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Tierney's REAL News (5/27/22)

Sums it up! Not credible!

It's easy to see now that all the people that they framed for the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK & Malcolm X were not the real shooters. They were patsies. The real killers were trained sharpshooters.

BTW - nobody in JFK, RFK, MLK or Malcolm's families believe the official narrative we've been told about WHO killed them. They believe they were assassinated by trained & high paid mercenaries.

The families don't believe the garbage we've been fed for 60 years! It's time we stop believing it!

This kid in Uvalde likely didn't shoot anybody. He was probably dead and posed in the classroom with his "AR-15" from the beginning. People need to stop buying the fact that this 18-year-old kid was the mercenary killer. He is the patsy. Somebody else likely killed those kids!

Haven't people watched enough TV shows to know that they send in trained contract killers for $100,000 plus to do this kind of thing. They aren't going to let some kid do it and botch it and leave half the kids wounded or alive! Think!!

Just like Parkland, the cops waited outside in Uvalde while an off duty officer saved the day! Same playbook!

Sundance agrees with me that the Uvalde Texas school massacre is a mirror image of the Parkland school massacre in Florida.

"I mistakenly thought the main lesson from the investigation of the Broward County, Florida, Parkland school shooting was never to wait. Unfortunately, it looks like Parkland and Uvalde will have a lot in common."


Uvalde police even handcuffed and restrained frantic parents, who were urging them to storm the Robb Elementary school building during the massacre.

SAAGAR ENJETI: "A Uvalde mother was PLACED IN HANDCUFFS by Federal Marshals on scene for attempting to enter the school to get her child. Another man was tasered for trying to get his kid off a bus. All while Salvador Ramos was ALLEGEDLY alive inside killing kids."

Why were police so desperate to hide and protect the shooter and let the kids be murdered! Because it was a mercenary and they wanted no one to see what was really going on! This is the same playbook in both Parkland and Uvalde!


The Uvalde massacre is the same playbook as the Parkland Massacre. Remember, that the "shooter" just walked in an unlocked door at Parkland and Broward County police waited outside for an hour just like the Uvalde police. An off duty officer just happened on the scene to save the day in both cases. Come on, people.

Here's the latest version of the story on Uvalde. Wait a few minutes and it will change again. Just like Parkland did!

FOX NEWS LA: "Texas DPS announces that a teacher at Robb Elementary School propped a door open at the school before the mass shooting. The school resource officer drove to campus after hearing 911 call, inadvertently drove right by the shooter, who was kneeling down by car.

Texas DPS says the shooter fired over 100 rounds in the classroom and was inside the class & firing for two minutes straight before a team of local police officers made entry to the school and were fired upon by the shooter, then they pulled back & covered the door."

We are all being played. This is scripted - we need to stop pretending that 18 year old kids just randomly murder dozens of children. The Feds did it! They always do it. They hired a contract killer - just like Parkland - and the kid is a patsy. The need a trained mercenary to carry out these operations to make sure NOBODY is left alive as witnesses! And the fake news keeps feeding the fire and reporting what they are told to report. Just like Parkland.

Only this time they shot the patsy dead. Salvador Ramos the 18-year old alleged "shooter" in Uvalde, Texas who was found with 15 bullet holes in him. Convenient! In Parkland, they "arrested" 17-year old Nikolas Cruz on the grassy knoll while the cameras were rolling! Cue outrage!

Last time the gun grabbers were shooting up Florida to try to choke it blue for 2016 & 2018 elections. This time they will be shooting up Texas to try to choke it blue before 2024. Clear as day!

The fake news will keep changing the story until they all get their marching orders and stories straight! Scripted!

CHARLIE KIRK: "The inaction of the police in Uvalde is exactly why you need to take your protection into your own hands. Buy a gun. Buy ammo. Don’t rely on others to save you or your family when evil strikes."

The Uvalde shooter allegedly posted his plans online and was reported to the FBI, who apparently took no action. False flag! Just like Parkland! They built a file!


Texas DPS says that it is NOBLE that Biden is coming to Uvalde on Sunday because that's what leaders do! Uh - remember when Biden did NOT go to Waukesha when they mowed down innocent parade goers at Christmas! Noble my ass!

I bet this leftist gum-sucking clown is in on it!

But the liberal Texas DHS officer who said Biden was NOBLE said there was no threat to the kids from the shooter so they waited an hour until they had a key to enter!


Here's another report! Read this!


How do they know who the shooter was! Nobody saw him until he was dead! He could have been dead in that room from the beginning!

