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Tierney's Real News (7/5/21)

Golf pro Gene Siller was murdered at an Atlanta-area golf course on Saturday. A man drove a white pick-up truck into a sand trap on the course. When Siller went to go see what was going on, he was shot in the head and killed. Two other bodies, dead by gun shot, were found in the truck.

Officials described the suspect, who is on the loose, as a 6'1" 170 pound Hispanic male with long hair, dark-colored work pants and a white or tan shirt. The white Dodge Ram 3500 pick-up truck was possibly hijacked or stolen by the murderer and belonged to a Paul Pierson. Pierson's body and that of another man were found in the bed of the truck.

Witnesses say it appeared the gunman’s truck got stuck near the 10th green after he drove onto the course from an adjacent neighborhood. Siller didn't just happen by - he was called to come to the 10th green to take a look. Siller was heavily involved with the golf course - and told staff they would be using the driving range for July 4th fireworks. Was he set up for an ambush? Who called him?

The fake news is saying that Siller's death is due to "gun violence." Right. Another false flag for the gun grabbers? I wouldn't put it past them. The golf course is in Cobb County, Georgia - the home of corrupt Stacey Abrams and massive election fraud.

The Satanic Temple is buying billboards to push abortion as a "religious ritual." Got it?

The Satanic Temple even has an AFTER SCHOOL SATAN program to teach your children that it's cool to worship the devil. That's if the BLM-ANTIFA-PRIDE lobby doesn't get them first in the classroom or the public library!

Democrats are now suing for ballot audits and manual counts after "election officials" tried to rig the New York mayoral primary with 135,000 fake "test" ballots! How many "test ballots" did they run in the General election?

Project Veritas has video that may prove that New York election officials were doing illegal things!


I love this quote by Thomas Jefferson:

This is why President Trump still fills stadiums even after he was forced out of office by a rigged election and a corrupt system! People are hungry for truth!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Seeing the record crowds of over 45,000 people in Ohio and Florida, waiting for days, standing in the pouring rain, they come from near and far. All they want is HOPE for their Great Country again. Their arms are outstretched, they cry over the Rigged Election—and the RINOs have no idea what this movement is all about. In fact, they are perhaps our biggest problem. We will never save our Country or be great again unless Republicans get TOUGH and get SMART!"

While 45,000 attended, and over 6 MILLION watched, President Trump's rally - 3,300 watched Biden's 4th of July address. He turned off comments because they were so negative!

The foreign minister of Panama said that illegal immigrants from Cuba, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are heading toward the United States. Many are atheists and terrorists who have pledged allegiance to the Communist party & the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember that Communist China is working hard to control the Panama Canal just like they're trying to control the Suez Canal. How do you think that ends for America?

I've traveled all over America and have yet to wear a mask. I'm still here. I am vaccinated against ALL serious viruses but COVID has a 99.9% survival rate! I am NOT anti-vaccination. I'm ANTI-tyranny! I'm with him!

I took enough microbiology, immunology & biochemistry classes to understand that mRNA technology can be used for both good AND bad. It's basically a biological operating system that can be used to control our cells. Moderna even admits that.

The question is? Who is writing the code and what will future jabs be used for? Gates, Epstein, Fauci, Google, Musk & the globalist banksters are ALL transhumanists - which is just a nice name for eugenics - creating humanoid robots. How will they use mRNA to accomplish that goal?

Police in the Netherlands are actually BEATING people with batons who are merely protesting against more COVID lockdowns. See where this is going? The GREAT RESET. Turning the world into NAZI Germany, Soviet Russia and Communist Venezuela. You WILL obey or else. Ask yourself why they are so anxious to get everyone from cradle to grave to accept the jab? What will the next jab contain?

Watch: https://t.me/TierneyRealNews/34607

Meanwhile, citizens went to court to force the Minneapolis City Council to hire more police officers as crime skyrockets out of control due to the George Floyd charade and the Democrats' lie of "systemic racism." A judge ruled that they must ADD police officers.

Almost one third of the force has walked out. Nobody wants to be a police officer anymore. They can't even get people to apply. This is the goal of Biden & the Communists. Drive out local & state police & replace them with a federalized Gestapo & mob rule. Stop vilifying the police! Blue lives matter!

How did the police get such a bad rap? Because useful idiots on the right kneeled to the Communists of BLM-ANTIFA-PRIDE and helped them DEFUND the police -- so EVIL could prevail. Stop playing right into Satan's hand.

Meanwhile in Chicago, a Democrat-run city with the most strict gun control laws in the country, 16 people were killed and at least 92 others were wounded since last Friday - including 6 kids. All gang violence perpetrated with ILLEGAL WEAPONS. Criminals don't obey gun laws! Police are being defunded & neutered. The mob rules!

Target will close all 6 of its stores in San Francisco early because of an "alarming increase" in crime and shoplifting. Walgreens & 7-Eleven have already closed several stores for the same reason.

"People are scared to go into these stores: seniors, people with disabilities, children. And it's just happening brazenly."

