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Tierney's REAL News (7/4/22)

A writer that I follow posted this for Independence Day. It was just what I needed to hear. Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! We are blessed!

SUNDANCE: As we gather with family and friends for this Independence Day celebration, let us we remind ourselves that freedom is a valuable and precious gift worth fighting for.

There are many current anxieties, frustrations and feelings of despondency as our July 4th, 2022 celebrations take place. However, we would be well served to remember that we alone control our responses to events around us.

We can choose to put aside all of the challenges and issues that seem beyond our control, and we can gather in joyful fellowship with our family and friends to celebrate the reason our forefathers defeated tyranny.

We Americans come from solid stock.

We carry in our DNA a fortitude of individual identity that is not dependent on government for affirmation or permission. We are the beneficiaries of those who believed in stubborn independence. What takes place at your picnic, gathering or assembly of fellowship is your independent choice.

I am reminded of an article written more than two decades ago, that still rings true to this day.

An American Credo

EDITOR'S NOTE: When this column first appeared over two decades ago on May 28, 1999, in the Jewish World Review, it was read on radio stations across the nation and went on to become what would, years later, be termed "viral".

"I am an American. I was conceived at Plymouth, born in Lexington and Concord, and reached maturity at Philadelphia.

I went through the fires of Shiloh, Guadalcanal, the Chosin Resovoir, Khe Sanh and a thousand other battlefields, and emerged rededicated to the ideals on which America was founded.

I am an American. Ever ready to defend my liberty and independence, to make any sacrifice and bear any burden - still, I seek no quarrel.

I march to the sound of the guns out of necessity alone. I fight not for glory or territory, or to make others bend to my will, but to vindicate my rights and preserve my freedom.

I am an American. I'm proud of my past. Words like Valley Forge, Gettysburg Address and Pearl Harbor -- names like Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt -- make my blood stir.

Glancing behind me, I see generations of men and women who labored and struggled, lived and died to let me stand where I am today -- who cleared the land, planted the crops, built the factories, raised the cities and made the discoveries that created a civilization which all the silent, suffering ranks of slaves, serfs and subjects who came before them could never imagine.

I am an American. While recognizing the errors that were made in nation-building (has a nation ever been built exclusively on light?) - I proclaim America's past glorious indeed, a boon to humanity, and consider myself among the blessed of the earth to share this nation's destiny.

I am an American. Liberty is my birthright. To speak my mind, choose my leaders and legislators, defend my home and family, and worship the Creator in my fashion -- these are not privileges, but God-given rights. Governments can respect or deny them; they cannot change them.

I am an American. I have no rulers. Those who make, interpret and enforce our laws are servants. When they no longer recognize that verity, their authority loses legitimacy.

I am an American. My rights are a sacred trust to be exercised in the cause of justice and virtue. They are not the playthings of a spoiled child or mechanisms of self-indulgence.

I am an American. English is my language. Our ancestors arrived on these shores speaking everything from Chinese to Yiddish. It was English that united us, that allowed us to overcome age-old antagonisms.

From the Mayflower Compact to the latest piece of legislation introduced in Congress, our history and heritage are written in the tongue of the Magna Carta and the King James Bible.

I am an American. I have no distinctive race, religion or ethnicity. I am black, white, yellow, brown and red -- Catholic, Protestant, Jew and Hindu. I came here from the hamlets of Old England, the bogs of Ireland, Napoli's sunny shore, the Pale of Settlement and the villages of Vietnam. American isn't a color or creed, but a state of mind.

I am an American. I welcome immigrants who are here to work and build, who identify with our past and ideals, who were spiritual Americans before they landed. Broken English is fine, as long as faith remains unbroken. An American speaks with the heart as much as the lips.

I am an American. My ism is Americanism. I reject all dogmas and ideologies. Collectivism, racism, militarism and imperialism have no place here. The rot that's eaten away at the soul of so many nations and cultures must be fiercely resisted.

I am an American. I recognize only one loyalty higher than allegiance to our flag -- faith in God. I acknowledge that America and God, the physical and the spiritual, are inseparable. America was founded by people of faith and grew to greatness by His grace. I pray that we will always be the instruments of His will.

I am an American. I weep over the fact that American history is no longer taught in our schools. In its place is a worldly, cynical skepticism inculcated by authors and educators at war with our basic values.

