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MAGA candidates ran the table in the primaries & voters flooded the polls so RINOS couldn't cheat!

Finally - Kari Lake was declared the winner in the Arizona primary race for Governor after Maricopa County ran out of time to steal the election!

The corrupt officials in Maricopa County finally coughed up more ballots. They had too many eyes on them to steal it! MAGA!

UPDATE: Mike Lindell just posted this on Telegram:


The polls have been closed for 28 hours at the time I’m writing this. Maricopa County officials said they would have results by 7:00PM MST. Now they are saying they will have the results tomorrow. They’ve stopped counting twice now…

Big outlets still refuse to call the race for Kari Lake. The only possible reason for this magnitude of a delay could be attempts at fraud. There is ZERO excuse for the results to take this long. They are stalling. Trying to figure out how they are going to “find” enough ballots for Karrin Robson.

How do I know they are stalling? The numbers don’t lie.

Robson needs to make up 12,000 votes in the final approximate 146,000 total votes remaining from Arizona, 76,000 of which are in Maricopa. Meaning Robson would need to secure approximately 55% of the total remaining votes in Arizona in order to barely win.

Thus far Robson has only secured 44.4% of the total State vote, and that's including the inflated rate from mail-in ballots (fraud). The day-of voters were voting heavily for Lake (70/30). Meaning the margin is only going to widen in favor of Lake. Robson has no mathematical path to victory.

This is also a Primary, so the results are not going to be as polarized as if this were a race vs a Democrat. It’s not like Maricopa is going to pump out 70% in favor of Robson, she’s still a Republican and these are only registered GOP and Independents voting. It’s going to reflect closely to that of the rest of the State, which has been in favor of Lake.

Mathematically, Kari Lake cannot lose. That is, unless Maricopa county “finds” 20k extra votes for Robson somewhere. But Maricopa find themselves in an quite the predicament. They are under the microscope. They are the epicenter of voter fraud from 2020. They are being closely observed. They aren’t going to be able to get away with sneaking in this many ballots THIS late in the game. They are too late.

But if they don’t stop Lake from winning the Primary, given the GOP turnout, she will in all likelihood win the General Election as well. And Lake has promised to take swift and decisive action against the voter fraud in Maricopa and Arizona as a whole. The entities responsible for counting the votes can’t let Lake win or they are screwed anyways.

And oddly enough, the DNC candidate who will meet Lake in the General Election, Katie Hobbs, is the current Arizona Secretary of State, who OVERSEES STATE ELECTIONS.

It appears Hobbs is abusing her position to assist in voter fraud to benefit her own campaign. While simultaneously proving her own incompetence by the primary elections taking this long. She can’t run an election on time, but we are going to let her run the entire State? Not a chance. Kari Lake just secured the General Election in November as well.

I find it fitting that the entire country are witnessing voter fraud, in the county with the biggest spotlight around voter fraud, in the race with the candidate most vocal about voter fraud. Rather apropos.

In conclusion, Kari Lake won. The Deep State tried to steal it for Robson with the mail-in voting, but AZ showed up and out-voted the fraud. And the entire country are getting a front row seat.

MIKE LINDELL: "The same day voting, 70/30. These are the real votes rolling in, everybody. All these America first candidates from Mark Fincham on down, they all just completely overwhelmed their opponents."

"They tried, Steve, [to steal it from Kari], and they're still going to try, but what we have to do this fall, everybody, is to just overwhelm the machines, whatever ones we can't get rid of."

Maricopa County (Phoenix) is the 2nd largest voting district in the US - and they cheat like crazy!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "BIG, HISTORIC WINS for Trump-endorsed candidates across the Country last night! Now 15-0 in Senate primaries, Perfect Records in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri. Congratulations to our MAGA Candidates!"

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Endorsements don’t get any more powerful or conclusive than the Endorsements of last night. I wonder if anyone will write or report that? Just asking?"

The RINOs in Arizona (the McCain mafia) tried to cheat and push through the Pence-endorsed & the establishment-endorsed Karrin Robson over the Trump-endorsed Kari Lake for Governor.

They held back ballots, manipulated machines and rigged cheat-by-mail. Kari Lake wasn't declared the winner until the middle of the night and they STILL under-counted her margin. This is why we ALL must vote for MAGA candidates - because they will cheat BIG and we need to out run the cheaters!

Meghan McCain was calling for Kari Lake's downfall early on.

Then she claimed she was right all along after Kari Lake finally won!

Then Meghan McCain showed her true RINO colors - and called the voters BASTARDS. THEY ARE SO USED TO RIGGING ELECTIONS AND THEY DON'T LIKE TO BE CAUGHT!

This is how Fox News was reporting the Arizona primary for Governor at 40%. Robson winning by a landslide!

The next morning - the tables flipped and Kari Lake won after ALL the ballots were counted!

They were trying to say that Lake lost - while Masters & Finchem won. Not a chance. This is the same tactic they used in 2020 - rigged the ballots so Trump lost but every other RINO Republican won!

What many liberals don't get is that the GOP RINO establishment (McConnell, Romney, McCain, Cheney, etc.) WANTED Biden to win - and Trump to lose. Why? Because as Tom Emmer said - if Biden wins - then RINOs win Congress in the next mid-terms! This is their stupid strategy and they work together! Both parties rig the game so money launderers and snakes stay in office forever!

I blame the swamp RINOs and Fox News the most for rigging the 2020 election and working with the Communists to engineer J6 - all in an attempt to destroy Trump - a good man trying to save America from itself!

There was lots of fraud seen on the ground in the primaries.

Later - they were forced to ADD ballots into the totals. They were hoping to hide them!

Bret Baier of Fox was spinning for the establishment RINOs. Just like he helped Biden cheat to win on election night.

People are holding their early ballots and bringing them back in-person. Good!

Most of the fraud in Arizona happens in Maricopa (Phoenix) county - one of the most corrupt counties for elections in America - just like the counties which contain Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, & Detroit! One corrupt county in many states controls the vote for the entire state! They've been rigging elections in earnest for decades!

MIKE LINDELL: "The same day voting, 70/30. These are the real votes rolling in, everybody. All these America first candidates from Mark Fincham on down, they all just completely overwhelmed their opponents."

"They tried, Steve, [to steal it from Kari], and they're still going to try, but what we have to do this fall, everybody, is to just overwhelm the machines, whatever ones we can't get rid of."

Listen to Bannon and Boris about MAGA breaking the cheaters' algorithm.

But Charlie Kirk is right - it's NOT over. Keep uncovering the fraud - keep educating your friends - forget about the polls, forget about the pundits, stop listening to the fake news and vote, vote, vote.

Now that the McCains are done - next - we need to remove the warmongering "Bush/Cheney" dynasty from America!

That shouldn't be too hard. CNN went to Wyoming to ask voters what they thought of Liz Cheney and her fake, dirty J6 commission. NOT MUCH.

On another topic - Tucker & Laura did segments focusing on the horror show of Minneapolis - which is still going on two years after the George Floyd riots. If you live in Minneapolis or Minnesota - this is must see TV.

I'm not saying you must agree with them (although I do - even though I am NOT a fan of Fox News) but you should know what the biggest cable news network in America is saying about your state.

Here's Tucker - start at the 19 minute mark:

Here's the segment that Laura Ingraham did after her visit to Minneapolis - start at the 15:15 minute mark. She will air more in her next show.

If you've never read my in-depth and well-documented report about what really happened with George Floyd - please do so. I wrote this in June 2020 and I guarantee it will ALL be proven true one day.

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