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Kash Patel explained why the judge in the Sussmann trial ruled over the weekend that Durham must limit the evidence he uses in court.

Nothing to worry about. It sounds like the judge is hinting to Durham that he doesn’t need to use certain evidence at this point in time because he already has a firm case. Essentially, Durham should save his ammunition for the larger conspiracy case.

“John Durham might not want to let out of the bag - just yet - that he has a charge conspiracy coming or sealed.”

TECHNO FOG: "Today there was confirmation that Marc Elias, Robby Mook, and Bill Priestap (among others) would testify as government witnesses in the Michael Sussmann case.

Seeing lots of hand-wringing about this, but as we have reported, these guys have testified before a grand jury. This is no surprise. Their testimony is locked in. They’ll testify to Sussmann billing the Clinton Campaign, etc.

The concern at trial isn’t Durham’s witnesses - it’s that a Democrat activist will get on the jury. That’s the biggest risk to the administration of justice."

After 2000 Mules came out proving HOW the election was stolen, and Durham's trial against Sussmann approaches, Biden is now calling all 70 million plus Trump supporters "ultra-MAGA" terrorists. Do I look like a terrorist to you?

The sad part is that there are gullible brainwashed people on the left who have become haters and will believe this BS.

They didn't use ultrasound when Roe & Wade was decided. They called a fetus a clump of cells. Now we know different. SCIENCE.

Over 6 MILLION babies have been aborted post 20 weeks in the US since Roe vs Wade. I call that murder. Meanwhile, evil MSNBC thinks abortion is funny and they had guests on the air who say they want to be impregnated by conservatives and brutally abort the baby for fun!

This is the pro-abortion crowd's new mantra. "If abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either." They are fire-bombing pro-life organizations & threatening anyone, including the Supreme Court, that doesn't support abortion until the day of delivery. Roe vs Wade was originally intended to protect abortion during the 1st 12 weeks ONLY...now the left wants mothers to be able to deliver a live baby and murder it afterwards or sleep with it or castrate it!

This is what pro-abortion rioters are openly calling for. They want to take down the church & seize our guns.

My suggestion: buy more guns and ammo.

Satanists love abortion. They consider it child sacrifice. Not kidding.

"She fathered." INSANE. This is a man pretending to be a woman - forcing a child to do porn!

What kind of parent or doctor would castrate a 5 year old boy? Why are we letting this happen?

After both Bannon & Trump called out former DoD Esper as a traitor and part of the coup - Esper appeared on the air with Bret Baier of Fox - who colluded with Biden to help him win - promoting Mike Pompeo for President.

Hmm. Does that make Pompeo swamp? I've often wondered...remember when Pompeo did the Twitter "count down" before inauguration day 2021 trying to make people think the military was coming to oust Biden? Many think that Pompeo is Q and is working against MAGA. We shall see! President Trump called Pompeo the smartest guy at West Point - and he didn't say it in a loving way.


Fox News told Jesse (who has returned after back surgery) NOT to mention 2000 Mules but he did mention they are planning to use drop boxes to steal the election again in Pennsylvania.

JESSE: Pennsylvania’s Democrat Secretary of State is trying to prevent police from monitoring ballot drop boxes and doesn’t want any video surveillance of the drop boxes. What does that tell you?

MCSWAIN: It tells me the Democrat playbook includes cheating. In the state of PA, it is illegal to ballot harvest, it is illegal to drop off more than one ballot at a time

Wisconsin election officials hiding evidence of their crimes.

There are only two major polling firms that I trust. Trafalgar & McLaughlin. Why? Because they have a history of correct predictions and they use solid methodology.

I was at the Pompeo thing the other night in Minnesota and a "wealthy" GOP donor woman said to me (she was pretty drunk) that she HATED Trump - he is too mean and divisive - that she didn't care if they stole the election from him because she wanted him to lose - and that she wishes he had never been President.

ANOTHER IDIOT FEMALE REPUBLICAN who has been conned by the Koch Libertarians & the establishment swamp to vote against her own well-being!

If Trump didn't win in 2016 - we'd have Hillary, the warmonger and GREAT RESET Globalist, and we wouldn't have a country left at all! And because they stole the election from Trump in 2020 - we have Biden - who is demented and blackmailed by our enemies - and even worse - who is totally destroying our country as we speak!

