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Tierney's REAL News (5/14/22)

Pelosi & McConnell are heading to Ukraine to launder more of OUR money under the guise of war.

Read my expose from 2019 on how the swamp of BOTH parties uses countries like Ukraine to line their own pockets. It will open your eyes.


PENCE: "Brian Kemp is my friend, a man dedicated to faith, family and the people of Georgia. I am proud to offer my full support for four more years of Brian Kemp as governor of the great state of Georgia!

Brian Kemp is one of the most successful conservative governors in America. He built a safer and stronger Georgia by cutting taxes, empowering parents and investing in teachers, funding law enforcement, and standing strong for the right to life."

TRUMP: “These people did not want us to win. Raffensperger and Kemp. They did not want us to win and I never understood it…What are they doing to the country? What are they doing to the state of Georgia?”

Pence the RINO is working with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, George Bush, Chris Christie, Doug Ducey & Pete Ricketts for the establishment swamp - to re-elect Kemp who rigged Georgia for Biden and is in the pocket of Communist China & Hollywood. Now we know where everybody stands.

LIBRARY: "The same GOP SWAMP that sold you out & betrayed you are rallying around Brian Kemp, the GOP Establishment governor that helped steal the 2020 election. Pence is going to run against Trump after stabbing us in the back. That’s what this is about: Pence helping Kemp, so he can return the favor in 2024.


Mike Pence endorsing Brian Kemp is basically endorsing more voter fraud. Pence is doing his job to rig the 2024 election against Trump.

IVAN: "Now do you see why Georgia's election was illegal in 2020? The deal was the removal of Trump and in return the rest of them would return to power and then Pence would be awarded the Presidency in 2024 to return to the uniparty grift on the backs of the people. Pence was the ringleader of in GA, AZ, NH, NE with Kemp as his Georgia Cartel leader.

Now do you see why Pence's homey Paul Ryan won't let Tucker Carlson mention the movie 2000 Mules on Fox News? Paul Ryan sits on the board of Fox."

Do as we say - not as we do.

Biden says the baby formula shortage is temporary. Wal-Mart says he's lying.

Biden is delivering free baby formula to Mexico and free weapons to Ukraine and free crack pipes to America!

DINESH: "Several Fox hosts want to have me on to discuss the movie 2000 Mules but the network is blocking them. Incredibly a “news network” is blocking coverage of the biggest news story in the country!"

TRUMP: "Anybody that sees the great new documentary,“2000 Mules,” who doesn’t believe the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen, is either a fool, very corrupt, or stupid. Republican “leadership” should act now and do something. Our Country is going to hell!"

TRUMP: "Only a stupid person would buy Twitter for that price, and Elon is not a stupid person. Besides, how can the deal go through when he may have illegally bought his shares? Would be very unfair to all of those shareholders, past, present, and future, who got “screwed.” I appreciate the offer, but I will never go back to Twitter. I love TRUTH!"

Musk is going to make Twitter prove their users are real and not bots before he buys it. He's doing this right before Trump launches Truth Social for Android. Truth Social is ALL real people. Love this! All the fraudsters and grifters are getting exposed! Musk may be left holding the bag! Did Trump set him up?

MUSK: "Still committed to acquisition."

Biden's censorship queen says "approved" users should be able to edit other posts on social media. So some left-wing lunatic can rewrite our posts? No thanks!

The swamp is heading to Georgia to shill for Kemp (Pence, Christie, Ducey, Ricketts) - basically poking a finger in MAGA's eye. Trump endorsed Perdue. Kemp rigged Georgia for Biden.

Republicans lead the Generic ballot in Georgia except for the Atlanta metro - Abrams' territory of Fulton county - where they cheated last time. RINOs are working hard in every swing state to make sure MAGA loses and the swamp wins. Vote for Trump-endorsed candidates, not swamp candidates or Koch 3rd party ringers! That's how we win!

Republican voters are turning out in droves.

The swamp doesn't want to examine fraudulent ballots with fake signatures!

Remember when Pence went to Georgia in January 2021 before the run-off and said he would challenge voter fraud? He lied. They stole it and he did nothing! Now he's campaigning for Kemp - the guy who let them steal Georgia for Biden - and is in the pocket of the Chi-Comms. Remember that they murdered Kemp's future son-in-law, who worked for Loeffler, because he knew about the fraud!

KARI LAKE: “For starters, we need everyone to go out and vote like their lives depend on it in 2022. Even if things aren’t fixed by then, even if we still have some problems, go vote! Don’t let anybody talk you out of it.”

Dinesh called out Fox News' hypocrisy. Fox has been criticizing mainstream media for not reporting on the Hunter Biden story, but now they themselves are ignoring a documentary that clearly shows massive election fraud. "What is the real difference?"

