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Tierney's Real News (9/14/21)

What happened to the flu? Come on, people. These are REAL numbers from the CDC.

Hey folks. If we all get vaccinated, COVID will turn into the flu, which it was to begin with. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize they simply replaced the flu cases, hospitalizations and deaths with COVID and then scared the pants off you to comply -- so you'll agree to accept endless boosters & vaccine passports. The money is green and the sheep are willing.

Then they rigged the numbers and forced doctors & nurses to go along or they would lose their jobs and their licenses.

In 2019, when asked if "wearing masks" or "social distancing" are good ways to prevent getting an infectious disease, Fauci said NO - just eat right, don't smoke, don't drink, exercise and get good sleep. "The normal low-tech things are the best way to stay healthy."

In 2021, Fauci says get 4-5 booster shots, wear 2-3 masks, socially distance & you should be denied education, travel & healthcare unless you do all that.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Very early on I took therapeutics and I got better very quickly. I think I showed things [like HCQ & Regeneron & Ivermectin] to the country. The therapeutics that we have are incredible and for some reason the Biden administration is not talking about therapeutics."

As President Trump said, ONLY the elderly, the vulnerable and the front line workers should be vaccinated - and ONLY vaccinated once - NO boosters! Natural immunity & therapeutics are the best defense against respiratory viruses for children & healthy people!

As President Trump said, the boosters are simply a money making operation for Big Pharma. They do more harm than good and are being used as an excuse to keep the "unwanted" OUT of certain countries and out of certain venues. There is no billion dollar pot of gold in HCQ, Ivermectin and antivirals. Besides that, they have got to keep this scam going for the fear factor.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro told Pfizer that he is not going to mandate anything as long as Pfizer does not take responsibility for the possible long-term side effects.


Up to 80 per cent of people in wealthy countries are double-jabbed, but less than 0.1 per cent have received a vaccine in poorer countries. What a great excuse to keep the unvaccinated OUT of your country! Mandate that they must have 3-4-5 jabs in order to enter!

And yet, there is very little Covid in these poor unvaccinated nations - because they take HCQ and Ivermectin - like Dr. Zelenko & President Trump originally recommended.

Documents reveal that the COVID virus was found as early as August of 2019. That means we are heading into the third season of COVID. So why is Biden so anxious to give us a vaccine that is literally 3 years old for a virus that they say mutates every two months.

Ask yourself why they give us a new vaccine every year for the flu? Why don't they just give us the same one year after year? None of what they're doing makes sense. They know it and we know it. They're basically proving to the world that we can't vaccinate our way out of this and that we need to have antiviral treatments for colds and flu.

So far, The USPS, Congress, staff and families, The Federal court employees, The CDC, the White House, the NIH, FDA, do NOT require the Vaccine. Seems rather obvious what the Commies are doing.

The 1918 swine flu pandemic lasted eight months. They've already milked COVID for two years and want to drag it out through the 2024 election. But people are waking up. They realize there are more ways to treat COVID than with vaccine passports and booster shots every two months. So the elites are being forced to come up with therapeutic options. Watch.

UK HEALTH MINISTER: "I am not anticipating any more lockdowns. I just don't see how we get to another lockdown. What I can say (about vaccine passports) is that we've looked at it properly and whilst we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I am pleased to say we will not going be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports."

Health care workers at Kentucky’s Med Center in Bowling Green refused to comply with the vaccine mandate or turn in their resignation. Instead, two workers showed up and refused to leave until someone told them that they are fired. Good. Don't quit. Let them fire you!

There are so many problems with rolling out these vaccine mandates that I truly believe Biden has never intended for these to actually be put into place. To add to the stupidity of his vaccine mandates, Joe Biden has chosen OSHA for his enforcement agency.

OSHA is a small agency with only 1850 inspectors already overworked. There is no way they could effectively vaccine mandate enforcement.

His goal in making this announcement was to distract from Afghanistan and the coming audit results.

WHO declares the vaccine will NOT end the pandemic. Covid jabs will not end the pandemic and leaders should prepare to adjust their vaccine strategy to deal with the virus in the long-term, the World Health Organization's director for Europe has warned.

Lies - they are firing workers who work from home!


