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Tierney's Real News (8/29/21)

A boy played Taps to honor our fallen soldiers.

Listen: https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1431737632069931008?s=20

The 14th murdered soldier. RIP young man. Many Americans gave their lives to imprison the terrorists that Biden let out of jail - so they could come back and kill more Americans like David.

Remember what Archbishop Vigano wrote to President Trump in mid-2020? Everything he wrote has come true - if you're wondering about the TRUE purpose of the GREAT RESET.

President Trump KNEW their plans and everything he has done is designed to stand in the way of the atheist & Satanic New World Order. Vigano knew that Biden would be BLACKMAILED into submission:


Those who voted for Biden and ignored massive election fraud are experiencing great regret.

Millions of people in America, and around the world, are awake and rising up against the globalist bankster elites who wish to enslave us all. The Great Reset has become The Great Setback. The peasants are refusing to comply.

Students on campus are learning they've been lied to - and are joining the resistance against the Communist invasion.

MILES GUO: "The world is under the control of only a handful of people, who are going to use the COVID virus and vaccines to eliminate vulnerable and elderly people and to renege on the debts they owe the pension funds around the world. A handful of people controlling the sperm banks, gene banks, and most of the wealth wish to “cleanse” humanity and rule by nanotechnologies and live sciences." I trust Miles, he's a brilliant defector from Communist China & aligned with Bannon & Giuliani.

I bet this story is going to be huge. Sky News and Sharri Markson and are doing a expose on the origins of Covid after interviewing President Trump, former DNI Ratcliffe, other world leaders and whistleblowers out of Wuhan. It's set to be released in September. No wonder Biden and his fake intelligence Community had to come up with a report that said we don't know where it came from.


1) No, audits are not underwater. There are people spreading misinformation on various platforms. Different people have different ideas as to how to proceed. That is normal.

2) No, there is nothing “out” about Maricopa. They are as sound on NDAs as it gets.

3) No, there is nothing to “read in to” about anything from Wendy Rogers lately.

4) No, I don’t know exactly when the Maricopa report is out. But it is a forensic audit of 2.1mm ballots. I’d be more concerned if they turned the report out in 2 days, rather than taking a long time to document what was found. The answer is very soon.

5) No, I don’t know why there are personality conflicts and disagreements made public. This is why I don’t engage in them.

6) No, it’s not easy to wait. We wish things moved faster. Welcome to the harsh reality of life in a bureaucracy.

Fear of what will come out from the audits is why Pelosi is trying to get phone records from anyone involved:

Vernon Jones is running for Governor of Georgia & has been endorsed by Michael Flynn.

Right on cue, following the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the American media is promoting headscarves for women. Sorry, ladies, it's NOT just a mask! It's part of a plan to cover & enslave ALL women!


The fake news refused to tell the story of this black mother of three who was attacked by ANTIFA-BLM while worshipping with her kids at a Christian event.

So she crashed a press conference and made them all listen. Don't mess with a momma bear.


This teacher took down the American flag and showed off all the pride flags in her classroom and told her students: “I pledge allegiance to the queers.” This is PRIDE.


Kamala decided a photo op with Ho Chi Minh was a good idea as our soldiers were being slaughtered by his Communist proxies in Afghanistan.

Landlords are living on the street due to Biden's rent moratorium policies - Biden only wants people to rent from the Government! That way they can be easily controlled!

Obviously, yes it has.

Now you know why the FDA approves whatever Big Pharma tells them to approve. President Trump said the FDA is literally owned by Pfizer.

First it was two shots. Then it was a booster 12 months later. Then a booster 8 months later. Now it's a booster every 5 months. Soon - they will want to inject you everyday before you leave home. Not kidding.

So, the CDC is not only in charge of lockdowns, quarantines, forced testing & injections, they're also planning to confiscate our weapons & instruct us to mask up and vaccinate before a hurricane to protect "our health."

Sorry, but the timing & strength of this latest hurricane is no coincidence. It was enhanced for maximum destruction. Another distraction. And, before you tell me they can't rig hurricanes, may I remind you that the US military has been working on that since 1946! They most certainly can. And DO!

The US has openly admitted that they have been trying to manipulate hurricanes for 75 years! They have spent billions of dollars since 1946 trying to stop or divert or increase the power of hurricanes. Yet today, they say" oh no we're not doing that anymore." Really? They spent fifty years trying to perfect something and then suddenly gave up? The very fact that the climate propagandists are so eagerly pushing the fact that we don't do it anymore, it's proof that they are doing it. It's a perfect false flag for the climate change clowns!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers slammed Biden for killing our soldiers.

Team Biden is actively standing in the way of others trying to help evacuate Americans.

Remember when Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell & Biden sent 26,000 troops to DC to protect them from Trump supporters? Then they left thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan and said "sorry" - can't protect you?

84% of Americans believe U.S. troops should remain in Afghanistan until ALL Americans are evacuated, per a new ABC News/Ipsos poll. This is exactly what President Trump said America should do. Biden did the opposite.

Chase Bank, the company who hates white people, canceled its credit card accounts with General Flynn citing possible “reputational risk” to their company. This is just the beginning. Soon, banks won't let you have access to your OWN money unless you do what they say.

RINO Romney said that forced vaccinations are just fine with him. "People say, 'I want my liberty.' Well, your liberty affects my health."

If you promote that new study proving that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity - Twitter blocks replies.

