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Tierney's Real News (9/10/21)

Ahead of the 20th Anniversary of September 11th, President Trump released this speech: "You Will Never Be Forgotten."


Meanwhile, Biden plans NOT to do a live speech to the American people on 9/11 and instead will let the Taliban & the Brotherhood & the Communists celebrate 9/11 and "victory over America" with a parade & festivities using American planes, American tanks, America helicopters, equipment, ammunition and weaponry.

Both Trump & Rudy were on the ground during 9/11 helping survivors and their loved ones. Where was Biden? In his basement doing unseemly things with his son? The Communists & the Brotherhood must have something REALLY REALLY bad on Biden, or his family, for him to sell out America.

WENDY ROGERS: "Our petition to decertify the election in Arizona is at 800,000 now. You all are amazing. Let's keep it going. Go to my website to sign."


Biden scolded the American people and told them he was "losing patience" and did that creepy whispering thing again and said: "GET VACCINATED" or else! He said America was worse off than a year ago!

Last year, no one was vaccinated. This year, 80% or so are vaccinated. But Biden says we're worse today than we were last year and it's somehow the fault of the un-vaccinated. Got it? Do the math. He's lying! He basically said the vaccine doesn't protect the vaccinated! Then what's the point of the vaccine????

Every year 659,041 people die from heart disease in the US. We need to shut everything down, restrict people's access to unhealthy foods that may contribute to heart disease, and put everyone on heart medication (especially children.) Isn't that the KIND thing to do!

Hmm. The Post Office is exempt from Biden’s vaccine & testing mandate but UPS, FedEx, and DHL are not? Illegal aliens are also exempt. Can someone explain the "science" behind that discrepancy? Is it because the Post Office helped Biden's cheat-by-mail scheme in 2020 and he needs them again to cheat in 2022 & 2024? Is it because Biden needs illegal aliens to appease his Koch Libertarian donors for cheap labor?

The Kochs & the Chamber of Commerce LOVE open borders & illegal aliens! That's how they get cheap labor! Then they make the American taxpayer subsidize the cost of their employee healthcare, daycare, foodstamps and housing! Corporate welfare scammers!

BTW, Biden is using some "temporary" BS OSHA rule to justify a "permanent" vaccine mandate. And he is allowing White House employees to claim an exemption while telling the rest of us we can not. ILLEGAL. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. INSANE.

Like President Trump said, the Post Office simply DUMPED hundreds of thousands of ballots - likely from RED districts. The canvas in Arizona seemed to confirm that - where 34% of the votes disappeared!

Not only is Biden mandating vaccines & tests or you will lose your job, he wants the IRS to be able to monitor every transaction in your bank account! The Biden administration is attempting to empower the IRS to monitor every single withdrawal, deposit, and transaction you make from your personal banking accounts, PayPal, Venmo, etc. Separately, he wants to force vax you.

Everything they lied and said Trump was— Biden is.

They keep forgetting that the vaccinated have higher viral loads in their nasal passages and spread it to the unvaccinated. It's not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It's a pandemic of the vaccinated. Communists always reverse the narrative. Every time they give you a booster shot, they increase your spikes, your viral load and your ability to transmit it.

The BEST option for every person, other than the elderly & vulnerable, is to be exposed and gain T-cell natural immunity. But they refuse to test for that! Like Trump said - the booster shots are a money making scam! The first SHOT is supposed to be good for life! Natural immunity is good for life!

We are in the world's most giant game of chicken.

What do you think would happen if the federal government lost millions of employees in a single day?

What happens when businesses stand together and collectively tell these tyrants to kick rocks?

What happens if all the parents pull their children out of the corrupt school system trying to harm them?

What happens when THE PEOPLE stand united?

I know it's scary, but remember you ARE the majority. You've been tricked into thinking you're an outsider because they own the media, they own big tech, and they rig the elections.

We are so close, don't give in now!

They are trying to divide us by vaccinated and unvaccinated, by race, by religion, anyway they can because together we are unstoppable and they know it.

DONALD TRUMP JR: "Joe Biden is over-performing. I thought it would take him years to destroy America ... and he has been able to do it in a mere few months."

