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Tierney's Real News (6/8/21)

People are waking up. Another "TRUMP WON" sign was unfurled at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game.

Doesn't Creepy Joe look creepier than usual in this pic? Just saying. This was YESTERDAY.

In spite of all the bad news, there is PROGRESS. Look at this list of winning!

After Trump's great speech in North Carolina, the only thing the desperate fake news could come up with was some BS that he had his pants on backwards! It was hot out and they were wrinkled!

Hmm. The FBI said they "tracked and recovered" over $2 MILLION in cryptocurrency that was paid to Colonial Pipeline ransomware hackers. Right. You know all those claims that digital currency is untraceable? How did the FBI do it? Inside job! They were probably the hackers themselves!

Here's what Trump had to say about Bitcoin:

“Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam. I don’t like it because it’s another currency competing against the dollar… I want the dollar to be the currency of the world. That’s what I’ve always said.”

Kamala Harris made stops in Guatemala and Mexico during her first international trip in office as VP. She told migrants: DO NOT COME. Upon her arrival, her motorcade was met with Guatamelans with large signs that said “Kamala, Go Home,” “Kamala, Trump won,” and “Kamala, Mind Your own Business.”

Then she told Guatemalans planning to come to America to stop and go home: "I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the US-Mexico border: Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. We, as one of our priorities, will discourage illegal migration. And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back."

Hmm. That's quite a switcheroo. Polls must be tanking! The President of Guatemala said Biden is responsible for the crisis at the border - Kamala blamed Mr. Climate Change.

Then Harris said she wouldn't be visiting the border because it was just a "grand gesture." Right. Nobody wants her to come!

Remember what the fake news called President Trump when he told asylum seekers to stay home? A NAZI.

In a victory for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that immigrants who entered the US illegally, and who were granted a temporary stay in America for humanitarian reasons, are NOT eligible for green cards and permanent residency. That impacts some 400,000 illegal aliens who've been granted temporary protected status. It was a 9-0 decision and KAGAN wrote the opinion. Maybe that's why Kamala told them to stay home.

Angry people greeted Fauci as he arrived in New York accompanied by Jill Biden. They were masked up and visiting a Harlem vaccination site.

“He will not be able to WALK DOWN THE STREET. Arrest Fauci. He's a criminal. You've been scammed."

Meanwhile, in France, socialist President Macron was slapped in the face by one of his constituents. LMAO. The world is waking up to the smell of Communism & they don't like it!

Ted Cruz said that Facebook could be taken to court by people (like you and me) that had their posts about the Wuhan lab censored. Boom! Class Action!!

TED CRUZ: "Facebook was operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit of the federal government and operating as the government censor, utilizing their monopoly position to censor on behalf of the government. If you posted that [the virus escaped from a Wuhan lab] a year ago and they took it down, I think there’s a very good argument you have a cause of action against Facebook. Facebook would ordinarily say we’re a private company we’re not liable. Well, You know what, when they act at the behest of the government, when they contact Fauci, when they say, ‘should we censor this?’ and Fauci says yes, and they censor it for the federal government—and then magically when the government changes its mind and says, oh, all those facts that were there a year ago now you’re allowed to talk about it, [and] they stopped censoring it with a flip of a switch, that lays a very strong argument that Facebook is operating as a state agency, and that opens very significant legal liability.”

A new study shows that President Trump is reaching MORE people by being off Facebook & Twitter! I can't wait until his new social media site! The reach will be OFF the charts!

Why are companies having such a hard time filling jobs? Because Democrats don't want to work! A new Gallup poll shows that only 13% of Republicans believe we should remain at home due to COVID. 71% of Democrats say we should stay home!

Job openings are soaring yet nobody wants to work because Biden is flooding the country with money and paying Americans to stay home. There are just half a million more unemployed people than there are job openings!

Washington State just approved "Joints for Jabs" - giving people FREE weed if they agree to get vaccinated. Because getting people HIGH is a great way to get them back into the work force? INSANE. Even worse, if you smoke weed of ANY kind, legal or not, recreational or medicinal, you can NOT own a gun or buy ammunition. It's Federal law! If you agree to take FREE weed for a vaccine shot, your name goes on a red flag list and you are going to have your weapons taken from you! I guarantee it.