Well for one, Fox played a key role on Election Night in setting the narrative for Joe Biden's "win". So if Fox reports on the rigged election, they would essentially be reporting on their own complicity, in a sense.

I knew that Dinesh would be a SUPERSTAR! He wrote a note to my nephew encouraging him to greatness! I will never forget his wise words and his kind heart!

If you're following the Senate race in Pennsylvania between Oz, Barnette & McCormick - you should know what's going. McCormick is swamp - Barnette has a history of making indefensible and unconstitutional comments. She thinks Muslims should be banned from America & gays shouldn't be allowed to work and that Trump is NOT the leader of MAGA.

Grenell - who was the head of Trump's DNI and gay - says Barnette is off the rails. Basically Barnette is saying that homosexuality is an "unforgiveable sin" and all LGBTQ should be removed from the party and ostracized. I disagree! We are all sinners! Heaven knows I am! MAGA is a big tent party and EVERYONE is welcome!

Fredericks called out Posobiec because he's going against Trump's endorsed candidates. Good! I think Posobiec is a grifter & saboteur!

So Barnette thinks she built MAGA - not Trump? Got it?

BARNETTE: "MAGA does not belong to President Trump. Although he coined the word, MAGA actually belongs to the people. Our values never, never shifted to President Trump's values. It was President Trump who shifted and aligned with our values."

The race looks like it will be between Oz and Barnette - McCormick (swamp) has fallen to 3rd. Pennsylvania is important. Republicans must win Pennsylvania!

Remember, this is the Democrat that Barnette or Oz will run against for the Pennsylvania Senate. He's the Lt. Governor and he's well known and well liked. He's 6'8" tall and has an every man presence.

The baby formula shortage is big news. It was planned! Just like the gas shortages and food shortages & lumber shortages. This was caused by Biden - on purpose - a premeditated government planned shutdown of a large Abbott laboratories factory in Michigan along with Biden shipping OUR baby formula to the border! Stolen elections have consequences, they WANT this crisis.

They are shipping pallets of baby formula to illegal aliens at the border while Americans go without!

This photo is from the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula.

This photo is from an American grocery store. Formula is scarce. Empty shelves. This is what America LAST looks like. Is this the future you want for your children & their children?

Even worse, Bill Gates wants to sell you breast milk made in a lab under the guise of climate change! Did I mention that? Apparently lactating mothers use too large of a carbon footprint!

So baby formula access is reduced and prices raised as the Globalists push abortion and fake breast milk - and gas/oil access is reduced and prices raised as the Globalists push electric cars & windmills & solar panels - and fertilizer access is reduced and prices raised - as the Globalists push bugs for dinner and embedding drugs in our food - and building material access is reduced and prices raised as the Globalists buy up inflated houses and push rentals?

See a pattern here? MASSIVE GREAT RESET MANIPULATION AND SOCIAL CONDITIONING. The New World Order will reduce access and inflate the cost of everything you need to survive so that you will give up and give in and bend a knee to Agenda 2030! Follow the money! You'll own nothing and THEY will OWN it all!

This is the same reason they told you that you would die without continuous tests and boosters and double masks and dared to leave your home! So you'd agree to submit to total control. So you'd be willing to give up your freedoms and human rights for a little "safety."

That's called OPERANT CONDITIONING - it's literally the way they train dogs and rats! Look it up!

This is the same reason they shut down churches & gyms so you wouldn't seek spiritual help or take care of yourself. OPERANT CONDITIONING. This is the real reason they reduced access to small businesses so you'd be forced to ONLY use Amazon & big box retailers so they can control what you buy and how you buy it. OPERANT CONDITIONING.

This is the reason they prioritized COVID testing and injections over ALL other healthcare so you'd forgo seeking treatment for cancer, heart disease, hip surgeries or addiction! OPERANT CONDITIONING. This is the reason suicides and overdoses are off the charts - because people intuitively KNOW they are being conned and manipulated and genocided and have no hope! Time to wake up!

Sorry, folks. They aren't out to help you. They're out to break you. That's why they were so bold in stealing the election for Biden during COVID. Because they KNEW you were so broken that you wouldn't do anything about it!

Everybody needs to see the documentary 2000 Mules. Regardless of political party or belief system. It will open your eyes! If you can't attend a showing somewhere - buy a DVD and hold your OWN showing for family and friends. It's that important! I've been making presentations on absentee voter fraud since 2018 and it's only gotten worse. If we don't stop it now we will NEVER have a free and fair election again! Time to wake up! Too many voters have been conned to believe it's not real. It's VERY VERY real.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "2000 Mules" is now available for digital download. Every American must see this movie. It's the most important political documentary ever made, because it reveals with irrefutable proof what really happened in the 2020 Election. The film is now on two great platforms where the Radical Left cannot censor it or take it down. Watch at SalemNow.com or 2000Mules.locals.com.

