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Tierney's REAL News (6/28/22)

As predicted, Biden's corrupt DOJ is trying to take down Truth Social and they also seized the phone of John Eastman, President Trump's election lawyer, without cause. 3rd world tactics. They will do anything to stop the GREAT AWAKENING. Meanwhile:

BREAKING: Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger - who was in charge of Capitol security on January 6 and who blamed 'professional agitators' - NOT MAGA - died suddenly, just hours before TODAY's J6 surprise hearing. Stenger had previously testified that J6 was infiltrated by "professional agitators."

I guess the J6 committee had to murder him before he could say that on live TV during the hearings! His cause of death has NOT yet been revealed.

Stenger, the man in charge of protecting the Senate during the Capitol riot died suddenly just a day before Pelosi's J6 Committee was set to reveal new evidence in a "surprise" session. Hmm. Michael Stenger, 71, was the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate on January 6th.

Stenger worked for McConnell and resigned after J6 amid criticism he had failed to react effectively to the building being overrun. His sudden death on Monday came the same day Pelosi's committee suddenly announced a surprise hearing! The surprise meeting will 'present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.' Sounds like another set up!

The surprise witness is Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Donald Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows. She claims that Trump approved of calls to 'hang Mike Pence.' Trump says that's a lie.

She will be the first White House employee to testify publicly before the committee. It sounds to me like she's another saboteur looking to frame Trump - and the J6 committee needed to get Stenger out of the way to dispute her testimony!

Stenger previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and spent 35 years in the Secret Service. He was the chief law enforcement officer and head of protocol for the chamber since April 2018. In February 2021, Stenger told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the role of 'professional agitators' needed to be investigated.

He said: 'There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6.

Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators.'

We now know that NAZIs from Ukraine's AZOV battalion were trained by the CIA and imported to infiltrate J6 and frame MAGA for an insurrection. We know these same mercenaries conduct false flags in America and all over the world. We know that the FBI was on the ground on J6 along with their paid informants & agents.

We now know that the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were also on the ground on J6 and have been infiltrated by the Communists and are working against America to frame MAGA. Pelosi's J6 Committee doesn't want that truth coming out. So Stenger was likely Clinton-cided. Just like Epstein and dozens of others!

Marjorie Taylor Greene highlighted the clip of Stenger admitting there were paid agitators at January 6th. People tell me that the Globalists couldn't possibly be that evil - and murder witnesses and innocent children and frame others for doing it. Yes, they can.

PS: They say Stenger died of cancer and was found at home. Hmm. He just left office a year ago, healthy. If he was dying - why wasn't he in hospice? Why have we not heard this before? Why was he scheduled to testify if he was dying? The Medical Examiner didn't even weigh in! STINKS. We are NOT that stupid!

Ephesians 6 commands us to stand firm against the Globalist forces of darkness.

Today’s key primaries are in New York, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois and Utah. Runoffs in

Mississippi and South Carolina. PLEASE GO VOTE MAGA.

Researchers have found a clue as to who is naturally immune to COVID - even before exposure. I don't usually report on COVID any longer - but this is important. There is a reason elderly people succumb to viral and bacterial infection at a higher rate. They do not have natural antibodies in their mucus membranes at the same level as younger people!

For six months, researchers investigated 156 employees from five primary care health facilities who had NOT been vaccinated against COVID-19, and never got sick although they had to work with infected patients on a daily basis during the height of the pandemic.

They identified high levels of IgA (immunoglobulin A) in their respiratory tracts, which could mean they had an antidote in their immune systems all this time. These antibodies are found naturally in mucous membrane secretions in the airways and gastrointestinal tract, where they protect the body by binding to viruses and other invading organisms - to stop them before they cause infection. God's vaccine.

“We all have IgA. Some have more than others. It’s found on the mucous membranes, and COVID-19 is an infection that spreads via those membranes. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an antibody blood protein that’s part of your immune system. Your body makes IgA and other type of antibodies to help fight off sickness.

Having an IgA deficiency means that you have low levels of or no IgA in your blood. IgA is found in mucous membranes, mainly in the respiratory and digestive tracts. It is also found saliva, tears, and breastmilk. A deficiency seems to play a part in asthma and allergies. Researchers have also linked IgA deficiency to autoimmune health problems, frequent infections that can include sinus, lung, and digestive infections.

