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Tierney's REAL News (5/1/22)

There's a Trump rally tonight in Nebraska that was delayed from Friday due to bad weather.


1) In select theaters on May 2 and 4. Click HERE to find a theater near you and purchase tickets. Theater tickets are sold exclusively on 2000mules.com.

2) Sign up HERE to be a part of the movie’s VIRTUAL PREMIERE on Saturday May 7 at 8pm EST. Join Patriots across the country streaming the movie live online, then stay for Live Q&A with Director and Producer Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht.

3) Pre-order the DVD HERE or Stream the movie from your home on SalemNow HERE or Rumble/Locals starting May 8.

Interested in learning more? Watch the trailer https://watch.salemnow.com/watch/series/xFOCFe59zfCS-2000-mules/extra/r3a6yYz2nn3T-2000-mules---trailer

DINESH: "Liberals and Democrats will tell you the 2020 election was "the most secure election in history." Hahahahahaha! Well, we all know something wasn't right. But what? How did the Democrats steal the election for Joe Biden?

Anomalies are interesting but even though they are odd they could have some explanation so anomalies don't amount to proof and I think this is part of the reason, not the whole reason, that these courts went well A, we don't really see it and B, even if you could show me some fraud was there enough fraud to tip the election.

So in the movie we answer those questions: A, there was enough fraud to tip the election and B, we are in a position to prove it to you beyond a reasonable doubt, we are about to show it to you, you can see the criminals in the act...

This movie by the way has much bigger implications than my Obama movie and it's going to blow the minds of Democrats. Democrats see this movie — they'll be deeply shaken as they leave the theater or as they see the closing credits.

It’s not an exaggeration to call it an election heist… What makes this documentary so explosive is that it doesn’t show that the heist could have happened but that it DID happen.

More than 2,000 mules trafficked at least “400,000 illegal votes” in the swing states to throw the election for Biden. So what happened is that you’ve got these leftist non-profit organizations in the key states that become voter stash houses, and you can see in the movie, these mules are picking up these stashes of ballots, and in the middle of the night, many of them wearing gloves… they drop multiple ballots into each drop box. And all of this is on video. We’ve caught the criminal operation on tape. And the only question is what is going to happen next.”

The 2020 vote in key county precincts was manipulated by illegal and fraudulent ballot harvesting. Wayne county, Michigan; Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania; Maricopa county, Arizona; Clark county, Nevada; Dane county, Wisconsin; and Fulton county, Georgia.

True the Vote has the documentary evidence, and video from the drop boxes, outlining how the ballot harvesting took place. However, corrupt local and state officials have refused to investigate the evidence because the political scandal is extreme in consequence.

NEW YORK POST: "Working in conjunction with the election integrity group True the Vote, Dinesh D'Souza has figured it out. Using over 10 TRILLION pings of cell phone data, as well as millions of minutes of dropbox security footage, Dinesh D’Souza has uncovered a massive, coordinated voter fraud operation that swung the 2020 election to the Democrats.

Watch acclaimed filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza's most important movie yet! In fact, this might be the most important documentary film ever made. This is the 2020 election fraud evidence we’ve all been waiting for. Miranda Devine in the New York Post calls the evidence uncovered in this movie "compelling" and "jaw-dropping."


Charlie Kirk & Dinesh will also be touring swing states to promote the movie. Register at TPACTION.COM/MULES

MIKE LINDELL: "Stuffing ballot boxes is part of the stolen election scheme. It's not the main cause.

The documentary "2000 Mules" is a terrific contribution in understanding a vital part of the election theft process. However, make no mistake, manipulation of the digital record via information received:

(1) from poll books (hooked to the internet);

(2) from the tabulators (likely hooked to the internet);

(3) from tabulator results uploaded to a county clerk election management system (hooked to the internet), are the chief vulnerabilities being exploited to steal your voices.

Stuffing ballot boxes is the cover-up that, more or less, tries to match the digital manipulation. Ballot stuffing is not the cause. It's the cover-up. Beware of any red wave nonsense that focuses on the cover-up more than the cause.

Kill the machines, and ballot stuffing becomes far less effective in it's impact. A win for the enemy is a future with rigged election machines."

CORRECT: They use the machines to calculate HOW many ballots to stuff and then digitally match the vote count and voter database to the fake ballots! Now that we can PROVE they stuffed the ballot box - we can go back to prove HOW they set it up! And WHO did it!

DESANTIS: "You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country. We’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. So we will be fighting back.

When you’re not doing well, you have two options: You can try to do better. Or you can try to silence your critics. The Biden Administration is doing the latter."

Here's a clip of Biden's new minister of Truth shilling for George Soros (the color revolution master) - color revolutions and Ukraine. She says Putin is a conspiracy theorist because he says the CIA implements color revolutions around the world!

