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Tierney's REAL News (6/2/22)

Biden's DOJ wants to bring back mask mandates on planes. They asked an Appeals Court to OVERTURN a Federal Judge's order (a Trump appointee) that declared the travel mask mandate illegal and unconstitutional.

Numerous LARGE scientific studies now prove, as I've said from the beginning, that masks do NOT stop viruses from spreading! In fact, they make the wearer sick - both physically & emotionally - and are causing an entire generation of school children to be literally scared stupid!

So, why does Biden want the Federal travel mask mandate reinstated? It's about POWER. He wants to make sure that the CDC has "the power" to enforce widespread mandates for "future pandemics" of any kind!

TEAM BIDEN: “Our focus here was seeing what power we had to preserve.”

Let me say that again - "pandemics" of ANY kind! What do they have planned? Climate pandemics, flu pandemics, monkeypox pandemics, cyber pandemics, blackout pandemics, more COVID pandemics, famine pandemics, financial pandemics, terrorist pandemics, even UFO pandemics!

Think I'm kidding? Did you know that MSNBC has just declared that all the mass shootings - that are SUDDENLY happening EVERYWHERE in schools, hospitals, and events - are "pandemics of gun violence?" Yep.

So now the COVID PANDEMIC is over and it's being replaced with a GUN VIOLENCE PANDEMIC? These mass shootings are "false flags" - set up by the Feds and the Deep State - there's NO way they are just happening!

They are murdering your children in order to get you to willingly give up your guns! Just like Parkland. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. They did the same thing in the UK & Germany & Canada & Brazil & China & Russia & all over the world! Wake up! This is their playbook! This is how they take over the world without firing a shot!


They start with banning "assault rifles" - then large magazines - and now they are going for 9mm handguns! Soon - they will declare all guns - even hunting rifles - too dangerous for you! They limit concealed carry. They raise the age to purchase. They remove certain KINDS of guns. This is what they do! They think you will not notice if they do it in small bites! Even some gutless RINOs are helping them!

Then they use "red flag laws" in order to arbitrarily declare ANYBODY they want as unsuitable to own a weapon. Just like they used COVID to declare certain people unfit to travel, work or even have a bank account!

They think you are that stupid. It's all about scaring you into submission so that you WILLINGLY will turn over your guns! The goal is to keep the world in a constant state of terror so you finally give up and give in!

Do not do it! The second amendment (2A) is the ONLY thing protecting us from the globalist tyrants!

No matter HOW many mass shootings the gun grabbers engineer - and no matter how many people the gun grabbers kill - NEVER EVER give up your guns. In fact, buy more guns and ammo.

You think you have a headache now? Wait until they disarm We the People and the only people with guns are the Deep State, the cartels, the terrorists & the criminals!

Biden keeps arming the Ukrainian neo-NAZI militia with BILLIONS of dollars of guns and bombs - while telling Americans that guns aren't safe!

Who do you think they hire to come to America to burn down our cities & murder our children???? Who do you think they hired for Charlottesville, Pulse, Parkland, Austin & Ft. Launderdale? These are the kind of well-trained mercenaries that perform all kinds of false flags - on American soil and elsewhere- that are untraceable - and that they blame on patsies like Ramos & Cruz! They use OUR tax dollars to train assassins and import them to attack Americans!

WATCH. Before mid-terms, they will use hired mercenaries to murder more people - and then FRAME Trump supporters & MAGA as patsies for mass shootings. All part of the plan! The same way they framed MAGA for the violence on January 6th - those innocent people are still rotting in prison!

They've been doing this for years! Using hired assassins to murder the opposition and then trotting out some patsy to take the fall. Thankfully, FINALLY, people are waking up to the reality that EVIL does exist and the Deep State really are THAT evil - they will murder our leaders and even murder your children to get their way and force you into submission!

Our founders knew THAT kind of EVIL existed! That's why they said - in order for America to remain FREE - the right to KEEP and BEAR arms shall NOT be infringed!

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