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Tierney's REAL News (6/19/22)

It took me years to realize what a blessing my father really was. A gift from God. He was my protector and loved me beyond measure. He was always there for me. He loved Jesus. He spoke the truth and corrected me when I was wrong. He tried to save me from myself! I have found few people in my life who cared about me, and for me, like my father. He was willing to humble himself to save me. That kind of love and devotion and loyalty is rare in today's world.


I miss you Dad. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Here's a Father's Day classic sent to me by a friend. Enjoy!


BTW - Did you notice how the Communists were all celebrating Juneteenth instead of Father's Day on Sunday? Another replacement holiday from the evil ones trying to overthrow our nation for Satan. The Communists hate strong men. They hate fathers. They hate the family. They need to replace all our Judeo-Christian & American traditions and try to get us to worship their false idols!

A 15-year-old boy was murdered and a police officer was wounded in this DC Juneteenth gangster celebration on Father's Day! Isn't that wonderful? NOT. Stop buying their BS! Fathers are important!

VIDEO: https://t.me/TierneyRealNews/122808

They are replacing all American holidays - like Valentine's Day is now Parkland Massacre Day and Memorial Day is now George Floyd Day and June is now Pride Month instead of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Month and July 4th is BLM-ANTIFA March Day instead of America's Independence Day and, according to the New York Times, Easter is now the day to remember the COVID dead!

Take two minutes and watch this 2 minute clip from this woman about the insanity in America. She nails it! Play this one for your family and friends!


More reasons to celebrate!

No voter fraud - they say? The Texas GOP officially rejected the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election and said Biden did NOT win!

TRUMP: "Wow! Look at the Great State of Texas and their powerful Republican Party Platform on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud. After much research and study, they disavow the national result for President. Such courage, but that’s why Texas is Texas!!! They know that a Country cannot survive without Free and Fair Elections (and STRONG BORDERS!)."


Hyper-inflation is 33% in Germany and Russia is cutting gas supplies to Germany (as Trump warned years ago) and Germany is now being forced to restart old coal plants and fire up nuclear plants. You can NOT run a country on wind mills and solar panels! The GREEN NEW DEAL isn't working! Greta is weeping!

How can Macron the socialist win?

I'm not anti-vaccine. Vaccines have saved billions of lives throughout history. But I am against using vaccine mandates to enrich Big Pharma & the politicians they donate to! We don't need to inoculate children against hundreds of non-deadly diseases! God gave us a healthy immune system for a reason!

I told you that the Uvalde shooting was another False flag engineered by the Feds for the gun grabbers. Just like Parkland. Everything they told you was a lie.

Yes - we know that Epstein didn't kill himself!

Remember when Biden said he'd take responsibility for his failures? Not so much.

Is this how the Democrats plan to sideline Biden and turn him into a victim?


No wonder Elon Musk of Tesla hates Biden. Biden keeps saying that GM leads the pack in electric vehicles!

Team Biden is invested in electric car company stocks - so they want you to buy one!

Be like her.

Not like him.

Now the left says that climate change will cause people to spontaneously combust. This is the latest fear mongering BS! Hurry - buy an electric car and put a solar panel on your roof and a windmill in your backyard before you vaporize!

AND you're a racist white supremacist if you love nature! That would be me!

Now the left says that men can't give blood unless they agree to say if they are pregnant or not!

Left wing lunatic teachers are now against using the terms daughter & son when talking to the parents of students! Why are parents still letting these crazy people still teach your kids? REMOVE them from this hostile, poisonous & dangerous environment!

The parents are sicker than the kids!

This LGBTQIA teacher named Alden Bunag claimed it was a conspiracy and that he wasn't grooming children and then was arrested for having sex with a 13 year old male student!

Look at the little heart on his T-shirt. Evil pedo!

Have I told you before that studies as far back as 1970 show that 11% of ALL public school children are abused by their teachers or coaches - and 40% of that abuse is by women (both gay and straight!) It's covered up and the teachers unions do nothing - when caught, they just transfer pedo teachers to another district to continue abusing!

Add that up and it amounts of MILLIONS of school children abused in our public schools - by left-wing atheist & Satanist teachers - every year and it's never reported! The big con.

Even the Air Force is recruiting using the rainbow flag!

PAUL SPERRY: "January 6th is a distraction from the real insurrection of January 5, 2017, when Biden, Obama and Rice plotted with Comey to take out Trump & Flynn."

