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Tierney's Real News (8/31/21)

President Trump gave three interviews to OANN, Seb Gorka & Todd Starnes. Here are some key points. BTW, the quotes aren't exact - but close:

"The US has totally lost control in Afghanistan under Biden. Biden took out the military & the equipment before he took out the people. They're bombing - they're sending rockets. They're killing lots of people. More than 200 killed. At least 13 Marines & Navy and many badly wounded. This is the greatest humiliation in history to our country. A psychological humiliation and a military humiliation. I think the Afghanistan withdrawal was so bad that Democrats will never come back politically."

"Not one soldier was killed for 18 months under me. They understood that if they killed any American PERIOD we go after them like they've never been hit before. I told the Taliban leader you'll be hit harder than anyone has ever been met with force before. You play games and we'll blow you up. We'll start with your house."

"We shouldn't have been there in the first place. Over $2 TRILLION spent. I wanted to get out. We were there for 21 years. We were fighting it like police."

"The Biden administration is weak & stupid. Our biggest condition to the Taliban was you NEVER touch our soldiers or our civilians and you NEVER come to our homeland. Biden let them do both."

"There was NO date for withdrawal. It was conditioned based. They weren't meeting conditions. I had no intention of rushing even though there was a "date." Biden left all the equipment. Russia & China are taking it all apart and stealing our intelligence."

"They have no idea how many Americans they left behind. They gave the Taliban a list of every American in Afghanistan and the Afghans who worked for us. It's a death sentence. We should find out who did that."

"We should get our equipment out. It's so advanced. We paid for it. We should demand it back or go get it or blow the hell out of it. I told Milley we were taking all our equipment out. He said "Sir, it's cheaper to leave it!"

"The military sent out those letters about equality. So if a General walks up to a private and starts chewing him out - is that OK? In the woke military, it's not. Everybody is equal? It's crazy. All this "woke" stuff. I cancelled all of it. I fired people who were being paid $500,000 a year to teach cancel culture. I got rid of it and they went back."

"At my last rally in Alabama, we had 68,000 people. In the rain. We turned away 40,000. They're more excited now than they were before the election. They're angry but they're excited."

"28 nations in NATO - and 20 rip us off. For 18 years they have been delinquent. 8 nations pay - 20 nations don't pay their fair share. Including nations like Germany. I told them to pay or we don't protect them anymore. I took in $430 BILLION from NATO. They respected us. They don't respect us anymore."

"The Taliban is very smart. The Middle Eastern people are very smart. They've been fighting for their whole lives. They took all this equipment and American lives & treasure. What did we get? We got humiliated."

"There was one woman who was screaming Biden killed her son. She said it was a rigged election that killed her son and took away our President. The media took that part out. I apologize to those parents for the Biden administration. It's a disaster what they've done. This should never have happened. This should never have happened."

"We were going to take our people, our equipment, our military and blow every thing else up - except Bagram Air Force Base which we were going to keep because it's in a strategic place between China, Russia & Iran - it's an important location in the region. Biden gave it up in one night! I dealt from strength. Biden dealt from weakness."

"If Democrats were as good at fighting wars as they are at rigging elections and stealing elections - we would have no enemies. They cheat at elections. That's their focus. And we caught them. We just found 43,000 more votes in Georgia."

"I don't think they have some big plan. I think it's incompetence. They don't need to destroy our country. They cheat at elections. That's what they do."

"We don't have a border anymore. Our country won't survive this. They're coming from Yemen. They're coming from the Middle East. MS-13 gang members from Central America. They're coming from very sick countries - mean, nasty. These people aren't going to be helpful to us - many are criminals. Central America is emptying their jails into our country - Biden is letting them do it."

"I built almost 500 miles of wall. 2.5 years of litigation. Two months from completion. Biden won't finish it. Now contractors are suing America for more money than we would have paid them to finish the wall because Biden won't finish it and pay them. Biden is paying MILLIONS of dollars NOT to finish the wall."

"The President of Mexico gave us 28,000 soldiers to protect the border so I wouldn't tariff their cars. Now Biden is just letting people cross. Our border is wide open. Another 9/11 style event is going to happen. All those "refugees" which are infiltrated with terrorists will be dropped off in America. We're like the lap dog for the world."

"Merkel is very smart. But we had 52,000 troops to protect Germany from Russia and then Merkel makes a deal with Russia to build a pipeline to supply them energy. So I said to Merkel why are we protecting you from Russia while you make deals with Russia for energy? I killed the pipeline. Now Biden approved it."

"I call President Xi the KING - because he's a President for life. I made an incredible trade deal with China to help the American farmers. But you know, once COVID came out of the Wuhan lab in China, our relationship changed. They took me off Twitter for saying the virus came out of the Wuhan lab - it turned out to be true. The media protects China - they make a lot of money off China."

"People feel differently about vaccines. I think mandates are terrible. I think giving it to young kids are terrible. I think we did a great job on the China virus - except for public relations."

"The media is fake. The media is evil & corrupt. They don't report the truth. If somebody is dying of a heart attack, or dying of cancer, or terminal with some other illness - they put it down as COVID because they get more money for that. We all know that."