Last month, I asked my primary care physician how doctors in her office know when a patient has the Delta variant versus the original version of the man-made CCP virus? She explained that labs were not checking for specific variants and that they have no way of knowing.

“So, how do we know if the Delta variant is really responsible for the increase in cases in Michigan if they’re not testing for it?” I asked. She replied, “We’re just guessing that’s what it is because the Delta variant is so contagious.” So we’re just supposed to trust what the media and Dr. Fauci are telling us…right?

There is no medical or scientific reason for requiring a vaccination passport. For air travel or ANY OTHER KIND OF TRAVEL. Everybody already knows this. So why would they go ahead and TALK about doing it anyway?

Nitzan Horowitz, the Health Minister for Israel, caught on a hot mic, said there was NO "scientific" justification for a 3rd booster shot or a vaccine passport but they're literally doing it to keep Arabs out of Israel - who are unvaccinated!

Now they're pushing a 4th & a 5th booster shot - only to keep people OUT of Israel!

Israel is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world and it is reporting the highest coronavirus infection rate in the world. Portugal and Sweden recently banned all travelers from Israel including the fully vaccinated.

In other words, the vaccine does not stop infection or transmission and therefore the vaccine passport is completely meaningless. This is 100% an authoritarian pharma-fascist power grab and has nothing to do with stopping the spread of a coronavirus.

The data out of Israel shows that the third booster shot isn't working. Now they're talking about doing a fourth and fifth booster shot. In spite of the fact that natural immunity is 20 times stronger than vaccine immunity. Remember that Trump said the vaccine should be good for life and that the booster shots are simply a money-making operation for Big Pharma.

President Trump only thinks that the elderly, vulnerable, and healthcare provider should be vaccinated. ONE TIME. NOT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He does not believe children should be vaccinated. Nor does he believe that vaccines should be mandated. Everybody seems to forget these facts. Just because a person doesn't want to be jabbed every 3 months with boosters THAT DON'T WORK doesn't make them anti-vax. It makes them a thinking person.

WATCH: https://t.me/disclosetv/4664

Not only are the CDC, the NIH, WHO and FDA lying to the public, so are doctors and nurses. Why? For money and out of fear of losing their jobs and benefits. If you ever wondered what you would have done during the Holocaust - and told a lie that sent your family members to the chambers - now you know.

CBS: "We lost three thousand people on 9/11. We lose 3,000 every two days due to Covid." See the narrative? You're supposed to forget about 911 and replace it with January 6th, George Floyd and Covid. And then you're supposed to blame yourself. This is typical KGB propaganda.

The CDC was getting too many reports of breakthrough Covid cases with the vaccinated. So once again, they changed the rules and determined that from then on, ONLY those vaccinated who had been hospitalized or died would be reported. And they called everyone who was vaccinated - unvaccinated - until two weeks after they received their second shot!

Meanwhile, ALL COVID CASES of the unvaccinated would be reported.

If you really want to understand why over-vaccinating is bad, and how we've been lied to for years about HOW leaky vaccines work, listen to Dr. Christina Parks.


She explains it well. Start around the 20-minute mark.

Bill Gates is already plotting the next virus.

The Commies gathered in New York City around hundreds WITHOUT MASKS ON, before news media and cameras showed up - then they suddenly masked up. Their hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting and must be exposed! Rules for thee but NOT for me! They know that masks are dirty & dehumanizing and take them off as soon as they can - but they want YOUR kids to wear them 12 hours a day!

The "over-vaccinated" are actually MORE CONTAGIOUS and MORE likely to create and catch lethal strains...the truth is that healthy unvaccinated people need to stay away from "over-vaccinated" healthy people. "Over-vaccinated" healthy people - getting booster after booster after booster are the real super spreaders. They have no symptoms but carry HUGE viral loads & spike proteins in their noses & throats!

TRUMP: "Giving children the COVID vaccine has got to stop."

Ron DeSantis: "We are fighting back against the Biden mandate... Nobody should lose their job over this issue. If a government agency in the state of Florida forces a vaccine as a condition to employment, that violates Florida law and you will face a $5,000 fine for every single violation."

The swine flu under Obama killed many children but nobody masked them up or shut down schools. Ask yourself why.

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