invade India & Taiwan today. They won't stop until they take over all of Eurasia unless we stop them.

A CDC study of over 1.4 million blood samples shows that 83% of Americans have immunity to COVID, whether natural or acquired — so stop the scare tactics and mandates! Even CNN reported it. The 83% is as of May 2021 - so it's even higher today!


About 83% of the U.S. population ages 16 and up has protection against COVID-19 from vaccination or past infection, the CDC says based on antibody levels in about 1.4 million people's blood samples. That literally means that 1 out of every 4 Americans had NATURAL immunity from a past case of COVID - I estimated that in March 2020. Fauci said in the past that we needed 70% for herd immunity. We now have 83% and Fauci keeps raising the bar every time they discover a new BS variant. Now they say 100%? You know it's a LIE.

WAYNE ROOT: "Biden, CDC & US media keeps lying about vaccine. Israel is the most vaxxed country in world. Covid is literally running WILD there. Hospitalizations & deaths are almost all vaccinated people. The vax does NOT work and it clearly weakens your immune system, causing higher viral loads, making people more contagious, and more illness to variants. Only answer is natural immunity. It's a very bad flu engineered by China. No doubt about that. There are people dying. But media only reports unvaxxed deaths. Leaves out vaxxed deaths."

As I reported earlier, the CDC says unless you've had 2-3 shots you are still unvaccinated. Meaning 80% of reported deaths & hospitalizations are due to vaccinated people. They simply LIE about their status. They've been rigging the definitions since the beginning. People really need to stop listening to the CDC, the FDA, Fauci & the fake news. It's all dishonest. Worse than the KGB.

Remember that the vaccine passport has nothing to do with the vaccine - it is your new digital ID that will be used to track your every move and punish you if you do not obey. It will be used to segregate, isolate & shame those that the global elites deem not worthy. The digital ID is the social credit score. The social credit score is total state control of behavior, activity, savings and purchases. Covid will fade - but the "vaccine passport" is forever. Literally - it's the MARK of the beast.

Businesses will use it to decide who can enter their establishments. This is no different than the racial & gender & class segregation that is still prevalent around the world. Now they have a LEGAL way to discriminate.

Teachers will use it to punish & weaken students.

Surgeons and doctors will use it to decide if you should live or die.

The CDC routinely prescribes Ivermectin for refugees coming into America. There are 44 peer-reviewed studies, 39 of which show that Ivermectin is effective as a treatment and preventative for COVID. Don't let Big Pharma and the fake news convince you otherwise and do your own research. The success of Ivermectin was even nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2015.

Yet the fake news screams: "Why are they prescribing “horse dewormer” to treat humans?!"

The media, as per usual, is blatantly lying to our faces. Just like they did about HCQ & light therapy. Know what else animals can use? Penicillin & aspirin!

Even Amazon is censoring Ivermectin!

Pfizer admits they are working on an oral anti-viral to treat COVID - yet they said anti-virals wouldn't work when President Trump promoted them. See how this works?

Some scientists believe that the spike proteins in Covid, flu and HIV shorten our telomeres causing death. People with short telomeres are nearing the end of their natural lives. The length of one's telomeres basically predict one's life span and it's what the wealthy elites are trying to turn around to live forever. They are trying to lengthen their telomeres. It would make sense that they were doing research on those. If that's true, RNA viruses like the flu, covid and HIV disease simply accelerate your death by attacking your telomeres. That's the most reasonable explanation I've heard so far.

Not to scare you - but Fauci was known as Doctor Death due to his failed work on AIDS and the HIV vaccine. It's all connected. He's routinely stopped patients from taking OTC drugs that worked and forced them to wait for his "special cures." He's Satanic IMHO.

North Korea turned down 3 MILLION doses of vaccine from Communist China. Why? No idea but I do know that Kim and Xi hate each other. Remember that the Taliban also refuses to vaccinate - even though its aligned with Communist China. Big red flag.

Approximately one-third of the unaccompanied children admitted at the southern border are missing. Why isn’t Biden talking about this? Were they brought in to be trafficked - or to be used as pawns to bring in more fake families? My guess is both.

John Pierce, an attorney who is representing 17 defendants who are still being detained for January 6th, has disappeared and reports are he is on a ventilator somewhere. Sounds fishy. Where is he?

Three teachers who were preaching Communism & PRIDE in the classroom are being fired, thanks to your efforts. We are the CHANGE.

A teacher told a child not to use the word girl to describe herself. PRIDE is literally trying to erase women. Not kidding. Most honest gay people that I know do NOT agree with all the pronoun BS, sex changes, multiple gender crap, hormone replacement & rainbow flag waving. They want to live their lives in peace and love America.

BTW - Communist China is banning effeminate men and transgenders from TV. Like I said, PRIDE doesn't realize that the Communists do NOT allow same sex relationships or sex changes. PERIOD.

Remember the so-called "transgender" man who was allegedly naked in a hot tub in the women's area of a spa in California & the mother was upset & complained and PRIDE said she was a liar? Turns out he was erect and exposed himself in front of FOUR women & a 6 year old girl. Additionally, the suspect has been convicted of sex crimes & is a registered sex offender.

Can leaders of the USA really be THIS dumb? We wasted TRILLIONS on wars in Middle East. Think of what we could've done with this money. And now Biden is leading us right into WWIII with China. It's not DUMB. It's EVIL & designed to destroy America, our freedoms and our way of life.

BANNON: This regime is out of control. Everything they touch, whether it’s the southern border, capital markets and our economy, geo-politics and national security, Covid, etc., it’s all nonsense.

Biden told Jewish leaders that he visited the Tree of Life Synagogue. But Jewish leaders say it never happened. Biden isn't demented. He lies. He's been lying like that for his entire life!

Archbishop Vigano says the free world must unite in non-violent disobedience against the Communists and the INFERNAL New World Order. Non-violent...for now.

ARCHBISHOP VIGANO: "The Vatican’s enslavement to the Chinese dictatorship is disconcerting. Fear is the most effective means to attain the New World Order. Fear of a virus, that the mainstream media present as if it was the gravest of plagues. So also the system boycotts the cures – in Italy the use of hydroxychloroquine has been banned by order of the World Health Organization – and sows the seeds of panic.

Obviously, those who are corrupt are also able to be blackmailed. Think of Joe Biden: evidence is coming out that his son Hunter had photos of underage minors on his laptop. Do you think that, in addition to doing business with China, the Chinese have not blackmailed his

father with those photos? And don’t you believe that, if he became President of the United Sates, he would become even more vulnerable to blackmail? Now imagine: these blackmails can be done against dozens, hundreds of public officials who have something to hide – bribes, corruption, sexual scandals – and they end up subjecting the nation to the interests of those who blackmail them. And has this also happened in the Church? Certainly: the same thing has happened with the Church.

The “deep church” demolishes the Church from within, just as the “deep state” destroys the state and its institutions from within, like a cancer. The enemy, in reality, is no longer invisible. The web of corruption, pedophilia, child pornography, ritual homicides, and Satanic worship

unites all – and I repeat, all – of these servants of the global elite. Even those who pursue only economic interests, in the end, know that their bosses in one way or another are involved in criminal trafficking and are friends with people linked to the occult and witchcraft – who in turn are celebrity endorsers of Bill Gates and the Rothschilds, are invited to parties with the Clintons and John Podesta, with the Obamas, or to Epstein’s island."

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