LINDELL: "MyPillow will not comply with vaccine mandates. I will lose my company standing up for the constitution. Who decided 100 people? Why not 50? Why not 200? There's 80 MILLION people not vaccinated? How did they get that number. It's fake. It just happens to be the number of Trump voters. There's probably 200 MILLION people not vaccinated. They'll never tell us the truth. I don't know one Christian who took the vaccine. If you want to take it - fine - take it. But don't tell me what to do. If the vaccine protects you - why do you care what I do?"

Denmark hit 80% vaccination and they are lifting restrictions. Biden is upping them!

Biden threatened Republican governors to follow his rules or, “I will use my power to get them out of the way.”

They're trying to justify forced vaccinations by comparing COVID (with a 99.98% survival rate) with small pox.

Biden's son escapes every consequence due to his father! Mob family!

President Trump basically confirmed that Biden is bringing in fighting age men from the Taliban & prisons all over the world to take over America. This is no longer a conspiracy.

Russia announced that they will not participate in the Taliban government announcement on 9/11. Interesting.

Attempting to paint black Republican Larry Elder as a violent white supremacist is beyond low.

Teacher who called student a piece of s*** for not wearing a mask correctly resigns afters backlash.

Producer prices surge 8.3% annually, fifth straight record gain. Current job openings have hit 10.934 million. This is a record high for a fifth straight month. Economists are saying that unemployment may not return to Trump level lows. This is Joe Biden's economy. 94% of manufacturers said that Joe Biden's tax hikes would harm their businesses. We need President Trump back!

Mandating vaccines for minorities, while giving illegal immigrants a pass, bringing in foreign workers to take jobs away from low-income Americans, skyrocketing housing inflation for first-time home buyers and rising food prices and gas prices and energy costs and rent prices all hit the urban minority and middle class communities the hardest.

Not to mention a Planned Parenthood on every corner so they can abort themselves and removing the police so that gangs can murder themselves and destroy the communities they live in. This is just another way for the Democrats to abuse the very people they claim to care about. Even the former Surgeon General has figured it out.

Pfizer now wants to jab every child over 5. Remember in the beginning they said elderly & vulnerable only? Kids were not a target? Give Communists an inch & they take your country.

This is how Commies take over. We are at step 6.

On December 4, 2020, Biden said vaccinations should never be mandatory. He lied.

"No, I don’t think vaccines should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory...”


China’s mouthpiece Global Times labeled George Soros a “global economic terrorist.” Remember when Soros tried to take down Russia & Putin banned him? Now Putin said he will not honor the Taliban with his presence. Something is going on behind the scenes.

Rand Paul looking at the guns that Biden wants to confiscate.

Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve

Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines can incite changes that enable diseases to escape their control.

A vaccine is a novel selection pressure placed on a pathogen, and if the vaccine does not eradicate its target completely, then the remaining pathogens with the greatest fitness — those able to survive, somehow, in an immunized world — will become more common.

One can think about vaccination as a kind of sieve, argues Troy Day, a mathematical evolutionary biologist at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

This sieve prevents many pathogens from passing through and surviving, but if a few squeeze by, those in that nonrandom sample will preferentially survive, replicate and ultimately shift the composition of the pathogen population.

The ones squeezing through might be escape mutants with genetic differences that allow them to shrug off or hide from vaccine-primed antibodies.

Most of the vaccines we get in childhood prevent pathogens from replicating inside us and thereby also prevent us from transmitting the infections to others.

But scientists have so far been unable to make these kinds of sterilizing vaccines for complicated pathogens like HIV, anthrax and malaria.

To conquer these diseases, some researchers have been developing immunizations that prevent disease without actually preventing infections — what are called “leaky” vaccines. And these new vaccines may incite a different, and potentially scarier, kind of microbial evolution.

The problem with leaky vaccines, Read says, is that they enable pathogens to replicate unchecked while also protecting hosts from illness and death, thereby removing the costs associated with increased virulence.

Over time, then, in a world of leaky vaccinations, a pathogen might evolve to become deadlier to unvaccinated hosts because it can reap the benefits of virulence without the costs — much as Marek’s disease has slowly become more lethal to unvaccinated chickens.

This virulence can also cause the vaccine to start failing by causing illness in vaccinated hosts.


The Biden regime has seen the data out of Israel. They need an excuse for when things don't work, "the science" keeps missing, & promises fail to deliver. The "unvaccinated" are the ultimate scapegoat. Winter is going to be a PR mess for them & they're trying to get ahead to it.

