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Tierney's REAL News (7/13/22)

Over 300,000 people in a small Chinese city were locked down yesterday after just ONE case of Covid-19 was detected.

China is still using a zero-Covid policy to control the population's every move. None of the city's 320,000 people are allowed to set foot outside their homes and are being told that basic necessities will be delivered by the local Communist authorities. Residents are not allowed to use their cars without permission and must obtain official authorization to travel under "closed-loop" conditions in case of emergencies.

Nearly 250 million people in Communist China are now under lockdown! That's nearly the size of the United States of America!

Why the continuing and excessive lockdowns? Well, it's a good way for the Communist Party to keep people at home while they seize the peoples' bank accounts! This is their REAL plan - in ACTION! In just one city, Communist China locked down thousands of people and confiscated $2.2 BILLION of their bank deposits.

When protesters came out in droves - they changed the "health passports" on their phones to RED so they couldn't leave their homes or use public transportation! Proof positive that this has NOTHING to do with our health!

Why is this important now?

Because you need to understand that this was the GREAT RESET's REAL plan for the world in 2020 and 2021. The plan was to keep us all locked down in fear for MONTHS while they confiscated our bank deposits and stole our elections and put in place their new digital ONE WORLD CURRENCY, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD HEALTHCARE AND ONE WORLD ORDER.

What people don't realize is that President Trump foiled their plans in early 2020 by pushing through a vaccine in 9 MONTHS for the elderly and the vulnerable. He gave the world HOPE when the world had NONE. The New World Order (NWO) didn't expect that. The GREAT RESET didn't want that. Remember, Fauci killed all therapeutics like hydroxycloroquine & ivermectin and said a vaccine was 3-5 years away. He wanted us masked and locked up for years!

President Trump pushed through the first vaccine to thwart the GREAT RESET and give the people time to fight back. That first vaccine, released in November of 2020, gave people HOPE and gave people a reason to leave their basements! Otherwise, BILLIONS of people would still be locked in their homes and would have literally starved to death and would have lost everything. Just like what's happening now in Communist China. History will show that to be true. I believe that God had a plan and Trump executed it! MILLIONS were saved from extermination.

Like clockwork, Satan's minion, lockdown Fauci is back! Just in time for mid-terms! He wants to do it all over again!

I'm sure I'm going to hear from the rabid anti-vaxxers after this post who will tell me that ALL vaccines are bad and that the entire concept of vaccination is dangerous. IHMO, the people who push VACCINE FEAR PORN as just as bad as those who push COVID FEAR PORN.

Over 12 BILLION COVID shots have been given so far. 95% of the world's 65 plus population has been vaccinated and they are living longer than ever. If the vaccine were truly that deadly - there would be dead bodies stacked up in every street in the world. That's a fact.

The first vaccine was NEVER designed to be given to healthy people or those who were previously exposed. It was ONLY designed for the elderly and vulnerable. Trump said that from the beginning. Of course there are side effects when you give a healthy person something that they don't need!

We've learned LOTS of things about vaccinating against viruses that quickly mutate - so that's a good thing - but to wrongly conclude that ALL vaccination is bad or dangerous is a death sentence to the world!

Oh, and remember that Dr. Malone - the guy who is PRO-VACCINE and allegedly invented mRNA and worked with the CIA & DARPA - took two Moderna shots himself and then went on to tell others not to be vaccinated because he had a bad batch! Another huskster & fraud!

BTW - for those who still trust Malone, here's more evidence. Malone got COVID in February 2020 and then took TWO MODERNA JABS AFTER THAT in order to try to reverse his symptoms from the virus. It didn't work. Then he blamed the vaccine! He took the vaccine months after he got COVID - two shots - even though he knew that the Moderna vaccine was developed by DARPA and the CIA!

Doesn't it seem odd to you that the scientist who supposedly invented mRNA took the vaccine after he had been exposed to the virus? No way.

