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Tierney's Real News (6/4/21)

Both NBC and CNN are pushing the latest terror hoax: "Russian ransomware hackers are going after "everything" in America." Biden and the fake news are doing this for five reasons.

First of all, inflation is out of control due to Biden's economic policies of flooding the market with money and paying people to stay home. Biden needs to find a way to cover for the hyperinflation that he is creating. If an industry is hacked, and the supply chain is hamstrung, he can blame rising prices on that - not himself.

Second, Biden needs to find a way to drive American industry & jobs out of our country and into foreign lands. The latest crappy jobs report shows that his scheme is working. Non-farm payrolls increased 559,000 in May, well below the 671,000 prediction.

Third, Biden needs a way to push his new multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure package using the "desperate need" to reinforce the nation's cyber security systems as an excuse. Fourth, he knows that rising prices will hurt America and help our enemies in Iran, Communist China & Russia. He likes to help our enemies. He gets a cut of every transaction. Remember, the big guy takes 10%. The fake news also said that EVERY industry is vulnerable to these hacks in America. So we all need to hide in our basements as shortages and hyperinflation render our money worthless.

Fifth, if Biden can convince America that private industry & capitalism is inept, he can federalize all our essential Services, like Energy, Water, Healthcare, Food and Law Enforcement. That's a Communist government. Remember - what the Government gives so freely, the Government can easily take away.

Isn't it funny that, suddenly, every industry can be hacked in America except the election industry according to the Democrats? Don't buy the con. This is an INSIDE JOB. This is another planned exercise in Communist fear and brainwashing....another planned exercise to destroy America....all part of the GREAT RESET.

CATES: "Hacking into SolarWinds...no problem. Hacking into the entire Irish healthcare network? Piece of cake. Taking down the Colonial Pipeline? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Shutting down JBS meat plants worldwide? All in a days work! But you're being asked to believe Dominion was unhackable."

Here's what President Trump had to say today about the election audits. Either get it done or you won't be re-elected.

"Great patriots led by State Senator Doug Mastriano, Senator Cris Dush, and State Representative Rob Kauffman went to Maricopa County, Arizona, to learn the best practices for conducting a full Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election. Now the Pennsylvania Senate needs to act. Senate President Jake Corman needs to fulfill his promise to his constituents to conduct a full Forensic Audit. Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the State Government Committee, has to authorize the subpoenas, if necessary. The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth. If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no way they will ever get re-elected!"

We need the Republicans in Minnesota to get on board too and audit past elections! Minnesota elections have been rigged since 2006!

President Trump endorsed Governor Greg Abbott of Texas who declared an immigration state of emergency and said he's going to start arresting illegal aliens that enter Texas.

After Biden failed to get the world to raise their corporate tax rates so he could raise it to 28% in America, to be ABOVE China's rate of 25% and make us UNCOMPETITIVE, Biden backed off his scheme to raise the US corporate tax rate to 28 percent and instead offered a 15 per cent minimum corporate tax rate in his latest infrastructure package. In other words, he's being forced to follow Trump's plan. AGAIN. Because President Trump KNEW how to make America Great Again.

Turns out Obama worked with Denmark to spy on Europe. That's not going over too well.

REUTERS: "Over the two-year period, of 2012-2014, the NSA used the Danish Defense Intelligence Service's information cables to eavesdrop on top brass in Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as former German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former German opposition leader Peer Steinbruck." Remember back then that Obama put PODESTA in charge of the NSA.

After over a year, Minneapolis is finally dismantling the autonomous zone called GEORGE FLOYD SQUARE...which basically turned into a safe haven for criminals, drug dealers and gangsters!

People in the neighborhood were threatened with violence if they said anything bad about the SQUARE or about getting hit with gunfire. Most feel that the SQUARE is bad and want the road opened back up. This is the neighborhood I was born in. The neighborhood I grew up in.

“It’s very frustrating. My son hasn’t been able to come out and play because gunfire can happen at any time. I sent my son out of town for his safety. And I know I have a neighbor up the block did the same thing with her kids. I don’t know how much longer I can stay in Minneapolis.”

Yet, as GEORGE FLOYD SQUARE was being dismantled, gang violence spiraled out of control in Minneapolis AGAIN as looters targeted businesses and set fires after US Marshals and local police shot and killed a suspect in Uptown wanted for illegal possession of a firearm.

“The suspect, accused in a homicide, didn’t follow commands from the U.S. Marshal Service task force – made up of local law enforcement – and pulled out a gun during the attempted arrest, FOX 9 in Minneapolis reported, citing authorities. He was pronounced dead at the scene."

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke at the World Trade Center last night and said: “I saved more black lives than anyone else by STOPPING CRIME.” He’s right, you know. His "law and order" policies in New York CLEANED UP CRIME in the 1990's and SAVED thousands of lives. I wish Rudy was in charge of Minneapolis. We might have a fighting chance to survive as a city.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he tried to bring out information about the origins of the CHY-NA virus. But he was regularly stonewalled by Fauci's NIH and the intelligence community. He said DNI Director Ratcliffe was fine but everybody around him was not. The swamp is deep and wide.

