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Tierney's REAL News (6/7/22)

Tucker is FINALLY reporting that parents are bringing kids to drag queen shows and giving them dollar bills to tip half naked performers. Good to see it's finally being reported on Fox News! This has been going on for years!

In 2019, I went to a drag queen show for kids & toddlers at my local library in Minneapolis and reported on it in my newsletter. Nobody else dared say a word. He was wearing a wig & a short skirt & constantly spread his "hosed" legs in front of the children!

I was called a bigot and a homophobe for reporting the truth - and was literally surrounded by angry library workers and local LGBTQIA activists and told to leave the library that I'd been going to for 40 years! Why? I was just standing there! The activists knew who I was from my "infamous" Facebook reporting on the destruction of Minnesota by the Communists!

I haven't been to the library since. They proceeded to DRIVE ME OFF Facebook after that - reporting every single post for some BS reason - along with Ilhan Omar's goons from Cedar Riverside! It took me three years to come back to Facebook after that! For telling the truth!

Why is it taking the mainstream media three years to report on kids at drag queen shows? Because they are afraid of the LGBTQIA lobby! Read what I wrote back then!


Pedophilia. That's their end game. There is NO other reason to sexualize toddlers. There is a saying from the LGBTQIA and "Man/Boy LOVE" movement in California: "Get them before 8 - before it's too late." Think about that!

A ‘Pride in the Park’ event in Idaho to mark Gay Pride month, which is geared towards children, will include the participation of drag queens as well as satanists who have vowed to perform “unbaptisms.” Christians, do you still think this is benign and no big deal?


The LGBTQIA activists want you to keep this list of gender "identities" on your refrigerator!

CLAY TRAVIS: "Two biological men won a “women’s” cycling event in England & celebrated by kissing each other - while the woman, holding her baby on the prize stand, came in third. This picture epitomizes just how absurd “women’s” athletics has become!"


Men pretending to be women are now cheerleading for the Carolina Panthers! Ladies, the men have already taken over women's sports & beauty pageants & are pretending to have babies & breast feed. Now they are cheerleaders. It's like living in a freak show brought to you by the Democrat Party!

BANNON: From our friends at Fox News:

How is Gay Pride working out for Target Corporation in Minnesota? Stock is plummeting! Remember that Target is an invention of the Communists behind the Minnesota Dayton family - and they rigged the election for Governor Mark Dayton in Minnesota in 2010 with the help of the Koch Libertarians!


REMEMBER - Democrat Mark Dayton won the Governor's race in Minnesota in 2010 against Republican Tom Emmer by only 9,000 votes.

Tom Horner, a Koch ringer, is a RINO who ran as an independent and took 250,000 conservative votes from Emmer. This is how the Kochs ALWAYS help the Democrats win. Tom Horner was the former Press Secretary for Senator Durenberger & was the editor for the Sun Newspapers. This "strategy" is the same reason we have a Democrat AG and a Democrat Secretary of State in Minnesota! Because of Koch ringers & absentee ballot fraud!

My question is - did Emmer LET HIM WIN? Likely.

They don't just run ringers in Minnesota. This is how the Democrats took over California, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky & more! Check what's going on in your state!

Very few remember this - but it appears that Ellison & Omar & Frey gave Target Corporation a heads up before they began the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis so Target could secure their facilities. Funny how the Communists burned down every OTHER retailer on Lake Street but NOT Target! Because they were likely IN ON IT!

Now coffee is racist!?! I gave up alcohol 27 years ago and coffee is just about the only thing I drink! Tell the white liberals in Alcoholics Anonymous that they have to give up coffee now or they will all be called "sober white supremacists!" Cracks me up!

There are 7 state primaries today. If you live in one of these states, make sure you go vote for MAGA so we can vote out the left-wing lunatics who are destroying America!

BTW - Trump and MAGA Republicans predicted back in November 2020 that energy prices would explode under Biden - but the Washington Post said the fears were "overblown." The fake news will destroy us all!