My mother, my brother and I were all born with congenital nerve deafness due to exposure to rubella in the womb. Before the rubella vaccination was invented, being born deaf was quite common. There were deaf schools in every city. I have a real life reason for not bashing all vaccines. I don't wish being born deaf on anyone. It's not a piece of cake. I've studied the history of vaccination and it has done MUCH MORE GOOD than bad. Stop buying all the hype. Use common sense and do what's best for YOUR family.

Vaccination has saved BILLIONS of lives since the concept was invented THOUSANDS of years ago. Saying ALL vaccination is bad because of corruption at the WHO, FDA, CDC & NIH is like saying all antibiotics are bad or all healthcare advances are bad because of Big Pharma & Big Health profiteering. Rabid anti-vaxxers (estimated at less than 8% of the population) - who are against all vaccinations - have lost all common sense.

People blame vaccines for the increase in autism, and that may be true, but there is a major correlation between the massive use of anti-depressants and benzos (valium, xanax, ativan) that were prescribed en masse to pregnant women (and all women) starting in the 1980's - and autism. Why don't we talk about that? Those drugs go right to the baby's brain!

Do we need to give children 100 vaccines for diseases that aren't life threatening? NO. Do we need to medicate half the American population with anti-depressants? NO. Common sense. But does that mean we should throw the baby out with the bath water? NO.

The anti-vaxxers say they want to eliminate vaccination and end Big Pharma and go back to the old days of homeopathic medicine only. Right.

I agree that Big Pharma is a criminal cartel and needs to be reined in - but medications, vaccines and healthcare advances have raised the average life expectancy from 25 to almost 80.

That's a fact.

The NEW WORLD ORDER, enabled by global corporations and global agencies, has been planned for a long time.

CLINTON ADMINISTRATION 1992: "In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all."

Remember when Bannon said he wanted Trump to become Speaker of the House after Republicans gained control of the House & Senate and impeach Biden & Harris and rise to the White House that way through succession? Trump said no - we have another plan. I think this is it.

Many counties in swing states are decertifying the 2020 election and it looks like some states will follow. Christina Bobb, Trump's lawyer, said that their plan is to "get three states to decertify and send in alternate electors after the 2022 midterms."

BOBB: "They could withdraw their electors, or they could actually decide to award Trump electors, although I would anticipate they will probably just withdraw the electors. If that happens from three different states, three different resolutions go into Congress and it would be up to Congress whether they want to accept the resolutions, whether they want to act on them or not."

As I've said many times before, the Constitution is very vague about how to address voter fraud. There are resolutions that deal with it that are very vague also. That's why the Democrats and RINOS get away with it! This approach would be a CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY - LEAVING any decertification decision up to the state legislatures and sending resolutions to Congress to act on.

I could go on and on about all the reasons and evidence I've found that substantiates why I think Uvalde was a false flag engineered by the Feds and the gun grabbers - just like Parkland and almost all of the other mass shootings - but this says it all.

New video just came out that the "police" had a clear shot to take down the shooter and waited outside for an hour and a half and let him kill all those kids - and then only shot him AFTER he had murdered everybody? Come on! Another patsy! This is just like Parkland!

Oh, and did I mention that the only teacher who survived Uvalde was the COUSIN of the Police Chief who let it happen and had to resign? COINCIDENCE? I think not!

New video, texts and emails came out from Hunter's phone showing Hunter Biden naked and doing drugs with hookers etc. etc. and calling his dad a pedophile. The fake news is saying nothing. But Tucker did!

TUCKER: "The real story is not that Hunter Biden is a crackhead who likes prostitutes and underage girls. The real story is that the Biden family is getting rich from business with our enemies, selling the U.S. out to China!"

Truth! And the Biden family isn't the only one who launders our money for profit. So does Soros, the Clintons, Romneys, Kerrys, Obamas, McCains, Pelosis and more!

Treasonous politicians are literally running a global criminal cartel! Read on. I wrote this three years ago but it still holds true!

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