The CIA would never overthrow a foreign government she says! This would never happen. It's not like the guys who covered up a literal pedophile island for elites would do anything immoral! They would never!

JP: "Biden created a Disinformation Bureau under the authority of the Homeland Security Department and won't even tell us what it is or why they are bringing these random people in to run it."

CT: "She is a STRAIGHT UP LIAR. Naming weirdo, lunatic Nina Jankowicz as Disinformation Czar is like putting Colonel Sanders in charge of chicken safety."


NUNES: “Now they’re gonna set some type of disinformation board? I think that’s a direct attack on what we are doing at Truth Social…

The fact that they would use some D-Rated TikTok star that is the queen of disinformation herself on the Russia Hoax and the laptop from hell, to head this up, is really the height of hypocrisy that is so unbelievable… I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so ridiculous.”

The NAZIs had a Ministry of Truth.

NUNES: “Look I think this is a direct result. They kicked Donald Trump off of the Twitter platform. Now you’ve got the fact that you’ve got Elon Musk now fighting with other tech oligarchs and with the Democrats.

You’ve got us at Truth Social. We’re #1 on the App Store right now. This is what’s happening. The Biden administration doesn’t know what to do.”

Forbes now says that Trump's app is popular but it has nothing to do with Trump? Clown world!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I immediately call for the release of all text messages sent to and from Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff during their attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. They spied on my campaign, they spied on my transition team, and they even spied on the White House while I was in the Oval Office.

They did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, and stop the “Will of the People” with their Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, Mueller Scam, and more. I wonder what the texts would reveal? Unlike my Chief of Staff, [Mark Meadows] - which show patriotic Americans concerned about illegal and massive Election Fraud in 2020, I say bad things would be revealed."

We know!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Remember when Bernie Sanders used to draw crowds of 3,000, 4,000 or even 5,000 people, and the press would go absolutely wild talking about how big Bernie’s crowds were showing them from all different angles and making it sound like the greatest show on earth—but when I draw 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or in one case 87,000 people, reporters do not report it and cameras are not allowed to show how big the crowds are.

It is a constant complaint I make during speeches. Turn the cameras, I say, turn the cameras to show the crowd, but they refuse to do it, not even the networks [like Fox] that are even a little bit on our side. The good news is, the people of our Country get it, and they get it like never before!"

Ask yourself why Tucker & Fox keep having Tulsi on as a guest when she campaigned for Bernie. She's a Libertarian Communist. That's what Ron Paul calls her!

BTW - Biden used the name of a Tom Clancy Soviet spy in his emails to Hunter. Says it all.

Was another Trump supporter beaten to death by the Capitol police on January 6th? Looks like it. There's finally video proof. This is why the FBI is withholding 17,000 hours of video from the public about January 6th. Now ask yourself why we ALL saw edited George Floyd videos within hours of his "death." Because it was engineered that way.


JK: "In the middle is DC cop Lila Morris. She on video beating J6 protesters including Rosanne Boyland, who was probably already dead. Accompanied by crisis actor turned CNN contributor Mike Fanone and DC cop Dan Hodges, who repeatedly called J6 protesters “terrorists” under oath.

Boyland died due to police misconduct, excessive force. Her body was inhumanely dragged thru that toxic tunnel by police. Her body then brought inside the Capitol to wait for ambulance."

GWP: "Newly obtained bodycam footage was released this week showing a never before seen angle of Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris violently beating an already unconscious Rosanne Boyland at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The video was released by The Epoch Times.

In the video, Morris can be clearly seen using a large wooden stick to club Boyland three times, with blows landing on the head and body as she lay motionless on the ground. Despite countless bystanders screaming for her to stop her vicious assault, Morris continued until the wooden stick was jarred from her hand by a protester who intervened.

Officers later dragged Boyland into the outdoor corridor where they briefly worked on her before bringing her inside. After she is brought in, an officer can be heard asking if Boyland is dead while medics begin performing CPR and using the defibrillator; they worked for fifteen minutes before transferring her to an ambulance and she was pronounced dead at the hospital just over an hour later."


In Minnesota, Royce White is running against Ilhan Omar. He wrote this open letter. Great read. If Minnesota ever hopes to come back from darkness, Minnesotans need to trust in God and vote out evil Communist leaders like Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Steve Simon and Tim Walz.

Minnesota elections are rigged out of Ilhan Omar's district and protected by Ellison, Simon & Walz. The Koch Libertarians work with the Communists to destroy Minnesota!

Three people were murdered in separate incidents in under 24 hours in Minneapolis this week. Crime is OUT OF CONTROL in Ilhan's district.


BANNON: The Establishment FEARS Royce White!

BANNON: “Ever since Trump’s come onto the scene. You’re the second-worst news they’ve seen. They’re going to freak out.”

ROYCE WHITE: “I can’t wait. Me and him, we’re both coming roaring back. Me roaring back from 2013, him roaring back from the cheat in 2020.”