I am an American. I cringe at the collection of connivers, cowards, clowns and quacks that passes for our political leadership. I wonder that so many of my compatriots have no idea what America means and show no gratitude for the blessings that are theirs.

I am an American. My ranks grow thin; the night closes in. Whether I will be the last of my kind or the vanguard of their resurgence, only time will tell."

-Don Feder

God Bless the USA! I love this version with the United States Air Force Band. It's powerful. Please watch!

Now this is a positive attitude! Happy 4th!

Read the Declaration of Independence here.

TRUMP: "I know it’s not looking good for our Country right now, with a major War raging out of control in Europe, the Highest Inflation in memory, the worst 6 month Stock Market start in History, the highest Energy Prices EVER, and that is the Good News. Happy Fourth of July!!!

((Don’t worry, We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and remember, none of these terrible events would have happened if I were President!!!))"

This is another must read. The eternal meaning of Independence Day!

Liz Cheney, the RINO snake, wants to indict President Trump so she can run for President on the GOP ticket!

TRUMP: "Why doesn’t the highly partisan Unselect Committee of political Thugs, the same people (all Trump haters & profiteers - books, speeches, etc.) that were involved with Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax # 2, the “No Collusion” Mueller Report and, overall, the GREATEST WITCH HUNT IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA, go after the people who have been rioting, burning down cities, leading the massive crime wave, & killing many all over the U.S., including drug & human traffickers? No, let’s get “Trump"!

Warmongering and despicable human being Liz Cheney, who is hated by the great people of Wyoming (down 35!), keeps saying, over and over again, that HER Fake Unselect Committee may recommend CRIMINAL CHARGES against a President of the United States who got more votes than any sitting President in history. Even the Dems didn’t know what she was talking about! Why doesn’t she press charges instead against those that cheated on the Election, or those that didn’t properly protect the Capitol?…..So the lowlifes Rigged and Stole a Presidential Election, and I’m the one who is on trial. We are truly a Nation In Decline!"

There are "incidents" happening all over America giving the left a reason to cancel the 4th of festivities and fireworks! Engineered to destroy another American tradition. Wake up!

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated." – Thomas Paine

The guy who thinks we must accept skyrocketing gas prices for the good of the “Liberal World Order” is a former BlackRock executive - the globalist hedge fund that owns the media and corporate America. Larry Fink’s man in the White House. Blackrock has invested the swamp's money on the fall of America. Let's prove them wrong!

Over a third of America's gun owners believe they may need to take up arms to protect themselves and their families from the US Government.

A poll from the University of Chicago found that 28% of U.S. voters – including 37% who own guns – believe "it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government."

45% of voters identified as "strong Republicans" - 21% identified as strong Democrats and 35% as independent.

A majority of Americans feel as though the government is "corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me."

As I've said many times - President Trump's goal was to drain the DC swamp without engaging in civil war!

Biden's poll numbers are so low that even billionaire Jeff Bezos of Amazon is trashing him for trying to blame the oil & gas industry for inflation that Biden caused by reversing Trump's policies, cutting supply and flooding the nation with cash!

A Drag Queen wearing a wig, makeup - with fake breasts and butt implants - is prancing around "topless" taking dollars bills with a toddler. Sick, demonic, pedophiles!! Parents, please keep these Satanic perverts away from your children! I won't post a picture of it here - but you can click below to see the video for yourself! This is what the "progressives" are hiring at your local library, and local school, with YOUR tax dollars, to entertain your children and grandchildren! WHAT WE ALLOW WILL CONTINUE.

As I reported earlier, Dutch farmers are rising up because the Netherlands' Government passed a new "green" law attacking cattle farmers. History repeating itself.

BANNON: The Fight of the Dutch Farmers is one of the most important events now underway —- these folks are ‘The Deplorables’ of Holland. They have a 2,000-year proud history behind them — they will not submit, they will not comply!

Ilhan Omar was booed by thousands of Somalis at a concert in Minneapolis and told to leave.

The never reported truth about ILLhan Omar is that her brother is gay and she married him in order to bring him to America, from London, so he could undergo conversion therapy. Her parents are very anti-gay. Yet, she pretends to align with PRIDE.

MINNESOTA SOMALIS know who she really is. Many admit that they vote for her because they've been threatened. There is video documenting that. ILLhan's goons actually threaten extended families back in Somalia if immigrants here don't do her bidding in Minneapolis. Not kidding.