Democrats won't prosecute shoplifters anymore so thieves can pretty much ‘legally’ walk out of a retail store with up to $950 in merchandise without paying and get away with it. Soon they'll be robbing your homes as well. Make sure you lock up your valuables.

A woman who attended the LA protest against naked men in the ladies' rooms said a man 'with a beard and penis' got into a hot tub naked with her six-year-old daughter at Wi Spa in January 2020. 18 months ago! He sat on the edge of the hot tub and exposed his genitals to her.

"I'm a registered democrat. I have no problem with gay people. This is different. My daughter is six years old and she was nude. I was trying to block my daughter from seeing the penis on the person with the five-o-clock shadow who was not trying to look like a woman at all."

That's called a pedophile.

The next step will be for LGBTQIA+ to add MAP to normalize pedophilia. MAP stands for "Minor Attracted Persons." They already have a flag! NOT kidding.

What do all those letters in LGBTQIA+ mean? This is what they are teaching your kids in grade school!

lesbian - term for women sexually and affectionately oriented toward other women. However, the term can also be used by non-binary individuals

gay - homosexual person or those attracted to same gender

bisexual - those that are sexually and affectionately attracted both to men and women

trans - an inclusive term for transgender, non-conforming, and non-binary individuals

transsexual - can mean someone transitioning from one sex to another using surgery or medical treatments

transgender - term for someone that identifies as a different gender than what was assigned on their birth certificate

questioning - when a person is exploring their sexuality, gender identity, and gender expression

queer - this term can have various definitions but can be seen as an inclusive term or as a unique celebration of not molding to social norms

intersex - this word can have various meanings; it’s used for individuals that don’t fit into specific gender norms of woman or man; it can also be used for those with reproductive anatomy that isn’t typical

asexual - use for those that don’t feel sexual attraction to either sex or that don’t feel romantic attraction in the typical way

pansexual - similar to bisexual, this describes individuals with desire for all genders and sexes

omnisexual - similar to bisexual, this describes individuals with desire for all genders and sexes

androgynous - describes those with both male and female traits

genderqueer - a gender term used for those with no, both, or a combination of genders

two-spirit - typically used by Native Americans to describe a third gender

demisexual - describes someone that requires an emotional bond to form a sexual attraction

polyamorous - term for those open to multiple consensual romantic or sexual relationships at one time.

Got it?

This child says she is all of the above and none of the above. She's NO gender. Because of our ridiculous "acceptance & tolerance" of all things BLM-ANTIFA-PRIDE we are allowing the Communists to create an entire generation of confused Americans like this.


TOMMY ROBINSON: "As a movement, PRIDE is degenerate. It promotes gender confusion and sexuality confusion in children. It promotes public nudity and kink and sadomasochism in daylight hours all while encouraging young children to watch and even ‘take part’ in such ‘festivities’.

I am totally against persecuting gay, lesbian or transgender ADULTS - however....there’s nothing to be PROUD of when it comes to PRIDE."

Read what a Chinese citizen said about what's next for America. He's NOT kidding. When Communist Castro took over Cuba, over 11,000 were massacred. Thousands more disappeared. When MAO took over China, 65 MILLION died. We all know what happened during the Holocaust. Freedom isn't free. Think about that.

On Saturday night, President Trump called out Facebook's Zuckerberg at his rally for spending $500 MILLION to bribe election officials & fund illegal drop boxes to steal the election for Biden & Communist China.

On Sunday, Zuckerberg posted a video of himself riding a hydrofoil surfboard while carrying a US flag. Hmm. Even Google recognized July 4th and they NEVER do! Think they are running scared?


Zuckerberg, the guy who just spent $500 million to rig our election in 2020, wants to pretend that he cares about American ideals. Obscene. Comrade Zuckerberg was mocked relentlessly on social media and this clever person inserted Zuck's real flag! Facebook is totally in bed with Communist China!

I personally like this one better!

A few months ago Dave Chappelle revealed that Hollywood celebrities were responsible for writing & leaving the dirty notes to the Trump administration after Obama invited them for a farewell party at the White House.

“Remember when the Trump administration moved in? They said that Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and all the cabinets? I saw this happening. But it was celebrities, writing all this crazy shit and putting them all over there. I saw them doing it."

Which celebrities? Like John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Rowland, Tracy Ellis Ross, Robert De Niro, Lena Dunham and Amal Clooney. They deny it. I believe Chappelle. How sick is that?

So Biden shut down the US Keystone XL Pipeline and "hackers" shut down the US Colonial pipeline while Biden approved the Nordstream pipeline from Russia to Germany? Now there's a mysterious rupture in a pipeline near Mexico? Think it's all a coincidence? NOPE. All designed to weaken America and enrich our enemies.


Biden wants America to run on windmills & solar panels made in China & Germany. While we are forced to guy gas and oil at inflated prices from Communist China, Iran & Russia. The only good news lately on energy is that the Keystone XL Pipeline is suing Biden for $15 BILLION for violating the terms of NAFTA and free trade. Pray for victory!

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