I am tired of ill informed brainwashed voters. They've been rigging elections in Minnesota for 20 years - with absentee ballot fraud & 3rd party ringers - supported by clueless voters!

I told her that you're dead wrong and told her to read my newsletter! I told her that Trump was LOVED by ALL Americans until 2015. Obama wanted to BE Trump! Oprah LOVED Trump. New Yorkers LOVED Trump! America LOVED The Apprentice. Reagan loved Trump! CNN loved Trump!

Trump hasn't changed. He's the same guy he was in 1987! Voters have been all brainwashed by the fake news!

She didn't even know about the movie 2000 Mules! Has she been living under a rock?

Another person at the event confided to me that the Minnesota establishment GOP endorsed a candidate for CD5 that they knew would not win! Of course they did! Trump would have beat Hillary in Minnesota if the 3rd party conservative voters got out of the way and stopped helping Democrats!

Trump only lost to Hillary by 45,000 votes in 2016 in Minnesota, but conservatives gave 165,000 voters to 3rd party ringers Johnson & McMullin! So, clueless Minnesota conservative voters helped Hillary win! Self-defeating insanity!

The latest polls show Trump is widely favored for 2024 and can beat Biden by 7 points in a fair election! Nobody else can do that! Stop voting for people who can't win! All you are doing is helping the Democrats!

We can't fly the American flag in our classrooms anymore or say a prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance - but we can teach kids to worship the BLM & Pride flags? Parents, what's wrong with this picture!

CHARLIE KIRK: "Do you think they'll ever realize how insanely stupid and brainwashed they sound every time they release a statement saying: "I have COVID again but I am extremely thankful to be fully vaccinated and double boosted." Or do they just not care? Genuine question..."

Remember that Stephen Colbert loved being injected so much that he did skits with dancing syringes!

The FBI can't find the SCOTUS leaker just like they can't find the J6 pipe bomber. Inside job!

Remember when Schumer threatened SCOTUS?

Dinesh has confirmed that Tucker will NOT mention the movie 2000 Mules! He and Fox News are all in on the election fraud scheme!

GENERAL FLYNN: "Every American should feel the same way as this woman feels below…I could care less about which party you are affiliated with. Our election system is broken and must be fixed. Get rid of the machines, zero mail in ballots and go arrest these “MULES” and find out who paid them and start arresting the criminals who stole our presidential election!"

An Arizona woman just watched '2000 Mules.' Listen to her! Now that's the anger I wanted to see for over a year now, now we're getting somewhere.

LISTEN: https://twitter.com/Michael20224/status/1523105167809204225?s=20

If you want to know which conservative networks, friends, politicians or pundits are RINOs - it's the ones that are NOT mentioning the documented and widespread election fraud in 2000 Mules!

MATTHEW 7:16 "You will know them by their fruits."

This is a great article about the stolen election.

The riveting ‘2000 Mules’ proves there was massive election fraud

By Andrea Widburg, American Thinker

Dinesh D’Souza is an effective filmmaker and he didn’t disappoint with 2000 Mules, a riveting documentary examining the way leftist organizations used activists to stuff ballots in the 2020 election (and the 2020 Georgia run-off election that handed the Senate to the Democrats).

However, after watching it, I felt there were some unanswered questions that also deserve scrutiny so I hope D’Souza follows up on these issues.

2000 Mules begins with the premise that Trump voters have found it impossible to believe that Trump lost the election. When they contrast his campaign appearances (60,000 screaming fans) with Biden’s campaign appearances (6 vaguely animated lumps sitting in little circles); the bellwether counties showing Trump winning by a large margin; the significant gains Trump made with Hispanics and Blacks; the millions of votes Trump gained over the four years of his presidency; and the mysterious overnight counting shut-down in the states that ultimately gave Biden his “victory,” they know that something is wrong.

The folks at True the Vote also suspected that something was wrong, very wrong. The founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, working with Gregg Philips and a team of computer analysts, came up with a very clever way to determine whether there was fraud. They suspected as much, thanks to the way in which Democrats in key states used COVID as an excuse to increase absentee voting.

