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Tierney's Real News (5/01/21)

Hannity: "How would you grade Trump as President?"

Chris Christie: "Overall, I’d give the President an A."

Pelosi distributed masks to Congress that were MADE IN CHINA for Biden's speech about BUY AMERICAN.

Democrat Eric Swalwell, who was actually sleeping with a Communist Chinese spy, yet appointed by Pelosi to be on the House foreign affairs committee, was actually pimping masks for one of his donors, Livermore Labs, on the floor of Congress.

I sent this photo to all my favorite people. Two officers proclaiming that their lives matter. I received mostly positive responses - some people tried to twist the meaning to push racism. The best response was from the man who takes care of my cabin. He's from Jamaica and married a woman from Wisconsin that he met on a mission trip. He came here legally. He said: "Thank you for sending this to me. This is the America I see. This is the reason I came to America. A land of freedom and opportunity for all. The TV news twists it all up."

Biden has banned flights from India to the United States allegedly due to a new COVID variant. Hmm. Remember that Biden said that Trump was practicing "hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering" when he banned flights from China and Europe? Hypocrite!

Up until a month ago, Biden's "Climate Czar" John Kerry held investments in numerous oil companies. Hmm. How can that be? He dumped the stocks to get the climate job so he could bash fossil fuels. HYPOCRITE.

Leaders across the world are watching Biden turn America into a banana republic. Biden and his associates in the Democrat Party won't rest until Trump, his family, his voters, and his associates lose their wealth, careers, and their freedom.

Mike Lindell says he still believes President Trump will be back in the White House come August. God bless him.

If your church is still only "virtual" - find another one. If your AA meeting is still only "virtual" - find another one. If your support group is still only "virtual" - find another one. Online meetings are great to protect the vulnerable, and a blessing, but 99.99% of the population isn't at risk and needs in-person contact. People need to see and touch and hug each other. God created us to connect and worship together!

Notice how most of the Communists who call everybody else racist are women. Say thank you to the liberal Femi-Nazi Movement. Just as the new racism is anti-white, the new sexism is anti-man. Liberal women love to HATE white people & men. They think that's what Jesus would do.

When Democrats call you a racist, what they really mean is: 1) You disagree with me; 2) You won't do what I want; 3) I need more attention or money; 3) I need to deflect from my own racism; 4) The only way I can feel good about myself is by demeaning others; 5) I'm not smart enough to debate on the issues - so I'll call you names; 6) I hate myself so I'm projecting my hate onto you.

EMERALD ROBINSON: "Democrats keep screaming "racism racism racism!" to distract you from the fact they're handing America over to China, China, China."

Florida Governor Republican Ron DeSantis says that the idea that America is "systemically racist" is a bunch of horse manure:

“It is a bunch of horse manure. Give me a break. This country has had more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world and it doesn't matter where you trace your ancestry from. The problem with things like critical race theory that they are peddling - they are basically saying all our institutions are illegitimate. How do we have a society where everything is illegitimate. It’s a very harmful ideology, and I would say really a race-based version of a Marxist-type ideology.”

WEINBERG: "We have black mayors, black police chiefs, a black president from 2009 to 2017, a black VP but America must still be racist? We don't have a systemic racism problem, we have a systemic baloney problem."

This is what our police face every day. A police officer left his car for a traffic stop and he was IMMEDIATELY shot and fell to the ground. As the suspect shot at another officer, he pulled himself up off the ground and shot back. BLM-ANTIFA are saying the officer should have found another way to defend himself & didn't have to kill the criminal. Another police officer was beaten to death while responding to an attack on elderly couple and BLM-ANTIFA didn't say a word! WRONG. Police Lives Matter too. Enough BS.

The FBI not only raided Giuliani, Toensing & DiGenova - they raided a couple in Alaska because they thought they had Pelosi's laptop! They also raided several people who were NOT even at the Capitol! Why did the FBI point guns at this couple, bash a hole in their front door, handcuff them for 3 hours, ransack their house, and delay showing them the search warrant? On the basis of a fuzzy photo which obviously was someone else? Because they can! Because we are officially a NAZI POLICE STATE under Biden.

Biden's Feds & AG Ellison even had a secret plan to ARREST Derek Chauvin in court, in front of the world, if the jury acquitted him in the death of George Floyd. Proof it was rigged from the start.

