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Tierney's REAL News (6/6/22)

This is my view this morning at my "new home" in Northwest Wisconsin. Not only do I have beautiful sunsets, but the sunrise lights up the shore and brings everything to life. God's handiwork is amazing!

I grew up in Minneapolis - right in the "George Floyd" neighborhood. It was hard to leave. I love Minneapolis. It is my home. It matters to me. I already miss my friends, neighbors & family in Minneapolis but I'm feeling peaceful and content and know this is where I am supposed to be right now.

I hope you'll come visit!

It is a good time to leave. Ilhan Omar is turning Minneapolis into Mogadishu - which is strange because she is a secular Communist! She admits that she has NO faith and only wears her Hijab for politics!

This spring, under the leadership of Omar, AG Ellison and Mayor Frey, Minneapolis became the first large city in the United States to allow the Islamic call to prayer, or adhan, to be broadcast over the city, through over loud speakers, publicly by its two dozen mosques.

Lovely, huh? I predicted this four years ago and people laughed. They aren't laughing now.

Look what they've done to my city! Is this how you "Build Back Better?" I think not! This is what it still looks like two years later!

People say - who cares what goes on in the city? They say - I'll just avert my eyes and just won't go there! Well, they control the vote for the entire state of Minnesota out of Hennepin County and Ilhan Omar's district! You should care! They are deciding YOUR future for you!

Look at what they were doing just a few months ago! It hasn't stopped. It's getting worse!

The North Side has turned into one big homeless encampment! Hidden cameras prove that they pay these folks in cigarettes & liquor to vote for Ilhan Omar!

Minneapolis looked like Mogadishu after BLM-ANTIFA got done burning it down & looting it! How many people bring their families in from the suburbs anymore to enjoy Minneapolis? Few to none!

The Democrats are STILL talking about defunding the police in Minneapolis even though crime, carjackings & murder is skyrocketing in the city! The cartels & gangs have taken over my old neighborhood! People are afraid to drive there or walk there!

This article just appeared in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) about Minneapolis. We've made the big time! I grew up in Minneapolis near 38th & Chicago where the riots happened. I was born there! I went to grade school there! It used to be one of the safest & most vibrant cities in America!

WSJ: Minneapolis Hasn’t Recovered From George Floyd’s Death

Crime is high, residents are leaving, and politicians are still exploiting the tragedy for their own ends.

By Nic Rowan May 20, 2022

Jon Lundberg didn’t want to leave the city. He and his wife, Aimee, knew their North Minneapolis neighbors and were active in their church. Their Jordan neighborhood could be rough, but Mr. Lundberg believed living there was worthwhile because of the service his family gave to the community. Everything changed in late May 2020. That’s when the shooting started.

Mr. Lundberg noticed the gunfire almost immediately after George Floyd’s death on [Memorial Day] - May 25, 2020. What had been occasional became daily. Shots sometimes rang out during the school day when Mr. Lundberg’s children were distance learning. Once he slammed their computers closed and hustled the family to the floor. He found a bullet hole about 6 inches from his front door and another near his daughter’s bedroom window.

In August 2020 the Lundbergs and six of their neighbors sued the city, alleging that by flirting with the defund-the-police movement, the local government was actively causing officers to retire, quit or take medical leave.

The department’s numbers had dipped well below the minimum of 743 officers required by the city charter. Instead of defunding the police, the Lundbergs argued in their suit, the city should comply with its charter and hire more officers, train them rigorously, and “for the sake of Minneapolis, stop the dangerous actions and rhetoric and assure your citizens that you intend to protect them from violent crime.” The case is before the Minnesota Supreme Court, where it will be heard in June.

In February 2021 the Lundbergs were badly shaken by a shooting on their block. Mr. Lundberg says he counted more than 30 rounds fired in rapid succession. A doctor diagnosed his 12-year-old son with post-traumatic stress disorder after the family found him convulsing in bed with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“At that moment, I had to make the decision to stop seeing the situation through the eyes of a neighbor,” Mr. Lundberg says. “And I had to see it as a father.”

The family moved to Plymouth, a western suburb of Minneapolis. They kept the Jordan house, in hope that they may someday return. But others have left the area entirely. Nearly 14,000 people moved out of Hennepin County last year, a trend influenced by factors including public-safety concerns.

The murder rate in Minneapolis nearly hit a record last year with 96 homicides, double the number from 2019. That increase coincided with a mass exodus from the police department. More than 300 officers out of 825 have quit since Mr. Floyd’s death.

To the visitor, the lack of order is most readily apparent in George Floyd Square [on 38th & Chicago.] The barriers that blocked traffic during the past two years are gone, but the four-block area is still essentially an autonomous zone. City buses don’t stop there. Cars are often abandoned in the middle of the road.

