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Tierney's Real News (7/2/21)

This is how stupid Biden & the Communists think we are - that we won't notice that the prices of gas, meat, dairy, soybeans, wheat, lumber & other essentials have skyrocketed since Biden took office. Sorry, we are NOT going to save 16 cents on our July 4th cookout.

WHITE HOUSE: "Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must-heard. Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish."

Biden is even forcing US farmers to take fertile land out of supply, the same way he is taking gas & oil out of supply, to drive up prices and starve us to death. Communism 101. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, Mr. Planned Parenthood and Communist China's best friend, has become America's biggest farmland owner.

The New York Democrat prosecutors, who ran for office on the promise to "get Trump" - frogmarched his elderly CFO, Allen Weisselberg, into court over bogus tax charges on company "benefits." No person has ever been convicted for this BS. These are Soviet style tactics.

Eric Trump: "They are petrified my father will run again in 2024."

President Trump: "Do people see the Radical Left prosecutors, and what they are trying to do to 75M+++ Voters and Patriots, for what it is?"

RUDY GIULIANI: "The case against Allen Weisselberg is a 15 year old tax case that doesn’t even involve an IRS federal charge. No one in the corrupt media will point out that this case is bull….there’s no federal charge.

If this were anything but prosecutorial extortion, the IRS would have referred this for criminal prosecution 15 years ago, or joined this case now."

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court overruled the 9th Circuit, and ruled against the DNC & Marc Elias, and said Arizona can ban ballot harvesting and toss ballots that are cast in the wrong precinct. They said those two restrictions have NOTHING to do with racism. Alito said the 9th Circuit had “misunderstood and misapplied” Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

If the Supreme Court says you can't ballot harvest in Arizona, guess what? That sets something called a precedent for the rest of the country. BIG WIN FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Communist China are all competing with each other to control outer space and plant their flag. I'm guessing it won't be this one!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she appointed RINO Liz Cheney to her committee to investigate January 6th.

McCarthy said:."I was shocked that she would accept something from Speaker Pelosi. Maybe she's closer to her than us." Ya think?


We no longer have our own sports.

Or our own spas.

Or our own locker rooms.

Or our own restrooms.

Or our own beauty pageants.

Or our own prisons.

Or our own shelters.

So, where are the feminists?

Oh yes, that’s right, they're too busy defending BIOLOGICAL MEN.

Jason Miller, a former Trump advisor, announced that his new social media platform called GETTR will launch on Sunday.

Jason Miller said over 300,000 signed up in one day. The big question is whether Trump will join the platform. Rumors are he will not.

Bannon called GETTR a "shot across the bow" at Silicon Valley and looked a little sheepish when Miller said he didn't know if Trump would join. Hmm. Maybe Trump will let us know what's up on July 3rd at his rally in Sarasota. It will air at 8pm ET on OANN & Newsmax and a variety of channels on Rumble.

Looks like Bannon's friend, Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, AKA Mikes Kowk, who defected from Communist China and hates Comrade Xi, provided GETTR with early funding.

I have no plans to post on GETTR until and unless President Trump sets up a verified account there. Bloomberg is reporting he will not join. I opened an account to see how easy it was. Very easy. Just an email address required. Proceed with caution. Wait until we see what Trump's plans are.


When I heard the name, this is the first thing I thought of.

I guess One America News Network (OANN) also launched a social media platform of their own today called "FreeTalk45." No idea about this one.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to bash the fake news as their ratings plummet.

"CNN ratings are down 70%. MSDNC is also way down. Actually, they are ALL way down. They say the news is "boring" since I left D.C. Morning Joe, Joy Reid (whoever that is?), Nicole Wallace, Jake Tapper, and even Chris Wallace, at Fox, in free fall. A wonderful thing to see!"

The Babylon Bee said CNN is so desperate for viewers that Brian Stelter has donned an "orange man bad" wig. Good humor.

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled another new tactic to help Biden take down Trump supporters. Facebook wants you to turn in your family & your neighbors if they are "extremists." Who have the fake news decided are extremists? White people, heterosexuals, Christians and conservatives. Got it?

The North Korean defector said that Gwen Berry would be executed in her country if she turned her back on the flag & defied the Communist Party. And America is oppressive?

Strangely, another 5-story building fell down in Washington DC as Biden is trying to get his infrastructure bill passed. Hmm. That was after a bridge collapsed in New York. Then Biden visited the wreckage and said about the hundred people trapped in the Miami collapse:

"Know what's good about this? We're letting the nation know we can cooperate when it's really important." WTH.

TRUMP WAS NOT IMPRESSED: "So sad to see certain RINO Republican Senators go back and forth to the White House and continually get nothing for infrastructure or anything else. When will they learn that they are being played with, and used by, the Radical Left—and only bad things can happen. Should have never lost the Senate in the first place, thanks Mitch! New leadership is needed, and fast!"