That included states which allowed only absentee voting with drop boxes across cities and towns, where there had been massive ballot harvesting. That is, people, both real and fake, didn’t fill out their own ballots. Instead, they were collected, completed, and put into drop boxes by partisan and paid activists.

To prove this theory, True the Vote obtained geo-tracking information for major urban areas in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, allowing them to follow cell phone signals. They marked all the drop boxes and all the facilities for left-wing non-profits.

They then looked for cell phones that traveled between the non-profits and drop boxes at least ten times (to be sure to winnow out statistical noise). Through FOIA requests, they also obtained as many videos as they could showing people stuffing multiple ballots into the drop boxes, a completely illegal act.

Their data revealed 2,200 mules in just five cities, visiting between 20 and 45 drop boxes each, at which they dropped off an average of five ballots. When you do the math, the numbers are staggering. [380,000 to 810,000 fraudulent ballots in just those five cities alone!] They only get worse when you contemplate the fact that 10 trips per mule is an exceptionally high bar and that these were just mules in five cities. When one considers the small margin by which Biden “won” in the disputed states, had these mules not been active, Trump would have won the election by a medium to huge margin.

D’Souza also speaks to Hans von Spakovsky about the various methods of committing election fraud and to a think-tank head (whose name I forgot to note down) who explains how various leftist non-profits, helped with Zuckerberg’s $419,000,000 handout, focused on creating voters, rather than promoting their candidate. The movie is clear and competent: D’Souza carefully walks Engelbrecht and Philips through their methodology and findings. He also talks to well-known Salem Radio hosts (Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, and Eric Metaxas) to gauge the effect information had on their preconceived ideas about election fraud. All but Prager suspected fraud before seeing the evidence and felt that the data proved it. As for Prager, he went from being agnostic to believing that there was indeed significant fraud in the election.

As for me, I’ve long felt that Biden could only have attained the White House through fraud, for the reasons mentioned above, so the evidence True the Vote gathered merely confirmed my suspicions. However, I was left with two questions.

The first was which left-wing organizations made the fraud happen. The movie never names them, presumably because they are being investigated or because D’Souza wants to avoid a defamation suit. Both are good reasons but not identifying them diminished the movie a little. Second, and more importantly, the movie failed to explain what happened the night of the election. As best as I could tell (and I could be completely wrong about this), the mules were operating for days or even weeks before the election—as opposed to frantic drop box fraud the night of the election itself.

Assuming my version of events, on the night of the election, in all the jurisdictions in which the mules were at work, Trump had a compelling lead as of 11 at night. And then, in each of those jurisdictions, something happened that had never happened before: The counting stopped.

When it resumed, Biden was magically in the lead. Did the mules affect those numbers too? Or was it the case that, even with help from the mules, the numbers still didn’t add up for Biden, so the Democrats had to go to Plan B?

(By the way, AP immediately “fact checked” the movie. I didn’t find the “fact check” compelling because it ignored something important: True the Vote didn’t just look at people who repeatedly went near a drop box. As the movie carefully explained, it also made sure that the people repeatedly went to leftist non-profits and visited multiple drop boxes. It is a frantic, angry, aggressive, and incomplete “fact check.” In other words, just what you’d expect from AP.)


In a 'fact check' article published Wednesday, left-wing Politifact stated, “A documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, a far-right commentator, furthers the myth that something sinister occurred with mail ballots during the 2020 election. D’Souza told Fox News that ‘mules’ delivered 400,000 illegal votes. Experts say the evidence D’Souza points to is inherently flawed.”

“D’Souza’s argument ignores that in many states, it is legal to drop off a ballot on behalf of another voter, which is especially helpful for voters with disabilities or the elderly. Critics of this practice call it ‘ballot harvesting,’ while election administrators typically use other terms such as ‘ballot collection,'” the fact-checker reported.

D’Souza responded Friday, tweeting, “Paying mules to deliver ballots is illegal in every state. In Georgia you can give your ballot to a family member or caregiver to drop off. The mules are not family members or caregivers. Politifact is lying to cover up coordinated fraud by its own side in the 2020 election.”

