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Tierney's REAL News (9/27/21)

Over 60,000 supporters showed up in Georgia for President Trump's rally. He bashed the fake news for lying about the Arizona audit, honored our soldiers & border patrol, introduced Herschel Walker ... and more. Some highlights below:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "This is an invasion. Our country is being turned into a migrant camp. We are going to TAKE. BACK. OUR. COUNTRY. FROM. THESE. LUNATICS."

Biden confirmed that 30,000 illegal aliens were kept under this Texas bridge & more are coming. They are releasing them into cities all over America.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “You know there has never been a concession. You do know that right? I never conceded because I saw what they were doing. My friends tell me don't look at the past - look to the future and 2022 and 2024. If we don’t think about the past we'll never win again in the future because it's all Rigged. We won't have a country left in 2024."

"The fake news is lying about the audit. It is clear Arizona must DECERTIFY. I think in the end, it's all going to work out."

"We had to live with the Russia hoax for 3 years. Clinton & her lawyers. What kind of a sick, twisted mind came up with that? Now they're doing the same thing with January 6th."

"We have 13 empty seats in the front row for the 13 heroes we lost in Afghanistan."

"I don't have a big mouth. I have a mouth that tells the truth."

“Thank you, Durham! He came out with a big one and hopefully there’s about to be LOT MORE because this should just be the beginning.”

“Our country is up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone has ever seen in our country. We’ve never seen like is happening today, but no matter how big or powerful they appear you must never forget, this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you!”

"What we've done is so important. What we've exposed is so important. And what we're doing, and what we're going to do is going to be the most important of all."

"They worked on the rigged election for 4 years. We had a few weeks to try to turn it around. We got no help from McConnell."

President Trump said "Is there anywhere better to be than a Trump rally?" while showing a compilation of war-mongers Liz Cheney & George Bush - fondly called "Ms. George Cheney."

The crowd roared. "We love Trump."

Liz Cheney went on 60 Minutes and did herself NO favors. Really bad interview. She appeared angry & bitter.

TRUMP: The Border Patrol was NOT whipping illegal aliens. Another Commie hoax. Trump said we should be thanking Border Patrol for their work - not vilifying them.

HERSCHEL WALKER: "I want to be a leader like Trump!"

Reverend Franklin Graham said we should pray for President Trump: "I miss this guy."

Governor Ducey said he wouldn't allow Arizona to be decertified. It's NOT his decision.

GB News, Neil Oliver: "There’s fear in the air. The strongest smell of fear is emanating not from the ordinary people, but from the leaders. They are frightened. You can smell it. Smells like victory."

Top Truths & Lies about the Arizona Audit

LIE: The audit affirmed that Joe Biden Won.

TRUTH: The forensic audit was not about recounting the votes. It was about separating fraudulent votes from real votes. The audit affirmed that the certified election results included from 50,000 to 300,000 illegal votes - in a state where the margin was 10,000.

LIE: The machines were not connected to the internet.

TRUTH: The machines WERE connected to the internet and logs show there were hundreds of anonymous log-ins & transmissions & and compromised passwords.

LIE: This election was the most secure election in history.

TRUTH: Maricopa County, AZ election officials broke the law multiple times. Counting ballots more than once is against the law. Counting ballots without signatures is against the law. Counting late ballots is against the law. Sending people early votes who did NOT request them is against the law. There were 255,000 of those!

Illegal ballots must be thrown out from the legal total. Duplicate ballots must be thrown out from the legal total. Deleting the November 2020 election from the database is against the law. There is actual camera footage of the person who deleted the database.

LIE: Election officials in Maricopa County have nothing to worry about.

TRUTH: The Constitution matters. Laws matter. Anything and everything Maricopa County officials did outside laws on the books at the time of the election should make every single one of them worry about their future.

Trump-endorsed Constitutional attorney Matt DePerno said Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers is a big talker but she needs to do something and push the Senate to decertify the election IMMEDIATELY. She sent out a petition and got 1 MILLION signatures to decertify and the Senate has the power to do it. Why isn't she acting? Words are meaningless! Take action!

