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Tierney's Real News (6/11/21)

Governor Greg Abbott says Texas has a plan to build its OWN wall on the Southern Border. This should be good. If he can do it, so can every other border state.

Even Democrats are bashing Ilhan Omar for her recent vicious attacks against Israel and her calling America as bad as Hamas & Hezbollah.

Remember, Ilhan Omar is a member of the Communist Party AND the Muslim Brotherhood. Ilhan Omar’s family didn’t flee oppression from the Communist Barré regime in Somalia. They worked FOR the Islamist-Marxist Barré regime. They fled to Kenya, and later America, when he was deposed, because they feared they'd be hung by their own people. They weren't oppressed. They WERE the oppressors & Bill Clinton gave them safe haven.

I hate rap but this song is really worth listening to and sharing. Finally a rap song that tells the truth! "Snowflakes" by rapper Tom MacDonald. Listen. It's had millions of views so far and is at the top of the i-Tune chart.


Here are the lyrics if you have a hard time understanding: https://genius.com/Tom-macdonald-snowflakes-lyrics

Looks like Putin is supplying Iran their first satellite to target American forces and Europe is secretly selling American military technology to Communist China. Biden lifted sanctions against both Russia and Iran this month to help our enemies defeat America.

As Russian and Iran are launching a satellite to use against America and Iran is sending warships to the Gulf -- Communist China is conducting assault landing drills against Taiwan. Still think the VIRUS was an accident? Nope, it was designed to keep us busy and weaken us while our enemies stole the election and plotted how to invade & overthrow America! WAKE UP.

Meanwhile, British insiders are reporting that Biden is completely senile and out of touch and appears seemingly unaware of the global threats facing the US. Here you can see Jill rounding him up after he appears lost at the G7.

Allegedly, Boris Johnson wanted to talk to Biden about creating a task force to look into COVID. Biden wanted to talk about PRIDE month. Biden also brought up a phone call about sharing vaccine doses with Boris early on in the spring 2020 while the pandemic was hitting, but Boris was confused because Biden wasn’t President then and the call had never happened.

But Boris is happy because Biden is going to send the UK lots of money in the name of climate change, gender confusion & NATO. Socialist Europe is broke. America is their piggy bank. They love us best when we open our wallets & close our mouths. They are ALL out to take down America for our resources, intelligence, money and property. They'll use Communist China, Iran & Russia against us.

Speaking of PRIDE, why do they think it's cool to walk around naked in front of children and demonstrate sodomy & bondage at parades? I don't get it. Who takes PRIDE in that behavior?

Many say that Jill Biden isn't just covering for her husband's dementia - she hates Kamala Harris and Jill Biden wants to be President herself. That's the reason for the Air Force One photo-op.

Meanwhile, two more "TRUMP WON SAVE AMERICA" signs were unfurled - one in Philadelphia - the other in Miami.

The Maricopa, Arizona audit may be complete by June 14th - President Trump's birthday. A total of 9 states are visiting to figure out how to do audits in their own states - including Wisconsin, Missouri, Utah & Michigan. Every state should be audited. They're now finding fraud in North Carolina, Delaware & Massachusetts as well.

New information came out that Communist China invested $400 million into Dominion a month before the 2020 election and certain ES&S voting machines contain a Communist Chinese modem chip installed on their motherboard. Dominion & ES&S control 80% of the voting machines in America. ALL the machines can be manipulated.

White hat hackers have discovered "Easter eggs" in the voting machines. An "Easter egg" is a hidden feature or command allowing someone to hit a combination of buttons to hypothetically stop counting Republican votes.

Republicans are reviewing ballot prototypes, for the future, with special watermarks to ensure the ballot is legitimate. The watermark appears to be holographic or light-sensitive. Auditors say ballots were photocopied or modified to force adjudication for fraud.

A new video shows that the first people to enter the Capitol Building were from BLM-ANTIFA. These were not Trump supporters. This is the reason that Biden is withholding 90% of the footage from that day. It was a set up to take down Trump.

Last year, Indian scientists reported that they believed Communist China inserted snippets of HIV into COVID. They were even treating early COVID cases with AIDS medication.

I reported this on Facebook and it was removed. Turns out that it may be true and Fauci covered it up. If that's true, and the Communist Chinese scientists inserted snippets of HIV into the COVID virus, the world would have gone into a MAJOR panic that would have been out of control. Perhaps that's the real reason that President Trump rushed the vaccine.

If it's true, that's a HUGE deal and perhaps one reason they are so anxious to bribe us all to vaccinate. Don't you think someone needs to tell us one way or the other? Somebody should tell us the truth. The HIV virus acts like a cold at first and can take ten years to show symptoms before it becomes AIDS. You should research this yourself.

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein came forward and said that Epstein “coaxed” women into marriages, put their names on falsified documents and loaned them out to his powerful friends to blackmail them. Jeffery Epstein kept blackmail dossiers on Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and billionaires like Leon Black. I knew it. Epstein & Maxwell likely worked for the CIA & the Mossad to blackmail the wealthy into doing their bidding. What does Epstein have on Justice Roberts?

A new book says that President Trump, Navarro & Pompeo wanted to haul Fauci in front of a Presidential Commission to report on what he was funding in Communist China because they suspected Communist China had already invented a vaccine BEFORE they released the VIRUS. The Commission would have tallied a bill to recover damages and costs from the Communist Party -- TRILLIONS in reparations for the economic and human damage from the pandemic. The coup plotters shut it down. Why? Keeping it quiet & calling President Trump crazy for blaming Communist China would help Biden win.

Biden stopped deporting illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes. Now the Border Patrol says convicted sex offenders are flooding our border. Why? Our enemies are emptying their prisons and sending the worst criminals to America - knowing that ALL ARE WELCOME in Biden's America. Thanks Liberals! Trump was right. They are NOT sending their best!

Don't forget about Mike Lindell's MAGA rally in New Richmond, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 12th from 11:30am-4pm. President Trump will speak remotely via the big screen along with a host of other in-person speakers like Diamond & Silk, Dinesh D'Souza, Sheriff Clarke, Chris Cox & Charlie Kirk.

The weather forecast looks perfect! I'll be there. I hope you will too!

Tickets are free: https://home.frankspeech.com/event/maga-frank-rally-somerset-wisconsin-june-12-2021

Byrne's Deep Rig movie is now scheduled for release on June 26th.

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