The FBI, Justice Department, intelligence community, US Postal Service, fake news, public school system and US military leadership are all working for the Democrat Party to push propaganda and squash any opposition. That's Communism!

The U.S. Postal Service's illegal domestic surveillance program is real and it's known as the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP). Your own mail carrier could be spying on you and reporting your activities to the FBI!

The FBI is even using firearms background checks to collect & give U.S. citizens' private data to INTERPOL, the international criminal police organization...

A Trump supporter infiltrated a BLM-ANTIFA group and caught them on tape saying: "Let's kill people. Let's kill some cops." He also copied a "target list" they distributed - including jurors and witnesses in the Chauvin case.

Murder is up 92% in Minneapolis -- my home town - which is now know as MURDERAPOLIS. All the race-baiting by BLM-ANTIFA and white liberals is causing the death of more young black men than ever before! Sadly black lives don't seem to matter in Minneapolis, despite all those yard signs, as 80% of the victims and 90% of the shooters are black. Thanks ladies! Great job. All your race baiting is emboldening the criminals and killing us all!

Meanwhile a new poll shows that American Blacks and conservatives overwhelmingly OPPOSE the riots, death and destruction that white liberals are inciting and celebrating.

Massive rebellion is breaking out all over Paris. Twenty retired generals have written an open letter warning that France is on the verge of civil war: "Who could have predicted, ten years ago, that a teacher could one day have his head cut off as he left his middle school? In the end, there will be an explosion & active military service will be forced to step in & undertake the mission of protecting our civilization's values & the lives of our fellow citizens."

The Florida House just passed a bill that removes all tax dollars from going to the NCAA or any other business or organization that boycotts the state. Florida is also on track to be the first state in the nation to punish social media companies with $250,000 fines per day if they ban politicians.

Shares of Twitter stock fell up to 9.8% in after-hours trading as they warned that user growth could cool in the coming quarters. That’s what happens when you censor the truth. Trump sent out two statements mocking Twitter for losing audience after they banned him & millions of others and thanking OANN for doing a great job. Meanwhile, all the lamestream media ratings are down 10-40% since Trump left office. As he predicted. People don't like to be lied to.

What happened to Biden’s promise of “just 100 days” of masks? Yesterday was day 100. Because the mask has NOTHING to do with your health. It's all about control & keeping you from talking to your neighbors!

Biden went to visit Jimmy Carter & his wife. Former President Carter (96) and his wife (93) didn't bother wearing masks as they have been fully vaccinated. Biden (78) wore his mask to make a statement. Says it all.

Did you know that the CDC mixed antibody & viral tests together in their data? This has made the data useless to epidemiologists. How could the CDC make such a basic mistake in data reporting unless they were TRYING to mislead?

The CDC also pretended that ramping up PCR tests to 40-80 cycles was fine in 2020 during the Trump Administration. That adjustment yielded 85% false positive tests. That fakery made the case count go through the roof in 2020 in order to create a panic & force lockdowns. The more cycles you run the more fake tests you create. Now the CDC says PCR tests should be set at 30 cycles for the Biden Administration. The CDC is totally corrupt.

Biden's CIA director, Bill Burns, worked to spread propaganda & influence Americans for the Chinese Communist Party - despite testifying he stopped working with them in 2015.

Burns became president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in March 2015 and claimed, during Senate confirmation hearings, that he merely “inherited” a relationship with the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department - which seeks “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies." Cozy. Commies spies are everywhere!

Also, Hunter Biden still owns a stake in a Chinese private equity firm 100 days into his father’s presidency even after Biden pledged to prohibit family members from engaging in international business dealings.

Communism: Cuba under Castro, Venezuela under Chavez, America under Biden.

Did you know that America faces many shortages due to our reliance on foreign manufacturers? Not just steel. Not just pharmaceuticals. Not just computer chips. Consider pool chlorine. We stopped making pool chlorine in America years ago and the plant that supplies 80% of it was burned down - likely sabotage. So now we're being held hostage by foreign manufacturers & Communist China just as the warm weather starts up. See how Globalism works? Remember that when your pool closes for the summer!

Still operating under Trump's rules of engagement that allow commanding officers the inherent right to act in self-defense, US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf opened fire on Iranian speedboats this week. The Biden administration is planning to rescind Trump's orders and require Naval officers to receive White House authorization before firing their weapons. Same way Democrats want police officers to get permission before chasing suspects!