The school officer thought ONE OF THE TEACHERS was the shooter at first! That's how clueless they all were!

They said they didn't think kids were dead in the classroom but a little girl called from the classroom and said kids were dead! That was 56 minutes before they opened the door with a key! THIS IS SO FAKEY IT MAKES ME SICK.

Like Sundance says - we need to stop pretending that the Feds & the swamp aren't behind all this stuff. We've got to stop pretending that Biden is President & we voted for this. We've got to stop pretending about everything. If we stop pretending the lie is real - their House of Cards collapses.

While cops waited outside at Parkland so a mercenary could slaughter 17 kids, an off-duty cop from another city just happened to see Nikolas Cruz (the autistic patsy) walking down the street after going to McDonald's and arrested him on camera! Set up! You could tell the kid was autistic & confused!


Yes, it's perfectly coincidental that three mass shootings just happened to suddenly occur, one after the other, during the week of the 2nd Anniversary of George Floyd's death AND while Hillary was being exposed by Durham AND during the Republican primaries in Texas AND the weekend before President Trump was going to give a speech to the NRA. Nothing suspicious about that at all!

Those mass shooters sure do go crazy all at the same time! My guess is that these kids aren't the real shooters. They need trained Contract Killers to make sure everybody dies and there are no witnesses and no loose ends.

And THEN, the carnage gave Obama & Hillary & Biden & Schiff & Schumer an excuse to all tweet about gun control & police reform & blame Trump for doing nothing! Nothing suspicious about that at all!

SUNDANCE: "Everything in the US is so disconcerting & off-center because we're all pretending. We're getting exactly what we deserve for going along with it.

We pretend we have representative government. We don't. We pretend the Federal Reserve can manage the economy. They can't. We pretend that men can get pregnant. They can't. We pretend the border is fine. It isn't. We pretend that Biden was legally elected President. He wasn't."

[We pretend that false flags don't exist. They do! We pretend that the media is telling us the truth! They are NOT! We pretend that the Government swamp could not be evil enough to murder our children! They are!]

Why are we pretending that we elected this man President? If We The People stopped pretending, this house of cards collapses! STOP PRETENDING!

Everyday I wake up and turn on the TV and watch the entire planet pretend that Biden is the leader of the free world! It's crazy! It's enough to drive people literally insane!

Deaths by gun will skyrocket now as the swamp engineers more shootings and focuses on confiscating our weapons! Buy more guns and ammo! Preparation is not fear!

Major cities are introducing new curfews due to gun violence! Wait until they start shooting around polling places to discourage in-person voting for mid-terms! The next plan!

President Trump will be holding a rally in Wyoming for Harriet Hageman, who is running against Liz Cheney, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Casper, WY at 4pm MDT.

Special guest speakers include Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanick & Jim Jordan.


6:00AM – Parking Opens 11:00AM – Doors Open and Entertainment Begins 1:00PM – Pre-program Speakers Deliver Remarks 4:00PM – President Trump Delivers Remarks

Free tickets here: https://events.donaldjtrump.com/events/save-america-rally-in-casper-wy


5/26/22: If you have followed me for years, you'll know that I have done exhaustive analyses of mass shootings - not only in America - but around the world. Almost ALL of them are false flags perpetrated by the Globalist swamp to create panic and fear and force people to willingly turn over their weapons. A false flag doesn't mean that people didn't die. What it means is that they find someone or something else to take the blame!

The "shooters" are usually patsies who are either drugged up, or diagnosed with autism or schizophrenia, or have a long rap sheet - with no community ties - so they can't defend themselves. Easy marks. They either conveniently die during the event - or are trotted out in a orange suit - with a manifesto or some made-up narrative to justify the carnage.

Nearly every mass shooter at a school was on anti-depressants or anti-psychotics and grew up without their dad. Look at all the "convicted" mass murderers or high profile shooters of the past - they all fit this profile!

How convenient that they now have a mass shooting to dominate the news cycle for the next week, right in the middle of Hillary Clinton being implicated in a massive conspiracy to frame the President of the United States.

The difference is many more of us are awake now and their false flags don’t have the same distracting power that they used to.

Texas was likely another school shooting perpetrated by paid mercenaries and then a patsy is "caught and framed." I don't even need to read the news stories on Texas. I already know what they did. They murdered innocent children and then blamed an innocent person after they created a "file" proving his guilt! That's what they do!

They have a "file" of patsies they use for these mass shootings. This doesn't just happen. I wish people would stop spreading the narrative that this is caused by mental illness. No, this is caused by the gun grabbing swamp!

