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Tierney's Real News (7/16/21)

Happy Friday! Welcome to day 487 to slow the spread!

Los Angeles is LOCKING DOWN again - using the excuse of the DELTA "mutant variant" - and forcing BOTH vaccinated & unvaccinated people to mask up or stay home. This is happening all over the world and people are rising up. The GREAT RESET will go on forever until the Communists & RINOs are voted out and the people wise up and take back their FREEDOM!

Even Drudge admits this is all fake & we are living in a Hollywood movie paid for by the global Communist party!

Meanwhile, Governor Newsom of California is out and about and laughing at us all!

Yesterday, the Biden administration admitted they are sending people door to door to make a list of all people who are not vaccinated. What will they do with that list? Just imagine. What else are they looking for? I'm guessing data that will help them cheat in the next election!

Even the international ad council is getting in on the scheme with a new ad campaign hiring young actors to feign illness and tell people you must be vaccinated or die. For a virus with a 99.99995% survival rate!

This man is right. A REAL pandemic needs no advertisement.

We'd see dead bodies in the streets like we did in 1918! Back then, people died from bacterial pneumonia, before antibiotics were invented, by wearing heavy masks! Data shows that 50 MILLION people did NOT die from a flu virus - they died from wearing dirty masks for 12 hours a day! Fauci damn well knows this!

A new story came out alleging that General Milley said Trump was Hitler & his supporters were NAZIs.

Communism 101: Declare that your opponents are NAZIs if you can't beat them any other way!

Trump responded and said Milley lost his spine & choked after their walk to St. John's Church. So did Barr & Esper.

Remember that AG Barr, General Milley & Mark Esper were ALL in the front line when Trump walked to St. John's Church to stop BLM-ANTIFA from burning it down. The fake news went after all three men and they all CHOKED and went WOKE. They would rather appease the atheist Communists & the fake news than stand with God & country.

The Arizona Senate held a hearing and showed solid proof that some 168,000 ballots in Maricopa County were BAD. Trump "lost" Arizona by some 10,000 votes. They were missing serial numbers, were printed on fake paper, were received but never sent, and more.

Even worse, in February, a judge ordered Maricopa County to turn over the ballots, voting machines, and election data. On March 11th, 37,000 login queries were made to the Maricopa County election system deleting all prior login data. Maricopa County destroyed election data after it had been subpoenaed by a court and the Arizona Senate.

President Trump responded with details - then called to decertify:

An Arizona Senator said corrupt Maricopa County election officials have no intention of cooperating and she wants a criminal investigation into the missing serial numbers and fake ballots. Bannon said they have enough to show criminal obstruction.

"We don’t even know if these ballots marked “duplicate” are valid at all - huge numbers aren’t matched to an original ballot from a real voter - Arizona law requires originals and duplicates to be clearly marked with a matching serial number…"

Another Arizona Senator called to decertify the Arizona electors & re-run the election.

Then the fake news sprang into action. Twitter is preemptively running a news story to assure you that their “fact-checkers” have declared that there was no fraud in the 2020 Election - despite the fact that widespread voter fraud was reported yesterday in Georgia & Arizona. How soon before Twitter bans anyone who reports on the audit results?

Meanwhile, Biden's spokesperson admitted that Facebook now flags & REMOVES content if Biden's White House tells them to! Proof positive that Facebook is an ARM of the Deep State and NOT a private company!

She also went on to say that if a person is banned on one social media platform - they should automatically be removed from them all! She also said that Biden's White House routinely tells the fake news what to say and not to say. We know!

Even the FBI & DOJ are allegedly concerned that Biden's spokesperson is openly admitting they use Facebook & other social media to spy on and censor Americans! They know it's unconstitutional and a direct violation of our first amendment rights! It gives ammunition to President Trump's class action suit.

Strangely, the GOP leadership (McConnell, McCarthy, McDaniel) are all quiet about Georgia & Arizona fraud. Why? They were in on it!

Even worse, it proves that FORMER AUDITS run by the GOP/RNC establishment are as fake as the elections!