While introducing his new jobs plan, Biden was asked questions about Afghanistan to which he replied: "I want to talk about happy things, man! Look, it’s Fourth of July. I'm going to celebrate it. There’s great things happening.”

Then Biden grew annoyed again when reporters asked him if Congress would pass his infrastructure plan. "Come on guys. I love you guys but it's a process."

Is this what Biden means by happy things? Telling ABC that "domestic terrorists" could target July 4th but has no specifics - just more fear-mongering to target Trump supporters?

Turns out that both Cobb County & Fulton County are in Stacey Abram's Atlanta metro and both have NO chain of custody documentation for hundreds of thousands of Georgia Presidential ballots - rendering them illegal. Trump "lost" Georgia by some 10,000 votes. Even SoS Raffensperger is seeing the writing on the wall and calling for a forensic audit in Georgia. Pennsylvania doing the same.

Patrick Byrne says Mike Lindell has the goods:

"Mike Lindell is telling the truth about this. When Mike Lindell has been out there the last couple months saying we have it, we have the data, this and that. He's not talking through his hat. We have the data. What they did is they had these 5 or 6 different techniques in each place to cheat as much as they could and then at the end of the day whatever was left that they had to steal, they stole through a cyber attack... We might as well have the hard drives of the people who did it. We have the incontrovertible evidence at this point for that last layer that I'm telling you about... And that layer we have the full hardcore forensics for."

"Now, they want you to be violent because they have all the tools; the FBI, the DHS, and everything else to come after you... We have to maintain the moral high ground at all times. We are playing for an audience. We are playing for the American people. They have to know that we are the good guys and not the goons. We maintain the moral high ground at all times. No violence."

Jason Miller said President Trump told his staff long ago that Meghan Markle was bad news: "Yeah, Meghan's no good. I said that and now everybody's seeing it. But you realize if you say anything negative about Meghan Markle you get canceled. Look at Piers Morgan."

President Trump should know. Markle was an NBC suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal. Her goal was to marry rich & powerful. She had her eyes on the Royal Family for years.

China celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with parades and rocket displays and an hour-long address by CCP Chairman Xi Jinping. Hmm. How convenient they unleashed the virus before the very year they turned 100! It's almost like it was planned!

Speaking from Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the site where the Communists massacred students in 1989 for protesting Communism and then covered it up, Xi proclaimed the greatness of the Chinese people and warned the US that his country will not be “bullied” into submission while dutiful citizens nodded & cheered in agreement. The crowd, wearing identical outfits, sang "Without the Communist Party, there would be no China."

Xi said that "any foreign force that attempts to bully, oppress or enslave us will face broken heads and bloodshed."

"Only socialism can save China, and only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China. We will never allow anyone to bully, oppress or subjugate China. Anyone who dares try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the Great Wall of Steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people."

“No one should underestimate the great resolve, the strong will, and the extraordinary ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity!"

So, I guess Communist China gets to have a GREAT WALL and national sovereignty but America does not? Got it?

Xi also took the time to threaten Taiwan - saying no way is Taiwan an independent nation - it is owned by Communist China:

“Solving the Taiwan question and realizing the complete reunification of the motherland are the unswerving historical tasks of the Chinese Communist Party and the common aspiration of all Chinese people. All sons and daughters of China, including compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, must work together and move forward in solidarity, resolutely smashing any ‘Taiwan independence’ plots.”

Xi was wearing the same coat that Chairman Mao forced people to wear - or he executed them.

Under the rule of Mao Zedong, the CCP officially took control of China in 1949, dubbing the new Communist government “The People’s Republic of China (PRC).” Over the course of the 20th century, the Communist regime has slaughtered tens of millions of people throughout China and East Asia.

In 1950, China launched an invasion of Tibet. Following nearly a decade of occupation by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the conflict ultimately led to the Tibet Uprising of 1959, in which tens of thousands of men, women, and children were killed. Some 80,000 Tibetans fled a Chinese crackdown in March 1959, including the Dalai Lama.

In 1958, Mao Zedong implemented his “Great Leap Forward” campaign, a series of policies that sought to collectivize China’s agricultural sector. The program represented “a deadly combination of lies about grain production, disastrous farming methods, and mis-distribution of food” that “produced the worse famine in human history.” From 1959-1961, an estimated 30-40 million Chinese citizens died as a result. Sound familiar? Biden's & Gates' plan for America.

By the end of his reign in 1976, it is estimated that Mao was responsible for the death of approximately 65 million Chinese civilians.

How did CNN respond to the 100 year Anniversary of the Communist Party? They cheered it on. They're paid well to spread propaganda for the Communists.