Here's what they did in Dunblane UK, some 25 years ago, to get people to turn in their guns! They slaughtered 16 kids! Read this!


In Parkland, they slaughtered 17 kids! Here's the real story of the Parkland massacre, in Broward County, where they slaughtered 17 kids to try to get you to turn in your guns! I followed this story EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR. I know what I'm talking about! That kid didn't kill anybody - he's autistic - he was set up!


Now, in Texas, they upped the count to 21 kids! See how this works? They will keep killing more kids until you agree to turn over your weapons and become defenseless against the criminals and the cartels! Look at Mexico. Guns are illegal in Mexico and the cartels run the country with GUNS!

SATHER: I think one of the main Deep State agenda narratives being pushed with this TX shooting is that "cops are dumbasses and it's their fault" - makes sense why Obama and them were also pushing the George Floyd messaging in their public statements this week.

Probably some saboteur was placed in the police department and gave stand down orders or pushed wrong intel while the situation was developing to make a mess of the police response - done to inhibit their ability to respond and increase severity of event.

Not only will we get calls for gun control, but probably calls for "police department overhauls/more training" in the coming days - stressing out already stressed and understaffed police departments.

Setting the stage for upcoming BLM/Antifa/Sleeper Cell riots being planned for the summer?

Destabilization is the name of their game.

The mercenary got in through an unlocked door because it was open and it was a set up! The kid is just another dead patsy.

Once you know what to look for - you can easily see we are being scammed. Like clockwork, Schumer & Hillary & Obama & Biden & Schiffty Schiff all came out with statements that we should implement gun control in America!

HILLARY: "Thoughts and prayers are not enough. After years of nothing else, we are becoming a nation of anguished screams. We simply need legislators willing to stop the scourge of gun violence in America that is murdering our children."

Her statement immediately after the shooting!

Biden took the opportunity of the shooting to sign police reform on the two year Anniversary of George Floyd. How convenient! What a coincidence! Then the Washington Post erroneously reported that George Floyd was killed by a gun!

The Washington Post is changing the narrative on George Floyd's death. Now they say he was shot and killed by police! What happened to the knee? See how this works people? Bezos assumes you've forgotten what happened so they can spin it anyway they like. They think you are that stupid. Like I always say, if you don't know history - they can rewrite it any way they like. Heads up!


Shifty Schiff even told President Trump to cancel his speech at the NRA this week which tells me they timed the "massacre" for that very reason!

Trump refused to cancel:

TRUMP: "America needs real solutions and real leadership in this moment, not politicians and partisanship. That’s why I will keep my longtime commitment to speak in Texas at the NRA Convention and deliver an important address to America. In the meantime, we all continue to pray for the victims, their families, and for our entire nation—we are all in this together!"

Chuck Schumer regretfully informed the Senate that he won’t bring any gun-control bills to a vote right now since Republicans will just block them because not even the “slaughter of schoolchildren” can convince the GOP to stand up to the NRA! Scripted!


Trump basically implied the Texas shooting was a false flag without saying it!

TRUMP: "So hard to think or report about anything else after watching the Texas school “massacre” which took place yesterday. Thank you to the great wisdom and bravery of our Law Enforcement Professionals, and condolences to all who are suffering so gravely with the loss of those incredible souls so close to you. No words can express the sorrow and grief of this absolutely horrible event. It is a moment in time which will never be forgotten!"

We have 300 federal gun laws & 20,000 on the state & local levels. America has been passing gun laws since the 30’s. We’re at the point where we are just making it hard on good people & making victims for criminals. At some point you say, maybe these laws aren't working.

If gun laws worked, there would be no shootings in Chicago and New York - places with the strictest gun laws in America!

They're not done yet! They will keep murdering your children until you submit! MOLON LABE!

The mass shooting happened during the Durham trial, at the moment Hillary was exposed, and on the day of important primaries in Arkansas, Texas and Georgia. Then all the Democrats came out in lockstep for gun control. Think that's a coincidence? Not on your life.

MAGA won almost all primary elections with the exception of a couple that were rigged. I will report those results tomorrow after I compile the numbers!

The shooting happened on the day that Paxton beat Bush in Texas.

The left says we should use guns to protect everybody but ourselves and our children!

Shootings suddenly increased after Covid and George Floyd - yet gun laws have become stricter! It's not the gun. It's the gun grabbers! Engineered chaos!

Tim is right. Buy more guns - so we don't end up like the people in Australia who were forced into internment camps for Covid!

This is a good read - but I think it's not just the CIA - it's the FBI & DOJ too!

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