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Tierney's Real News (6/6/21)

President Trump gave a subdued, but content-rich, speech at the North Carolina GOP convention, calling out the Chinese Communist Party multiple times, calling for them to pay $10 TRILLION in COVID reparations, calling on all countries to ignore debts to China until these reparations are paid off and calling out the Communist Party for having bought off the Biden family.

President Trump wasn't making a campaign speech. He didn't speak like a politician last night. He was talking to America like we were sitting in his living room. He told us how badly Biden is destroying America and he told us how to fix it. He's angry and he's focused and he's determined. Some highlights:

"As we gather tonight, our country is being destroyed before our very own eyes. Crime is exploding, police departments are being ripped apart and de-funded. Drugs are pouring in, gas prices are soaring, our industries are being pillaged by foreign cyber-attacks. Inflation is now at the highest level in thirteen years. The economy is going to hell under Biden."

“America’s being demeaned and ­humiliated on the world stage, our freedom is being overtaken by toxic cancel culture. Our border is wide open, illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level that we’ve never seen before. The Biden Administration seems to be putting America Last.”

“Sadly, the current administration is very timid and frankly corrupt when you look at all the money they’ve been given as a family by China. And instead of holding China accountable, the Biden administration shut down the US government’s investigation into the origins of the virus shortly after taking office. What’s going on?”

“We must never forget that Joe Biden and his family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. They bought him off.”

"The 2020 presidential election was by far the most corrupt election in the history of our country. This was a 3rd world country election like we've never seen before."

“We’re going to take back the Senate, we’re going to take back the House and we’re going to take back the White House sooner than you think.”

"The media, the Democrats, and the so-called experts are now finally admitting what I first said 13 months ago, the evidence demonstrates that the virus originated in a Chinese government lab."

"We had this horrible thing come in from CHY-NA. We got that one right too by the way. Do you notice, you see what's going on? It's called the lab, that was an easy one, in Wuhan. I call it the CHY-NA virus because I want to be accurate."

“Fauci has been wrong on almost every issue, he was wrong on Wuhan, very wrong. Fauci is not a great doctor, but he's a hell of a promoter, he likes television more than any politician in this room."

“We must declare with one voice that China must pay. There should be a 100% tariff on China. The nations of the world should no longer owe money to China. They should cancel their debt to China. So many nations have been destroyed."

“All countries should collectively cancel any debt they owe to China as a down payment for the reparations!”

“I’m not the one that’s trying to undermine American Democracy. I’m the one that’s trying to save it. Please remember that.”

"The United States should immediately take steps to phase in a firm 100 percent tariff on all goods made in China. Frankly if you raise them, they would stop building their military, companies would return to the United States."

“Without a border you cannot have a nation, certainly not a great nation. We fight for other countries borders but we don’t fight for our own border. Think of it, we fight for other countries' borders but not for our own.”

"We have people just walking into our country, nobody knows who they are, where they're from...some of these people are very very bad people."

"The survival of America depends on our ability to elect Republicans at every level...we have to get it done, we have no choice actually."

"Who the hell wants to defund the police?"

"Where is Durham? All of this for nothing."

"Zuckerberg spent millions of dollars on get out the vote efforts. Facebook may allow me back in two years. I'm not too interested in that."

"If H.R.1 is ever signed into law, there will never be another fair election."

"Biden betrayed Israel. Democrats criticized Israel while the Jewish homeland was under attack by thousands of rockets launched by Iran. It's a betrayal of Israel when you look at what happened in Congress. The radicals they have in the House of Representatives. A very, very terrible thing."

"I don't even think Biden is the dictator. If anybody knows who the hell is running that operation, could you let us know?"

"Let us summon the spirit of generations of Americans before us, who gave their blood sweat and tears for our beloved country."

President Trump introduced his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who said she's decided NOT to run for the Senate in North Carolina to replace Richard Burr, who is retiring. She has a 1 and 3-year old child. Trump then surprise-endorsed Ted Budd.

Interestingly, Mark Walker, a US House Representative, won the straw poll at the GOP convention and Pat McCrory, the former Governor, has led in public polls in North Carolina -- but Trump endorsed Ted Budd. Why?

“You can’t pick people who have already lost two races. Some of the others that are running won’t win. They won’t win.”

Walker was hand-picked by Paul Ryan! Ted Budd is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, which was co-founded by Mark Meadows.

