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Tierney's Real News (7/12/21)

Democrats are finally saying the quiet part out loud. They know they will lose in 2022 unless they figure out a way to end the filibuster (60 votes) and pass their national election bill with a simple majority to eliminate all election fraud protections and give Democrats a license to steal every election going forward. That happens and America is OVER.

Fauci told CNN that “there should be more mandates" in "red states and places in the South." Fauci said out loud that he is against Patriots who are "highly ideological" and "not wanting to get vaccinations." Got it?

I spent the winter in Tennessee & Florida to be FREE! The difference between the FREE red south and my home state of COMMUNIST blue Minnesota is night and day. Liberals in Minnesota are brainwashed, hateful, sheep-like, ill-informed & choking blue. Scary as hell.

Republicans have banned vaccine passports in 11 states and legislation is pending in an additional 31 states.

Biden's sending a team door-to-door to look for you. Biden's administration is also telling door knockers to IGNORE no-trespassing signs. BTW, many places, like Wisconsin, don't require an ID to get a COVID vaccine - and it's free - so unless you TELL them you're not vaccinated there's no way for them to know. Got it? This is why they are going door-to-door. To MARK you. Why?

Democrats are pushing measures to enact laws allowing unvaccinated Americans to be discriminated against in housing and employment and allow their freedom of movement to be limited. They plan to use vaccines to discriminate against "unvaccinated" Americans and not allow them to work, own homes, travel or receive benefits.

This is what Communist China does. It's called a social credit score. People turn on their own friends & family & report them to the regime! Thousands of cameras are installed on every corner and each person's movements are tracked & stored.

Chicago Democrats will start providing condoms to 5th graders in public elementary school for free. Why? What 10-year-old needs a condom? Another grooming program brought to you by PRIDE & Planned Parenthood. Training young boys on how to practice so**my safely. Not kidding.

Remember when Teen Vogue published a guide a few years ago on how kids as young as eleven should have "a*** sex"? PRIDE thought it was crazy that parents were opposed.

Instead of teaching children how to so**mize each other, how about taking on gang violence so that children can walk to school without the fear of being shot instead? 150 were shot last weekend alone in Chicago! Even a one month old infant! Doesn't her life matter?

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets of Cuba to demand the end of Communism in Cuba. Chanting "freedom" and "Libertad" - thousands of Cubans - many waving the American flag, flooded the streets in Cuba and protested against the Castro Communist regime. It's the biggest anti-government demonstration in Cuba in decades. Protestors stood in front of the Communist Party Headquarters in Cuba chanting "Cuba isn't yours."


What did the New York Times do? Sided with the Communists and said "freedom" is a dirty word. Then they reported that the disaster in Communist Cuba was due to America for not "trading" with Cuba. The New York Times is run by a Communist.

What did the Communist regime in Cuba do? Cut the internet & electricity and sent out special forces door to door followed by jeeps with machine guns mounted on the back to shut down the protests. The people are unarmed in Cuba - Castro & Che Guevara took their guns the minute they took power. That's why you must NEVER EVER give up your weapons. They are our only defense against tyranny.

What did Biden do? Said the protests were because the Cuban people want the vaccine! LIES. Biden is not only helping the Communists take over America - he is helping the Castro regime keep the Cuban people enslaved and helping Xi's regime keep the Chinese people enslaved!

GENERAL FLYNN: "Those that think this is solely about Cuba miss the point. Communism (socialism, Marxism, Leninism) doesn’t work. Only freedom works. And when freedom loving people raise the American Flag, All-Americans should feel a sense of pride and should at least join in prayer for their safety and deliverance from the clutches of tyranny. America stands as the true North Star for freedom and we should be the champion of all freedom loving people around the world. The great people of Cuba have put up for far too long, despots and tyrants. They know they can do better and we should stand with them."

This is why the American flag is SO important. It stands as a symbol of freedom around the world. That's why the Communists want you to burn it. That's why the Communists want you to turn your back on it and walk on it!

Here's another perversion brought to you by PRIDE, Planned Parenthood and 3rd-wave man-hating feminists. This teacher was caught mas****ating at her desk in front of her 2nd grade class. She was arrested and charged. This is what she wrote on her Facebook page:

"I am EXTRAORDINARY!! I am BEAUTIFUL!! I am PROUD of the woman I am. I don’t need a man to validate my worth. My feelings, wants, and needs are valid. I LOVE unconditionally and without ceasing. I WILL ALWAYS BE ME!"

See the problem, ladies? Just STOP it.

Meanwhile, in England, drag queens and a man dressed in a butt-less rainbow monkey costume with a swinging di**o, was hired by a local library to entertain the kids. Brought to you by PRIDE. Trust me. They are coming for your children.

I removed the pictures of his "pe***" and naked butt so I wouldn't be accused of pornography but you get the idea! He is parading around naked in front of toddlers!

PRIDE is even talking about implanting wombs in biological men and forcing taxpayers to fund the operations. That will be the next phase of the movement. US soldiers, men who think they are women, enlisting so that they can get a fully-funded sex change operation complete with a womb.

Another twist in Haiti's fake news. Now they say a Florida doctor named Christian is the REAL mastermind and wanted to be King so he hired a bunch of assassins from Colombia to murder the Haiti President. Right! Not buying this BS either!

While everyday Americans and businesses are paying DOUBLE for gas, thanks to Biden & his Communist energy policies - which impacts every aspect of our lives - Wall Street hedge funds are making a fortune betting on higher prices. How many of these speculators are funded by our "elected leaders" in Congress?

President Trump received a standing O at CPAC Dallas - and gave one of his best speeches.

“Nothing happens to ANTIFA. Nothing happens to BLM. But to people that are patriots, conservatives, or Republicans, they stay in jails for extended periods of time. They destroy their lives. We’re not going to take it anymore.”

Trump said that Schumer and Democrats made Mafia-like threats against the Supreme Court & sitting judges in private - that's why they refused to hear voter fraud causes. He said that Barr was afraid of being impeached so he backed down and refused to investigate voter fraud - he even told the US Attorney NOT to investigate fraud in Pennsylvania!

He said that MAGA was the majority in America and it wasn't even close - and that we better wake up and stand up if we want to save our country from the radical Communists!

Here's the full speech if you missed it: https://rumble.com/vjpxmb-president-donald-trump-full-speech-at-cpac-2021-in-dallas-tx-7-11-21.html

CPAC did a straw poll and asked who they would vote for President if the election was held today. Trump won with 70%. DeSantis was second with 21%. Pence got ZERO.

President Trump gave a shout out to Governor Noem who stated: "I look at Joe Biden's America, and I don't recognize the country that I grew up in." The same goes for me!

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