In a second tweet on Sunday, D'Souza added, “If, as the ‘fact checkers’ suggest, these might be people dropping off the votes of family members, why do we see mules going to 20, 50 and even 100 dropboxes, typically in the middle of the night? Isn’t it time the Left cuts the b*llsh*t and faces up to the fraud?"

People are worried the FBI still storm Dinesh's house and arrest his family.

They are still using 24/7 drop boxes in Philadelphia for the primary!

Here is how just one "ballot mule" delivered hundreds of ballots to dozens of drop boxes after picking them up from NGO "ballot stash houses" in Atlanta! This is the route he took in just one day ! They tracked him by his phone! They are planning on doing the same thing in 2022!

The fake news is saying that this guy was innocently driving all over town and delivering ballots for his family! Right!

If you're following the Pennsylvania Senate primary race - a new poll is out. McCormick is allegedly the establishment RINO choice. Trump has endorsed Oz because he can win and he can "help us." Barnette is the "3rd party" choice and she is now ahead of McCormick. Many people feel that Barnette can't win in the General - and Oz can. We shall see!

Elon Musk has been receiving death threats because he's in favor of free speech. I got death threats too, in 2018, from "liberals" in Ilhan Omar's district in Minneapolis!

Musk is also confirming the fact that Biden's Twitter followers are fake. We've known this for years!

EUGENE P: "Should we be more concerned that all that farmland sits on top of the largest aquifers in the USA? Two of the most valuable things to own. Water rights and land. You then control life!"

Left-wing 60 Minutes is doing a hit piece on Trump using former DOD Mark Esper. Remember that 60 Minutes said there was NO election fraud and Hunter was a good boy. Trump's response:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Mark Esper was weak and totally ineffective, and because of it, I had to run the military. I took out ISIS, Qasem Soleimani, al-Baghdadi, rebuilt the military with $2.5 trillion, created Space Force, and so much more. Mark Esper was a stiff who was desperate not to lose his job. He would do anything I wanted, that’s why I called him “Yesper.”

He was a lightweight and figurehead, and I realized it very early on. He was recommended to me by some very weak RINOs and that is what he turned out to be.”

Bannon accused Esper of plotting a coup and committing treason.

Steve Bannon: Esper lays out the coup and lays out the guilt of him and Milley. And we’re going to have a massive investigation of this, sir. And I hope and believe you’ll go to prison. Because you belong in prison… You guys lied about and spun away from about getting out of Afghanistan. That you lied to Trump about all of it. The money, all of it. I can go back and prove it. I got the receipts. OK?… Were you elected by the American people to stop that, sir? Yes or no!? No. The answer is no, no you were not. This is a coup!

Biden has a new COVID planned for mid-terms! Mask up and hide in your basement! Cheat-by-mail is on the way!

Left-wing pro-abortion protesters are literally threatening to kill SCOTUS Justices. Alito has been sent to a secure location.

Last week, Biden's mouthpiece said it was fine for left-wing rioters to surround the homes of SCOTUS Justices because they are "passionate." Now that they're threatening to assassinate Supreme Court Justices and execute their families - she has changed her tune!

Did you know that...


140 million live births occurred around the world in 2021 - but 43 million were aborted! That's one out of every four babies aborted! The fake news never tells you this!

58.7 million people died of causes OTHER than abortion in 2021, meaning that abortions accounted for over 42 percent of all human deaths in 2021. That's called POPULATION CONTROL.

By comparison, worldwide deaths from cancer in 2021 totaled 8.2 million and deaths from COVID in 2021 were only 3.5 million, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Globally, there were more deaths from abortion in 2021 than all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined, according to Worldometer statistics.

Notice that global births stopped growing in 1990 and have declined ever since. This is totally due to abortion. Atheist Globalists, Satanists & Transhumanists want to destroy the family and replace God's creation with robotic controlled "humanoids" of their own... resulting in future generations of 'transhumans' engineered by 'birthing persons' and digitally controlled by the New World Order.

For those who think the "transgender" movement is a harmless fad - think again! It was designed by Satan's minions!

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The web version of Truth Social is now available at TruthSocial.com and I opened an account. It works great! Please sign up and follow me there at Tierney's Real News (@maggiepeggy123) - we can use th

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