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Tierney's Real News (7/11/21)

President Trump gave Maria Bartiromo of Fox News a long interview this morning. He said it was a rigged election and Big Tech worked with the Democrats to steal the election & should be charged for BILLIONS in campaign contributions. He said over 1 MILLION patriots came to Washington on January 6th to protest that.

Trump confirmed that he called for 10,000 National Guard to stop the planned assault on January 6th (by fake Trump supporters) and Pelosi turned him down. He said Pelosi, Schumer & the FBI knew what was going to happen and let it happen. He said that the "head of security" for a high level person shot Ashli Babbit & they are covering it up.

"I've heard also that it was the head of security for a certain high official. A Democrat. It's gonna come out."

So now, Tucker Carlson, Maria Bartiromo and Chris Wallace are all openly talking about election fraud on Fox News - which up until a few days ago was off limits. Apparently Murdoch gave the order that it's okay to do so now. Fox sees falling ratings and the writing on the wall - yesterday at CPAC Dallas people refused to wear their name tags because they contained a Fox logo!

Chris Wallace even allowed Texas Governor Abbott to correct him and say that there is an "abundance of voter fraud" in America as concluded by an Obama judge. Usually Wallace shuts down any discussion of voter fraud.

The lead attorney on the Trump lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter & Google is John Coale. He said they've been working on the case for 3 months and he expects THOUSANDS to join. Trump said he hired mean "tobacco" lawyers who badly want this case.

Coale is married to former Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren. Coale said Trump's people asked him three months ago to put together a team of lawyers from a variety of disciplines to pursue the new lawsuits. They are focusing on the unconstitutionality of Section 230 and said that Democrats & RINOs in Congress are giving Big Tech immunity so they can go after Trump & conservatives - because they can't legally do it themselves. That makes them state actors, according to the Supreme Court, which means that the First Amendment freedom of speech applies.

COALE: "A lot of people will view this as a Donald Trump case. I view it as a 1st Amendment case. The Supreme Court over the years has defined what makes one a government actor. And Congress did that when they gave these companies immunity. One of the things that's really sad is this is prior restraint. That means I'm going to gag you before you talk because I think I might know what you're going to say. The Supreme Court hates that. It hates prior restraint."

The crowd chanted USA USA USA last night as President Trump made an appearance at the UFC 264 in Las Vegas. He sat ringside & then took selfies and signed autographs.

15 months ago they told us "15 days to slow the spread." Here's where we are.

Biden is going door to door with a "vaccine census" to find out if you're vaccinated and, if not, your name is going on a list. CNN says the "unvaccinated" must pay a heavy price and be shunned, isolated and forced to take a test twice a week.

UK scientists are working on a vaccine that can be administrated ONCE PER MONTH. The CDC says "unvaccinated" children must be masked up and socially distanced FOREVER. The WHO says children should NOT be masked & Rand Paul is trying to make masking illegal. And Obama's Director of Defense & CIA Director wants Biden to force the military to vaccinate! Is that right after they put on their mascara?

Pfizer & Moderna say we need a 3rd booster shot to deal with new "scary" mutants but the FDA says we do not. Scientists say there has NEVER been a viral mutation that results in a more lethal virus!

Several liberal cities around the world are locking down millions of people again based on just a few positive cases! If you haven't figured out yet that this is a TOTAL CHARADE, you're living under a rock!

The next step will be for the Biden administration to declare any opposition to his regime as "hate speech" - which he will use to target & round us up! The FBI is already asking people to turn in their neighbors - so is Facebook!

Richard Branson has declared himself the first billionaire in space. He's already back home. Big whoop. Branson and five crewmates from his Virgin Galactic space-tourism company reached an altitude of 53.5 miles over the New Mexico desert — enough to experience three minutes of weightlessness — and then glided back home to a runway landing.

Guys like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk get huge subsidies and deals from the taxpayers so that they can use that money to play around in outer space. Elon Musk says he wants to live and die on Mars. Branson & Bezos say they want to move manufacturing plants to space to "save" the planet.

That's not going to happen soon - their REAL goal to to remove millions of tons of mineral resources & deposits from comets & planets to enrich themselves. And shuttle other bored billionaires to the stars so they can all pretend they are God & masters of the universe.

The auditors are conducting a third count of ballots in Maricopa County and the liberal press in Arizona is running "damage control" headlines like "Why the multiple counts of ballots won't match." Hmm. Meanwhile, President Trump is scheduling a rally in Arizona on July 24th. Think he knows something?

TRUMP: "Very interesting, funny, yet sad, that every time I read or hear a story in the Lamestream Media about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, it always is preceded by the fact that, “while no evidence of voter fraud is available,” or statements to that effect, this could not be more incorrect or “fake.”

Massive evidence has been accumulated which shows voter fraud at a level that is virtually beyond comprehension. The Radical left writers say this nonsense over and over again, and so does the Fake News Media. What is true, is that as evidence comes out, they don’t write about it or bring it forward in any way, shape, or form. Nevertheless, and fortunately, it gets out through the internet and other methods, and the feeling of a Fake Election is stronger now than ever before.

Check out the recent story of 35,000 votes in the great State of Georgia, and watch what is happening in Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and other States. The only reason Detroit, Michigan, is not yet under investigation is because the Republicans in the State Senate are a bunch of weak RINOs that are afraid to act.

Detroit is one of the most corrupt places on Earth, and the information is coming out, and fast. In any event, Mainstream Media should stop saying that, “while all the allegations are false,” when they know the exact opposite is true. People and facts are coming out at a level which can only be called “fast and furious.”

Hmm. Fast & furious. Think about that.

President Trump will speak today at CPAC today around 4:30pm ET. Tune it if you're free.

Four people were arrested in Denver after a hotel maid found a massive weapons cache in a hotel room near Coors Field where the MLB All-Star game is scheduled

Police feared another “Las Vegas-style" shooting. It was in an eighth-floor room, with a balcony overlooking downtown Denver, and contained 16 long guns, body armor and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Hmm.

Remember that the left suddenly forced the MLB to move the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver a couple months ago “in response to a new Georgia law that has civil rights groups concerned about its potential to restrict voting access for people of color.” Did they really want to move it for a big false flag "mass shooting" for the gun grabbers?

General Flynn said the Democrats are likely planning HUGE false flags to deflect from the Arizona audit result & Mike Lindell's voter fraud symposium. Was this supposed to be one of them?

The saga of the Presidential assassination in Haiti keeps getting weirder and weirder. The so-called American, James Solages, that they arrested and paraded through the streets, one of the "alleged" 28 attackers, said he was there to translate for the DEA for an arrest - not a murder. He is also a Democrat candidate who is friends with Hollywood's Sean Penn and worked with him for a charity in Haiti after the earthquakes.

Rumors are that the Haitian President was "chosen" by the Communists to win the rigged election in 2016 and decided to NOT do what he was told and refused to give up his power. So he was removed. Who else was Sean Penn friends with in Haiti? Jack Dorsey of Twitter & Oprah & Bill Clinton. Sean Penn was even named Haiti's ambassador at large!

3rd world banana republic BS. Which is now rampant in America!

In the beginning, Haiti said it was a "well-organized and funded" assassination by a tight group of killer mercenaries. Now they're rounding up dozens of people off the street! Do these guys look like well-trained mercenaries to you? It's all fake news!

This Patriotic movement called BLACK-WHITE-UNITE is taking off in Europe as a counter to the Communists of BLM-ANTIFA. I hope it takes off in America!

A "progressive" art group hung a 45-foot banner reading “God Bless Abortions” on the 65-foot Christ of the Ozarks statue. Is this what Jesus would do?

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