Dinesh D’Souza: “Let’s just go back to 2016. If the left was able to show that conservatives were doing this and this is what put Trump in the White House, they would have gone in there and yanked him out.

He would probably be sitting behind bars right now and the media coverage would be all over the place.

This would be the greatest scandal in American history - and to be honest, it is one of the greatest scandals in American history but it’s not being treated as such by the mainstream media.”

How do the American people convince "law enforcement" to arrest mules if they refuse to do their job? Can we make citizen's arrests if we have the deets from True The Vote? Can we publish and tweet "wanted posters" of the 2000 mules? Email me your thoughts here!

War Room is now implying that Pompeo was part of the coup. I've always wondered.

WAR ROOM: "So lets see the Republicans now call and execute an investigation into Milley, Esper, Pompeo, and anybody else who had anything potentially to do with a plot to prevent the duly elected President, the commander-in-chief, from executing his authority."

Biden stupidly called Trump the "GREAT MAGA KING" and is blaming him for Biden's failures - which is eerily similar to what Hillary said in 2016 when she called Trump supporters "deplorables" - how did that work out?

Trump responded jokingly with this post on Truth Social! "The return of the Great Maga King."


WAR ROOM: Pope Francis has said in an Italian interview that the real “scandal” of Putin’s war was “NATO barking at Russia’s door” which caused the Kremlin to “react badly and unleash the conflict.” He’s absolutely correct.

HARRINGTON ON ELECTION FRAUD: “We would have never realized how corrupt [our elections] were. If this hadn’t happened, I don’t think we would have realized just how bad it was - and President Trump really is responsible for that. He shined such a light on this.”




True the Vote has 4 million minutes of stolen election footage and will release ALL their evidence in a few weeks.


JORDAN: “It’s why we need President Trump back. All the good things he did. We would not be in this situation if President Trump were still in the Oval Office, and I think all your viewers know that.”


Newsmax wouldn't say a peep about 2000 Mules, so Kari Lake, Trump's choice for Arizona Governor, went on the air and did it for them. SUPERSTAR Governor in the making! She's a pistol!

WATCH: https://t.me/TierneyRealNews/117713

KARI LAKE: “What’s gonna happen next time is I believe we’re gonna have a red wave…But when I’m Governor, I know we’re gonna have a big red majority in the state legislature…

We’re going to drag the 2020 election out, unlike some people who want to brush it under the rug. We’re gonna drag it out, under the spotlight. We are going to examine what went wrong. We’ll take that forensic audit and we’re gonna find each and every loophole that was used to cheat and steal our vote, and we’re going to fix it.”


FYI Kari Lake is now leading in the GOP Primary by 25% in two polls. Arizona is going to have its own Red Earthquake.

Meanwhile in Georgia. It's the GOP swamp against America First MAGA Republicans. Pick a side. No more fence riding. Your future depends on it.

70% of elected House Republicans in Washington DC voted to send $40,000,000,000 to Ukraine in the middle of record inflation, a border invasion, and a baby formula shortage in America. And all Trump wanted was $15 billion for a wall and they fought him tooth and nail.

MTG: "Stop funding regime change and money laundering scams and US politician cover ups. The American people do not support paying for constant US involvement in foreign affairs while our own government fails our own country."


If you want to know more about how leaders on both sides launder our money overseas - read my expose from 2019. It will open your eyes.


Ben Shapiro did a 16 minute segment on 2000 Mules. Being the Never Trumper establishment gatekeeper that he is, he tried to use 'fact checks' that had already been debunked. However, he did at least say that law enforcement should take a more serious look at the cell phone data.

Shapiro has millions that tune into his show (he has 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube) and at the very least should get tons of Never Trump establishment swamp creatures to watch the documentary.


If you haven't seen 2000 Mules yet, you can watch it here on Bitchute. It's free but please make a donation to Dinesh or TTV at 2000mules.com - they spent a lot of time and money making this documentary.


Mark Levin trashed the 'fact check' sources that Ben Shapiro cited - further proving that Shapiro is a chronic liar and SABOTEUR.

If you need more on Shapiro - I wrote this four years ago in 2018 on my old blog. Shapiro says whatever somebody PAYS him to say!


Michele Bachmann was pushed out of the Minnesota GOP by the Koch Libertarians because she was a true conservative. She's one smart cookie. Here she warns about the One World Order using WHO to control us all.

Michele Bachmann: "This authority that they would be given would impact 99.4% of all the people in the world... The WHO would have decision-making authority to intervene into the United States' government policy and any nation of the world without our permission. For instance, the lockdowns where you see 26 million people today locked down in Shanghai, China... the WHO would have the authority to be able to impose that here in the United States for whatever pretext they want. They don't have to show data; they could do this. What this does, bottom line, is it creates a platform for global governance, global governance through the WHO."