Career staffers didn't want them to investigate the possibility that the the VIRUS came from the Wuhan lab because it would expose Fauci & the NIH's funding for gain-of-function research there. Hmm. Were they all taking cuts?

"A small group within the State Department had acquired classified intelligence suggesting that three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers conducting gain-of-function experiments on coronavirus samples had fallen ill in the autumn of 2019, before the COVID-19 outbreak was known to have started." They kept this information secret.

Meanwhile, it just came out that medical researchers with the Communist Chinese People's Liberation Army engineered mice with "humanized lungs" in 2019 to test viruses on them, months before the pandemic was "discovered." President Trump wants China to pay $10 TRILLION in damages - I think we should up it to $20 TRILLION.

BTW - this is the next thing they'll be pushing to get you to take BOOSTER SHOTS. The NEPAL MUTANT STRAIN is coming for America! It's a close relative of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma Delta Indian & South African mutants! Run for cover!!

Another 10,000 Fauci emails are about to be released. WHEN Fauci gets hauled in front of Congress, he needs to be asked - under oath - when he knew that the Pfizer vaccine got Phase 3 approval, and *if* it was intentionally kept quiet until after the election. 0% chance Fauci first learned of it from Pfizer’s November 9 press release. Fauci held back the vaccine past the election to hurt Trump and help Biden.

Why hasn't Mike Pence commented on the Fauci emails yet? You would think as the head of the COVID task force he would comment.

Instead, Pence just made these comments in New Hampshire: "The privilege of serving alongside President Donald Trump, it’s the greatest honor of my life. January 6 was a dark day in the history of our US Capitol...that same day we reconvened the Congress and did our duty. President Trump and I have spoken many times since we left office. And I don't know if we'll ever see eye to eye on that day. But I will always be proud of what we accomplished. You know, I’m writing a book at our time in the White House. Almost everybody’s excited about it."

Mike Pence must answer some basic questions: Why did he break his promise at the last minute on January 6th & not send the disputed electoral college votes back to the swing-state legislatures as they requested? Why was Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short, locked out of the White House by Trump? Why did Pence's staffer Jennifer Williams testify in the bogus Ukraine impeachment? Why did his staffer Olivia Troye start an anti-GOP organization?

Mike Pence's actions do NOT match his words. He's a liar.

President Trump is set to make a major speech in North Carolina on Saturday. I imagine we'll learn new things about what's ahead. Then, members of the Republican Study Committee will meet with Trump next week in New Jersey to map out the party’s future. I'm guessing there won't be any hammering out, Trump will dictate his terms & the GOP will have no choice but to accept them. He controls the money. The GOP doesn’t represent America anymore - Trump does. "Well, I'll tell you what, we're going to make you very, very happy."

TRUMP: "A great honor to be speaking at the North Carolina GOP convention tomorrow night. I understand the place will be packed, all records broken! North Carolina produced a big victory for us, without a fraudulent outcome—missing ballots, illegal voting, dead people voting, and all of the other Democrat tricks. Before my Election in 2016, everybody said North Carolina was going “Blue,” now they are saying that the Great State of North Carolina is surging big for Republicans. Look at the results we have produced. Thank you to Michael Whatley and the state party. See you tomorrow night!"

An oldie but goodie. Trump didn't change once he got to the White House. He was always a straight shooter. NO BS.

American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years are alien spacecraft, but they still cannot explain the unusual movements. So Biden's latest attempt to deflect from election fraud with scary UFOs is over. On to the next thing.

After two Facebook whistleblowers came out and revealed just how deep Facebook's censorship really goes, Zuckerberg said he's going to hunt people down and fire them: "We need to find and terminate people who leak stuff... and we're very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff." Don't forget that Zuckerberg & Fauci are partners in crime.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: "It looks like the Deep State has a science department!"

If you're wondering who is really running the Biden White House - it's Obama. He just said so himself. Obama said 90% of Biden's people are Obama staffers and Biden is finishing up Obama's agenda. Mystery solved.

How do you know for sure that the potential departure of Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel is a BAD thing for freedom around the world? Because Iran's terrorist leadership wants the other guys & is positively giddy about the new Israeli "regime":

"Netanyahu has joined the disgraceful journey of his anti-Iran co-conspirators—Bolton, Trump and Pompeo—into the dustbin of history. Iran continues to stand tall. This destiny has been repeated over several millennia for all those wishing Iranians harm. Time to change course."

Remember, Iran is in bed with Russia, North Korea & Communist China - AGAINST America and Israel. Iran enslaves women & hangs gays. 90% of Iran lives in poverty. There's NOTHING free in the Islamic regime of Iran. Any country that paints PERMANENT murals of their leaders on the sides of buildings, as a reminder to people they are being WATCHED, is NOT free!

Biden has ordered US embassies around the globe to fly the LGBTQ flag during Pride Month, but has banned it in countries where they imprison or execute gays! Shouldn't those be the very countries where we SHOULD fly the LGBTQ flag? No, that would require Biden having a spine and a heart!

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