According to the CDC, 9,245 Americans have contracted Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated and 132 have died. Interesting to note that during clinical trials ZERO people who received the placebo vaccine died from C-19. Not one!

Also interesting that if you consider that only 3% of COVID deaths were due to COVID ONLY in 2020 (336,802 deaths recorded as of 12/31) - the rest had multiple underlying conditions - then only 10,104 actually died FROM C-19. That's about the same number who have been re-infected after vaccination. And about the same number who died from SWINE FLU in 2009. And about the same number who died from SARS in 2003. See the picture? In other words, the CDC used fake statistics to add cases & deaths to the C-19 count to scare people into submission. They had NEVER done that before. I've been saying this was rigged for over a year. Now the data proves it!

Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia, told local news reporters he would not support a bill to grant statehood to Washington, D.C., saying he believed a constitutional amendment was needed instead of legislation.

A 12 year old UK schoolgirl is taking legal action against her school for ‘requiring’ pupils to wear face masks, which she claims ‘risks causing children serious harm’ to their physical and mental health. We need more of this.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is planning to sue the National Park Service (NPS) because they denied a permit for the fireworks show this year.

“I’m going to file a lawsuit against the administration to get the fireworks back. Because I have contracts, I have done all the permits, I’ve done all the work. We’ve gone through all of this. There’s no reason to pull them from me, except for it being political. So, we’re going to challenge that. Unfortunately, That’s the only remedy that I have."

Biden wants a $15 minimum wage for everyone but soldiers - but he may force soldiers to get vaccinated, against their wishes, to serve their country. Biden is raising the minimum wage of government contractors to $15 per hour but he refuses to do the same for hundreds of thousands of US soldiers. Most members of the military (E1-E4) make less than $5/hour.

How long before the CDC and the so called science experts claim that our meat supplies are contaminated with some kind of mutated virus and its compromised are entire food supply chain of meat? I believe this is a goal of the elite that‘s coming. Guess who runs the meat-packing plants in America? The Kochs and Communist China.

Due to Biden's new policies, criminal illegal aliens are being released into neighborhoods as ICE agents are unable to take them into their custody. Welcome to the neighborhood! All criminals are welcome here!

A leaked document from the U.S. State Department revealed that Pence's Chief of Staff Marc Short recommended Frank Luntz – whose close relationship with Hunter Biden was exposed via the President-Elect’s son’s hard drive – for the role of Under Secretary of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

Short is the traitor that President Trump viewed as partly responsible for Pence’s refusal to delay the certification of electors on January 6th. Trump revoked Short's White House credentials. Luntz is a long-time advisor for the establishment GOP- along with seedy Karl Rove. On October 31st, 2012, Luntz emailed Hunter Biden the following:

"Because your dad hasn’t said word one to me since the moment he was nominated for VP. Zero. Zip. Nothing. That’s why. Fair-weather friends get fair-weather treatment. And Beau knows I feel this way. That’s not how I treat anyone in politics or in life. and by the way, I declared your dad the winner of his debate against Paul Ryan even though Ryan is an actual current client."

See? It's all one BIG party.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: "As President Biden was giving his speech, I couldn’t help but think that the swamp has won. When President Trump came into office, he said he was going to drain the swamp. Well, sadly, it looks like the swamp rules.

In the first two years of the Trump Administration, we had the strongest economy this country has had in more than 50 years. President Biden and the Democrats are proposing a once-in-a-lifetime spending frenzy to rebuild our country. I’ve flown from coast to coast and have driven from coast to coast, and I wasn’t aware that America needed rebuilding. Unfortunately, most of our representatives in Congress will probably go along with it, and this kind of spending will eventually be devastating for our economy and our nation. If you want America to prosper, the best thing is for the government to stay out of the way. What we are witnessing firsthand is the onset of socialism, where those in leadership want to teach Americans to look to the government to meet all of their needs. It just doesn’t work that way. This great nation was built on hard work and sacrifice—and most importantly, by the grace and blessing of Almighty God. We need to look at Him for help, not to the government. Pray for our nation and our leaders."

TRUMP: "Today is Election Day in Texas, go out and vote for Susan Wright. She will be strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment. She will never let you down. VOTE TODAY!"

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