ILLhan's family is Islamo-Communist and aligned with the Communist party in Somalia. They are ATHEISTS - not persons of faith. ILLhan admits that she only wears a Hijab for show. They are destroying Minnesota just like they destroyed Somalia. Looks like the Somalis in America are finally standing up and fighting back against her.

Kash Patel said that President Trump ordered a complete transition to the Biden Administration in November 2020, through the Governmental Service Agency (GSA.) Therefore negating the possibility that he could ever incite an insurrection. This is the Smoking Gun that proves the J6 commission is based on a lie.

KASH PATEL: "The President of the United States is the only one that can order a Presidential transition through the GSA. In late November, President Trump ordered the GSA to transition the Federal Government COMPLETELY to the Biden administration. The law places the Department of Defense and my position as Chief of Staff in charge of the Presidential transition. We did the transition at 100%. It was the most complete transition EVER in Presidential history.

We gave them access to EVERYTHING. This proves there was no insurrection. A Commander in Chief cannot order a complete transition while at the same time allegedly inciting an insurrection. It's literally factually possible."

Biden wants you to pay high taxes and high inflation so the "Liberal World Order" can send more money and weapons to Ukraine. The US will contribute another $800 MILLION of YOUR money to military aid to Ukraine while you can't afford to fill your gas tank or feed your family. According to Biden, aid to Ukraine since the "war" began has exceeded $50 BILLION and includes:

- 600 tanks

- 500 artillery systems

- 600,000 shells

- 140,000 anti-tank weapons

That's $500 per US household! Meanwhile, they want us to turn over our weapons and open our border wide - so we can be defenseless while we pay to defend Ukraine's border! This is nothing more than another elaborate money-laundering scheme for the elites - with kick-backs to the defense contractors & donors - they are all taking a cut from our stupidity and naivete!

Obama's former adviser told CNN that Biden is "out of control." BS - Biden is doing exactly what Obama wants!

“I mean this is the lot that Biden finds himself in. There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command.”

In addition, Zero Hedge is reporting that the Fed is handing out $250 MILLION in interest payments per day to a small group of 100 some unnamed recipients. Hmm. More money laundering!

This is what the "Liberal World Order" is doing in Europe. Using the threat of climate change to destroy the food supply. Hamstringing farmers. Creating famine. On purpose! This is the Communist 101 playbook! Farmers are fighting back - just like the truckers. Bill Gates is pushing the same thing in America!

Stalin and Mao starved millions! The fake news never tells you that!

Liberal college students are worried about going to college in states where they can't get an abortion. Good - college should be about learning - not about getting a degree in "How to become a stoner and hook-up artist." There's a dozen forms of birth control. Or choose abstinence. Use your brain!

As I predicted months ago, Saudi Arabia is considering joining BRICS nations to challenge the petrodollar and end the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. This is what the war in Ukraine is REALLY about.

Good Morning America is lying and saying Kentanji Jackson is the FIRST black SCOTUS Justice in history. Did they forget about Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1967 and Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991?

Steve Bannon interviewed Archbishop Vigano about the GREAT RESET and the COVID coup. Here's a transcript. Must read!

VIGANO: "The eventual return of Donald Trump to the White House would allow for real peace negotiations, once the deep state has been eradicated from the Administration and government agencies."

Read Emerald Robinson's piece about how they are stealing elections in Colorado. Colorado is cheat by mail and they've been rigging elections for years. This one pretty much proves it. You can thank the Democrats and the KOCH RINO Libertarians!


Cassidy Hutchinson was either a saboteur from the start or a ringer planted by Trump to trip up the J6 committee. Either way - she was immediately outed as a liar and a fraud and made Pelosi's committee all look like fools! Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Many will believe the lie!

Trump told Newsmax that he respects Ron Desantis very much - doesn't rule out choosing DeSantis as his VP - and he says he's responsible for DeSantis' early rise in the GOP. That would be correct!

This unbeatable team scares the establishment GOP, the KOCH Libertarians RINOs and the Democrats to death! I still hope they run together - win - and Trump passes the baton to DeSantis in 2028 for President!

We just got through ANOTHER month of PRIDE and Americans are LESS proud than ever!

June used to be the month to honor the 'Sacred Heart of Jesus.' Then somebody decided that June should be the month to celebrate 'LGBTQIA Pride.' The GOP wants to change that and designate June as a 'Month of Life.' I'm all for that!

As of June 19th, this confused person now serves as Biden's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy. Aren't you proud?