The highly anticipated documentary “The Truth About January 6th” premieres today on The Gateway Pundit! This groundbreaking documentary contains never-before-seen footage of and commentary on January 6th. Here’s a clip from the documentary. Click the link watch it for free,


It looks like the FBI arrested Navarro for "contempt of Congress" to deflect from the fact that they couldn't indict Trump or Meadows or Scavino for the same.

Trump is trolling Pelosi's J6 Committee. Good humor.

So American business AND jobs are leaving for Mexico again - while the people of Mexico are coming to America to gain citizenship & allegedly vote for Democrats. Got it? The Good News is that most Hispanic people I know hate Biden and are hard-working conservatives!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I had this “stuff” shut down, but here we go again! An otherwise great company, one which my company does a great deal of business with, John Deere, will be moving a large part of its Tractor and Cab Assembly Operations facility in wonderful Waterloo, Iowa, to Mexico by 2024 (right before the Presidential Election).

I would not have allowed this to happen without serious recrimination. USA MUST FIGHT BACK. No more losing our JOBS and BUSINESSES, again, to other countries. AMERICA FIRST!"

There is a massive 12,000 person caravan ready to storm our border. You're paying for it!

83% of voters are concerned about election integrity today. That's a HUGE number. People are waking up!

Polls show that 77% of Independents & 68% of Democrats who see 2000 Mules come away believing there was widespread election fraud in 2020!

Obama gave the orders for the Russia Russia hoax. Hillary laundered money to pay for it.

I'm pretty sure the leader of the Proud Boys is an FBI informant - and most of the so-called "right-wing" operations in America have been infiltrated and taken over by the Communists. They engineer false flags that they can blame on MAGA. They should be called Fed Boys - not Proud Boys. The Oath Keepers should now be called the Fed Keepers.

Again, these "mass shootings" are being engineered by the gun grabbers. No doubt about it! This stuff doesn't just suddenly happen in every city across America!

President Trump shared this post. He says 2020 must be resolved before he considers running in 2024. Agree!

TRUMP: "Violent Crime is rampant in New York and yet Corrupt, Racist, failed Gubernatorial Candidate, Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned for her job on “I will get Trump” even though she knew NOTHING about me, spends many of her waking waking hours, for years now, trying to make her illicit campaign promise come true.

People are fleeing New York State, bringing Billions of Dollars in Taxes with them, in order to get away from people like James. New York State has never receded so rapidly!

Billions and Billions of DOLLARS is being pulled out of NEW YORK STATE. Our Corrupt Attorney General must act now and do something to stop this from happening, because it is simply not sustainable!!!"

True! Same thing is happening in Minnesota because of AG Keith Ellison & Ilhan Omar!

CNN’s Harry Enten predicted Republicans will walk away from the November midterms with a huge majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and argued the party is in its best midterm position in more than 80 years.

Lara Logan isn't so optimistic. She says the Commies will stop the mid-terms.

LARA LOGAN: "It’s hard to see how the Biden Administration & those responsible for the seditious Russia conspiracy, the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine etc. will allow the mid-terms to happen -- as more & more Americans on both sides see the truth.

It seems increasingly likely, from my intelligence and other sources, that WHO is going to unilaterally declare an international health emergency (falsely) & very soon.

What comes after that? Lockdowns? Emergency declarations? Certainly not free & fair elections, civil liberties and freedom. So what are we going to do?"

I agree with Lara. What are We the People going to do? Submit or fight?

A former Blackrock executive thinks they will push Monkeypox hard to try to cancel mid-terms!


Here is a one minute clip from former United States Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts explaining what the planned GREAT RESET really is. All of the Central Bankers from the G7 nations all gathered in the fall of 2019 and signed off on the finalization of their global financial coup - and agreed to terrorize us with COVID lockdowns to put 500 MILLION people out of work! Watch:


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