This is who the GOP establishment in Minnesota has endorsed to run against Ilhan Omar - INSTEAD of Royce White. A young woman just out of college named Cicely Davis. She will lose. See the problem? They always pick people who will lose. They love the Democrats in charge - who will push welfare & high taxes - that way they can FEED at the trough and take a cut!

Minneapolis has become MURDERapolis. Does she look like a crime fighter to you?

The ringer who allowed the Koch Libertarians to steal the Minnesota Secretary of State's office for the Democrats in 2014 is endorsing her. She's another ringer!!

More Globalists. The Bush, Clinton, Obama & Biden crime families have carried out the GREAT RESET Globalist agenda in America.

BANNON: "As I’ve continued to advise - Musk would be walking into Saigon in 1968 if he were to attempt to close on his acquisition of Twitter with this management team.

Pull the deal, let the stock price collapse, have the board and management get sued — then AFTER the board cleans house - step back in - at a 25 % lower price. Twitter is not a business — the numbers and arrogant attitude of management shows you that. Screw these whiners."

TWITTER: I’m old enough to remember when Elon Musk was labeled as a California left wing liberal who made cars in Sunny California that don’t work in the real world and he was vilified by the right wing.

MUSK: "True, haha!"

TWITTER: Can you blame Elon Musk for turning away from a Democratic Party that has made him out to be the embodiment of pure evil?

Would you have the strength to support a political party that made hating you specifically one of their core tenants? When you fire shots at Elon, he fires back. Democratic leaders have no idea how much long term damage they did to the party picking a fight with him.

MUSK: "I try not to pick fights, but I do finish them."

It's looking like the Communists are planning to take over South America by rigging the Presidential election in Brazil for Lula - the former President who went to jail for corruption - just like they rigged elections in France & America.

BANNON: "Lula is a partner of the transnational criminal organization in Beijing - the CCP - a victory for Lula is a victory for the Chinese Communist Party - a victory for Lula as President of Brazil puts the CCP in charge of the Amazon."

I wrote this article about Obama's corrupt Communist pal Lula in 2018. You should read it. Brazil is a HUGE gateway to America for the world's terrorists, drug dealers & human traffickers. They are coming at us from all sides.


ITALY: Rome & Bologna are introducing Europe’s first social credit system. Just like you’d expect - they present this ‘Smart Citizen Wallet’ as “voluntary” and they state they’ll “reward” citizens with digital points for good behavior.

Told ya! That's why Trump banned Huawei from the United States and told Europe to do the same. I bet they were planning to inject us with a surveillance tool and use Huawei 5G to monitor and control our bodies.

CHARLIE KIRK: "Food processing plants don’t just “accidentally” burn down at this rate and they certainly don’t “coincidentally” become landing pads for plane crashes at the rate they are. Our food supply is under attack in America. The question is—by who?"

You know who. Communist China. They need our food. Their soil, water & air is poisonous & they can't grow a damn thing. I wrote this in 2020 - you should read it. It's coming true. I still remember when people laughed because I suggested that our enemies might want to invade us. They primed the pump with the "invisible enemy" called COVID.


The Nasdaq Composite sank to its worst monthly drop since 2008 of 13.3% in April, largely on the back of a tech industry slump, as the Dow dropped over 900 points and the S&P 500 fell 8.8%.

Amazon suffered its biggest month drop in 16 years of 14% after posting surprise losses, while Apple and Intel also fell 3% and 6.7% respectively. Recession ahead.

This is interesting! So is Pence a good guy or a bad guy?


RICKARDS: "Russia's cutting rates even as U.S. is raising. USD/RUB is 70.77 asked. That's a much stronger Ruble than when the war began. The U.S. sanctions are failing badly. This has to do in part with the gold link. I doubt there's one person in DC who gets this.

Best estimate is fighting in Ukraine will last into the summer, but not much longer. Russian strategic victory and ability to dictate peace terms is clear. Donbas will be independent. What's not clear is how Biden will explain this result to Americans who have been badly misled.

In a few weeks Russian control of Mariupol and a land bridge from Luhansk to Donetsk and Crimea will be complete. Over 40,000 Ukrainian troops will surrender or be annihilated. At that point, NYTimes and White House propaganda about the phony Zelensky will be seen for what it is.

The Chinese government doesn't need leverage over Musk. They have all the leverage they need right now in the Oval Office and at The Washington Post. Biden+Bezos give China all that they require."

KASH: “People were complaining, why aren’t we hearing more from John Durham? Well because now we know why. He was working on this large scale, criminal enterprise, joint venture conspiracy that he’s finally outlined to the public…”

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The web version of Truth Social is now available at TruthSocial.com and I opened an account. It works great! Please sign up and follow me there at Tierney's Real News (@maggiepeggy123) - we can use th

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