"He/she/they/them/it" is "gender fluid" and often identifies as a dog. Not kidding.

The left wants us to believe that all people are either transgender or gay today. Why? It's just an extension of the atheist Communist war on God, the family and procreation.

For years they vilified all men as either idiots or bad. Now they vilify all heterosexuals as bad and all Christians as bad. Next, they want to chip human beings and replace humanity with robots and sex dolls to end procreation all together. Only the Globalist elites will be allowed to reproduce and the specific traits they allow will be chosen by the New World Order. The rest of us will either be aborted or euthanized. Eugenics. Planned Parenthood was born out of the NAZI eugenic movement. People are finally waking up to that deadly truth.

Jordan Peterson was just suspended from Twitter after posting the true statement that Ellen Page had her breasts removed.

CNN: "What do you say to those families that say, 'listen, we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’"

BIDEN ADVISOR BRIAN DEESE: "This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm."

He really said that. We all need to pay high inflation, high gas prices & lose our life savings to ensure that the "Liberal World Order" prevails.

WAYNE ROOT: "I told you for a year now it's all on purpose. INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of USA. It's a plan. It's Cloward-Piven meets The Great Reset. Intentional. But they're now willing to admit it out loud on national TV? Something is very wrong. They know the whole country has turned against them and they don't care. Too cocky. Throwing caution to wind.

They must know "the fix" is in for 2022 midterms. They're planning to steal 2022 midterms just like the 2020 election. They know no one stopped them last time. They believe no one will stop them this time. And then it's the end of America way before 2024."

This is what Biden's "Liberal World Order" means!

Bottomline? Biden wants to replace Christianity with atheism and humanism in America and around the world.

Here's an good article from Sundance on the SCOTUS ruling that put a big damper on the Globalists' EPA climate change scheme!

They say La Niña is the reason we are getting so much wind in 2022. Trade winds are even stronger than usual, pushing more warm water toward Asia. Off the west coast of the Americas, upwelling increases, bringing cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface. These cold waters in the Pacific push the jet stream northward.

I personally think La Nina is getting a lot of help from the climate change saboteurs at HAARP who are engineering extreme weather patterns! Isn't it funny how the weather suddenly shifts before every major American holiday! Wake up!

SCOTUS isn't done!

"The Supreme Court also agreed to hear a major election case regarding North Carolina GOP lawmakers having the authority to draw a partisan election map without state judges' interfering. The decision could impact future congressional and presidential elections. The high court will take up the case when its next term begins in October."

It will take up the case in October? Interesting timing for that, a month before Midterms.

The Constitution gives the state legislatures TOTAL power over elections - which the Democrats and RINOS ignored in 2020 and SCOTUS refused to hear any evidence on the ILLEGAL and stolen election. This looks like the case that gives the courts a way out to delegitimize 2020 and prevent future widespread voter fraud! They are waiting until the last minute to act!

The upshot of this big election case that the Supreme Court just agreed to hear is that the Democrat Party may never control the federal government ever again. Hillary is very very worried! She knows the Democrats are ONLY in power due to fraud at this point!

On first blush, it appeared that SCOTUS ruled against Remain in Mexico for a Biden win - but if you read the text - it looks like a win for the good guys. We shall see.

MILLHISER: "Everyone who is claiming that Biden "won" the Remain in Mexico case needs to look at the actual remand order that the Supreme Court handed down.

On the surface the decision in Biden v. Texas looks like a win for Biden, but the case is sent back to Trump Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk.

SCOTUS remanded the case back to Trump Judge Kacsmaryk. He will almost certainly rule against Biden again, and the Fifth Circuit will almost certainly affirm him.

Best case, it's probably going to be at least another year before Biden can possibly end Remain in Mexico."

Wayne Allen Root feels differently:

"The Supreme Court just stuck a dagger in America. They made five great rulings. They enraged Democrats from coast to Coast. Overturning Roe vs Wade was the first blow. They supported guns. They supported prayer. They supported Voter ID. They stopped EPA climate change overreach. Fantastic. Republicans rejoiced."

"But sadly, they fooled us. The Supremes saved the worst for last. In their final decision, they reversed President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. That one decision just overwhelmed all the good they did."

Schiffty Schiff is upset about SCOTUS and wants to expand and pack the court! When Adam is unhappy - I'm happy!

Dr. Zelenko died of cancer. He will be missed.