The trashed Speedway gas station has become a makeshift outdoor living room. The city has proposed refurbishing the square as a community plaza, but the mixture of racial-justice activists, residents, and local gangs vying for control make it unlikely.

“This is still an active protest space,” says activist Susan Heineman. “So we say, ‘Meet our demands and then we’ll talk.’ ”

Those demands include firing numerous city leaders, ending qualified immunity for police officers, and giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the various groups occupying George Floyd Square. According to a manifesto posted in the square, activists won’t consent to the community-plaza proposal because “the George Floyd Memorial is first and foremost a place of protest, not commissioned by the City but by the people against the City.”

This sort of intransigence will keep Minneapolis from healing, says Don Samuels, a former city councilman, who has emerged as the leader of a criminal-justice reform movement that explicitly rejects defunding the city’s police. Mr. Samuels, who marched in the initial protests after Floyd’s death, says that as soon as he saw rioting begin, he understood that the movement would be hijacked by extremists.

Mr. Samuels points to Rep. Ilhan Omar, against whom he is running in the Democratic primary, as a typical example of a leader who embraced a destructive slogan to burnish her political credentials.

Even in the summer of 2020, Mr. Samuels says, the idea of defunding the police was unpopular with Minneapolis residents and practically unworkable. It was irresponsible for politicians to court its backers. Floyd’s death was a time for a serious reassessment of policing protocol, Mr. Samuels says, “not a call for leaders to seize the moment to demand something that just gets a rise out of the public at an emotional time.”

Mr. Samuels still thinks there is a path to recovery, though it will be difficult for cooler heads to prevail: “We have to seize this moment, not lose it by extremism.”

But Mr. Lundberg doesn’t see himself returning to Minneapolis anytime soon. And as he watches his old home from the outside, he’s not sure the city has even hit rock bottom. “It always gets to a breaking point before real change happens,” he says. “Everybody has to be broken, unfortunately. And I don’t know if we’re there yet.”

Mr. Rowan is managing editor of the Lamp, a Catholic literary journal.

George Floyd's death didn't just happen! IMHO, it was engineered by Omar, Ellision, Frey & the Globalists to destroy my city & start riots all over the country and push cheat-by-mail! All the evidence points that way!

Ask your liberal friends in Minnesota to STOP voting for Democrats - who are destroying our state - and ask your Republican friends to stand up and STOP the widespread absentee voter fraud and voting machines they've been rigging for 20 years in Minnesota to steal elections for the Communists! And tell your Koch Libertarian friends to stop voting for 3rd party ringers, that split the conservative vote, and that HELP the Democrats win every election!

It's up to We The People to wake up and wise up and take back our country!

While the Globalists continue to engineer one mass shooting after the other to frighten you into turning over your weapons, remember that Democrats LOVE guns to protect themselves and inflict harm on others - they just don't want YOU to have them so you can fight back!

MTG: “Democrats believe so much in men & women armed with guns that after January 6th, they brought in 30,000 National Guard troops from all over the country, and they [fenced in and surrounded the Capitol with armed guards] because they were terrified of some imaginary QAnon MAGA army that never showed up and wasn’t coming in the first place.

Believe me, Democrats believe in good guys with guns and they surround themselves all the time with them, but they will not do the same thing for your children.”

My advice? Buy more guns and ammo and NEVER EVER give up your guns! The 2nd amendment is the ONLY thing protecting America from the Globalist tyrants!

LARA LOGAN: It’s hard to see how the Biden Administration & those responsible for the seditious Russia conspiracy, the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine etc. will allow the mid-terms to happen -- as more & more Americans on both sides see the truth.

It seems increasingly likely, from my intelligence and other sources, that WHO is going to unilaterally declare an international health emergency (falsely) & very soon.

What comes after that? Lockdowns? Emergency declarations? Certainly not free & fair elections, civil liberties and freedom. So what are we going to do?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: “Gun laws aren’t going to change a thing. It’s going to just penalize law-abiding citizens.”

“The Left wants to disarm America. Guns will be confiscated, like they’re trying to do in Canada. We need to take a real, serious look at what the problem is and how to solve it, and not just keep going after guns. If gun laws worked, places like New York City and Chicago would be the safest places to live.”

“The huge problem is we’ve taken God out of our schools. We took prayer out of schools. We’ve allowed our school boards to do this.”

“I would encourage Christians to run for school boards - evangelical, God-fearing men and women who believe the Bible. We need people with thick skins to run for office at every level of government. We’ve got an opportunity, maybe, to get back in the game. But if we don’t have Christians running, it’s not going to work.”

“We can no longer sit back and be quiet as Christians. We’ve got to be proclaiming the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms the hearts and minds of people, and then we have to walk it out in the public square.”

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