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Tierney's REAL News (5/3/22)

I saw Dinesh's movie "2000 Mules" last night. It provides massive evidence and concrete verifiable proof (digital & video) that the election was rigged. An informant from Arizona also detailed how she participated in the scheme and explained how it worked.

At the conclusion of the movie, two well-respected Salem radio hosts - Larry Elder & Dennis Prager - who have both vehemently DENIED voter fraud up to this point - were totally convinced that America was robbed - and ANGERED that they had been played. They were finally awake! The theater applauded!

They have proof that the scheme took place in large counties in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These are all states that President Trump won in 2016 but mysteriously flipped to Biden in the middle of the night in 2020. They admit this is only the tip of the iceberg - but what they DO have - proves that THOSE critical counties were RIGGED and it's enough FRAUD to dispute the entire election!

The voter integrity group True the Vote worked with D’Souza on “2000 Mules.”

A mule is a term used in the movie for those who repeatedly picked up batches of ballots and placed them in drop boxes. No where in America is it legal to PAY someone to traffic ballots!

True the Vote used cellphone geotracking data to identify people, in the largest counties in the swing states, who went to 10 or more drop boxes and five or more visits to non-profits (NGOs) working on voter turnout during the the 2020 general election. Non-profits are referred to as "stash houses."

The mules followed a pattern of repeatedly going to drop box locations and back to offices of the NGOs, where allegedly ballots were being collected. The movie called these locations “stash houses.” They have 4 MILLION minutes of video of mules stuffing ballots into boxes one after the other after the other - and this video was provided by the state! So the Biden administration can NOT dispute its veracity!

Many mules wore gloves, which they disposed of immediately after, and took a picture of the drop box to prove the drop so they could get paid!

The most surprising takeaway for me was just how LARGE the operation was - and also that many of the "mules" were felons who were also tracked at BLM-ANTIFA riots! So, our nation is being attacked from within by paid mercenaries!

Not only that, but they said the Feds use geo-tracking all the time and it appears to them that the Feds were tracking people BEFORE January 6th - that they arrested ON January 6th - which means the entire 'insurrection' was a set up from the start!

The mules averaged 38 visits during the 2020 election, with an average of five ballots per visit. They were paid an average of $10 per ballot - and True The Vote could track them making multiple drops across county lines. The scary thing is that honest voters actually watched the thieves stuff ballot boxes and did nothing!

To further guard against accidentally picking up people who just happened to pass by drop box locations regularly, True the Vote bought cellphone data from October 1 into November 2020. Only those whose cellphones located them at drop boxes when voting was occurring were included in True the Vote’s data.

True the Vote estimated that the TOTAL number of mules could easily be as high as 54,000 - and assuming a low number of three ballots per drop, the number of allegedly illegally cast ballots would be 810,000.

Under this calculation, Trump would have won all five swing states that Biden allegedly flipped and his Electoral College victory would have been 305 to 233.

A informant from Yuma County, Arizona detailed how mules would drop off ballots and come in for weekly payments during the election.

“I would get a call to find out how many ballots were brought in and if they were already pre-filled out first. Someone would come to the office, look at them. And then before she left, she would either take them herself, but other times she would ask me to drop them off at the library."

The informant was told to go to particular drop boxes because there were no surveillance cameras there and take stacks of ballots to the boxes in the evening when it was dark. She put hundreds of ballots in the drop box herself. The informant was cooperating with authorities and she called the operation the "Mexican mafia" and said if they knew what she was doing she would be found chopped up in a dumpster!

Based on the information revealed in “2000 Mules,” D’Souza argues the next step for law enforcement is clear.

“There’s an easy way to bust it, but it’s not the way you think. It’s not to go find the ballots in the ballot mix. You can’t do that. The way to find it is these guys have the cellphone identification of all the mules. All of them. So law enforcement has to step in at this point and their next step is to go and interview the mules. ‘Who paid you? Where’d you get the money?’”

Bank and cellphone records and offering immunity to the “small fish” to flip on the big ones would seem to be other ways officials could press the investigations — if they want to.

