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Tierney's Real News (7/3/21)

Here's the REAL kind of terrorist "insurrection" going on in America RIGHT NOW that the fake news is trying to cover up with bogus stories of "white supremacy."

A group of terrorists from the "Moorish American Arms" (MAA) were just pulled over in a traffic stop in Massachusetts. They refused to provide ID and several ran into the woods. They had long guns, pistols, cameras and were wearing camouflage & military gear, waving the Moroccan flag and were headed to Maine for "training."

11 have so far been arrested in the woods - they've been posting on social media under the handle "Rise of the Moors" in America. They also call themselves "Moorish Sovereign Citizens." The authorities are telling citizens to SHELTER IN PLACE. How many other foreign operations are planning attacks on American soil that Biden's FBI and CIA intend to blame on Trump supporters?

The MAA teach youth that the black 'Moors' are America's original inhabitants and are therefore entitled to take whatever they want and that all African Americans are descendants of the Moabites and are therefore Moorish. They say that black Muslims reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus. Funny, Ilhan Omar's tribe living in Minnesota, from Somalia, told me the same thing - that THEY owned America and were here to take it back!

The MAA said they were just a bunch of friendly fellows & the police scared them! AOC said they were just going to the woods!

This isn't their first rodeo. The terrorist group calls themselves "sovereign citizens of the Al Moroccan Empire" and say they don't need to obey American laws and say they say they are entitled to OCCUPY our country and our homes. They've literally been invading homes & taking them over! Is this what liberals mean by "everyone is welcome here?" Will they be asking for reparations too? STOP THE MADNESS.

This guy, from Los Angeles, is a member of the MAA and was arrested for trying to force a woman out of her home LAST WEEK in Newark, New Jersey.

They even have a Coat of Arms and Amazon sells their T-shirt!

Even more disturbing, Japan's defense minister, Yasuhide Nakayama, said Russia & Communist China may be coordinating military efforts to attack Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and invade Taiwan.

"We have to show the deterrence towards China, and not just China but also the Russians, because they are doing their exercises together. I think the Taiwanese are really concerned. They’re focusing on the two big countries collaborating and [presenting] a lot of threat towards Taiwan."

Russia has been conducting drills off the coast of Hawaii. Communist China is positioning its military for an invasion of Taiwan and India.

Remember all those false alarm "warning alerts" in Hawaii a couple of years ago? Remember the attempts to break into Pearl Harbor and all those "drills"? Was that a test run for WW3? Now a huge plane just went down off the coast of Hawaii.

Has this been planned for a while by the big defense contractors & the global elites as a follow up to COVID? All they needed was Biden and WOKE General Milley in charge to let it happen?

That's my guess. A huge FALSE FLAG. War is MONEY - WW2 is how we got out of the engineered Great Depression. Is WW3 how we will get out of the engineered COVID recession? Think about that.

Unleash COVID, use Big Tech to steal an election & hit essential services with cyber-attacks, weaken your enemies, start WW3 - then send in mercenaries through open borders to invade and occupy. Classic military operation. Wake up!

Amid the warnings in the Pacific, NATO war games are taking place in the Black Sea following a tense stand off between the Russian navy and British destroyer HMS Defender. While Comrade Xi saber rattles - satellite feeds show he is building more than 100 new nuclear missile silos. Putin said China is Russia's friend and the world dominance of the US is “over” and threatened to strike back if any “boundaries are crossed."

Arizona sources from the forensic audit have confirmed the FRAUD IS REAL and the NUMBERS ARE SIGNIFICANT. President Trump said we can't let them get away with it. That's why the Communists need a massive false flag to deflect!

Not only is the Biden administration trying to take over US farmland and Wall Street trying to buy up America's single family housing - they're also driving dairy farmers out of business & hacking our food, energy & water supplies in order to CENTRALIZE control of all our essential services. Communism 101. If Communists totally control our food, water & energy - they control US.

Turns out that Gwen Berry, the Olympic athlete who turned her back on the American flag to protest racism, has a long history of making racist tweets against white, Mexican and Asian people and cheered on the January 6th invasion by HER folks. Gwen Berry is also reportedly sponsored by Color of Change, a radical leftist defund-the-police group. Suddenly everything makes a lot more sense.

Turns out SHE is the REAL Communist racist.

The Church of England’s first transgender priest, a man who calls himself a woman named Sarah, of St. John the Baptist Church, said GOD is NOT a man or a woman and is non-binary.⁣

"When you really think about it, does God really have a body? I don't think so, so could God genuinely be like a guy?⁣ I don't think so and I think if God created everything, God's beyond all of these boundaries so whatever God is, I really don't think God is a standard HE."

I wonder how many liberal churches will start kneeling down to a transgender, non-binary God and spewing this nonsense!

Good to see that some counties are waking up and refusing to allow BLM & PRIDE to post Communist propaganda in our public schools & libraries. Now BAN Drag Queen Story Hour! I visited Drag Queen Story Hour a couple of years ago near my house. Here's my report.


This father says his "pronouns" are Daddy & Papi. Amen!

Yair Netanyahu said that Israel was virtually a Communist country before his father took it over 12 years ago. Bibi basically converted Israel into a vibrant capitalist country and increased its GDP significantly. Now the Communists want it back and they're using Bennett as a useful idiot to unite the Communists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas against the Jewish people. Now it makes more sense.

President Trump said he's making an announcement on July 7th on his efforts to help Americans protect their free speech rights. No idea what this will be. Could be his new platform - could be a lawsuit. Stay tuned.

Don't forget to watch President Trump's rally in Sarasota, Florida tonight at 8pm ET on OANN, Newsmax or Rumble. People are lined up for miles.


YouTube BANNED RSBN's channel right before tonight's rally so they can't broadcast live on YouTube! More censorship to take us down!

They even REMOVED Trump's Ohio rally from YouTube that got millions of views. RSBN has an app and will broadcast from Rumble. Enjoy!

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