DePerno also confirmed that the Maricopa auditors DID CONCLUDE that my reporting was correct - they did say that the election should be decertified in their original report and that the results were unreliable - but they were threatened by the State Senate & their lawyers with lawsuits if they kept that in.

The Arizona audit isn't over yet. A full evaluation of the ballot paper as well as bleed-through and printer mis-calibration issues is expected in the coming weeks.

Ballot calibration was off by an average of 1000% leading to bleed-through, which can cause over-votes or inaccurate vote attribution. The County said they use thick VoteSecure paper, which should limit bleed-through. However, the auditors found a large number of ballots printed on very thin paper stock. The ballots that were printed "on-demand" at the voting centers on election day had the worst calibration issues. More than 168,000 ballots were affected by bad paper - alone! Machines REJECT ballots printed on bad paper.

Also, the Senate subpoena required Maricopa County to allow auditors access to the voter registration system. The County refused access to auditors.

In December 2020, a hack of the Arizona database was investigated by the FBI. Auditors requested access to the database to learn more about the intrusion but Maricopa County refused. Obstruction & cover up.

The new narrative is if you only want to count LEGAL votes - and not fake votes - you are a racist.

President Trump said there's only ONE reason he wouldn't run in 2024: "I guess a bad call from a doctor or something...things happen through God...but I feel so good and I hate what's happening to our country.”


Sidney Powell gave an interview which everybody should hear. It's about patents for vote switching (and rigging pre-determined elections) that have been active (at the DoD and Universities & funded by hedge funds) in the US since 2005. Listen - starts around the 5 minute mark.


Hmm. 50% of Atlanta's election staff were "sick with COVID" during the 2020 election and replaced with Dominion contractors. Got it? All part of the plan.

A prestigious medical journal calls women "bodies with vaginas." INSANE & SICK. That's what the Taliban calls women in Afghanistan!

Norway, Sweden & Denmark have removed all restrictions and re-classified Covid as "no more dangerous than the ordinary flu."

Looks like Durham's indictment of Sussmann WILL lead to other indictments & discoveries.

Just 46% of people who voted for Biden in 2020 would vote for him again according to LIBERAL pollster. Rigged elections have consequences.

Liberal Russell Brand said Democrats lied to the world about Trump - and he believed them - because he thought they were the party of "social justice." Now he knows better - it was all a political dirty trick.

“So…Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!”

270 'medical professionals' in France have been arrested for issuing fake Covid passports. Stop trusting Doctors & Nurses just because they wear a white smock.

Big Pharma will make BILLIONS off booster shots. The CEO of Pfizer hopes the "health experts" mandate booster shots for flu & Covid vaccines for all people. President Trump said boosters were a "money making" scam and will not get one.

A friend of mine in Minnesota, who has been doubly vaccinated for COVID and is immune compromised, had flu-like symptoms so she went to the doctor. She asked them to do a covid test, a strep test and a flu test. They did the covid test and the strep test and both were negative. Then they said "sorry we don't test for flu yet because it's too early." BS. It's not too early. They've already discovered swine flu all over America.

A Chinese defector claimed that the first COVID-19 outbreak was intentional and happened in October 2019 at the Military World Games in Wuhan. I believe that to be true. Were the Communists spraying disinfectant back then or were they spraying aerosolized COVID spikes? I think we now know the answer.

The New Yorker is literally calling for people to blow up pipelines in America while Biden green-lights pipelines in Russia for Putin. Terrorists.

Haitian migrants are discarding their ID cards at the US border because many of them were already given refugee status in other safe countries. They don't want to live in other countries. They want to live in America. I don't blame them but we can NOT support the world.

They're already finding swine flu in America. The CDC is predicting a brutal flu season this year yet we mysteriously had no flu last year? It just disappeared and it was all covid covid covid. The symptoms for swine flu and covid are EXACTLY the same. They test for one but not the other. The CDC is now admitting you can have both viruses at the same time and never know. They're even saying that swine flu was kept at bay last year because people wore masks. But covid must have broke through those masks. Are you getting it yet? Both viruses are the same size and they both penetrate masks equally.