Some people with IgA deficiency also are more likely to have allergies, and digestive and autoimmune problems such as celiac disease or lupus. IgA deficiency is a health problem that is passed down through families in about 1 in 5 cases. This means it is genetic. IgA deficiency also INCREASES in the elderly - particularly in their saliva, making them more susceptible to infection! It can also be caused by medicines you are taking - like sulfa, phenytoin or penicillin. There is no cure for IgA deficiency. Immunotherapy does not work to treat it."

This is why it makes total sense to vaccinate the elderly and vulnerable against COVID and let the majority of the rest of the population resist infection with natural immunity - either innate or derived.

BTW - Kari Lake took on Bret Baier of Fox and won. It was a sight to see. It's worth your time to watch a real female warrior! Watch Bret's face - this is how it's done! She's calm, cool, educated, prepared, articulate, tenacious, honest & relentless!

Remember that Bret Baier changed after his family was in a bad traffic accident on vacation a few years ago. After that, he became anti-Trump. I'm guessing he was threatened. Now he's Never Trump and he's the guy who called Arizona early for Biden!

In the last 5 days the Supreme Court has:

● Ruled that you don't need a special reason to apply for Concealed Carry permit

● Repealed Roe vs Wade, returning abortion to the states

● Ruled that praying in school is OK

● Ruled that non-citizens and illegal aliens can NOT vote in US elections.

Winning! God is answering our prayers!

Homeland Security says abortionists are planning to attack churches. Make a plan. I believe these rulings caught the Commies off guard and they haven't had a chance to fully mobilize yet. They will.

I've been waiting for Trump to take on the devious Never Trump RINOs - like those at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the National Review - who are destroying the GOP. This is glorious!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I listen to all of these foolish (stupid!) people, often living in a bygone era, like the weak and frail RINO, Peggy Noonan, who did much less for Ronald Reagan than she claims, and who actually said bad things about him and his ability to speak, or Rich Lowry, who has destroyed the once wonderful and influential National Review, the pride and joy of the legendary William F. Buckley, or George Will, whose mind is decaying with hatred and envy before our very eyes, or Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, two people who are finally out of the conversation and of no relevance whatsoever.

Where do these people come from? They have no idea what the MAGA movement is, and even less of an understanding of America First, which is necessary, and even vital, to save our Country. People like these are nasty, jealous, not smart, and of no use to the potential greatness of our Country. They talk, they criticize, and they complain, but they don't have the ability or talent to get anything done. They are shortsighted "losers," and will never understand what it takes to Make America Great Again!"

I wish he would have added Ben Shapiro - another RINO snake!

This is a quick summary of why red flag laws are bad!

NPR is spinning a new narrative that some left-wing Jewish groups believe that overturning Roe vs Wade violates their religious beliefs and reports that the Torah, the Mishnah and the Talmud all view a fetus as a soul only once it's born. Got that? Now abortion "bans" are against religion!

But they fail to report that conservative & orthodox factions in Judaism welcomed the Supreme Court's opinion:

"We pray that today's ruling will inspire all Americans to appreciate the moral magnitude of the abortion issue, and to embrace a culture that celebrates life."

Biden is overseas making commitments to send OUR money and spill OUR blood for other countries while America is on fire. Why? Because that's where he and his Commie cronies have invested their money! They have literally invested their 401Ks in "death to America!"

Our enemies also have lots of dirt on the Biden family's treasonous money laundering schemes and Hunter's escapades - so BLACKMAIL!

Want more information on that? It's not just Biden who launders our money to help himself and our enemies. Read here:

When you ask real Americans what they think - they don't like Biden and they understand that SCOTUS honored the Constitution!

"I'd tell Biden to get out of office man. He's f***ing things up. It's over. Let Trump back in. He did better for the black culture."

"Without getting political about Roe vs Wade, I think one of the best things we can do is decentralize power and move it back to the states. So that was good."

This is why I can't take any of these "activists" seriously - this demonic clown mailed blood from her period to the Supreme Court and then bragged about it on video!

BTW - while many European socialist leaders are mocking SCOTUS and red states that restrict abortion - in Europe, most abortions are illegal after 15 weeks. HYPOCRITES.

Project Veritas has new undercover video that revealed this Democrat candidate calling herself the N word and telling an inmate that we need Democrat candidates running as fake Republicans - wearing black and rioting at night - and using dope money to pay for their campaigns. This one is going to hurt!

"We need some secret sleepers. We can flip some s*** from the inside out."

BTW - this is how they took over Minnesota, Colorado & California. With ringers pretending to be GOP!

While all this nonsense is going on - our real President is holding rallies and meeting with our nation's finest. America first!

School choice is happening! Parents are awakening! Praise God!

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