I've been taking the Zelenko protocol of Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc since March 2020. I've traveled across a dozen states and never gotten COVID. God Bless and keep Dr. Z!

DINESH D'SOUZA: "Fox seems to think it’s too good to cover “2000 Mules.” Virtually no one on our side takes that view. Fox’s bizarre, unprofessional behavior in not covering a widely popular, widely discussed, politically relevant film doesn’t hurt the film—it only hurts Fox!"

I've been saying we've been in recession since the beginning of the year. Now it's finally confirmed. Biden has been lying about the "strong" economy all along.

Biden said the US doesn't have inflation problems like the rest of the world. Hmm. Wrong! We are worse!

Rolling Stone is the fakiest fake news.

Obama says the world will be under water soon. Is that why he keeps buying ocean front property? Remember when Al Gore said the same? The are all grifters and frauds and money-laundering liars.

CBS: "This week, Wisconsin's conservative-controlled Supreme Court handed Republicans their newest weapon to weaken any Democratic governors in the battleground state, ruling that political appointees don't have to leave their posts until the Senate confirms their successor." Woohoo!

If you don't know who Royce White is - get to know him and his policies. He's a GOP candidate hoping to run against Ilhan Omar in Minnesota. I've met him - smart guy. Worthy of your attention!

ROYCE WHITE: "This entire white, neo-liberal women's movement is disgusting to me. It's racist. U r not going to convince me that Donald Trump, Steve Bannon or Kyle Rittenhouse are more of a threat to black people in this country than your local Planned Parenthood."

Trump told Merkel that Russia would cut off Germany's gas supplies if she didn't diversify and use a mix of coal, oil, gas, wind, solar and nuclear instead of just going green. She laughed at him. He was right! They are running out of firewood!

BREAKING: The January 6 Committee has sent Mike Lindell a subpoena - and they want his phone records!

Minneapolis & St. Paul are NOT having fireworks for the 4th of July - again. They have stopped celebrating Independence Day altogether. Enough said. Another reason I left my home town of Minneapolis. It no longer appears to be part of America.

She won't stop until Minnesota is destroyed - like her family destroyed Somalia. Not kidding.

Minneapolis isn't the only anti-American Communist city trying to erase the 4th of July. Other Democrat-run counties, like this Women's Group in Tucson, are actually plotting "F*** the Fourth" events. Not kidding.

Fireworks displays are being rescheduled or canceled across the county for various reasons. But is the real reason because America haters don’t want to celebrate this great nation? YES! Biden cancels Mount Rushmore fireworks again!

A new poll reveals that almost 50% of Ukrainians believe that Zelenskyy’s government bears “a great deal of responsibility” for the ongoing fighting. Even Ukrainians are waking up to the lies about Russia!

TRUMP: "A very strong Bill by great State Senator Doug Mastriano (hopefully the next Governor of the Commonwealth) just passed in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, The Poll Watcher Empowerment Act, which will bring transparency back to the election process and make sure there is no counting in back rooms, such as in Philadelphia, where they cheat, cheat, cheat! This, and other Election Integrity measures like banning drop boxes, no private funding, Voter ID, and same day voting with paper ballots, should be tied to the State Budget. Republicans must get tough and smart if they want to win (easily) Pennsylvania!"

BTW - they don't just rig elections and censor social media and report fake news. They rig our emails and fundraising and the search engines to further brainwash us all. A study found that Google's Gmail cost Republican candidates over $2 billion in donations since 2019 by flagging most fundraising emails as spam. Gmail marked less than 11% of left-wing candidates emails as spam while marking more than 77% of right-wing emails as spam.

They send my newsletters to your spam folders or often don't deliver them at all! That's why your best bet is to check my website every day to see if there is a new post if you don't get an email!

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I don't accept advertising so you don't have to wade through pop-ups & annoying ads. Thank you to all who have donated in the past. I truly appreciate your generosity!

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Please read the in-depth reports I've written on many subjects. These are worth your time! They will open your eyes.

For my commentary on Roe vs Wade, click here.

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On evidence of Election Fraud, click here.

On how Avenatti and Saudi Prince bin Talal tried to take down Trump, click here.

On October 12th, 2021, I celebrated 27 years of sobriety. I was fortunate enough to tell my story before a group of friends & family at a speaker meeting. Here's a video of my testimony if you'd like to listen - or share my story with anyone still suffering from addiction. Thank you all for being here! God is Good! Peg

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