Here's what I wrote about Bachmann in 2018. Must read:


Elon Musk announced that he would reverse Twitter’s ban on President Trump. Trump said he will post on Truth Social exclusively.

MUSK: “Permanent bans should be extremely rare and really reserved for accounts that are bots, or scam, spam accounts. I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump.

I think that was a mistake, because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.

I would reverse the permanent ban. I don’t own Twitter yet. So this is not like a thing that will definitely happen, because what if I don’t own Twitter?"

TRUMP: “I will be on Truth Social within the week. It’s on schedule. We have a lot of people signed up. I like Elon Musk. I like him a lot. He’s an excellent individual. We did a lot for Twitter when I was in the White House. I was disappointed by the way I was treated by Twitter. I won’t be going back on Twitter."

The Pentagon press secretary admitted that the West has been funding, training and arming the Ukrainian army for eight years. Like I said, the CIA has been training NAZIs in Ukraine to invade Russia - so Russia invaded Ukraine first.


I've written several articles about what's really going on in Ukraine and it's all coming true. Check my website at TierneyRealNewsNetwork.com. We've been lied to - again.

Here is a pro-abortion protest in New York City — blocking the doors of a church screaming about how God loves abortion and holding up signs with Satanic symbols. One dances with dolls she tells us they are her aborted babies. “God killed his kid, why can’t I kill mine?”

Please tell your liberal friends who support full-term abortion that these demons speak for you!


Bill Gates got the COVID after being vaxxed and boosted. Hmm. Needs to go into hiding to plot the next virus for mid-terms?

CATES: My guess what the communications are in those 4 Bill Gates Tweets?

1. They're here. They've come for me and you won't be seeing me for awhile.

2. But I'm not cooperating, I'm fully immune to them. My support structure is sound so they can't pressure me into flipping.

3. We have countermeasures in place we've been working on for two years that are almost ready.

4. We're all working hard to make sure we never have to deal with someone like Trump ever again.

If you want to now how Gates & Fauci worked with Obama, the NWO & Communist China to engineer the virus, read my expose from 2020. It will open your eyes.


Hyperinflation is coming thanks to Biden. Why is that bad? Read here:


Fertilizer prices since Biden took office. This is your food!

Don Junior: “The outrage and the panic… you see it and that’s why you see the leak about the Supreme Court. They need something and they have nothing. The American people are awake to it… They realize that they’ve been in a rigged game for very long. They see it and you can no longer hide it.”


The media screams: "Trump is no longer perfect!" as Trump's choice for Nebraska Governor loses the primary by two points.

Jim Pillen — who is a hog farmer, a veterinarian and a University of Nebraska regent — had 33.9% of the vote compared to 30.2% for Trump-endorsed Charles Herbster. Herbster was accused of "groping" a staffer (swamp playbook) and called the race “one of the nastiest campaigns for governor in the history of Nebraska.”

The Ricketts machine in Nebraska was behind Pillen while Trump was behind Herbster. Thibodeau was originally Herbster's running mate, then dropped out and ran as a spoiler against him. And the machine won. Look, another ringer split the vote and elected the swamp!

Grenell is right. Oz can win Pennsylvania for the Republicans. Barnette will lose. Stop voting for candidates who can't beat Democrats.

If you live south of the River in the Twin Cities - may I suggest two great churches. Faith Family Church on Saturday night at 4:30pm and The Father's House Church on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. You can find them both at 609 West Travelers Trail, Burnsville, MN, 55337. Pastor Wes & Pastor Londa are two of my favorite Pastors and you will feel welcomed and loved!

If you are in recovery or suffering from any kind of addiction, or have a family member or friend who is, may I suggest you visit Serenity Village online or in person on Tuesday nights.


I've been going to AA meetings for 30 years and Pastor Jeff Hill is the MOST powerful and RELEVANT speaker on recovery that I've ever seen in Minnesota. Hundreds of people come every week to hear his experience, strength and hope.

He presents the 12 steps in ways I've never heard and even reaches people who are considered "hopeless" chronic relapsers. He is an addict in recovery himself. He has a gift from God!

He also runs sober houses & is working on a program to train addicts to help other addicts AFTER they leave treatment. In other words, helping people to LIVE sober! It's easy to stay sober in treatment. It's not so easy living in the real world!

Last night's message called "Awakening" was very moving. His message starts at the 18 minute mark.


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On October 12th, 2021, I celebrated 27 years of sobriety. I was fortunate enough to tell my story before a group of friends & family at a speaker meeting. Here's a video of my testimony if you'd like to listen - or share my story with anyone still suffering from addiction. Thank you all for being here! God is Good! Peg


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