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Tierney's Real News (7/10/21)

Facebook plans to build its own city called Willow Park near its Silicon Valley headquarters. So does Google. It will contain over 1,700 apartments, a supermarket, hotel and more.

The next step will be statues and murals of Zuckerberg on every street corner. Wait for it. He's Mao, Hitler & Stalin all rolled into one.

Up until now, Fox News has stayed away from discussing election fraud. In fact, they cut away from any person who mentions it - even President Trump. They have even banned Lindell, Giuliani, Toensing, Byrne & DiGenova from appearing on their network.

Yet, yesterday, a story came out that Rupert Murdoch himself is the guy who instructed Fox to call Arizona early for Biden. "F*ck Trump" - he reportedly said. President Trump plans to deal with all of this in his lawsuit about free speech.

Fox denied that Murdoch was involved. “Arnon Mishkin who leads the Fox News decision desk made the Arizona call on election night and Fox News Media president Jay Wallace was then called in the control room. Any other version of the story is wildly inaccurate.”

What happened next? Tucker Carlson suddenly did a segment on election fraud. He read an article that went viral about why Trump supporters think the election was stolen. Coincidence? I think not. I think Murdoch is worried that HE will be tied to the stolen election and wants to get in front of this. He should be worried. They helped rig the election for Biden!


Love this. Wealthy Florida parents are suing their child's Catholic school for BREACH OF CONTRACT for going WOKE and teaching their two daughters to "check their white privilege." I suggest that ANY church or school that engages in discrimination like this should be worried.

The couple were major donors. They want their money back & their tuition back.

This is even better. This black father, who is married to a white mother, said CRT is teaching his bi-racial child to hate her own mother! He also said teachers get away with it and the children are shamed!

"They're using CRT as their own agenda to indoctrinate kids to hate each other. Critical race theory is teaching that white people are bad. That's not true. That would teach my daughter that her mother's evil.

An educator pulled my daughter aside and said, "Well, you're a minority, so you know better than to engage in certain things." When it was brought to the school's attention, nothing happened to the educator. Instead, my daughter was brought in and she was ridiculed."

The same thing happened to me at my FORMER LIBERAL church in Lakeville, Minnesota. The Pastor brought in a speaker from Minneapolis who pointed fingers at us and told the primarily white congregation to "get over our whiteness." Many people in the congregation were furious. Few spoke out.

When I privately complained and told the senior Pastor that I did not intend to bring my bi-racial nephew to a church that tells him his "white aunt" is evil - I was told he would "pray for my racist heart." I left that church. If your church is spewing WOKE culture for BLM-ANTIFA-PRIDE and demonizing heterosexual people, white people or ANY race for the devil - please leave that church and find one that preaches the biblical word of God.

Apparently Hunter Biden isn't only a foreign policy expert and oil maven, he's also a world-class artist. How does he find time between his porn engagements & cocaine use?

New emails from Hunter's laptop prove that Joe Biden has sold Hunter's artwork to his pals for up to $500,000 per piece. The White House won't divulge to whom. Sounds like money laundering and influence peddling to me!

“So instead of disclosing who is paying outrageous sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we could monitor whether the purchasers are gaining access to government, the White House tried to make sure we will never know who they are. That’s very disappointing.”

The CDC just came out with new guidance that says children over 2 must be vaccinated or wear masks and sit three feet away from their classmates if they want to go to pre-school or school this fall. So they plan to isolate & shame unvaccinated children in school! Watch child suicide rates and drug use climb!

At the same time, the CDC says that vaccinated people are spreading the new Delta variant to unvaccinated people and that the vaccines are suddenly only 65% effective - not 95% effective. At the same time, scientists say children are not affected by COVID, don't need to be vaccinated - but ARE HARMED by masks! NONE of this makes sense.

They are talking out of both sides of their mouth. Now they're coming up with new anti-viral drugs for the fall. So, if you refuse to be vaccinated - we'll let you remove your mask if you take our new drugs? It's all about POWER and MONEY.

This is disturbing. The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus just did a new song that went viral called "We'll convert your children." People were rightly outraged. The Chorus says it's SATIRE & meant to teach children to be "tolerant and fair." Right.

"We'll convert your children, happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it. We'll convert your children, we'll make them tolerant and fair. We're coming for your children. The gay agenda is coming home, the gay agenda is here."

After a major backlash, they removed it. Why - if they are so proud of it?


The truth is most decent gay people do NOT support LGBTQIA+, PRIDE or its descent into BDSM & PEDOPHILIA. They don't attend PRIDE parades & have left the movement - because it's now been taken over by Communists, Atheists & Satanists who wish to destroy America. Wake up!

President Trump is speaking today at CPAC Dallas and issued a statement to the Senate RINOs and told them to STOP negotiating with Biden on "green new deal" infrastructure & agreeing to raise our taxes and increase regulations!


Here is a State by State Election Roundup:

In Arizona, the state Senate is conducting a forensic audit of Maricopa county's November election. Currently, the audit is looking at presidential and senate races, but it could be expanded to other races. Results are expected in one month. I'm positive that Arizona has the goods but is dotting every i and crossing every t so there can be no question.

The Pennsylvania senate just began an election audit of three counties: Tioga, York and Philadelphia. State officials are already erecting roadblocks to hamper the audit & Biden is heading there to try to stop it. The PA Secretary of State told election officials to ignore the Senate's requests!

The Wisconsin state senate has commissioned an investigation of the election, hiring 3 retired law enforcement officers to look into thousands of complaints and tips received since November. (This investigation is not an audit.)

In Michigan, Matt DePerno is uncovering election fraud through a lawsuit filed in Antrim county. Most state officials are fighting calls for an audit and the State AG threatened to arrest anyone questioning the election after Obama spoke out.

In Georgia, private citizens have filed lawsuits in several counties and are working to uncover enough fraud to compel state officials to authorize an audit.

In Washington, state Rep Robert Sutherland is scheduling public hearings to gather evidence of election irregularities.

In New Hampshire, the town of Windham conducted an audit but there has been no interest by state officials in authorizing a larger one.

Trump only needs three states to decertify to move Biden's electoral count down below 270.

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