MSNBC reporters find the sight of the American flag distressing: “I was on Long Island this weekend, visiting a really dear friend, and I was really disturbed...by just dozens of American flags."

Liberals think that white people should pay higher taxes. Except themselves of course!

The National Pulse published a list of media outlets that take money from Communist China to bash America. Look at this list!


Agence France Presse

Associated Press

Baltimore Sun



Boston Globe

Boston Herald



Chicago Magazine

Chicago Tribune



Congressional Quarterly

Financial Times


Foreign Policy

Fox News

Harvard Business Review

Huffington Post

Los Angeles Times

McClatchy Newspapers

Minneapolis Star Tribune



National Journal

New York Magazine

New York Times




Philadelphia Inquirer




San Francisco Chronicle


The Atlantic

The Economist

The Financial Times

The Guardian

The Hill

The New Yorker

The Philadelphia Inquirer

TIME Magazine

U.S. News & World Report


Wall Street Journal

Washington Post


EVERY STATE's election apparatus should be audited. It looks like there are just a handful of firms that were hired to "manage" elections for Democrats across the country - like ballot printing, ballot mailing, machine maintenance, drop boxes. One firm handles many New England states. Sounds like collusion to me. Who "manages" the elections in your county or state? Find out. Zuckerberg spent $500 MILLION to pay off local officials & hire firms to rig our elections.

IT EXPERT: "Installing a vote stealing program in a voting machine takes seven minutes per machine with a screwdriver. A computer programmer could easily write the same code. Once it's installed, it could steal elections without detection for years to come."

Good news. Ruby Freeman has been subpoenaed. She's the alleged ringleader of the Atlanta, Georgia election fraud. There are hundreds of thousands of ballots under dispute in Georgia. Experts say it's the worst fraud in the country. Even worse then Arizona & Pennsylvania.

Trump called out Republicans in Pennsylvania and told them to get it done!

“The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth. If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no way they will ever get re-elected!”

Looks like there are two Republican leaders in Pennsylvania who are stonewalling on a forensic audit. State Government Committee Chairman Dave Argall, R-Pottsville – said he’s “still reviewing the pros and cons.”

While his counterpart in the House, Chairman Seth Grove, R-York, dismissed the idea outright. “The Pennsylvania House of Representatives will not be authorizing any further audits on any previous election. We are focused on fixing our broken election law to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

Reach out to Dave & Seth and let your voices be heard.

In Chicago, half-naked BLM activists are twerking on top of moving police cars. Classy. Is this another way to express that Black Lives Matter?

Could somebody tell Greta that deaths from climate change have DROPPED 99% in the last 100 years?

They're not only attacking Israel in the Middle East - now they're doing it in America. A large container ship owned by an Israeli shipping company has remained moored in Seattle since last week because Antifa-backed, anti-Israel groups are blocking the ship from unloading. They're doing the same thing in New York, New Jersey & California. ANTIFA, BLM, Hamas and Hezbollah are all the same. They all hate Israel & America.

President Trump had this to say about Never Trump RINO Murkowski:

"Senator Lisa Murkowski has cost the great people of Alaska billions and billions of dollars by voting for Radical Left Biden appointees, which in turn led to the revocation of ANWR drilling, which Alaskans have been fighting to see happen for six decades. Not only did Murkowski kill the biggest economic stimulant for the State, but also one of the biggest energy producing sites in the world. Nobody thought ANWR could be opened. We got it done, and she allowed it to be killed. She’s the best friend Washington Democrats ever had—and Alaska’s reward for that betrayal is an empowered Left coming after their wealth and jobs. I think she will be met very harshly by the Alaska voters in 15 months, and I will be there to campaign against her!"

Remember that General Mattis & Mark Esper, two Secretaries of Defense under President Trump, were BOTH in on the coup and refused to take direct orders from the Commander in Chief. They were both fired. Just a reminder to those who tell me that Trump should just have activated the military to stop the stolen election!

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