You were told by Lin Wood & Patrick Byrne that President Trump's Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, was sandbagging Trump and not doing anything to fight the election theft. They were lying. Meadows was working tirelessly to defend the President.

While most Republicans don't understand why President Trump pushed to get the vaccine out in 10 months, I do. He was trying to save the world and stop us from killing ourselves with lockdowns & masks. The health experts & the fake news had KILLED all discussion of OTHER treatments - like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and steroids. They were LETTING people die to hurt Trump. They wanted to wait 3 years for a vaccine. By then we'd all be dead - not from the virus - but from lockdowns, economic failure, starvation and masks! A quick vaccine was the ONLY hope for the world to STOP the GREAT RESET and Big Pharma would go along with it because they could make tons of money!

The fake news and the health experts had scared so many people that close to 70% of Americans thought it was just better to hide at home!

Before the vaccine came out, only 12% had hope that COVID would get better. Now it's 84%. Trump did that. Life is getting back to normal. Without a vaccine, that would NEVER have happened.

We also need to shut down the Wuhan bio-terror lab and others like it around the world. IMHO, this virus was just a test. Rand Paul said they're working on lethal viruses that can kill 15% of the global population - or over 1.2 BILLION people.

In more good news, Republican Mattie Parker (left) was elected the next Mayor of Fort Worth, winning a run-off against Tarrant County Democratic Party Chair Deborah Peoples. She was the Chief of Staff of the former Republican Mayor.

Republican Javier Villalobos just won the election for Mayor in McAllen, Texas, a usually Democrat, Hispanic border city.

And Republican candidate, Jim Ross, won the Arlington, Texas mayoral seat. 3 for 3 last night!

The Georgia Republican Party booed Governor Kemp at their convention and approved a resolution censuring Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for rigging the election and it looks like a forensic audit may happen in Georgia. Now we need to replace them both with MAGA. They're both in bed with the Communist Party.

Also, a delegation of Georgia lawmakers are heading to Arizona next week to review procedures for a forensic election audit. Just like Pennsylvania did last week.

Twitter banned the President of Nigeria so Nigeria banned Twitter. Then, Twitter declared that access to Twitter was a 'human right' despite banning President Trump and hundreds of thousands of conservatives for their views. You can't make this stuff up.

Today, 77 years ago, American patriots invaded Fortress Europe to take down a fascist empire, the socialist NAZIs, that hated America and Britain. 77 years ago, thousands of men were on the beaches of Normandy storming Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.

RUDY GIULIANI: "77 years ago today 2,500 young Americans died on the beaches of Normandy to liberate others from oppression. At the cemetery atop Omaha Beach there are 9,388 Americans resting there for eternity. No nation ever has given so much to free others and asked for nothing in return."

Please take a moment to remember those men & say a prayer of thanks for them, for what they did, what they accomplished, for the sacrifices they made.

The socialist NAZIs began first by organizing unemployed youth into brown-shirted groups of thugs (black shirts in Italy) which violently opposed law enforcement, disrupted lawful gatherings, killed members of the opposition, and crushed civil liberties for all Germans through the use of terror, while blaming all the problems on "Jews and Slavs" - which led to the Holocaust and the "repatriation" of their wealth.

Today, the NAZI brownshirts are called ANTIFA & BLM & they're funded by Big Tech and our enemies. Today, they blame all the problems on "whites and Christians." See how this works? Mao did the same thing in Communist China - only their brownshirts were called the "Red Guard." Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

More good news in Georgia. The daughter of Ruby Freeman, Wandrea Shaye Moss, who was caught on video repeatedly scanning the same batches of ballots over and over again that they pulled out of suitcases in Atlanta in the dead of night, has been subpoenaed for a deposition. DISCOVERY rocks!

99% of the fear and anxiety you experience every day is CREATED by the fake news and PAID for by our ENEMIES. Turn OFF the TV and stop reading headlines. Quietly research ALL sides of an issue, and ask God to give you clarity, wisdom & discernment, before you render a verdict. You can literally MAKE YOURSELF SICK AND CRAZY by watching the fake news on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC or reading the headlines on the New York Times & Washington Post. The tricks they use to brainwash you were literally invented by the NAZIs and the KGB!

If your restaurant does this, walk out! Do NOT reward this madness!

This is the ultimate goal for all the LGBTQIA transgender, gender confusion and non-binary nonsense. Setting us up for pedophilia and robot sex. Sodom & Gomorrah 2.0. Porn is bad enough. Robot porn will be really really bad. Is this the future you want to leave your children?

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