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Tierney's REAL News (6/3/22)

I warned you that the "mass shooting" in Uvalde, and the sudden rash of mass shootings in other towns, is a coordinated set up, engineered by Team Biden and the Globalists, as an excuse to circumvent the 2nd amendment and seize our weapons. The storyline keeps changing but the motive is the same.

RAV: "They're covering up what REALLY happened in Uvalde so they can use the deaths of those children to try to push gun control laws, to take guns away from law-abiding Americans."

Biden just came out with this tweet:

I predicted this yesterday. Biden wants to repeal gun manufacturers' immunity from liability (meaning he's saying that guns kill people - not people) but he's fine with Big Pharma's immunity from liability & the fake news' immunity from liability. Why? Because they are HIS donors! Remember, criminals don't obey gun laws! And guns don't kill people - people do!

BIDEN: "We need to repeal the liability shield that often protects gun manufacturers from being sued for the death and destruction caused by their weapons. They're the only industry in this country that has that kind of immunity." LIES.

BIDEN: "The Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute." YES IT IS.

BIDEN: "We should also have national red flag laws so that a parent, a teacher, a counselor can flag for a court that a child, a student, a patient is exhibiting violent tendencies." You mean the same teachers who taped masks to students' faces & bullied them into taking injections? No thank you!

We know now that the FBI is always aware of the "violent tendencies" of every mass shooter in the past - they even have a file on the so-called "suspects" and have often been monitoring the suspect for years - yet, somehow, in spite of knowing all this, they let it happen! That tells me they are either FBI agents, FBI informants or FBI patsies! It's all set up by the three-letter agencies to control us and take our weapons!

Remember this?

How do you think the Revolutionary War started? The Redcoats called to DISARM the people and tried to confiscate the weapons of Patriots! They even "arrested" the resistance! Sound familiar? It's 1775 right now - all over again! Suit up! Buy more guns and ammo!

WASHINGTON POST: "As British troops sailed to Boston in 1768, the Boston Gazette reported that the ministry commanded things "more grievous to the people, than any thing hitherto made known," the first of which was "that the inhabitants of this Province are to be disarmed."

By 1774, the British were routinely conducting warrant-less searches and seizures of firearms in the Boston area, leading the Gazette to exclaim that "what most irritated the people next to seizing their arms and ammunition" was the arrest of patriot political leaders. King George III ordered the seizure of any firearms imported into the colonies.

Just after the Redcoats' attempt to seize the arms of the rebel militia at Lexington and Concord in 1775, Gen. Thomas Gage ordered all the inhabitants of Boston to turn in their arms at Faneuil Hall for temporary safekeeping. When the people complied, troops seized the firearms, never to return them. A patriot poet described Gen. Gage's order as saying:

"That whosoe'er keeps gun or pistol, I'll spoil the motion of his systole."

The arms seizures were a major cause of the Revolution. Arms seizures will be the major cause of the NEXT civil war! MSNBC says LAW-ABIDING Americans don't need guns - they said the only reason that "we" want guns is to preserve "white supremacy & slavery." NOT KIDDING. LIES.

Like Bannon says - Patriots should watch the headlines from MSNBC - it's the official Commie mouthpiece in America - even more so than CNN - & they always telegraph their plans!

Here's Elon Musk making fun of June - now known as "Pride" month.

June used to be the month devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Now it's devoted to the gay, queer and transgender lifestyle - LGBTQIA! It's now devoted to helping sexualize and castrate children in the name of gender identity! It's now devoted to parades in every city and town filled with nudity & kink! See how that works? Communists RENAME and REPURPOSE every American & Christian tradition.

Valentine's Day is now the day to remember the Parkland Massacre, Easter is the Day of the Covid Dead, Memorial Day is George Floyd Day, June is Pride Month, July 4th is BLM March Day, and on and on and on.

We are no longer supposed to say Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Hanukkah to honor the Judeo-Christian roots of our nation. Instead - we are supposed to say Happy Holidays and celebrate Kwanza & Ramadan & Eid with our neighbors. You see how this works? That's how they ERASE our history and replace it with their own!

America is funding it's own destruction! Wake up!

This should be interesting. Russia Today (RT) is banned from social media!

The new Democrat Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, thinks he's going to be the Democrat nominee for President in 2024 and run on "mask mandates" and "vaccine mandates" to keep you safe! I had great hopes for this man when he became Mayor of New York - so did Giuliani - turns out he's just another Commie like de Blasio!

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