"The lock down states have done worse than those who did not lock down. I am extremely proud of what I've done. I got the the FDA to do something in 9 months that would have taken 5 years or more - if ever. At the same time, I believe in freedom of choice. You can't force people to do it. People don't trust Biden - that's why they're not getting it. Without the vaccine, I think we would have had another Spanish flu - killed 100 MILLION people worldwide. There are many people who don't want it and I don't think we should be forcing them to have it."

"Biden got the vaccine on December 11th - before he took office. He tried to take credit for it. They paused Johnson & Johnson and they don't do as well with Government. Like Pfizer does. [Meaning Pfizer is better at bribing Biden.] The press knew the vaccine was done before the election but they hid it until after the election."

"I stopped China from coming in. I stopped Europe from coming in. I probably saved millions of lives by doing that. They called me a racist & a xenophobe."

"Obama started the movement to hate America. I turned it around. People were calling me and wanting to come together. Then the plague came in."

"It's not just the gasoline prices that are rising. Energy is rising. Food prices are doubling, tripling. Inflation is the biggest tax increase you can get. Biden is putting all the regulations back in - that's causing massive price increases as well. We can't compete with other countries when we are so over-regulated. I got rid of so many regulations - cutting regulations is even more important than tax cuts."

"I think they're doing a lot of things to appease the radical left - the Communists. They're using "environmentalism" to destroy our country. Take a look a Palm Springs. It's a windmill junk yard - they're all made in Germany & China. We have natural gas in America - it costs us nothing. It's powerful."

"Look at these solar farms. It's expensive & wasteful. We have to buy the panels from China. China builds a dirty coal plant every week and we subsidize them! We're not the polluters. Asia is. China, India & Japan are! It lands on the beaches of Los Angeles! Nobody says a word. [30% of the pollution in California comes from China] Then we're supposed to sign the Paris Climate Accord allowing this to happen to destroy our country! They use the ocean and our country as their garbage can."

"AOC basically designed the Green New Deal. They want buildings with no windows in Central Park. They were going to get rid of all cattle & cows. I guess people will be next. AOC wants to run for the Senate from New York, and she'd win. Schumer doesn't want that to happen so he's doing what she wants. It'll probably happen anyway. The middle of the road Democrats are conceding to the Communists."

"Guys like Romney or little Ben Sasse are RINOs. If Romney ran right now he couldn't win dog catcher."

"Lindsey Graham & Ted Cruz came to me and asked me to endorse Sasse in Nebraska. I gave him an endorsement which I shouldn't have done. He's stupid. Right after he won, he started hitting me because I went after Germany for screwing us. China's bad - but the EU treats us almost as bad."

"My goal is America first. We used to be smart. We had very little income tax & huge tariffs. Now we allow other countries to rip us off and tariff us but we're supposed to just take it."

"A term limit is an election. The reason these guys stay in office so long is they cheat & control the media. It's very artificial."

"The media protect Biden. It's obscene. When he fell up the stairs three times it was never reported. If that happened to me it would be on a 24 hour loop. Ultimately the people get it. I got 75 million plus votes with the media against me and the vicious Democrats & Communists impeach me twice."

"There's no way Biden got 81 million votes. He couldn't even fill those circles at his rallies. I'm upset that Fox called Arizona early for Biden. What did they know that they did that?"

"We knocked out 100% of the ISIS caliphate. We took out Baghdadi. As I predicted the Afghan army would stop fighting the minute we left because the American taxpayers have been paying them lots of money. The Afghan army was the highest paid army in the world."

"We would going to take out the Americans and the people who have helped us - first - then were were going to take all our military equipment - down to the nails and screws and bolts - and then we would take out the soldiers last and then blow up the bases - except for Bagram which we were going to keep."

"We're becoming a Communist state. This is like a Communist country that's being run...what's happening to our Country is happening at a level we've never seen before."

"And then we had a Rigged Election...it was stolen, it was corrupt, the most we've ever seen in the history of our Country...as soon as they took over they destroyed it."

"Ghani had Congress wrapped around his finger. He was the first one out the door & took plenty of cash."

"My message is. Keep the faith. Keep praying. Keep working. Don't give up. Don't ever give up. We're going to bring our country back. We made America great. We're going to make it great again. Keep your spirit going. The spirit is greater than I've ever seen it. We will end up doing incredible things in the not too distant future."

"We have rallies planned for Iowa & Georgia. Our country can't go on like this. The Democrats are Communists."

"They are taking terrorists out of Afghanistan, emptying their prisons and dropping them in our country. We're going to have several more 9/11s."

"None of this would have happened if we didn't have a rigged election. Kim Jong Un is starting with the nuclear testing again - he sees how stupid Biden is."

"We need a real leader (not McConnell) - they have to use the debt ceiling to negotiate. McConnell raises money and gives it out to Senators to do his bidding. All he does is bribe people to be with him."

"We can't wait 3.5 years. We're not going to have a country left if we have to keep the people in office, who cheated, for another 3.5 years. We have all this incredible evidence of a rigged election. We caught them cheating already. If you catch the robber, you have to give the diamonds back."

"They cheated. Massive fraud. It's all going to come out in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. They used Covid to cheat. 43,000 ballots just found in Georgia. Arizona deserves a major medal for leading the way. Results coming soon. Watch California. They've been cheating for years. But not like this. Now the people are even printing their own ballots! They're using every trick in the book. Now they're talking about the Hurricane to try to divert attention from Afghanistan and the audits."

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