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Tierney's Real News (7/8/21)

A youth basketball coach was shot in the head due to "road rage" in a suburb in Minnesota. Right. First they shot a golf pro in the head in Georgia and now they shot a basketball coach in the head in Minnesota? Both shooters are on the "loose."

So now they're shooting well-known "white" locals, with families, for the gun grabbers in swing states? That's my guess. False flags. This is the latest replacement for mass shootings at schools to get people to give up their guns.

They expect you to become so outraged & saddened by senseless shootings like this that you are willing to turn over your guns to the Government to "keep America safe." It worked in Europe. They slaughtered 16 kindergarteners in 1996 and parents lined up to give up their guns.

What's next? Stay alert & aware. NONE of this stuff just happens. People are PAID by the Communists to do it. DO NOT BUY THE LIE. They got people to mask up, shoot up and hide from COVID to "stay safe." Do NOT let them take your weapons. Do NOT let them dismantle the 2nd Amendment.

Without the 2nd Amendment, we don't have ANY rights in America. This is Communism 101. Do NOT be sheep. If they take weapons away from law-abiding citizens, the only ones left armed are the criminals, the cartels, the mob and the Communists. Then you can kiss our country goodbye.


By the way, the two men who were found dead in the pickup truck after Gene Siller was "mysteriously" shot in the head were from out-of-state and not related to the area. Further evidence that this was likely a false flag!

The President of Haiti, Jovenal Moise, was assassinated by a group of so-called mercenaries - pretending to be the DEA - that spoke Spanish & English. The fake news won't tell you that they tried to kill Moise in February 2021 as well and he accused his cabinet & armed guards of participating.

This looks like an attempt to take back Haiti from the Communists - the question is by whom. The authorities say they already have caught & killed the four "presumed" assassins who were attempting a kidnapping. Boy, that was quick. Since when do "mercenaries" hang around to get caught?

Sounds like an inside job. The Supreme Court Justice who was supposed to take over for Moise - died suddenly of COVID. Right! They use so-called "COVID" deaths to get rid of the opposition! Look what they tried with Trump, Bolsonaro & Johnson! I have no doubt it's poison and NOT COVID.

Moise was a puppet of Obama, Biden & Clinton & the Communists and was accused of STEALING the Presidential election in November 2016. He was refusing to leave office, consolidating power, rewriting the Constitution to help himself and destroying the country.

Catholic Bishops advised Moise to leave after violent crime skyrocketed in Haiti & the Catholic church warned that Haiti was facing a “descent into hell” under Moise. Yet, Biden encouraged him to stay in office another year AFTER the end of his term! The warmongers are calling for US intervention. Is Haiti another Myanmar? The police are now in charge of the country.

TRUMP: "The Fake News and Big Tech and Democrats' coordinated attack on the millions of people in our Country, who call the 2020 Presidential Election disgraceful and corrupt, is failing. More and more people are calling it RIGGED and STOLEN."

Yes, there's a reason that guys like Obama of the United States, Macron of France, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, Chavez & Maduro of Venezuela, Putin of Russia, Merkel of Germany, Moise of Haiti & Lula of Brazil were CHOSEN to lead - they were groomed by the global Communist party. Their goal was to alter election systems in the free world to put the Communists permanently in power. It almost worked.

The fact that America, Myanmar, Venezuela & Haiti are waking up to election fraud perpetrated by the Communists is a great sign!

Strangely, the American left glorifies Communist China. Yet, we all know that Communist China is against everything the American left stands for.

They enslave Muslim Uyghurs at forced labor camps. They sterilize women & force them to get abortions against their will. They arrest & imprison people of faith & dissenters. They shut down any business that does well and threatens the Communist Party. They harvest organs from healthy people and sell them to the highest bidder. They spy on their own people in homes, schools, elevators & street corners. They spew propaganda on state-run media and don't allow citizens access to the REAL internet. NOTHING is private. People must whisper in corners in Communist China - no one is safe.

And, they are anti-LGBTQ. According to China's constitution, same-sex couples are unable to marry or adopt and households headed by gay couples are ineligible for benefits. Transgenderism is considered a mental illness. Then, just this past week, Communist China banned ALL LGBTQ groups on their social media site called WeChat.