The informant said it will continue unless we stop it. The only way to stop it is to make arrests and make them pay.

“Today totalitarian regimes camouflage their fake elections with appearance of democracy, but they’re not real democracies. We don’t want to join them.”

They also said the "poll watchers" and "election judges" are great but they NEVER see mail ballots - AND since 90% of fraud happens through mail and drop boxes - having poll watchers does NOT stop much fraud. We need to STOP mail ballots altogether. Also, Senate Republicans knew mules were stuffing ballot boxes because they paid someone to film it - but then did NOTHING!

2000 Mules is showing in theaters across the nation on Monday, May 2, and Wednesday, May 4. There will also be a virtual premiere online on Saturday, May 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. And you can also stream the movie or buy the DVD.


PS: If you bought tickets for the 5/4 movie I suggest getting to the theater 45 minutes early. The show starts right on time. There are no credits or previews. First come first serve seating.

If you didn't know - Dinesh is from India and he married a woman from Venezuela - so he understands the evils of caste systems and Communism very well! He and his wife love America & don't want that here!

BTW - while the 2000 Mules movie was playing - someone leaked a SCOTUS draft decision - from February 2022 - which NEVER has happened before - that says 5 Justices (Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett & Kavanaugh) will vote to overturn Roe vs Wade and send abortion decisions back to the states where it belongs. Protesters immediately started marching in DC and Biden walled off the SCOTUS building.

Think this was a coincidence? Nope. Planned diversion. My question is - how many of these protesters were also ballot mules & BLM-ANTIFA rioters? Prepare for George Floyd riots all over again this summer!

Apparently the SCOTUS decision not only deals with abortion and infanticide - but also grapples with sodomy and gay marriage. This should be interesting! What does America really want? We will find out!

In 2016, President Trump said, if elected, he would appoint 3 Justices that would "automatically" overturn Roe vs Wade. He was correct!



The SCOTUS draft on Roe vs Wade was first circulated on February 10, 2022. So it's been in the system for 3 months already. So they've been holding it to leak it. The Supreme Court is compromised.


The Supreme Court verified the draft was real and issued a statement calling for an investigation:


The draft ruling doesn't ban abortion. It sends it back to the states.

Trump is the only sitting President to ever attend the March for Life, and he did more to protect the unborn than any President in US history.

Speaking at the March in 2020, President Trump said: “Every life brings love into this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting. And above all, we know every human soul is divine and every human life, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of Almighty God.”

Interesting how Planned Parenthood dropped this right before the leak:

What do you want to bet Hillary is behind the leak and will run on the abortion platform?

2022 will be another Summer of Love - burning, looting, destroying - which the fake news will call "mostly peaceful." Prepare accordingly!

Does this mean that idiots like Mr. and Mrs. Pussy will be back?

How can a Pastor be pro-abortion in 2022? I truly don't get it. Ask your Pastor if he or she supports the abortion of a baby up to the day of delivery and/or infanticide (murder) of the baby AFTER delivery - as the atheist Satanists, Transhumanists and Communists do. Make them put it on the record! Then you'll know if they are TRULY men and women of God or false prophets!!

Since 1973, we have aborted over 60 MILLION American babies and imported 65 MILLION people from other countries. 6 MILLION of those abortions were babies that were 20+ weeks old and could LIVE outside the womb! It's murder and population replacement! PERIOD.

There is NO Constitutional right to abortion. There never has been. It's the BIG LIE.

TSHA: "Trump is going to save us. The FBI is going to save us. The DOJ & Sessions are going to save us. The DOJ & Barr are going to save us. The SCOTUS is going to save us. The Military is going to save us. Lindell is going to save us. Gableman is going to save us. Musk is going to save us. Dinesh is going to save us.

__ is going to save us.

Stop filling in the blanks expecting SOMEONE ELSE to save you! Stop listening to people telling you someone else is going to do it for you. Stop being hopium’d into inaction.

NO human is going to save us. It's up to US! We the People! Get involved! Stand up. Speak out. Take action! Take back your country!"

And, yes, it does look like Putin has cancer and is cleaning up Ukraine to secure his legacy.

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