How did wealthy elites like Elon Musk and LeBron James and Warren Buffett respond? They cheered it on. They all make HUGE money in Communist China & could care less about America.

Bannon responded: "Warren Buffett is a scumbag. Billionaires like him are making a fortune in Communist China on the backs of American taxpayers."

How did DeSantis respond? He called for kids to learn about the horrors of Communism in school.

One piece of good news from California. The Governor Gavin Newsom recall election will be held on September 14th.

The FBI said it was "white supremacists" who invaded the Capitol. Video tells a different story.

Paul Sperry reported, from a former FBI agent who was on the ground on January 6th, that a busload of ANTIFA thugs, dressed as Trump supporters, were dropped off to "invade" the Capitol. What happened? Sperry was banned on Twitter.

While WOKE General Milley stood down and let ANTIFA-BLM invade the Capitol - and then blamed it on "white rage" and Trump supporters - he also refused to arrest BLM-ANTIFA who were burning, looting & destroying our cities last summer & told Trump's advisor to "Shut the fuck up!" Further proof he's another Communist plant out to destroy our military & our country!

There was a grand total of *SIX* cases of violent extremism linked to white supremacy in 2020. The U.S. has a population of 330 million people. There were HUNDREDS of cases caused by non-white perpetrators. "White rage" is a lie.

Yet, rather than featuring the faces of REAL terrorists on most-wanted signs - the Communists have pictures of white Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats on bus stops!

David Horowitz knows the drill. Buy his new book. It will open your eyes to the enemy within.

Because Biden missed his goal of vaccinating 70% of America by July 4th, the Biden Administration will be deploying “Delta variant” response teams across the country to communities with low vaccination rates.

Fauci is going on the media circuit trying to get America 100% vaccinated by fear-mongering on the new "mutant Delta Variant" - despite the fact it has a 99.9% survival rate in the UK and almost half of those who died were vaccinated. Just another scam to shut down Trump rallies and audits.

Look at all the people lined up to get tested for the "mutant DELTA variant." NOBODY. The pandemic is over. Alert the media.

Teenagers are now are faking positive COVID tests to skip school. There's videos on TikTok showing kids how to 'fake Covid tests' that have been viewed over 6.5 MILLION times. They can use lemon juice or anything acidic.

Meanwhile, even though the FDA has warned that two injections of the COVID vaccine may be overkill and result in heart problems, the UK Prime Minister is encouraging everyone to get two jabs if they want to travel.

How can this be? Well the head of one of the world's largest media organizations sits on the Board of Pfizer. Money talks.

US sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson apologized to her fans for using marijuana and failing her drug test that will keep her out of the 100-meter dash at the Tokyo Games. Marijuana is legal in Oregon so she didn't break any law but it results in a 30-day suspension.

Did you know that one of the reasons that there is a gas shortage & food shortage is because Biden is paying people to stay home and companies can't find truckers who can pass a drug test? Yep - another nightmare from legalizing marijuana and making it easy to vape anywhere and anytime. Everybody's high. Nobody wants to work.

A wildfire that erupted Friday in rural California has now scorched more than 17,000 acres, and could threaten a network of thousands of marijuana micro farms.

In case you haven't figured it out, the Mexican cartels torch legal marijuana grows in the United States. That's what starts most of the wildfires. Or homeless camps lighting illegal fires. Then the Democrats blame the utilities and sue them and the taxpayers pay for it with higher electric bills. Total scam.

Kyle Rittenhouse's mom says that attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce only represented her son for money & Twitter followers. I don't know what the truth is.

A federal judge ruled that documents related to Epstein, Maxwell & Clinton should be unsealed:

"From January 2012 to the present, produce all documents concerning any source of funding for the TarraMar Project (Maxwell’s nonprofit) or any other not-for-profit entities with which you are associated, including but not limited to, funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation (a/k/a William J. Clinton Foundation, a/k/a/ the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation), and the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative."

27% of church goers aren't ready yet to go back to church after the pandemic. Huh?

The fake news used to just airbrush photos. Now they just totally make them up. Imagine what they do with words!

Stacey Abrams now owns two homes in Georgia worth over $1.4 million despite that fact that three years ago she owed the IRS $54,000 and had more than $400,000 in consumer debt. I guess running an employment agency that trains "election fraudsters" pays well!

Brittany Spears is back in the news - and her latest ploy is to paint herself as a victim. Oppression pays. In 2008, when she was 26, she was high on meth & took her two kids into a closet and threatened to kill herself. She let her "manager" feed her drugs & steal her money. Her father was made conservator of her estate (against his wishes) and handled it for 12 years along with another firm. She received $104,000 per year for expenses and has been hospitalized for "mental health" problems many times since then. Now 39, she wants to be free & is blaming her dad for her "oppression." She should blame herself!

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