Good point! Welcome to the Republican Party, Mayra!

Soros is desperately fighting back to stop Hispanic Republicans like Mayra!

Meanwhile, CNN continues the slow march to the right!

President Trump spoke in Nashville at the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Nashville. Some highlights:

"The entire Republican party needs to get tough and take the Radical Left's crusade against our culture HEAD ON. These people are at war with Western civilization. They're at war with science. They're at war with truth, reason, and common sense, and in a very, very real way, they are at war with morality itself."

"We believe the United States of America is the greatest and most virtuous Republic in the history of the world. In America we don't worship government, we worship God!"

"The leftist extremists are consumed with resentment, envy, intolerance, bigotry, malace, and even rage. We are going to take back our Country in November."

"Crazy Liz Cheney removed the part of my quote where I urged people to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard. Think of that, compare that to Maxine Waters, you ever watch her?"

"Mike Pence had a chance to be great. Mike Pence had ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE but to be a 'human conveyor belt'."

"The war in Ukraine should of never happened. If I were President that would never have happened. 100% would have never have happened."

“The very first people to receive subpoenas [after Republicans take back Congress] should be Crazy Nancy Pelosi, warmonger Liz Cheney… Adam Schifty Schiff… and the RINO Adam Kinzinger, the cryer. Remember in the end, they are not after me, they are after you.”

"Am I allowed to cry like Adam Kinzinger? I still haven't figured out if his crying is real."

"They're letting off arsonists and left-wing rioters who assaulted police officers, threw Molotov cocktails right in their faces."

"I watched this Adam Schiff the other day - Schifty Schiff. Guy's nothing. He's nothing. We call him Watermelon Head. It's the perfect shape of a watermelon."

"If you add them all up together, and multiply by five, I was investigated more than them."

"The current education system is so upside down that school prayer is banned..."

"You can't teach the Bible but you can teach children that men get pregnant and kindergartners are allowed to pick their own gender."

"They also need to crack down hard on Big Pharma for giving 'puberty blockers' and other dangerous drugs."

FULL SPEECH: https://rumble.com/v18u1n4-full-speech-donald-trump-speaks-at-the-faith-and-freedom-coalition-in-nashv.html

This is a scary scene out of New York. Look what Democrat cities have become.


Democrats and RINOs - and Koch Libertarian saboteurs like Ann Coulter - still keep saying there is no voter fraud - in spite of all the evidence provided in 2000 Mules. This woman who just pled guilty to 26 counts of voeter fraud would disagree!

Most politicians who refuse to admit there is election fraud were elected by fraud themselves! They want to keep the game going!

PAUL SPERRY: "The Big Three networks --ABC, CBS and NBC-- have all preempted daytime programming to carry the Kangaroo J6 Committee hearings live, along with even Fox News (and local Fox), as well as CNN and MSNBC, and of course, C-SPAN and PBS."

But ratings are so bad they are rethinking that!

Stephen Colbert & Adam Schiff were caught plotting another insurrection hoax at the Capitol! Another example of how the fake news is in bed with Congressional Democrats to destroy America!

JTN: "Seven staff members of “The CBS Late Show With Stephen Colbert” were charged with unlawful entry after being detained by U.S. Capitol Police following interviews with congressional lawmakers for a segment with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog."

Turns out they were let in by Schiffy Schiff!

I thought the Demon-rats said that the US Capitol was sacred ground and NOBODY is allowed in but elected members of Congress & their aides. Remember all those fences they put up to keep us out? Remember all those people rotting in DC jails because they entered the US Capitol through open doors after they were invited in by the Capitol police? Yet, Schiff let in Team Colbert for a gag!


Biden's LGBTQIA staffers are laughing at America's stupidity and naivete - they can't believe you're falling for all their evil BS! Look at that new rainbow flag signifying sodomy. This is what they want your children to salute!

Looks like I left Minneapolis just in time.

I've been complaining about rampant crime and gangs in Minneapolis for years now - and was called a liar & a conspiracy theorist. No longer! Now it's spreading to the suburbs!

Look at the increases in crime in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro by city! Even the Commies at the Star Tribune are reporting it!

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On October 12th, 2021, I celebrated 27 years of sobriety. I was fortunate enough to tell my story before a group of friends & family at a speaker meeting. Here's a video of my testimony if you'd like to listen - or share my story with anyone still suffering from addiction. Thank you all for being here! God is Good! Peg


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