Photos show rampant drug use in broad daylight among the homeless around New York City's Penn Station as crime spikes 41%. Streets are littered with used needles, broken glass, crack pipes, trash, urine, and feces. This is Biden's America. Democrat run cities are hell holes. Coming to a neighborhood near you.



NUNEZ: “We’ve made 14 criminal referrals to the DOJ. I expect every one of those to be looked in to... We’ve done our job, now we expect Durham to do his job, which I think he is doing...”

Liberal parenting. Sick. What toddler do you know that "comes out" at 4? I wanted to be Superman, wear a red cape and fly off tall buildings at 4. My parents said NO.

Millions of people, all over the world, are rising up against the New World Order & Covid tyranny.

What the GREAT RESET really means is the globalist banksters will transfer all of your money and property to themselves and RESET your bank account to ZERO. If you resist, you will be canceled.

Most wildfires are caused by paid arsonists. Mostly cartel. Why? For the climate change narrative & the ponzi insurance schemes. Stop buying the lies. They are even burning legal marijuana grows.

The "red flag" BS going around is fake news. Every year the Democrats make the same "staff error" in the bill - every year it's taken out. The Dems & Libertarians use it to bash Republicans. Like clockwork.


Michael Savage said many HONEST things in a recent podcast. He can be flaky and a Debby Downer - but he's a brilliant guy and this is a must read:

SAVAGE: "Everyone knows Biden is dispersing millions of illegal aliens throughout America — which is destroying the nation. We will never recover from this. Borders define a nation, language defines a nation, and culture defines a nation. They want to melt us down; they want to dissolve America into a part of the new world order. The media is complicit. This is one of the cruelest jokes being played on the American taxpayers, and it’s being done with the complicity of the Wolf Blitzers."

"The Biden criminal gang is not following any law, they’re just flooding the nation as quickly as they can to overwhelm the system and get as many illegal aliens into this nation as fast as possible. We keep hearing that 11 million illegals need to be normalized. That number has been used for 25 years. It's more like 60 million - and 30 million vote. The cost is overwhelming to our schools, to our hospitals, to our police. They lie and say they all come here to work. No, they do not."

"Democrats have been looting the nation for over a year. They had paid hooligans in the streets, most notably in Portland and in Seattle. They paid these hooligans: the Antifa barbarians, the BLM criminals. They're criminal organizations. They were paid for — lock, stock and barrel — behind the scenes. It's a war on America's middle class. It most visibly was seen with the tearing down of statues by Antifa and BLM and now they’re tearing the nation itself down where the enemy without has become the enemy within.”

"Where is the Republican leadership? When has Mitch McConnell last stood up and said something about all of this? The Republicans (Koch Libertarians) want the flood of illegal aliens because they have the same exact interests against the working middle-class Americans that the Democrats do. Mitch McConnell is exactly part of the problem, as are the fake conservatives in the media who are saying nothing about it other than ‘we have to be nice to the illegal aliens." Why not deport all of them? George Bush is part of the Bush dynasty and the Bush dynasty, as you well know, is an open borders internationalist dynasty. Bush tripled the national debt and was a fiscal socialist. the Republican corporate media is on the same side as the Liberal media."

“We’re living through an age of gilded speculation, not unlike the 1920s before the crash and they’re just keeping it going through sheer willpower and deceit. It will crash and when it crashes and everything falls down around all of us, who is going to pay for all of this? What is going to happen in this country when the country collapses? I don’t know what else to tell people other than they have to speak about it. They can’t just shrug and say, ‘I can’t do anything about it.' Everything begins with the people. I actually love this nation."

"Only “divine intervention” can prevent our demise. I don’t know how in the world it happened so fast other than the government media complex and purely evil forces of greed. We literally need a divine intervention to stop what’s happening. By the grace of God we shall survive.”

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