Now you know where fence-rider O'Reilly stands.

In the history of global pandemics, COVID is a fly on the wall. It's NOTHING. They are using this "cold virus" to take everything. STOP COMPLYING WITH SATAN. God gave you a brain. Use it!

WSJ: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs a bill aiming to allow residents to sue social-media companies if content or accounts are banned.

Fake news media ran with reports that the Biden regime killed “two top ISIS-K commanders” in drone strikes. Two days went by & the Biden regime refused to release the names of the commanders. Why? Because they didn’t actually kill ISIS commanders. They killed innocent kids.

CLUB OF ROME: "The real enemy is humanity itself. We came up with the idea that pollution, global warming, famine and the like could be used to market unpopular policies and control behavior."

The Club of Rome, the WEF and the Great Reset crowd basically want to barcode every person on the planet in a way that it can be remotely read and controlled and used to switch us on and off. Their goal is to eliminate 90% of humanity and create an "immortal" 10% from themselves.

The Club of Rome and the WEF

The most influential group that spurred the creation of Klaus Schwab’s WEF was the Club of Rome, an influential think tank of the scientific and monied elite that promotes a one world order, global governance model led by a technocratic elite. The Club had been founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King during a private meeting at a residence owned by the Rockefeller family in Bellagio, Italy.

The Club of Rome was long controversial for its obsession with reducing the global population and many of its earlier policies, which critics described as influenced by eugenics and neo-Malthusian. However, in the Club’s infamous 1991 Book, The First Global Revolution, it was argued that such policies could gain popular support if the masses were able to link them with an existential fight against a common enemy.

To that effect, The First Global Revolution contains a passage entitled “The common enemy of humanity is Man”, which states the following:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

In the years since, the elite that populate the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum have frequently argued that population control methods are essential to protecting the environment. It is thus unsurprising that the World Economic Forum would similarly use the issues of climate and environment as a way to market otherwise unpopular policies, such as those of the Great Reset, as necessary.




PRESIDENT TRUMP: "What has happened to our country in the last eight months is not even imaginable. With inflation raging, with gasoline at $1.87 and now it's over $5, with the border at a level that nobody has ever imagined it, millions of people have already poured through our border, and these are people from jails, prisoners, we have people coming into our country that we don’t want. And the biggest embarrassment of all, the only thing good about the border, because, frankly, this makes the border look competent; the border is totally incompetent. I don’t believe they’re doing it on purpose, I just believe they’re incompetent -- I really do believe -- because they cheat in elections; they don’t need these people to vote.

"The fact is that the Afghanistan situation -- taking the military out, having the Taliban move in, then we rely on the Taliban. We give them lists of people, of Americans, we gave them lists of all the Americans and all of the people that helped us. We gave those lists to the Taliban, so now they can just knock on doors and say, 'You’re on the list.'

"It is the most incompetently handled, and then, on top of everything else, to give them the best military equipment in the world, the best in the world: the night goggles. You see, now they’re fighting at night, they hated to fight at night because they didn’t have the technology or the goggles. But now they’re fighting at night. They’re fighting your area that they have not been able to take over; I understand that area is practically done. How could they fight Panjshir, how could they fight when they don’t have this kind of equipment?

"So they use the American equipment to wipe out, probably wipe out, you know, it’s being reported they’re still sort of fighting, but they don’t have a chance. And they’re fighting at night with our goggles, where they can see perfectly.

"It is the most incompetently handled thing, and all over the world, we are being scorned, we are being laughed at by -- could you imagine Putin, President Xi of China, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, you take a look at Merkel of Germany, and all of the people; they’re at the top of their game."

GENERAL FLYNN: The NEA (National Education Association) teacher’s Union is hell ben to impose Communism & Marxism on our children, and has been for decades on changing the very culture of American society by influencing what our children receive in the classrooms we pay for. Along with standing up against this Union, I would eliminate the department of education (completely)…it is a barren wasteland of resources enabling the theft of the American way of life and the American dream, essentially the very future of our children (and we are way behind the power curve but this is a problem that is solvable). Get Involved!!!

35-year-old Alexander Soros doesn’t need to wear a mask around 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi and 91-year-old George Soros but your child has to wear one in his classroom.

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