Tell me again, why do Democrats want to turn America into Communist China - when Communist China is against everything they say they stand for?

So Japan suddenly announced a "national emergency" due to the latest "mutant variant" of COVID two weeks before the Tokyo Olympics and says there will be no spectators allowed and it will be a "delayed" broadcast. Hmm. Why? Are there threats? Were they TOLD to do so by the global banksters?

Organizers had planned to allow venues to be filled up to 50% capacity, with a maximum of 10,000 Japanese spectators and no overseas fans.

Without fans at the Olympics and a delayed broadcast there is a huge risk that almost no Americans will be able to see US Olympians disrespect the flag and anthem. Do you see how they use these phony "variants of concern" to change the rules at the last minute? They can do this FOREVER. It's ALL political. It's all about control. It has NOTHING to do with your health. Biden is already pushing for more lockdowns & mask mandates for this BS.

A former Republican Senator from New York, Alfonse D'Amato, said that Democrat candidate Eric Adams, a former police officer, is a moderate candidate who will help clean up crime in New York. Decent Democrats are desperate to fix New York after the Communist wing of the party defunded the police & crime skyrocketed.

The Communists wanted Adams to lose the primary for New York Mayor - that's why they rigged it with 135,000 "test" ballots. It's a good thing Trump called it out! Adams will win and reinstate the rule of law. Maybe there's hope for New York after all.

The Democrats are so desperate to shift blame for the violent crime wave that THEY CREATED in blue cities - they are even saying that it was the Republicans & Trump who wanted to defund the police - not ANTIFA, BLM & the Democrats. Liars lie! Communists rewrite history!

Rudy Giuliani said the reason they are going after his law license in New York & DC is because Rudy has the Hunter Biden hard drives with child pornography on them...and much much more.

“The only incriminating thing in my house are the Hunter Biden hard drives and the FBI wouldn’t take them [when they raided my house.] I mean, I offered them the incriminating evidence here. I’ve got plenty of crimes for you, and the FBI said, ‘No, no, no, we don’t want that.' They contain one crime after another, including child pornography.”

The laptops also show that Hunter Biden used half of his salary from Burisma and other schemes to pay his father's bills while he was Vice President - which means Creepy Joe was lying when he said he never profited from Hunter's deals.

Giuliani also said that Trump's lawsuit against Big Tech is broader than just censorship - it also goes after them for restraint of trade. Thousands of Americans lost revenue & business due to marketing bait & switch promises made on these platforms.

Turns out that Tucker Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin when he heard "from a whistleblower" that the NSA was monitoring his communications.

Hmm. Why didn't Tucker mention that in the beginning to his 5 million viewers? Tucker said his executive producer was the only person who knew he was trying to reach the Kremlin. Did the NSA monitor NBC when they interviewed Putin? Something smells about this.

Bannon said courage is contagious. What the fake news, Biden, Communist China and our enemies fear the most is an informed populace showing up to protect their country. How can we do that? By going to school board meetings, running for City Council, educating our children about the truth and showing our love of God and country to friends and family. Making sure that elections are free and fair and not rigged.

They're petrified that you're going to stand up, speak out and take your country back. So, people ask me what can I do? You can do all of those things. You can change one mind and one heart at a time from your keyboard, from your telephone or by attending one meeting and speaking out. We can undo the damage that's been done one person at a time, one Village at a time, one city at a time, one step at a time. Amen!

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, announced his Cyber Symposium on foreign election interference & election fraud in the 2020 Election will be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on August 10-12.

“We’re going to show you everything! We’re going to reveal it all!. You can’t edit these packet captures. They’re permanently frozen in time.”

More good news on the audit front. Arizona continues. Pennsylvania & Georgia are pending. And Obama is worried about the SCOTUS ruling on ballot harvesting and an audit in Michigan - which means there's hope.

No matter where you live, if your elections are run on voting machines - contact your representatives and ask for forensic audits. It's your right! If we can't trust our elections - we don't have a country.

He's right. The Deep State is having a bad week. Keep going, Patriots.

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