Remember, Rupert Murdoch ordered Fox News to call Arizona early for Biden & "f**k Trump." Now it looks like Trump likely won Arizona by tens of thousands of votes. Let's see if Tucker, Laura & Hannity report that!

I'm not sure if this is true - but it if is - it's huge. Keep an eye on this story. They convicted a young illegal immigrant in Iowa for murdering Mollie - when his attorneys now say she was killed by a sex trafficking ring and the boy was allegedly ordered to bury her body and take the rap.

The U.S. attorney out of Delaware working on the Hunter Biden case, David Weiss, was told by Barr's DOJ to keep "his investigation into Biden’s son out of the 2020 campaign" and "avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election."

Prosecutors never hesitated to bring any cases about Biden's rival Donald Trump to court, no matter how frivolous; in fact, the closer to the election, the better.

Allegedly, Weiss is still investigating the Biden Crime Family and is issuing search warrants and grand jury subpoenas. We shall see.

Nunes told Sara Carter that the Durham report is still coming and there will be indictments of Obama's people. He's said this all along. We shall see.

Comrade Merkel of Germany received an honorary doctorate from Johns Hopkins - the hospital in bed with Gates & Fauci & WHO and behind the COVID dashboard! Is that all it took for her to agree to perpetrate the COVID fraud on the globe? Quid Pro Joe.

Jack Posobiec said that Merkel & other EU leaders are making bets with each other on how long dementia Joe will last. They say the end of 2021 - early 2022.

Remember that Paul Gosar of Arizona said the January 6th insurrection was purposefully TIMED to STOP Pence from having to remand the electoral count back to Arizona for a final check. So, it was ALL about shutting down the January 6th hearing early - in Arizona. Why? It's the first letter of the alphabet!

Jenna Ellis is right. Mike Pence did NOT do his job on January 6th and return the phony votes back to Arizona as they requested so they could be rechecked. He promised us he would do so and then broke his promise! Traitorous.

The WOKE National Football League (NFL) announced they will be playing the “Black National Anthem” as “a prominent part of all big league events,” including the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, NFL Draft, and NFL Kickoff game. Will they be kneeling for that?

As I've said before, I like the song, but there is only ONE National Anthem in America. Next, we'll see PRIDE demanding their OWN anthem.

BTW, the ONLY reason that Kaepernick started the movement to KNEEL during the National Anthem is because he was paid off by NIKE & the Communists & the Brotherhood & groomed by the couple who run Twitter & BLM. Here he is with Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Dorsey's boyfriend DeRay McKesson of BLM.

BLM trashes white people while its leaders are literally in bed with them!

Also, Kaepernick was "charmed" by a BLM Brotherhood honeypot who sent him to "social justice" school and taught him how to KNEEL to Allah. That's the REAL reason Kaepernick kneeled. The joke is on America. He literally got a Judeo-Christian nation to KNEEL to Allah during the Black National Anthem. Got it?

Even Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam endorsed Kaepernick.

So did the Brotherhood's Linda Sarsour who organized all those pink pussy hat marches. Coincidence? No. Kap converted.

Remember when Tim Tebow kneeled BEFORE the game to pray to Jesus? The atheist Communists & Brotherhood hated that. So, the Communists stopped Tebow from praying altogether and then got the entire league to KNEEL during the National Anthem to mock Jesus! Wake up! This is just another sick Communist plot to remove God from America! And many fell for it!

Look at the faces of the CBS reporter on the left and the NBC reporter on the right, both shills for the Communists, while Peter Doocy, Fox news reporter, in the middle forces Biden's administration to DENOUNCE Communism in Cuba. Priceless.

Police in Miami HUGGED demonstrators who wanted FREEDOM FROM COMMUNISM for their family & friends in Cuba!

Watch: https://t.me/c/1252332519/62599

In a new poll, the South and the West of the U.S. want to SECEDE from the country! 66% of Republicans in the southern U.S. and 47% of Democrats on the West Coast expressed support for secession. Remember that Lincoln endorsed the Civil War to end slavery and STOP secession. His goal was to keep the United States of America, UNITED. United we stand, divided we fall.

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