In 2017, President Trump warned that a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan would empower Islamic terrorists & harm America.

Biden is now bombing neighborhoods in Kabul, with drones, allegedly going after ISIS-K terrorists. Hmm. He's killing women & children trying to prove he's doing something. How can the US military kill a terrorist with a precision strike but NOT be able to stop a suicide bomber strapped with 25 pounds of explosives from walking into the Kabul airport & blowing up 14 US solders & hundreds of others. Whatever BS he pulls - don't buy it!

Bagram was the only Air Force Base in the world that the United States had sandwiched between China, Russia and Iran and the US spent a trillion dollars on it. It's also only a few hundred miles from where the Muslim Uighurs live in China.

India is feeling even more isolated because China is aligned with Pakistan on their border. China is telling Taiwan they will invade and Russia is telling Ukraine the same thing and that you better give up because America won't stand with you. It was the decision of Obama to close down Bagram. It will help China & Russia take down India and control Eurasia.

They're saying that Biden overruled military advice, but Milley stated many times that Biden made the correct decision closing Bagram. He said the exact opposite when he worked with Trump. According to Kash Patel.

Erdogan is working with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Erdogan is Ilhan Omar's handler. Got it?

Biden went to meet privately with the families of the soldiers he murdered. Wearing black masks.

Then he checked his watch.

Biden can't guarantee Americans will get home but he's flown out 100 terrorists on the watch list.

In Greece, you even need a vaccine passport to pump gas!

TORBA: The Enemy wants us shell shocked with information overload which leads to option paralysis and fear.

When people are in a state of fear coupled with option paralysis they are very susceptible to manipulation and easy to control.

We don’t need to wear masks. Now we do. Now we need two of them. Now we don’t need them anymore. Now we need them again.

It’s exhausting and impossible to keep up with by design. It’s meant to drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you submit to their control.

All the while, those of us who are actually seeking and pointing out Truth are labeled “misinformation” and silenced.

Do not comply. Do not give the Enemy one inch. Stand your ground. Hold the line.

Fauci wants to lock us down & mandate vaccine passports. Putin is promising no vaccine mandates. Ask yourself what's really going on.

Australia really is forming quarantine camps along with trains & airports where they will send people who refuse to vaccinate. It's not a conspiracy theory.

Coming soon to a street corner near you. Humanoid nurse robots ready to administer your daily injections and check your vaccination ID passports.

Dr. Christina Parks says that vaccine mandates do not make sense because the vaccine does not work against the delta variant.

With delta being the predominant variant around the world, these vaccines have no ability to prevent infection or transmission of the delta variant.

"My main complaint is with our health agencies and the CDC who basically know better and are misleading the public.

As an African American and a PhD, I want to ask each of you, are we going to exclude 70% of African American people from the work force and education? Are we going to continue with discrimination and segregation in the United States of America?"


Oliver North said that Pakistan, China, Taliban, Isis, Al-Qaeda are all working together. And that BIden is likely being blackmailed. We the people already know this but it's good to hear somebody say it out loud on Fox News.

A Canadian asked Justice Trudeau to take a selfie with him and then called him a "Communist F***!"

Remember how the Taliban makes money in Afghanistan. Poppy fields & opium. Money is laundered all over the world.

All Biden was worried about was getting out terrorists so he could sneak them into America among refugees so we could have another 9/11. I guarantee it.

Biden has been behind the GREAT RESET crowd his entire career. He loves forever wars.

SUNDANCE: Originally the plan of the Taliban was to have Turkey send the people they need to run the airport in Kabul. However, Turkish President Recep Erdogan told the Taliban he would willingly run the airport for them, but his 600 troops would need to remain as part of the airport security detachment.

The Taliban said no, the Turkish military needed to leave along with all the NTO troops. As a consequence Turkey said until you change your mind, run your own airport. Plan number two is the Taliban calling on their second ally in the region, Qatar.

Now, remember, Qatar is home-base for the Muslim Brotherhood. Both Qatar and Turkey are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (Barack Obama supports them also). The Brotherhood is the political operation of al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS, ISIS-K and the Taliban.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the covering fabric, and the various Islamic extremist groups are the splines of the extremist umbrella. Now the Taliban have asked Qatar to run the airport.

Catherine Austin Fitts, a woman who correctly predicted the details of the great reset as a tool to confiscate all of our assets and exterminate us, said she sees the end of it like the story of Gideon. Where God instructs Gideon to March forth with his small but faithful army, and the evil doers end up killing themselves.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week wrote to the Biden administration, asking it to stop resettling illegal immigrants in the state of Florida -- and to either deport them, or send them to a state that supports the ‘flouting of our immigration laws.’

I rarely watch TV anymore, but this morning I saw ads from Big Pharma for drugs to treat nasal polyps, schizophrenia, lupus, emphysema. Not exactly illnesses that affect the mainstream. So why all the big Pharma ads? To control the media.

They called this a conspiracy theory too. Turns out the Havana Syndrome is very real - likely another terrorist weapon caused by a mechanical device that emits ultrasonic or microwave energy.

There's progress on President Trump's lawsuit against social media and Big Tech.

The US Capitol police is spinning Ashli Babbit's death - to avoid paying out in civil suits - after Office Byrd admitted on camera that he NEVER saw her hands and suspected she had a weapon but shot into the crowd anyway.

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